Donnie Dates His Family Pt. 01

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June 26, 2019

It was the day of Donnie’s 18th birthday. They had cake and presents, Roxy’s 19 year old twin daughters, Nikki and Amber, who had grown into beautiful young ladies. Roxy would often catch Donnie staring at his sister’s DD sized breasts and fit and tone figures when he thought no one was looking. She’d catch him ogling her as well with her EE sized breasts, shapely ass, or her sexy legs. Roxy knew it was time to have the talk with her son about meeting and dating women, at least so he would stop lusting after his family members, but that’s what she had planned for later.

Donnie opened his presents from his sisters. “Oh…” He said, looking immensely disappointed, “CDs, from your favorite bands.” He finished sarcastically.

“Hey, you’ll like em,” Amber said, doing her best pouty face as she pinched her brother’s cheek.

“And if not you can let us borrow them,” Nikki said as she bent over to pinch his other cheek.

Donnie thought about telling them to fuck off, but as they bent over in their lowtops to pinch him, he couldn’t help but notice their gorgeous cleavages. He could feel his dick getting hard, but he didn’t care. His tight jeans would hopefully hold back his erection.

Thankfully, before he got a full woody they both stood up simultaneously and stood back from him. That’s when Roxy stepped forward and told her son to stand up. When he did she gave him a hug and whispered in his ear, “I’m sorry, but that’s it for now. With your aunt being out of town,” Roxy’s sister, Candi, lived with them as well in their small house, but was now out with their mother on a vacation for the week, “but I thought you and I could do something special for tonight.” She broke the hug and smiled at him. She thought she felt something long and hard in his pocket press into her sides as she whispered to her strapping, tall son, but forgot about it immediately after they broke the hug, assuming Donnie had a flashlight in his pocket or something similar.

Donnie felt his cock filling with blood and stopped it by concentrating as hard as he could on anything but the smell of his mother’s perfume, or the feel of her gigantic breasts as she held him close, or the small of her back where he placed his hands. Instead, realizing he wasn’t going to be able to stand there without getting a full-blown erection, he suddenly ran out of the room up the stairs at the side of the kitchen to go shamefully masterbate in the bathroom. He didn’t want to admit it to anyway, but he lusted after the women of his family really bad.

Roxy sighed, thinking that the reason Donnie ran away was because of his immense shyness. Was something like hugging your own mother really so awkward he had to run away so quickly? She sighed and turned to her daughters, “Okay, you gals set to go to your friend’s house for the night?”

Nikki and Amber both nodded at their mother, “Yes Mom,” They said in unison, then they giggled. They knew the plan their mother had for Donnie already, that she was going to teach him how to go on dates instead of staying in his room all the time. They thought it funny how Donnie was such an awkward guy he needed his mother to teach him something like that. How lame, they both thought.

Nikki and Amber left as Roxy went up the stairs. They had such a small house, down stairs was just the kitchen, which had a table big enough for family dinners every Friday, but it took up the whole center of the room, but everyone was used to getting around it when they were cooking and whatnot at that point. There was the living room, which had a loveseat and a couple chairs but when everyone was watching TV together a few people ended up sitting on the floor.

It was a crowded house, and everyone but Donnie worked to pitch in on expenses. Roxy had decided that her son needn’t worry about that until he had completed high school, which he had a little over a month ago, they had three bedrooms upstairs. Roxy’s bedroom, which had her queen sized bed, but she was the only one who slept in it since her husband died shortly after the birth of her son. She wondered if that was the reason for his shyness, growing up without a father.

The bathroom they all shared was next to her bedroom, it had a combination tub and shower with a black, non-see-through curtain so others could jump in and out while someone was using the shower and they could still have privacy. The house had too many people living there to let anyone hog the bathroom. After that was the twins bedroom, where they had two that could be linked together to make a double bed, not that Nikki or Amber ever wanted to do that after adolescence. And finally Aunt Candi’s room, where Candi’s daughter Crystal slept with her mom in her double bed on the weekends when she came home from college. Donnie insisted after he turned 10 to have his own room. To account for literally not having another room, Roxy allowed him to move a bed, and a dresser to the hallway so his room was right in the center of each of sarıyer escort the four other doorways, one for each cardinal direction. Roxy was sure her son regretted this decision to move out to the hall now since it meant he had no privacy. He had managed to make a pretty decent room though that didn’t get in anyone’s way with the limited space.

