Don’t Be Shy, Give It A Try

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Big Tits

Don’t be shy, give it a try.

It had been a hard night and I was absolutely exhausted.

I knew what to expect, it being my first night bedded with Roger. He was one passionate guy ordinarily, before I submitted to live in with him, so I knew I was in for some fireworks bedding him.

That was before he told me he had a flat mate, a West Indian guy called Ricardo, Rick for short. I never knew until the following morning after sleeping with Roger,. because he worked nights and seemingly, jumped into his bed almost as soon as he’d got out of it.

So there was me, well and truly hard screwed the night before and again when Roger awoke in the morning, after I had awoken with a very hard prodding into my backside.

Turning I thought; ‘here we go again’ because he had a hard -on like the Eiffel tower. And Roger’s tower was a real eyeful. I always teased him with that, his ‘eyeful tower’ and he usually responded that I had better climb it then.

That was real fun pretending with my finger tips, they were a little steeplejack climbing the precipitous. Especially when I reached the summit and pretended the steeplejack was balancing on it..

But the morning scene was much the same as when I used to visit once a week for our special rendezvous – we’d participate in mutual cock touching and wanking, stripping stark naked my being smothered in hot moist cock as., perched on the settee, he crouched over me, his hand twisted behind him, pressing my head roughly into his groin. It was one of Rogers specialities, to let me taste the pungency of him in the most intimate fashion which . Although hard going at first, I came to enjoy and expect of him. I actually grew to like the flavour of him down under and sometimes he would give me an extra treat in letting me sniff him through his briefs which was lovely, the feel of his scrumptious balls cushioning my face was beautiful.

Then he’d fuck me on all fours until he was about to shoot his load, when he diverted his throbbing cock deep into my throat for a hefty mouth fuck until I was drenched with his hot sticky spunk, oozing from my well worked mouth

That was standard practice every time we met and when that was done, we would have an interval and refreshment before he wanted me to be girly for him.

That was fun too, I loved to do that for him. It gave me a new perspective to his nurturing me like I was a female, he loved to scent me up and suck my asshole like it was a quinny. Usually through my very girly silk red and white laced panties. It was a dream to behold which we both lavished and spent a great deal of time exploring.

Anyway he was soon wide awake and fucking me like there was no tomorrow. I don’t üvey kız kardeş porno know how he had the energy to go to work afterwards. But he worked himself deep inside me as always and it was simply lovely to be opened up again. He fucked me so beautifully like it was a work of art. I adored the way he stopped occasionally so that we could both feel the sensation of his strong throb inside, it felt really wonderful and so very warming.

He got my breakfast serving me with it on a tray in bed, a real hearty breakfast with all the trimmings.

“We need to replenish your energy” he said and when afterwards I made to get up he simply said to stay there because shortly Rick would be taking his place beside me.

I was flabbergasted but he did ask if I would I mind, like it was an everyday thing to do! because Rick was a real close buddy and they shared everything.

It did come as a bit of a shock to say the least but thinking about it, I felt it could be fun.

I needed to visit the toilet. I washed the smell of Roger off me and tendered my well worked anus with some moisturising cream . It felt nice and well gratified..

I gingerly got back into bed as Roger had asked, and listened to some music. It wasn’t long before I heard Rick’s voice in the kitchen talking to Roger, they were talking about me!

“He is well ready for you Rick, well primed twice last night.”

“He is a good poke huh” Rick replied in his West Indian accent. “! Hope you have saved some for me.”

At that point I knew the name of the game and what they were both about.

“He is a good tight fit, well accomplished in all ways, I adore his oral and he will give you a great fuck to sleep on.”

“I need that Roger, I am done for, but I also need that good stiff fuck before. I get some shut eye. Thanks’ mate, you are a real buddy.”

“Enjoy, I am off now but we shall fix something for the weekend, on the lines we talked about Huh?”

“Great, I look forward, see you later Rog.”

They we were talking about me like I wasn’t there, not I guess they thought I couldn’t hear in the bedroom..

I had no idea what Rick looked like. What if I didn’t fancy him, what then? But I felt I had to be loyal to Roger, he had served me well in all ways, he’d pulled me off the streets and everything. I could not let him down so had to endure serving his, by the sound of it, very lecherous buddy.

This guy was going to be some character. When a knocking came on the door and I said to come in, I expected a face – but there, poking hideously between the gap was a very large uncut black penis like I have never seen before. Then a hand appeared, xnxx porno a black hand of course which started to grope it and in came the rest of him, Stark naked but very appetising, I had never had black before and I felt a whole new world was opening up.

