Double Trouble Ch. 02

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Beach Sex

This is the unofficial sequel to my story Double Trouble. The big difference is that this one is a 100% true story. Seriously. Hope you like it.


I think I had the best summer ever this year. I had just finished my freshman year at college, and loved every minute of it. I spent 2 weeks in England, first in London then in a house near Cheddar Gorge. And best of all, I could drink over there! I’m 19, and like most sane countries, the drinking age in England is 18. Score! I’m American if you haven’t guessed, and have to wait ’til I’m 21 to drink, which is fucking retarded. I did it anyway, like most kids haha. Then after I came back, I spent a weekend in New York City, which was cool seeing as I’d never been, but London destroyed it. The only downside was that I couldn’t have a job, seeing as I was so busy, so I was pretty much broke for my second year at college. And I couldn’t see my friends or girlfriend nearly as much as I wanted to. And by the time I’d finished travelling and vacationing, all my friends had gone back to college. My school (which I can’t name for privacy reasons) starts fairly late each year.

So all that was left was my girlfriend of nearly 3 years, a lovely girl named Olivia, or Liv as she was known by. She’s a year older than me and goes to the same college as me. She has a very eye-catching face, blondish-brown hair, hazel eyes, and light freckles across her nose. And as for her body, well, to put it bluntly, she’s built like a fucking goddess. She’s about 5’3″ and 130 pounds and plays on the varsity soccer team and runs track, actually setting records when we were in high school. She has roughly a 34C rack, perfectly proportioned on her, a flat and toned stomach with a bellybutton piercing (one of my biggest turn-ons), complete with beautiful soccer legs and an amazing firm ass (my favorite feature). Obviously, since I love her more than just about anything, there’s more to it than her banging body, but it certainly helps! Personality-wise, she was very friendly and outgoing, and (another big bonus) had a mischievous, adventurous side to her. She gave me her V-card on my 18th birthday in April 2012, also my first time, and we’ve had sex multiple times since then. I have to say, she is with no doubt a fucking animal in bed, both with her mouth and her vagina. Easily better than jerking off could ever be.

As for me, my name is Matt. I’m 5’9″ and about 150 pounds. I have dark brown hair, bordering on black, and grayish-blue eyes (“A very cool color,” Liv once said), and unfortunately, a rather large hooked nose, broken when I was 14 (a long story). I play guitar and occasionally bass, and play lead guitar in a band with some kids from high school. I’m also a car junkie (London was good for that. I saw just about every exotic car that could possibly be named, particularly an insane, purple with orange streaks, glow-in-the-dark Lamborghini that some dumbass Arabian guy got caught driving without insurance or license plates, and got it confiscated. Fucking hilarious!), and snowmobile in the winter. I’m in ok shape, not ripped or anything, but nowhere near fat. I’m pretty quiet and laidback, which is probably why I’m so compatible with my girlfriend. Anyway, I’ll get back to the story.

Like I said, I’d been pretty busy over the summer, so I was just chilling in my room one afternoon, still in bed actually, debating whether I wanted to accomplish anything today, when my aunt sent me a text. She was going to Ireland on business and needed someone to watch her pets, a cat and 2 bichon frises, and offered to pay me. I jumped at the chance, needing money. I would drive to her house the next day and stay there for 3 days, until she returned. I was excited to be making some cash, but I wanted to see my girlfriend too. This was my last week of vacation before I returned to college, and wanted some one-on-one time with her.

Funnily enough, I got a text from Liv a few minutes later. It read, “Heyyy baby 😉 are you still alive?? I miss you!!! Waaahh ?”

I smiled at the text and replied, “Of course Livvy. Whats up?”

“I’m bored. And I haven’t seen you in a fucking eternity?. Waah, come save me ;)”

I was typing a response when it hit me. Would my aunt mind if I had company? So I texted her, asking if I could have a friend come with me, not mentioning it was my girlfriend, thinking she wouldn’t like it if I was alone with a girl for a week. She approved, as long as we didn’t do anything stupid. So I typed to Liv a few minutes later, “I have a proposition to ask you 😉 wanna go out for dinner and talk about it?”

She responded instantly. “Ohhhh Matt I love surprises! 😉 What is it??”

I answered, “So that’s a yes then lol? I’ll come pick you up later. Keep your firm, perfect ass at your house ok?”

