Dominated by the Alpha

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Erik tensed as the chill wind cut through the forest, his senses were on fire. Corbin would attack from the right, he always did. They had been taught predictability was death, yet the pup never learned that lesson. Erik made it a point to drive it home tonight.

The rustle of leaves, a breaking twig, Corbin burst from the undergrowth to Erik’s right. His fangs aiming for his throat found nothing but air and with an unnatural grace Erik rolled to his back and buried his fangs into the pup’s belly.

Corbin growled as he struck the ground, his belly torn open he knew he had lost the night. Damien still lurked however, he was confident Erik would go down.

Where are you?

Erik took to higher ground. He didn’t want to be caught between the old wolf and Corbin. While wounded he could still prove a nuisance and any distraction would be disastrous with Damien involved.

The old wolf moved like a ghost. While Erik was confident in his heightened senses, considered far superior to the others of the pack save for the old wolf, he knew the threat here was real. Leaves danced along the forest floor as another gust of wind blew though towering Cypress and Erik felt it.

He was being watched.

Earth, Cypress, and Corbin’s blood, nothing else. The old wolf was a native to the parish. He had haunted these woods long before Erik had even been born. Too old to lead he had said, too old to care. Not too old to make sure Eric was worth his salt however.

Where are you old wolf?

Increasing his stride he broke into a near lope before suddenly breaking left. He had mastered his breathing and had stopped just short of running out of it. This time he caught the movement.

Earth, Cypress, and Damien, he had his scent and knew he had got out in front of him. He knew nothing of the old wolf’s hunting patterns or even his methods of attack. He was a true alpha. It was rare to find em’ these days, especially this far south.

Only two packs remained in Orleans parish and another in Plaquemines. Most just pups like Corbin who grew tired of being loners. When Shep died, the whole pack grew restless and with Damien refusing to take lead the future of the pack was uncertain.

Again, a flash of movement from the corner of his vision, he was close. Still no sound and there would likely be none. Scent, sight, and instinct were his only allies in this fight.


Erik howled as his opponent sunk is fangs into the nape of his neck, but instinct had him twisting under the old wolf with ease, loosening his bite and without any hesitation or fear he pounced at the grey wolf before he could set his footing.

Don’t go for the body, pups always go for the body. With a snarl Erik clamped down on Damien’s hock joint and with his the weight of his body behind him flipped to dislodge the joint completely. The old wolf howled in pain.

His transformation had started the moment he hit the ground signaling the hunt was over. Eric turned his muzzle to the sky. The cold air chilled his wet nose. It always started in the joints, expanding, contracting, the pain had become more bearable with age yet it took sheer will to remain silent.

For an alpha like Damien, there was no pain. The old man was already sitting cross-legged, setting his ankle joint and by the look on his face, even alpha’s felt that pain. Twisting and contorting, Erik writhed on the ground.

“Focus on sky pup,” the old man said. “The more you focus on the pain, the longer it takes.”

Shep had told him the same, hell it was the first thing they learned. Old fuck had no respect for him even after taking him down.

“How’s the ankle,” Eric asked as he rolled on to his back.

“It’ll be fine within the hour,” he replied. “Corbin back there,” he thumbed over his back, “may have bled out.”

“Nah,” Eric said. “I didn’t open him up that much. He’s probably already back at camp nursing his wounds.”

Damien was just as intimidating as a human as he was a wolf. Well over six feet tall with a square jaw buried under a maze of thick grey stubble. His eyes were set deep and as with most alphas his eyes shone with a golden hue. His hair was long and silvery like the moon and on a night like this it reflected the moon light brilliantly.

“So you really wanna lead do ya boy?” he asked as he stretched his wounded leg out in front him.

“No one else will,” he replied. Most pups who joined packs were natural followers, rare to find one with the desire and ability to lead.

“And why not join one of the other two packs?” Damien asked.

“We’re all Orleans born,” Eric started. “And join Gregory after what he did to Shep?”

“That was between them, not the packs.”

“Doesn’t much matter, I’m not running with that asshole.” Eric sat up and rested on his palms. The moonlit sky contrasted his naked form radiantly against the dark forest floor.

“And when I’m gone, some alpha comes round, what then?”

“We’ll deal,” he replied. mecidiyeköy escort “And anyway, how likely is that anyway?”