As she came up the stairs she saw that her son wasn’t in his room. So she walked past his bed to where the bathroom was. Roxy, without thinking about it, just walked in the door.

She was completely dumbstruck by the sight before her. Her son was standing naked at the sink stroking his dick, his muscular body put on display for the world to see. But the thing that made her jaw literally hang open as she stared, unable to look away, was her son’s long and thick cock, it was definitely the biggest she had ever seen, she couldn’t tell just by eyeballing it but she felt it was at least 10 inches long, maybe as long as a foot.

Donnie had his eyes closed tight as he continued to stroke his massive rod. Roxy couldn’t help but stare, she could feel her mouth watering as she thought what it might feel like to suck on such a massive male member. She hadn’t been with a man since her husband died, instead spending her time working at the fitness center and taking care of her kids, turning down any man who flirted with her in any way for the sake of her children.

Roxy continued to watch her son frantically jerk his fat dick, she imagined sucking on it, then thought about what it would feel like in her pussy. The thought made her gasp as her cunt sent a twinge of pleasure up her spine.

Donnie heard as Roxy gasped and turned out of fear. He saw his mother standing there staring directly at his cock as she shook in pleasure. The taboo sight of having his own mother staring at his naked body sent him over the edge. “Oh GOD, I’m so sorry Mom!” He yelled, unable to hold back, he started to cum.

Donnie was feeling so much pleasure that he didn’t try to move at all from facing his mother. His mother still couldn’t look away and when Donnie turned to face her she saw that his balls were just as massive as his giant cock was. Part of her was too shocked to move, but most of her just wanted to see something so massive cum in front of her.

Donnie moaned loudly as the first streamer shot from the end of his bulbous cockhead. It flew with such force it hit his mother Roxy right in her face. Since her mouth was wide open a great deal of it landed on her tongue while more went all along the side of her cheek and into her hair. Another blast of his spunk went to the front of her chest, settling down into her cleavage and all over the top of her breasts. Even more cum followed and her studly son hosed her down completely ruining her house dress. It subsided with a few streaks landing on the floor in between them.

Roxy closed her mouth and savored her son’s delicious seed. She couldn’t help herself, it just tasted so damn good. She looked down at herself and was completely dumbfounded with what she saw, “Oh my God Donnie,” she said glancing up at her son just looking shocked, “You’ve completely soaked me.”

Donnie, the pleasure past, was only ashamed now of the sight of his smoking hot mother’s body covered in his cream. He turned away, “I’m so sorry, Mom, I just couldn’t help myself.”

Roxy glanced down all over herself once more, still not believing just how much cum her son could produce in one go. Then she looked up and saw that even though he pumped what seemed like a gallon of cum all over her body and into her mouth, his huge cock was just as hard as it was a moment ago. She could hardly believe it, her son must have been some kind of sexual god. She tried to shake the thought off of her son’s sexual potency, but with the taste of his cum still on her tongue, she couldn’t help but think again about what his massive tool would feel like deep in her cunt.

The image was too much for her and Roxy suddenly came hard in her panties. “Oh My god, what are you Donnie!?” She keeled over on the ground as she had the most powerful orgasm she’d had since her husband was alive.

This snapped Donnie out of his sudden shame. He looked back up as his hot-as-fuck mother orgasmed on the floor. He’d seen enough porn to know what was happening. Roxy was cumming in front of him. He wanted to grab his cock and start stroking again but he was suddenly quite aware this was his own mother! He couldn’t jerk off twice in front of her, could he?

Roxy felt like an absolute mess as she came down from her incredibly orgasm, “Oh god, son,” she panted, “I need a shower now, oh god.”

Donnie took this as his cue to leave and failed to cover his cock with his hands, it was just too huge to hide in its rigid state. “I’ll leave you, um,” He started to move to the door.