She responded with, “YOURE DAMN RIGHT IT’S A YES!! Cant wait! See you tonight, you sexy bastard. You can fill me in on England and NYC. And maybe “fill me in” with something else 😉 LOVE YOUUUU <3333" I laughed out loud and responded, “Youre a dirty young woman Olivia. See you later baby ? love you” I duran izle turned into her driveway later that night. I love my car, a stick shift silver 2003 Saab 9-3 turbo, my grandparents’ old car until they got sick of manually rowing gears. I could finally take it to college this year too, so I was pumped (freshmen aren’t allowed to have cars where I go to school). I parked and walked up her driveway, excited to finally see her after over a month, the longest I’ve gone without hanging out with her. I missed her 20th birthday while I was in England too, so I wanted to make up for it. Her front door opened and she stepped out onto the porch with a smile. I forgot to mention how much I love her beautiful smile too. She was wearing a black tank top and tight shorts, really showing off her gorgeous legs. She was really tanned too. I could already feel a boner coming on just looking at her.

I stopped and blatantly eyed her, already imagining what she would look like naked with that tan. Liv laughed at my expression and fixed her hair. Then she pointed to the ground at her feet and said half-jokingly, “Matthew, get your nomadic, Europe-roaming ass up here and give your girlfriend a hug. Let’s go. Now.”

I obliged, pretty much crushing her. It felt nice to finally be holding her. I kissed the top of her head and looked down at her with a smile. “Hi. It’s been a while.”

She ignored me and said jokingly, “That’s it? You call that a kiss? Over a month without me and that’s all I get? Come here.” She grabbed the back of my head and crushed her mouth to mine for a solid 10 seconds. She finally broke it off and said with a smile, “Hi, baby. Good to see you. How you been?”

I took her hand and started walking back to my car. “Great. I’ve got so much to tell you!” Dinner was great. I paid (“Consider this your birthday dinner,” as I put it when she reached for her wallet). We went to a local restaurant, and sat there for hours, just catching up and joking. I love how easy she is to talk to. I finally asked her about coming with me to my aunt’s house and she eagerly agreed. She spent the whole time rubbing my leg under the table with a smirk. I also gave her a birthday present that I bought in England, which was a ring (not a promise or engagement ring or anything like that. I’m way too young and not ready for that yet!). She loved it and put it on right then and there. We returned to her house after. Her parents were home unfortunately. Otherwise, I’m not gonna lie, I would have bent her sweet ass over the couch and slammed that.

She invited me in anyway, and I accepted. I greeted her parents, both of whom I loved. Liv led me upstairs to her room and closed the door with a knowing smirk. I opened my mouth to say something but before I could, she was on me. Literally jumping on me, making me stick my arms out and catch her. Holding her by that amazing ass of hers with her gorgeous legs wrapped around me, she began kissing me madly, one hand on my back and the other grabbing the back of my head and pulling me close. I’d forgotten how much of a great kisser she was. She paused for a second and pulled away, just long enough to whisper, “I missed you,” before lip locking with me again.

I carried her over to the bed and lay her down. Her hands shot out and grabbed my shirt and the back of my head and pulled me down on top of her. Careful not to crush her, I lifted her tank top up slowly and ran my hand up her sexy, toned stomach, caressing it and making her moan softly. There’s just something about her stomach that turns me on. I thought my cock was about to explode by this point. It was so hard by this point it could probably rip through her shorts and thong (if she was wearing one at all, knowing her) and penetrate her.

She finally pulled away with a smack and whispered, “Get up.” I did, and she reached down and unzipped my shorts, pulling them and my boxers down to my ankles. She looked up at me and said, “We have to do this quickly. I don’t want my parents walking in on us.” Fair enough, I sure as hell didn’t want that either! With that, she dropped to her knees and grabbed my cock, stroking it slowly, and running her tongue up and down it twice, swirling it around the tip, and finally taking it in her mouth. I could already feel my orgasm coming. I wasn’t gonna last long. I groaned and closed my eyes, loving the warm and wet sensations. She started humming softly about 10 seconds later, which finally sent me over the edge. I gritted my teeth and groaned again, trying to stop my knees from giving out. “Liv! Baby, here it-COMMMEEESSS!” I groaned and exploded, not caring where my cum landed. I was in heaven. The next thing I remembered was looking down and seeing her licking my cock clean and pulling up my boxers and shorts. She stood up and kissed me hard. “Welcome home, baby. I missed you.” She took my hand and started leading me downstairs.

I stopped her with, “What about you?” referring to pleasuring her.

She winked and said, “We have plenty of time together. You can repay me then. And you can have all the pussy eli roth presents my possessed pet izle you want.” She winked and walked me to my car and kissed me hard one last time.

“I’ll come get you tomorrow afternoon. Be ready!” I said, getting into my car.

