Donna Ch. 01

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Big Dick

The following story is based on true events. The names have been changed for obvious reasons. You may want to read my “Go Ahead part 1” to get a little background information about me. This is going to be more ‘informative than erotic’ as you need more information which leads to events that happened later on. My name is Steve.

Looking back at my life, I guess I was rather naive. I had a lot of common sense, but sometimes the obvious things were the clues I missed time after time. Nonetheless, life has a way of working out in the end, one way or another.

I was a freshman attending college on a full scholarship when I received the call about my mom. She had obviously been in worse shape than I had ever imagined. She had a heart condition and was undergoing an out-patient procedure when something went wrong and she was gone. I immediately rushed home to be with my dad and take care of the arrangements. To this day, I find it hard to believe that I stepped-up and took control of the situation as my dad was an unraveled bag of emotion. I always figured I would lose him quickly if anything happened to mom. Mom and Dad seemed so perfect together; I really did expect him to grieve himself to death.

After the funeral, I spent as much time as I could with him. I lived on campus about 100 miles away, so I drove home almost every weekend and sometimes during the week to be with him. As strong of a man as he was, I saw the frailty of his heart. In his eyes, he had lost everything. I comforted him as I felt necessary and admonished him when I felt he needed it. I (for once) was the grown-up, trying to help Dad through these trying times.

About a year or so later, during my sophomore year, he came to the campus and I was shocked to see him when I answered my dormitory door. He had taken early retirement since he had enough years at work and met the age requirements. (I was a late child). He asked if we could talk. Dad had never come to visit. Now, I was totally scared and confused. I invited him in and I sat at my desk as he sat on the edge of my bed. We did the ‘small-talk’ thing until I finally realized he did not come here to talk about my schooling or the weather. I finally said, “Dad, what’s up?”

He explained about how he still loved my mother, missed her dearly and she could never be replaced by anyone, but she was gone and he was wondering if it was time to move on. I (again naive) had no idea where he was going with this when he informed me that he had decided to eat dinner at Donna’s (one of the neighborhood widows) house on Friday night. I had known Donna and her husband all my life. They lived a few houses down and had no children. I even went to his visitation when he died, and she had also attended my mom’s funeral. I was still wondering where this was going.

It was around dinner time, so I suggested we run downtown and grab bite to eat and we could talk. He readily accepted and we went to the local diner. I was happy to see my dad and the opportunity to have a nice dinner instead of school cafeteria food was more than a student could ask for. Especially since he was buying! We ate and I asked how all this came about.

This was back in the late 70’s/early 80’s and being on campus had opened my eyes to the wonderful world of women. Obviously, my time with Margie had been educational because I was going through the student body of the college like wildfire.

Now, before you get the wrong impression, I was not trying to ‘put notches in my bedpost’ or anything like that, but girls outnumbered the guys by 3 to 1, so finding a date was the least of your problems. On several occasions, a girl would call and ask me to take her somewhere. So unless the girl was steady with another guy, you could pretty much count on a date if you asked. So I asked girls out; and I asked A LOT of girls out. Dating was a pastime. I honestly preferred not to be intimate with girls on campus. It was too much of a risk for me to chance my scholarship on a quick romp. Before her passing, I heard mom tell someone who asked about how I was getting along in college and she replied, “Oh, he’s majoring in ‘social life’. He has a different date every night.”

Anyway, back to the story. It was almost a year since mom had died and he explained to me that his phone was suddenly ringing off the hook. It was like his phone number had been re-listed in the Yellow Pages under ‘eligible bachelors’ or something. I laughed at that and told him that women were plentiful there at campus also. He ‘arched’ his brow at me, smiled and simply said, “Be careful”.

I got the gist of that statement and said “You too!”

He sort of blushed and said “You don’t have to worry about that.” I later found out that he had underwent a vasectomy years ago, so he was “shooting blanks” as he liked to call it.

As I said, I had known Donna all my life. She was 12 years younger than my mom, which made her 14 years younger than dad. She was a nice looking woman but totally opposite of my mother. Escort Karaköy Mom was a petite woman. Around 5’2″, 115 pounds soaking wet and when I was younger, I had checked her bra and it was a 32B. (Remember from my other story, I was a very curious child.) Anyway, Donna was probably 5’8″. I would guess her to weigh somewhere around 150 or 160. If she were living today, Donna would have been described as voluptuous.