“NO!” Roxy suddenly jumped up from the floor and grabbed him by his arm. She knew now that it was time to start her son’s sefaköy escort lesson, “Okay, we’re off to a rocky start obviously,” she said gesturing to her cum covered body. Part of her wanted to start wiping up the semen from her breasts and face and start eating it but she couldn’t do that. This was her son’s fuck juice! She couldn’t enjoy eating it as much as she was!

Donnie glanced at his mother’s beautiful face, shining with his spunk dripping from her cheek and chin. He felt his cock twitch. He wasn’t sure how he was supposed to feel in that situation, but all he could think to say to Roxy’s statement was, “Huh?”

“Um, I mean that you need to learn how to date women son,” Roxy said, trying not think about how good her son’s cum tasted or how there was still more to eat right on her face, “And without a father it’s up to me to teach you.”

“Um, what?” Donnie still hadn’t been listening, he was too distracted looking at his mother’s fine body, covered with his cum her thin house dress was now clinging to the front of her body, showing off her large tits and her hard nipples. Donnie wondered if that meant she was horny, but didn’t know enough about women yet to know.

The Shower

“I’m going to teach you how to date women, son.” Roxy explained, “And the first step is staying clean. Now, you’ve made a big mess of your mother, it’s only right you help her get clean.” As she said this last part she simply removed her shoulder straps letting the dressed, ruined now from the massive amount of cum on it. She revealed her body to her son, and he gaped at her massive tits and perfect skin. Her 38 year old body was just as sexy as the day she conceived her son. She had kept fit and lean from all the work she’d done at her job at the fitness center. Now it was Donnie’s turn for his mouth to hang open. He stared at her tits and her hard pink nipples. He longed to suck on them, like he had so many years ago when he was nursing.

He watched with longing as his mother turned around and took down her panties and showed him her perfect ass for the first time in his adult life. It was so well-toned from her long workout sessions, he couldn’t help but grab his dick and stroke a few times before he realized what he was doing and stopped.

His mother turned back around, and Donnie saw her pretty pussy. Because she hadn’t been in a relationship in a very long time, she didn’t shave her pussy and her cunt was lush with black hair to match the hair on her head. Roxy was so fucking horny that her cunt lips were very thick and Donnie could see all of her cunt with total clarity. He literally started drooling.

Roxy walked to the bathtub as her son stared at her. She could feel her pussy flowing with her fluids. She had always been one who needed multiple orgasms to really be satisfied. Her pussy had cum once and was now begging for more. Now that she was naked, even with cum on her face, she felt more open and free in front of her son. Truthfully, Roxy loved being naked, and would probably join a nudist beach at the very least if she didn’t have to work and take care of her family so much.

“Now,” she said as the water got up to temperature, “We’re going to take a shower together. This will show you how you should clean yourself so your nice and fresh for all these girls you’ll soon be dating.” She had actually been planning about talking to her son about cleanliness with dating, but she realized this was probably for the best. She was turned slightly away from her son and thought this was enough to swipe the large amount of cum on her cheek and shove it into her mouth without him notices. Of course, not able to take his eyes off his sexy mother, he watched with lust filled eyes as his mother hungrily licked his cum from her fingers. Her hiding didn’t matter anyway because the flavor of her son’s jizz was too addictive for her and she started scooping the stuff off her giant tits and started shoving it into her mouth like some kind of nymphomaniac. She couldn’t stop herself. She then grabbed her massive boobs and brought them to her mouth so she could suck Donnie’s jizz off them directly, something she did all the time while she masterbated was suck her own tits, so this was nothing new to her. Some had rolled down over her nipples and she started sucking them directly, sending tingles down her spine to her pussy as she slurped on her own hard nipples.

Donnie, watching this hot sight before him, started slowly stroking himself off again. He couldn’t help himself. His mother was sucking his cum right off her tits.

Roxy ran out of cum to eat, so she dropped her tits and turned to her son. She saw he was now jerking off with both hands on his overly thick dick, and why wouldn’t he be? His sexually frustrated mother was just eating her own son’s cum off her gigantic tits. “You should probably stop doing that.” She said without any conviction in her şerifali escort voice. She realized she wanted him to cum again if only so she could have another tasty snack.