“We ain’t as rare as you think boy,” the old man said. “We just don’t make ourselves known. But you can bet if one comes round and decides to take the reins, you won’t be stopping him.”

“I stopped you tonight,” Eric replied. Maybe he had gone easy on him, but that didn’t seem like something Damien would do.

The old man let loose a sharp laugh. “Oh yeah in a straight fight you ain’t so bad, but alphas got tricks you pups don’t know about.”

“Yeah, why didn’t you use any tonight?”

“No challenge,” he replied. “I had to know if you were capable.”


“Oh, like I said you’re a natural fighter.” The old man flexed the toes of his wounded foot. “And given your background I know you don’t lack in guile. You seem to have given up most of those drugs too.”

Shep had told the old man more than he had thought. “So what’s left?”

“We’ll get to that, but first we run.”

Just the word had Erik on his feet. The instinct of the wolf lingered as human, so did the desire to run. Back when he had first turned, he had been about fifteen and had been arrested four times while running naked through the streets of the Vieux Carré.

After he’d been found by Shepard he was taken out to Lake Boeuf and he had never felt so free. Now he found himself out here with Damien. “Your ankle?”

“Oh it’s all good,” he replied before taking off. Erik fell in behind him. He had run behind Shep many times, something about following an alpha just felt right. Alphas moved with a grace that was near enchanting to watch and when you could follow close and match their movements, you felt like the fucking wind.

The old man howled and Eric matched him as they darted between the looming Cypress trees. Lake Boeuf loomed before them and Damien didn’t stop but ran full speed into its depths. The pull of the alpha led Erik in with him.

Damien came up with a boisterous laugh, “Did you feel that?”

“What was that?” Eric asked. It was as if he had lost control of his own body.

“Alphas lead boy, it’s not just some nifty title given with age or how pure our blood is, it’s something you earn by taking charge.”

“I never felt that with Shep,” Eric said as he pulled his wet hair out of his face.

“Shep never ran you into a lake,” he replied. “It can be subtle; it can take you by complete surprise.”

“It just happens over time?” He didn’t buy it, he had always heard you were either an alpha or you weren’t.

“Boy, it happens when you take charge, don’t make me repeat myself. Now look, there are shortcuts, but they’re dangerous.”

“What kind of shortcuts?”

“You go back to our camp and make Corbin your bitch.” Damien had a huge grin on his face, but it was clear he wasn’t joking.

“You’re fucking with me,” Eric said. The old man wasn’t known for his sense of humor.

“Look boy, when you dominate another wolf, you’ll feel it.”

Eric was skeptical. “I dominated him earlier when I nearly gutted him.”

“Nah, you just wounded him, that’s not domination. Pups need to be told what to do, they ache for that shit. They want to follow, they need it.”

“Did you?”

“Did I make someone my bitch?” The old man laughed, “Yeah but long after I was an alpha.”

“Why after?”

“Listen boy, this is important. Once you break a pup, they’re yours. Won’t sell ya out, won’t stab ya in the back, they’ll put down anything for ya. It’s always good to have one or two like that at your back.”

“Afterwards I’ll be an alpha?”

“Not exactly nah. You’ll be dominant over a pup and he’ll do what you say. Others will notice and follow, rest comes natural.

“You said dangerous?”

“Just when you try and break a pup that ain’t for being broken. Now, go do your thing, I’m goin’ huntin’.” Without another word the old man vanished beneath the surface of the lake.

Erik peddled in the water for a few moments before making his way to the bank. It wasn’t like Damien to lie, and frankly it all made a lot of sense. Shep’s first had died with him, had it been due to being broken by an alpha? Corbin would be easy enough given he was already sort of a pushover.

As he expected Corbin was back at camp and from his movements already healed up. “Where’s Damien?” he asked as Erik strode into the light of the fire.

“Went hunting,” he replied. “We need to have a little talk.”

“Yeah we do,” Corbin said as he stabbed at the fire with a long poker. “You almost spilled my guts asshole.”

“I let go too quick for that Corbin,” he explained. “And stop whining about it, that’s not what I wanted to talk about.” Erik walked to the fire opposite Corbin and warmed his hands. The light of the flames danced across his muscled frame leaving no shadows to hide his nudity.

“I’m not whining, but what’s going on?” Corbin’s eyes were attracted to Erik’s istanbul escort exposed body, the dancing light almost making it appear as though his muscles were writhing beneath his skin.

