Dominating the Princess Pt. 02

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Dominating the Princess

Chapter Two

The rest of Jon’s day went by in an odd haze; he still couldn’t believe what had happened in his office at lunch: He fucked the Clinic owner’s daughter! Not just fucked her, he dominated her, that sweet mouth begged for it. Now he was on his way over to her apartment for more.

When she opened the door to let me in, she was no longer wearing her dress shirt and skirt; she had opted for a summer maxi style dress. Even though it covered everything from her shoulders down, it clung to her body in a way that showed off her perfect breasts and ass.

“Come on it, I’ve been waiting for you.” Helaina said while stepping back out of his way. He had a cute apartment, surprisingly small for the money he knew he had but still slick and stylish. He followed her into the livings rooms were she sat on the couch and patted the seat next to her.

Once Jon had made himself comfortable, he looked at Helaina and smiled, “So you said you wanted to see what more I had to offer? Trust me baby that is a road that most girls like you wouldn’t want to travel down to far.” She smiled back, “I admit that this morning did not go according to my plans at all, but alas I still had a great time. You did however awaken something in my I didn’t know I wanted or needed, and I’m still not sure what exactly it is that I’m looking for, but something tells me that you have the answers.”

He studied her for a moment before asking, “What do you know about BDSM?” She looked taken back, “It’s a sexual fetish that is derives pleasure from torture right?” He laughed at that, of course that is what she would think. “Yes and no, while some people who practice it do enjoy infecting and or receiving pain, not all BDSM activates are that painful. What we did today, was a little impact play and some Dominance/Submission. Did you enjoy it?”

She chewed on her a lip going over everything that happened earlier and replied with a “Yes.” Jon nodded his head in approval, “Submission is the first step and you did marvelously, now if you would like to keep experimenting, there are a few things I think you would like, if you are willing to try them.”

She thought this over, she was interested in keeping this new sexual adventure going but she knew nothing of this world and was just scared she was going to jump into something that she couldn’t get out of. “Is it ok if I think about it, I would like to research some more before I make my final decision?” “Take your time, and if you have any questions, just ask.” Jon said as he leaned over and kissed her.

Just one kiss from Jon made her melt all over again and she wanted more, so she crawled over to him and straddled his lap so he could deepen her kiss. She heard him moan his approval and began to run her fingers through his hair and pulling it slightly to tilt his heard up towards her.

Jon didn’t know what Helaina had planned but he figured that tonight he would let her take charge, he was curious to see what kind of passion she had, what she liked in sex, he was just along for the ride…… at least for now.

Helania left Jon’s mouth and started placing feather light kisses across his cheek leading to his ear. At the same time she started rocking her hips against his simi-errect manhood. He put his hands on her hips and helped guide her motion while attacking her neck Escort Etimesgut with his lips and tongue.

Jon could felt her pulling off is tie and tossing it to the floor, then she started unbuttoning his shirt never once faltering in her actions. Once she was done and had his shirt open she pulled back to look at him. He was very fit, not like a body builder or a guy who was obsessed with working our. He still had a medium built frame, but everything she could see was chiseled.

She ran her hands from his shoulders down his torso to his belt and back up again. Jon could tell that she was memorizing every inch of him, and the look on her face said she wanted more. So Jon got a good hold on her and stood up off the couch, placing her down on her feet.

Then he dropped his shirt by his tie and started removing his pants until he was left with nothing but his boxer briefs. He looked up at her and saw the look of need and want in her eyes, so he smiled and said, “Your turn.”

Jon’s voice pulled her out of her fantasy and back to reality, so she took her thumbs and looped them under her dress straps and pulled them off her shoulders allowing her dress to slowly slide down her body and pool at the floor. Then they just stood there staring at each other; Jon in his red and black plaid boxer briefs. Helaina in her navy blue and black lace Bustier set, it was completely transparent, he could see every freckle, every curve, and her nipples! Jon couldn’t wait any longer her had to get his hands back on her, so he started to march across the room, but before he gotten close, she giggled and took off. Jon was a little bit surprised at her sudden playfulness, but decided to give chase anyways, he knew she was heading for the bedroom anyways, but when he got there, she wasn’t.

He stood there a moment confused where did she go? The bathroom? Then he remembered her office/library. So he turned and walked across the hall and walked through the door but he didn’t see her there either. I guess she did go to the bathroom, maybe she wants to play in the shower? That image gave Jon a smile and he turned around and started to walk to the bathroom, but before he could exit the room, she jumped on him from the spot she was hiding and took him to the floor.

She straddled him giggling and leaned down to start kissing him again. Jon reached around her to unhook her bra, allowing her breasts to pop out and right into his awaiting hands. Her breasts were big probably Ds and so soft. He molded them in his hands and pinched her nipples, causing her to moan into his mouth.

“I want to play with you for a little while.” Jon said right before he picked her up and carried her to the armless lounge chair in the corner of the room. He slide off her thong, leaving her naked beneath him. He Knelled in the floor in front of her and started sucking on her nipples as his hand slide between her legs.

Helaina moaned at the pleasure he was giving her and laid back to enjoy. All Drs are good with their hands, it was part of the job description, but Jon was doing things with his fingers inside of her that took her to her to new heights that she never even dreamed existed and the way his tongue made her breasts ache for him, she never wanted the night to end.

Then Jon’s mouth left her breast and his fingers pulled out of her, leaving her feeling empty and frustrated, she had wanted to experience so much more. Of course Jon Etimesgut Escort knew what she wanted and so he grabbed her knees and pulled her closer to him and spread her legs apart. He then bent down and started to kiss the inside of her thighs. Helaina’s body instantly responded and she gasped and her juices began to flow.