Still, Donnie stopped, and turned away from her as he started looking guilty again. Roxy sighed, even with a naked woman sitting right in front of him literally aching for cock, he still got incredibly shy. She stood up from the footstool next to the tub and walked over to her son. She put her hands on his shoulders and turned him so he was facing her. She smiled at her son as she stared into his soft brown eyes. “It’s okay Donnie,” she said with all the love a mother could give her son, “I’m sorry if this is a bit weird, but you should learn how to properly treat a woman now that your an adult.” She pulled him in for a hug, his hard cock pressed into her belly and a was so long the tip slid in between the underside of her tits. She couldn’t believe how big her son was. She felt pride a mother should feel for having such a stud for a son.

Donnie could feel his mom as she pressed her humongous tits into his chest. He gulped as his cock twitched in between them.

Roxy then pulled away from her son and said, “Now let’s take a shower sweetie.” They got in together and water cascaded down both of their bodies. Roxy showed her son that he should wash under his pits, and behind his ears.

“I know Mom,” Donnie said, rolling his eyes. This made them both laugh.

They washed down their own bodies, though neither mother nor son could take their eyes off each others oversexualized forms. Roxy could tell her son wanted her, but was confused about how that made her feel. Still, there was one more place Donnie needed to wash, especially as he got out into the dating world.

She got down on her knees before her son and grabbed the liquid soap from the shelf. Donnie gulped, not knowing entirely what she was about to do. He’d seen porn though and wondered if his own mom was about to give him a blowjob. Then realized that was ridiculous.

Roxy though wasn’t so sure, but she went on, “You have to be sure to wash your penis as well, and you have an exceptionally large one, so you have to spend more time on it then a normal man.” Roxy gulped before she continued, her son’s tree trunk staring her in the face was making her wonder if this really was a good idea or not, “I’ll show you the first time, to make sure you know, and after this you’ll be able to do it yourself when you shower.”

Roxy squirted the soap in her hands and then reached out below her son’s giant cock to fondle his huge balls. She could hardly believe their size. Her son was tall but this was the gonads of someone 12 feet tall, not only 6. She felt them one at a time with both hands, their size unable to be contained by just one of her hands.

She moved her hands from her son’s balls to his humongous cock. She couldn’t believe it’s size, just like Donnie’s balls it felt more like a cock that should be one a man twice his height. There wasn’t even any soap on her hands anymore as she started to feel his wide girth between her soft hands. Roxy realize her son was going to be really popular with the ladies once she taught him how to properly treat a woman.

Though Roxy just wanted to shove her son’s massive meat right down her throat right then, she realized she was quickly turning into some kind of slut and should probably get back to the lesson.

Roxy stood and shut the water off, and got out quickly before she did something else she knew she’d regret. “Get dressed,” she ordered her son, “And then meet me downstairs so we can start the lessons. It’s time to date a woman properly.”

Dinner and Dancing

Fifteen minutes later, Roxy came down stairs now in a new dress, a hot, red number that still fit after all these years, one she used with her husband many years ago when they had started to date. Roxy had Donnie sit at the table across from her. “Okay, son, we’re going to teach first how to eat with a woman. The first thing you do is start with saying something nice to her.” Roxy stopped talking to leave open a point where Donnie could add something.

Donnie’s confidence was growing after the events of the bathroom. If that hadn’t happened he probably would have just stared at his feet but instead he said, “Mom, you are probably the most perfect woman ever.”

Roxy felt a bit taken aback just by how confidently her son told her such a lovely compliment. “Thanks Donnie,” she said, feeling her pussy starting to tingle again, “Now, we’ve already eaten dinner, so I’m not going to make another one just to demonstrate good table manners. I assume you already know them. But things might escalate over the course of the meal. In which case…” Roxy had stopped talking because Donnie used that opportunity to reach over and grab his mom’s hand. He picked it up lovingly and started to kiss it.

Roxy was starting to feel a bit nervous. Her son was such a loving man. How would any woman be able to resist him, even her?

Donnie lovingly kissed his mother’s fingers, her hand, her wrist. He kissed his way up her arm until he got to her neck, which he moved in immediately and started sucking her neck, not the least bit concerned about anything else than making his mom as horny as possible.

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