“Need to talk about your role in all this,” he said.

“My role? Last time I checked, you weren’t in charge yet.”

“True, but I don’t necessarily mean your role in the pack, I mean here, tonight.”

“I’m not followin’ ya.” Corbin stopped poking the fire.

“It’s important that you understand something, and this isn’t because of our fight earlier. But you should know that you belong to me now.”

Corbin smirked and turned his attention back to the fire. “I belong to you do I?”

“You do, it’s something I decided on my way back.” He was responding in the way he had expected, not taking any of it seriously. He would have to show him.

“Something you decided? Erik, you hit your head out there or something?”

“Come over here,” Erik said as his pointed to the ground in front of him. “Now.”

Corbin half moved to stand but resisted. “Why?” he asked. He didn’t know what to make of his change in tone, his cold eyes that almost seemed to see straight through him. He felt chilled somewhat.

“Do you need a reason? Crawl.”

Corbin nearly balked but thought better of it. The man before him could very well be his pack leader soon. Dutifully he crawled the short distance between where he had sat to where Erik now stood. “So?”

Without a word Erik reached and grabbed a handful of Corbin’s blonde hair and pulled him up to his knees. “You’re mine, you understand that?”

“I, yeah,” he replied. His voice was shaken and he had no idea why Erik was doing this.

“Go on,” he pulled Corbin forward several inches. Eric’s cock started to swell with blood as Corbin’s warm breath brushed his flesh.

“You want me..” Corbin tried to look up but Erik’s firm grip prevented it. He watched the cock only inches from his face stiffen to the point where it nearly touched his chin.

“Don’t make me tell you again,” Erik said.

Parting his lips he widened his jaw and took several inches of Erik into his mouth and with one last breath he closed his lips tightly around its shaft. Releasing his grip Erik widened his stance and watched as Corbin tenderly sucked at his hard cock.

His movements were slow and deliberate at first but once his saliva had adequately soaked his flesh Corbin’s lips worked his shaft with ease and soon even his tongue was swiping at the belly of his cock.

The hair on the back of Erik’s neck stood on end. His senses were heightened in a way that they had never been before as a human. Is this what Damien had meant?

Even the sensations of Corbin’s wet lips wrapped tightly around the girth of his throbbing cock felt electric. “Suck it harder you little bitch,” he commanded and as he expected the pup responded. He was feeling it too, what he had felt when he drove into that lake.

His hips started bucking into Corbin’s mouth, each thrust bringing him closer to his release. His could smell the earth, Cypress trees, the sweat beading on the back of the man nursing his cock, and even several different animals nearby.

The desire to howl was strong, he felt powerful and with his right foot he shoved Corbin to the ground and shot load after hot load of his seed over the naked body of his subordinate. “Let’s hunt,” he commanded as he started to contort. Corbin, without delay, twisted and writhed as hair erupted from his sweat soaked hide.

Within moments Eric was charging through the forest with his bitch in tow, following the scent of the deer. They moved in sync and with little effort they circled and took down the deer before it could react to their threat.

They feasted for the first time that night and with bellies full and muzzles coated in the blood of their kill they charged into the undergrowth of the forest. Erik moved with a speed he had never reached and he could feel the presence of his bitch at his back matching his movements. Each leap, each dodge, he maneuvered the forest with ease and as he neared the drop off into Lake Boeuf he had no doubt the pup would follow.

Approaching the very spot he had leapt from before he checked at his back for Corbin and confirming his pace he dove from the bank into the black water below. Rising from the depths he broke the surface to find Corbin at the bank. He hadn’t made the jump. He hadn’t broken the pup yet, that much was clear.

“Looks like you still have some work to do!” shouted Damien from the nearby shore. The old man had been reclining in the mud, covered in the blood of some recent kill.

Now in the shallows Erik began his transition, the pain of which seemed nearly nonexistent.

“Corbin! Shore! Now!” he called to the pup as he made his own way towards Damien.

“You can’t go easy on em’,” the old man said with a voice like gravel.

“I didn’t, I just got hungry.”

The old man laughed. şişli escort “Senses kicked eh?”

“It like that all the time for you?” he asked.

“Over time, more of the wolf comes back with you. So you need to finish what you started,” he said. “You can’t half ass these things.”


“Ain’t nothin’ I ain’t seen before.”