“Very nice” he smiled with a toothy white grin. And he had a body to die for.

“Roger has good taste, my name is Ricardo but you can call me Rick – and I know yours is Alex. Hi Alex, where have you been all may life? You look great, good enough to fuck, fuck, fuck”

From that point I knew Rick was the sort of guy who said it as it was.

He looked divine and I took to him right away. That charm, that smile and personality, and that absolutely gorgeous prick which he massaged in front of me revealing its full glory.

“You like Alex?” he said coming closer giving me a sniff.

I was lost for words primarily. I was still aching from Rogers’ early morning fuck and I knew it was still open.

“Hey don’t be shy, give it a try” he laughed and that made it easier to touch him first time. Going through my head; ‘what a beauty , I should be so lucky.’

Still stuck for words I got a whiff of his scent, a mixture or natural body smells and something else which, I guess was a spray, Whatever it worked for me and I knew I was chemically as well as physically attracted to this very handsome guy.

“So does my Buddy treat you well, Alex?” he asked, his large hand stroking my face.

I nodded and enjoyed the way he just pulled down my duvet and watched his expression as he eyeballed me.

“Does he fuck you well?”

“Very well” I returned.

“I have to confess we tried it once with each other. But it never worked. I guess we are both givers. That is where you came in, twist over Alex, let me see your butt, I have heard so much about it, I want to see for myself.”

I felt good and right to do as he asked and just for kicks I raised it a bit to give him a good perspective.

“Lovely tight ass” he gleaned touching and kneading, It felt divine.

“I am a trifle bigger than Roger” he said stretching my cheeks apart and leaning to sniff me there.

“I noticed” I said.

“Mmm. Roger fucked you well I see, you are still wide open. May I?” and he gesticulated by pushing his tongue onto his clenched fist.

“Of course” I said.

When I felt his tongue slid inside it was like a wonderful soothing sensation. He continued to enjoy me there thoroughly and licked and squeezed my ass so wonderfully.

When he came up for air his face looked reddened and moist and he gave me a wonderful smile.

“You taste a treat. I do love the taste of young zenci porno ass as much as I do cock, now let me have a taste of that too.”

He sucked me nice and slow. Different to Roger who liked it quick and deep. Soon we were sucking each other having found a nice position upon the bed. It felt different to Roger’s. I guess because there was no foreskin to stretch back which was always special. But equally the smooth feel and taste of Rick was beautiful and it took a great deal of manoeuvring to get my thumb and forefinger around his thick girth and with that stuffed in my mouth fully stretched wide open, I wondered just how it would be feeling that up inside me first time.

“I am besotted with you already, Alex. You are so cool. And he rubbed his cock into my face again, watching me as I licked it’s length, as I cupped those big ripe balls of his, puckering them outwards for a great visual spectacle, I licked them too and he adored it

We spent some time enjoying each other orally. I saw the whiteness of a spurt of pre-cum as I had just come away from licking his p-hole, tasting the earthiness and subtle pungency.

“It is as white ass can be” I ventured to say”

“What did you expect, Black?” he laughed “Now we had better save it for the big deal” he said.

“Big deal?” I queried

“Time to get this into your ass I reckon, I am just about ready for it now>”

“Okay” I said holding my breath and arranging myself on all fours like Roger had me..

“I want you on top, stretched wide over my torso as you can take it as you want.”

I was glad of that. He was a big guy and although I wanted his fuck, it was nicer to have it on my terms, so I wiggled a bit and made myself comfortable and it was a joy to smother him first as he wanted.

“Now I have the fresh taste and smell of you I can enjoy your fuck Alex Huh?”

I took hold of his cock and bent it backwards to locate my hole, I spun it around and around as he moaned and groaned and I coulisse he was well and ready for it

“Don’t fuckin tease me” he yelled so I found the place, lifted my body up a bit to get the measure of its intensity underneath and then I gradually, very gradually worked it into my hole.

I was well greased, and it went in smoother than I thought. Hurt a bit as my hole stretched more than it did with Rodger’s fuck

But soon it was amazingly all sunk and wedged tight into me and I slowly started to move up and down to create that wonderful deep thrusting fuck.

It was lovely. I soon got into the rhythm of his splendid fuck and we both enjoyed it immensely.

When he cum he almost shot me up against the ceiling, such was the intensity of that last deep thrust.

“Night night and thanks” he said gratefully as I got off him and he snuggled up fully gratified into his pillow.

“See you in the morning” he added, well my morning that is.”

I had the feeling that it would be Roger all over and he would want another when he awoke.


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