The first thing you ever noticed about Donna (other than she NEVER had a hair out of place) was her chest. It entered the room long before she did. She was huge. I later found out she wore a 44DD. I remember her hugging me at her husband’s funeral (heart attack at 46, she was 45) and feeling her tits press into me and while I noticed, I really tried to not think much about it. I had thought about her tits before and will have to admit, I think about them still.

If you remember, in my earlier years, Charles had a variety of magazines. Most were Playboy or Penthouse, but occasionally he had what I would call ‘specialty magazines’. I actually enjoyed those more as I found them to be more realistic. Pictures of real women helped fan the excitement needed to aid in masturbation. Some of my favorite fantasies were of full-figure women, so I had actually used those and ‘pictured in my mind’ Donna and other real women that I actually knew. Yes, she was older, but I have always had a thing for older women.

Anyway, he was there to talk to me about getting on with his life and making sure I was going to be okay with him dating. I assured him that his ‘mourning’ while natural was unhealthy and he did need to get on with his life. I even said, “Mom would kick your ass if she was still alive. She would have wanted you to go on with your life even if it was without her.” He almost started to cry which almost started me crying.

I asked him if he needed any advice about woman and dating and he was kind of ‘taken back’. I explained that he had only dated one girl before dating and marrying mom and I had WAY MORE experience than he did. He gave me a ‘yeah, right’ kind of look when I asked him, “So who called who?”

He stared at me and asked, “What?”

I asked him again, “Who called who first? I’m willing to bet you $100 that Donna made first contact with you. Am I right?” He told me that she had, but that did not prove anything. I told him, “Well, for starters, you would have just lost that bet. I’m just saying, I have more experience in this area. I really don’t believe women of your day would have made first contact.”

He smiled, shook his head and said, “Maybe so.”

We went ahead and finished our dinner talking about school and plans for the future. I was not certain which direction I wanted to go at the time and he gave the ‘fatherly’ advice I expected. As we drove back to the dorm, he said he was confused about what to do and I said, “Go for it! I know this has been hard. It’s been hard for me too, but we can’t live in the past. I know you will love Mom forever. So will I, but she’s gone. Like you said, it’s time to move on.”

We hugged as we parted and told each other that we love each other as he got into his pickup truck. “Dad, I’m only this far away. Come on back anytime you want or call me. I’ll see you this weekend.” As he drove away, my heart sank as I thought once again of my mother. I was happy for dad finally deciding to get off his ass and do something, but I was concerned for him.

Time went on and Dad and Donna started dating regularly. They must have been the ‘talk of the neighborhood’. I actually caught Donna over at our house one time when I made a surprise visit home. It did not appear that she had been there long and I found no evidence of her having spent the night, so I was pretty cool about it. Still, she did seem a little flustered and I will have to admit, it did bother me a little to have her in the house where I grew up, but dad seemed happier than I had seen him in months, so I let it go. Donna actually came up to me and hugged me (again, those tits!) when I walked through the door and as with most situations, after a short time the anxiety I felt towards her eased.

They dated for a respectable amount of time and I actually began feeling comfortable seeing her around the house or going over to her house for dinner or a holiday. Before long, I once again was surprised by a visit from Dad at college. I invited him in and he once again sat on my bed. “Son, I have some news for you. I’ve asked Donna to marry me.”

I had kind of been expecting this at any time but when it actually happens, it sort of takes your breath away. I am not sure if I was frowning or not when Dad asked, “Are you okay?”

“Yeah Dad. I’m happy for you. Donna’s a sweet lady and I’ve never seen you happier lately. It’s just…” I stopped. I searched his face and he searched mine. He was concerned. “It’s really okay, Dad. I just need some time to get used to the thought of you married to another Kayaşehir escort woman. Know what I mean?”