They both turned to Corbin as he approached. The pup’s transition caused him considerably more pain and as he coughed up a bit of blood, his own or his previous dinner, rolled onto his back to face the sky.

Erik waited for him to catch his breath before dragging him to his feet. “Afraid our earlier work isn’t finished,” he said as he pulled him towards a tree.

“Wha..?” Corbin said as he took hold of the old Cypress he had been led to.

Spitting on his hand, Erik stroked his cock to get it nice and ready for the pup who watched him as he circled the tree. “Who do you belong to?”

“Y.. You,” he stammered. “Look, I got the point Erik.”

“Nah, not quite. Look, you’re hard just thinking about what I’m about to do to ya.”

Corbin’s cock had gone stiff the moment he knew Erik’s intentions, and he wanted it. He didn’t know why, but he had to have Erik inside him.

“Should I just go back to camp then? Is that what you want?” Erik teased. He may not have broken him completely, but progress had definitely been made.

“No, no don’t do that.” Corbin reached for his cock and started stroking, he couldn’t wait.

“Did I say you could do that?” Erik asked. He pulled back his arm and slapped Corbin’s ass, leaving a bright red mark. “Beg for it,” he commanded.

“Please,” he said as he exhaled, his body desperate for cock.

“Please what?” He stood behind the pup, waiting for the words he wanted to hear

“Fuck me!” he shouted back over his shoulder. “Please Eric,” he begged.

Taking Corbin by the hips Erik pressed the swollen tip of his cock against the puckered opening of his rectum. Spitting once more he pressed against his rear entry till its tight opening gave way and slipped over his glistening cock-head.

“Ah fuck,” Corbin breathed as he clung to the tree. Between Erik’s spit and pre-cum he had worked his way deep into Corbin and wasted no time before he started fucking. “Can I touch my cock?”

“No,” Erik replied as he pounded repeatedly into Corbin’s rectum. This wasn’t for the pup he reminded himself.

As Corbin involuntarily clenched his sensitive flesh around Erik’s turgid cock it took all his will to keep his hands away from his own. With each press at his prostate, pre-cum would drip from his cock to the sand at his feet. It throbbed for his touch, this was torture.

The sound of his hips slapping into Corbin’s ass cheeks rang through the forest and as he felt his balls tighten he noticed Damien had started stroking his own cock. He should send the pup over when he was done he thought.

“Fuck Erik, let me jack off, or you do it,” Corbin begged. His voice so desperate, he almost gave in but he knew he shouldn’t.

“Maybe Damien will let you pleasure yourself, but for now just shut the fuck up and take it.” With his oncoming climax he pounded into Corbin with much more force and the pup had to increase his hold on the tree to compensate.

Like before, his senses were heightened. It was better than any drug, and he had done most. He could even hear the wet sounds of Damien’s hand working at his hard cock. His sense of touch, the sensation of Corbin’s flesh wrapped around his cock, it nearly overwhelmed him. The pup was panting, his tongue hanging from his mouth, saliva dripping from its tip. Even Corbin had lost himself in the ecstasy of the moment and his cock was unattended. One touch would probably set him off.

No, it didn’t even take a touch. Corbin’s body twisted against the tree and he cried out as his cock twitched, his balls pulled up to his body and waves of his burning seed shot onto the bark of the tree. He had to hold the pup up by the hips to keep him from falling.

“You hit the ground, we’ll be doing this till your ass bleeds.”

“I.. I’m good,” he replied though the words were hard to make out through his heavy breathing.

His cock pulsated within Corbin’s tight grip and with a near unnatural force Erik shot his load within, filling him with gooey warmth. Erik nearly collapsed as his orgasm ravaged his body. His heartbeat filled his hears and every muscle in his body seemed to cry out in glory.

“Go take care of Damien,” he whispered to Corbin who did so without question.

He fell to the ground and leaned back into the tree. He felt Corbin’s warm seed at his back. He watched as Corbin fell to the ground in front of Damien and took the length of the old man’s cock into his mouth. He nodded his appreciation.

He knew his transition to being an alpha was far from complete, but with Corbin under his control it would only be a matter of time. He still had so many questions and he wondered if Damien would bother to answer them. Once back in the city the old man usually kept to himself.

Regardless, it had been a good trip. He hadn’t been out to Lake Boeuf in years and while his first visit had been amazing, this one topped it in every way.

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