“I will. I’ll bring lube and toys!” she said with a smirk and a naughty smile. People that don’t know her might think she’s just kidding and being funny. That’s the thing though, she isn’t.

I laughed and said jokingly, “Liv, get OUT of here! Go! I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Looking forward to it. Bye!” she waved and walked into her house, giving me a great view of her ass as I pulled away.

I picked her up the next day as planned, and we drove to my aunt’s house, about 45 minutes away, in the neighboring state. The dogs greeted us enthusiastically, and Liv loved them. “Oh my god, Matt! They’re so fucking CUTE!” she exclaimed, picking one up and stroking it.

My aunt had left me all sorts of food, beer included. My family all agreed that they’d rather have me drinking under their roof than going crazy at college and killing myself from alcohol poisoning, and hence let me drink. We unpacked and spent the afternoon sitting out on the deck, drinking and talking. My aunt lives in a rural neighborhood literally on the Atlantic Ocean, so there’s an ocean view from her backyard. We went out for dinner and stopped for ice cream on the way back. Then we got back and started watching movies while cuddling on the couch, with the dogs and cat lying next to us. This is when the fun started.

We were watching the Friday the 13th remake on TV. Well, if you call spooning, groping/caressing, and kissing heavily watching. I thought the movie was awful, much worse than the original, but the girls were incredibly hot. Too bad they all wind up dead. Things were getting heated between us. Liv finally moaned loudly and stuck her hands up my shirt, rubbing all over my torso. I stopped kissing her briefly and stripped my shirt off, before leaning in and kissing her again, all the while Jason was hacking people up on TV. Liv finally paused and pushed me off her. She got up and muted the movie, before taking her tank top off too. She was wearing a lacy black bra that was making her boobs pretty much fall out. And like I imagined, she was very tan, making her bellybutton piercing look really good (I wish I could describe how much her body turns me on. I’d upload pictures, but she’d kill me if she found out, so I can’t). She actually just got a small tattoo on her ribs in memory of her cousin who died from cancer, which looked pretty good too (I’ve been thinking of getting inked too, and I’m probably gonna get my family crest on my shoulder at some point).

She beckoned me close and started kissing me again, both of us standing up this time. It wasn’t long before her bra came off, and I was fondling her rack, making her squirm and moan loudly a few times. She finally pushed me back down on the couch with a naughty smile and lay down on top of me, kissing me heavily. One hand was roaming up and down her back and the other was groping her tits, making her moan into my mouth between kisses. This went on for several minutes until she reached down and unbuttoned my shorts. I quickly kicked them off and did the same to her, pulling down her thong and slipping a finger in her. She responded by moaning loudly, actually startling the dogs, who quickly ran into the next room, and shoving her tongue in my mouth. I pistoned my finger in and out of her, making her gush down there. She was trying so hard to muffle her screams that she bit my lip. Normally it would hurt, but under these circumstances, it was a kind of kinky pleasure. I could tell she was on the brink, so I stopped.

Liv apparently read my mind and grabbed my cock and jammed it in her. God, I’d forgotten how tight she was. I fucking loved it. I’d gone a good 5 or 6 months without any, so I was gonna savor this. She leaned in close and started doing a combo of rocking back and forth and bouncing. I don’t even need to describe how it felt, but I moaned loudly and grabbed her waist, timing my thrusts to match hers. It wasn’t long before we were in sync, and moaning heavily and covered in sweat. That’s the best kind of sex if you ask me, when there’s sweat and plenty of noise involved.

She must’ve got bored of this position, because she suddenly stopped and got off me. My cock slid out of her, covered in juices and still hard as fuck. She lay on her back and opened her legs, exposing the pink. I lay down next to her and penetrated her, again welcoming the fantastic warm and wet feeling enveloping my cock. I closed my eyes and lifted one of her legs up, my other hand gripping one of her boobs like my life depended on it. I could tell she was getting close. She was nearly hyperventilating and talking “Pornish” as she called it. “Oh yeah. My pussy feels good? Yeah?”

Obviously it did, so I responded by thrusting faster and sucking her earlobe. She started moaning, “Oh! Oh, elite izle fuck me harder. Fuck me harder! Fuck me harder! Ohhh! Ohhhhhhh! OHHH GOD! BABY, DON’T STOP!!! DON’T STOP!!!! JESUS!” She finally threw her head back, almost hitting mine in the process, and yelled, “OHH FUCK!!!! MATT, I CAN’T HOLD IT ANY LONGER!!! HERE IT COMES! HERE IT COMES BABY!! FUCK!!! AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!” and exploded. This was too much for me too. Her pussy walls just felt good beyond description, vibrating and pulsing around my dick. I groaned loudly and said, “Me too, baby! Me too! Shit! SHIT! OHH GODDD!!! OHHHH!!!!” I finally squirted, giving her a creampie. We collapsed in a tangled mess on the couch, breathing really hard and exhausted. For the record, this whole act only lasted about 5 minutes, but it felt so much longer.