He seemed to breathe a big sigh of relief and said, “Yes, Son. You see, I still love your mother and always will, but she’s gone and Donna has actually helped me through all of this since she went through it when J.R. (her deceased husband) died. I never thought I could love another after your mom, but Donna and I have been spending a lot of time together and we fell in love.”

I knew deep down that this was going to bother me, but I put on my ‘happy face’ and hugged him and asked him when the “big day” was. “Let’s go eat, I’m starving”, he said and we jumped in his truck and headed to the diner. We talked about everything that they had discussed. He wanted to know if I was okay with them selling both homes and buying “their” home. Wow, talking about throwing a kid for a loop. I had not thought of that. My home. Gone?

“Steve, you will always have a place in my house, our home, and Donna agrees. She and J.R. really wanted children but for some reason it just wasn’t meant to be. Hell, your mom and I tried for years before we had you. Donna thinks the world of you and while she knows she can never replace your mom, she would love to have you as the ‘son she never had’. Can you deal with that?”

“Dad, I told you, I already think the world of Donna, and you’re happy. You’re damn near giddy with excitement. I see it in you. I’m having a little trouble with the selling our house thing, but I can understand you both need a fresh start. The only other thing that concerns me is the age difference. But, I’ll be okay.”

He smiled and said, “Damn Steve, you’ve grown up so fast on me. I don’t know where the time went.” I thought he was going to cry on me and we both sat there sniffling and red eyed.

I reached across the table and grabbed his hand and said, “I love you, Dad”.

“I love you too, Steve.”

We both exhaled a huge breath and finished our dinner in silence. I was wondering what he was thinking and he probably was doing the same. I finally broke the stalemate and asked, “So you never said… When’s the big day?”

“Oh we’re just going to go downtown and have a Judge marry us, but I really want you to be the ‘Best Man’. It’s 2 weeks from this Friday, can you skip your afternoon classes? After the wedding, we plan to leave there and go to Gatlinburg for our honeymoon. We should be back the following week sometime.” I smiled as I tried to picture that (the honeymoon) and it gave me the ‘heebie-jeebies’.

Now, I had pictured Donna naked many times in my adolescent fantasies and the picture was really clear but when my dad entered, it all went to hell. I really never saw my parents do much more than kiss when I was a kid. I do remember catching dad grabbing mom’s tit over her blouse one time, but they kept sex private and I pretty much lived a ‘sheltered’ life. So while I had seen my dad running around the house in his underwear, the mental picture of him naked just did not compute.

I went home the weekend before and Dad told me to run down to Donna’s house. She wanted me to come over to her house to talk. My immediate thoughts were ‘Uh-Oh. Am I in trouble already?’ I was a pretty good kid, but ‘innocent’… Hardly! I went to her house and entered the backdoor as always, yelling “Donna”. She came running into the kitchen and gave me a bear hug like no other, once again, squishing those massive jugs into my chest.

“Oh Steve, I’m so glad to see you! Listen, I know you and your dad talked, but we need to have a little ‘heart to heart’. Do you want a Coke?” I accepted her offer and sat down at her kitchen table as she popped the top off an ice cold bottle.

She proceeded to tell me how happy she was and that she NEVER wanted me to feel like she was trying to replace my mother (not that she could). She told me that she and J.R. had tried for years to have children and were never able to conceive. She also informed me that she felt blessed that she was not only getting a new husband in her life, but a son ‘to boot’. She said that I was “such a good looking young man” and would be proud to be my step-mother.

She then dropped the bomb on me and asked me if I was okay with what was getting ready to happen. She was ready to call the whole thing off if I was not okay with it. She took my hand and said, “Steve, I want to be there for your father. He makes me very happy and I love him. I think he’s happy too.”

She was basically asking for my blessing of their upcoming marriage. I looked in her eyes and her eyes were growing moist. I finally realized that I could ‘make or break’ this event with the voice of a single word. I honestly had been rolling it over in my mind since the meeting with Dad, but had come to the conclusion it was going to happen regardless of how I felt.

Now the shoe was on the other foot. It did matter how I felt. She started to squeeze my hand a little tighter; Küçükçekmece escort bayan maybe wondering if I was going to veto this union, when I pulled my hand away and took a big slug from my drink.