Jon then licked her between her lips grazing across her clit bud. “OOOHHHH” was all that escaped her lips as fire was set ablaze on her skin and an electric pulse was released to travel her body. Her mind became fuzzy and her breathing became sharper.

Jon smiled at her reaction and licked again, a little firmer this time, he was going to take his time with this and teaser her until she couldn’t even remember her name.

Jon would lick up then down, apply pressure, and then take it away; he would kiss and suck, then blow. Then he would start all over again. Every time she thought she would come, he would stop for a moment and kiss everywhere but where she needed.

Then as he was licking her, he stuck a finger into her pussy and started to pull back and forth, and then he stuck another finger in. He pulled his mouth away from her for and watched her face. It had the most beautiful expression from the pleasure he was giving her. He planned on giving her an orgasm that would rock her world. She looked at him with want and need as her body was writhing with want and need, “Please don’t stop Jon, please…”

Jon went back to licking her clit and stuck a third finger inside of her and curled his fingers and started pumping harder. “OOHH goddddd.’ Was all she could get out, she was completely breathless, but she moved one hand to her tit and started pinching her nipples while the other went to Jon’s head holding him down exactly where she needed him.

She could feel her orgasm building, everything in her body was becoming more sensitive, her toes began to curl and her heart pounded so loudly, that was all she could hear. She had to have her release and she needed it now, so she started to thrust her hips up and into Jon’s face, creating more pressure on her clit. Then she felt her orgasm burst out of her; she yelled, “OH JON uhhh.” she felt hot, her body started to spasm, her orgasm was pulsing through her pussy with such intensity that it was almost painful, even her muscles were starting to cramp some. Jon just kept licking and fingering her, he didn’t even slow down.

Helaina’s orgasm was intense and Jon could tell by the way the muscles in her pussy was gripping his fingers, it was almost like her pussy was trying to swallow him whole, but he kept licking and fingering her until her body started to calm down. Only once her body had stopped convulsing did Jon finally remove his fingers and tongue from her body. He stood up and looked down at her: her eyes were closed, her skin was pink and flushed, her breathing was short and shallow, her hair was spread all over the lounge giving her a wild but beautiful look, and that turned him on even more.

“How do you feel?” Jon asked. She opened her eyes that looked somewhat glossy and had a far off look to them. She focused on him quickly and smiled, “I feel amazing, although I don’t think my legs are going to work right for a while, they are completely numb except for the tingling still in my toes. Where did you learn to eat pussy like that?”

He felt a little bit of pride fill his ego, “I learned a lot of things Etimesgut Escort Bayan in college, sweetheart. But just so you know, I’m not done with you yet.” And with that he reached down and scooped her up and carried her off to her bedroom, laying her down on the bed before crawling on top of her.

“Jon I can’t move. I…” Jon cut her off saying, “That’s ok love, just lay there and relax, I’m here to make you feel good, when you can move again, then you can take back over.” Then Jon slowly slid into her tight wet pussy.

Jon had to stop for a moment, not to let her adjust, but he needed to. She was so warm and wet, and she pussy was tightly squeezing him, If I go to fast I wont last this long, she feels way to good, besides I want her to enjoy every single second of pleasure that I plan on giving her, he thought. So he pulled back out slowly and pushed back in. Every time he pushed all the way in and hit the back of her pussy, he could barley hear a moan escape from her. So she likes it deep he thought, I can do that for her.

He stopped pulling all the way out and thrust back into her quickly and deeply, and her moan got a little bit louder. So he did this for a few more minutes, pull slowly out about halfway and quickly ram back into her. The sensation was driving him mad, he wanted to pound into her fast and harder, like he did earlier today, but he also enjoyed dragging out pleasure.

That is why he has always been a dominate, he had amazing control and used that to take him and his partner to new heights that you cant achieve when you rush into sex and just bang the shit out of someone. So he kept his pace slow that is until he felt her propel her hips up to meet his. He stoped moving and held still inside of her; he gritted his teeth to suppress a moan, closed his eyes, and took a deep breathe.

When he opened them, she was watching him with lust filled eyes, just the sight of her made his cock twitch inside of her. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulling him closer to her, she softly kissed him, but the passion that was in that kiss surprised him. When she pulled back from their kiss, the words she said next would cause him to loose all self-control. “Give me a reason to scream out your name.”

Jon took her hips and pulled her up to him, and then pinned her arms down above her head. This angle allowed him to go deeper in her while watching her tits bounce in rhythm with his thrusts. He pulled out of her and slammed back in with a force that made her bed slam into the wall.

“Ahhhhh” she loudly moaned and threw her head back. He smiled and did it again, and again, and again. Between her moans, the site of her tits jiggling wildly, and the way her pussy made his cock feel, it would not be long before he exploded into her. He was right because with in minutes, he felt that tingling in his ball and it was building quickly. He let her arms go and grabbed a hold of her hips and just started to nail her pussy hard. “Oh god Jon…. Oh, oh, yes just like that.” She screamed at him as left claw marks on his arms.

With in seconds he felt the pressure in his body release as he shot cum into her 6 or 7 times never once stopping his plunging motions into her. His orgasm was so strong that all thought left his mind, his head became fuzzy, the only thing he could hear was the pounding of his heart, and while he could still see; his vision was blurry and had golden spots floating around.

Once his body stopped twitching, and his dick became completely limp, he pulled out and lay down beside her. He pulled her back into his chest, covered them both with the blanket, and kissed her shoulder. They were both completely spent and satisfied so much so that they both drifted off to sleep.

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