Liv finally turned her head and kissed me deeply. I closed my eyes and sighed. “Wow. It’s good to be back. I love you so much baby. I missed you. God, I needed that.”

She smiled and snuggled up to me, leaning her head on my shoulder. “I missed you too. I couldn’t wait to see you. I kept fantasizing about ripping your clothes off and taking you. And I love you too, believe me.” We just lay there for a few minutes, until Liv got up and said, “I’m going to bed now. I’m exhausted. Coming?”

I could tell from the way she said it that it wasn’t a request. So I yawned and stood up. “Sure. Let’s go.” We walked to our room, the spare bedroom. I would feel kinda weird sleeping in my aunt’s bed. And probably screwing my girlfriend in it too, which would be even weirder.

Liv lay down on the bed with a sigh. I raised an eyebrow and was about to ask her, but she read my mind. She snorted and said, “You didn’t honestly expect me to pack pajamas, did you? You know what I’m like.”

I laughed and shook my head. “No. I shoulda guessed.”

She replied quickly with a smirk, “And don’t bother with wearing yours either. Let’s be honest here. We both know they’re just gonna come off in about 10 minutes.”

I smiled and got into bed. “You know me too well.” She crawled over to my side and snuggled up to me again, putting her head on my chest. I kissed the top of her head and closed my eyes with a smile. There was silence for a few minutes, until she lifted her head up, “Matt? You still awake?”

I opened my eyes, “Yeah. Why?”

There was a pause. “Can I have a hug?”

I paused too. “Yeah, sure. Of course. What for?”

She shrugged. “Why not? I missed you.”

“You could’ve just done it, baby girl. You don’t have to ask for stuff like that.” I paused and put my arms around her as best I could (we were lying under the covers don’t forget).

I felt rather than saw her smile as she returned the hug rather awkwardly, being on top of me and everything. “That’s better. Thanks, baby.” She leaned in and kissed me quickly. It felt really nice to be holding her like this. And warm, with her body heat too. We were both asleep before long, still like that.

I woke up the next day already horny and thinking about smashing Liv again. But to my surprise, she was already up. I got out of bed and threw on my boxers and shorts. I walked into the living room and could hear a frying pan sizzling and the radio blasting. Oh good, she’s making breakfast. What a good girlfriend! I thought to myself. I walked into the kitchen and froze. She was making breakfast, all right. No doubt about that. But she was only wearing a chef hat, nothing else. She was humming to herself and swaying to the song slightly, when she looked up and saw my reflection in the window above the stove. With a smile, she said, “Morning, boyfriend. Hungry?”

I didn’t reply. I walked over to the sink and splashed cold water on my face, hoping to wake me up. I looked at her again, water dripping down my face. No, still the same. Completely naked. I said out loud, “Nope, I’m not seeing things. You’re naked.”

She looked down at herself while flipping an egg. “Well spotted.”

“I’m not dreaming, am I?” I walked over and stood behind her, holding her waist and nuzzling her neck.

“This would be one hell of a good dream, wouldn’t it?” she replied. She flipped another egg and turned her head to plant a kiss on my lips. I started caressing and rubbing her stomach (remember how I said I loved it, for some unexplainable reason?). She moaned and closed her eyes. I gradually went south, until I was rubbing her clit, really making her squirm and bite her lip. “Oh god baby, don’t stop,” she moaned. I wasn’t about to. I ran my hands up her banging body, caressing her perfect stomach again, and grabbed her boobs, squeezing them and kneading them in my hands. I dropped to my knees and gently licked her slit, making her moan and her knees tremble. I stuck my tongue in her a few seconds later, driving her crazy and really making her moan. I loved how she tasted down there, there’s really no way to describe it though. I pushed her to the brink and stopped, standing up and dropping my shorts and boxers. Liv knew what was coming, so she bent over slightly and gripped the counter even harder as I entered her slowly, savoring the fantastic feeling of her pussy taking my cock inch by fucking inch. I started thrusting slowly, holding her waist. I suddenly stopped as a thought occurred to me. “Liv, the neighbor can see in here.” I forgot we were right by a window, with a direct line of sight into the neighbor’s house.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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