I stared at my Coke as I thought about it for a minute. I could see the fear in her eyes. She had given me a power I had never had before in my life. I could basically change the course of not only my life, but my dad’s too. I actually had thought of trying to break them up and I actually cried thinking of my mother while driving home. (Thank goodness I was alone). Then I thought of what mom would want. If mom could have picked a woman for Dad after she died, who would it be? Dad was happy with mom and nothing will ever change that. ‘Someone that makes Dad happy?’

I looked up and Donna’s face was a wreck. She had done her best not to cry and to dry her eyes with a paper napkin, but she was about to bawl.

“Donna, I’ll have to admit, I’ve been a little less than excited about the prospect of you marrying my father, but honestly the only thing I can think of that would be a greater tragedy than my mother dying, would be for you two NOT to get married. He is happy. Hell, I haven’t seen him this happy for a long time. If you promise to take care of him and keep him happy, I can’t think of any greater gift I could give either one of you than my okay.”

Then the tears REALLY started rolling. She started bawling and jumped up so fast it almost scared me. She threw her arms out and said, “Oh Steve. Come here”. I stood and she sobbed as she hugged me and professed her love for my father and promised to take care of him.

“That’s all I can ask for”, I said.

Her makeup was a mess, but her smile was beaming as she hugged me again and kissed me on the cheek. “I can’t believe it. I’m going to be married. I’m going to have a son. This is better than I ever imagined. I love your father, and I love you too”.

Okay, so I could not bring myself to say it back to her then, but after they got married and time went on, I became accustom to having her around, I eventually got around to saying it occasionally and I actually meant it too. I did love her because she could and did make my dad happy. I also loved her almost as much as I did my own mother. It was different, but it was love.

The ‘BIG DAY’ came and went and I felt crying (and actually did after they left) when they took off for Gatlinburg, promising to call.

After they returned from their honeymoon, I became aware that my father was changing before my eyes. It was actually kind of embarrassing to see them sometimes. Where mom and dad were never the “publicly affectionate” kind, Donna seemed to break that norm. They were happy as any two people alive and things went on as planned. We sold the houses and moved into our ‘new home’ and set up like one big happy family. The only difference were the pictures. They now had Dad and/or Donna in them. I kept one of Mom and Dad on my dresser in my bedroom, but other than that, mom was just a wonderful memory in my mind. She still is.

It is really weird how sudden things can change. Whenever Donna and I went to the grocery store or shopping, it was not uncommon for us to run into an old acquaintance of hers. Whether it was someone she had worked with or someone that had moved from the old neighborhood, they always stood for a few minutes and ‘tried to catch up’. She always introduced me as her son or for those who knew J.R., “my step-son”. That really did not bother me as much as the first time I ran into the house and instead of yelling “Donna”, I yelled “Mom”.

I was preoccupied with something else and without thinking; it was ‘out there’. I apologized to her and she once again stated that I could call her that anytime I wanted. I could hear her voice crack as she said, “I have always wanted to hear that word”. She ran up to me and once again smothered me with a hug. Try as I might, her big tits pushing into my chest were impossible to ignore.

As I said, ‘PDA’ was not something that I was accustom to while growing up. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that Mom and Dad loved each other and had sex, but they kept their affection to a kiss or hug. However, after Dad and Donna got married, it was a whole new ballgame. On more than one occasion, I found them lying on the couch making out. I’d walk in and tell them to “go get a room” and they would both turn beet red and try to make a ‘recovery’ of some kind like “Oh, sorry. We didn’t hear the door.” I would usually laugh it off and walk on to my room.

The other thing was Donna’s attire or lack thereof. Modesty was of the utmost importance for my parents. I can only remember seeing my mother in her bra and panties ONE time. She had her back to me while changing with her bedroom door open and had no idea as I came into the house unexpectedly. She always wore a housecoat around the house so I never saw her naked.

I’m not sure if Dad said something to Donna and she ignored it or not, but it was not uncommon for her to walk through the house in her nightgown. Her big tits swaying back and forth as she crossed the room. She usually made an effort to wear a bathrobe if she knew I was around, but she was definitely ‘relaxed’ about her attire at home, especially if she wasn’t expecting company.

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