Dr. Mom Pt. 04

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Big Boobs

After Lee fucked his Aunt Linda, he was asleep in his mother’s bed for a few hours. Veronica let her son sleep, he was going to have to conserve his energy if he was soon going to be impregnating the women in that city, not to mention Aunt Linda again and again until she was definitely pregnant.

While Lee slept, Veronica made dinner and Linda stuck around so they could talk. Veronica explained the situation to her sister, that there seemed to be a rampant outbreak of infertility among men in that city, but with a cum factory like her son, maybe she could do something to help. As they discussed this they ate dinner of macaroni and cheese which was all Veronica had at the moment, more or less, she made a note to swing by the store later.

“Well,” Linda said to her sister, “you know me and Roger have been trying for quite some time. If your son is able to impregnate me, that would be amazing. I mean it, and his Uncle Roger would be none the wiser. Besides, if I can keep getting fucked like that in the process, I certainly won’t mind.” Linda meant it too, she’d never cum as hard as she had with her nephew only a few hours ago.

“That’s good to hear,” Veronica said, thinking about how her son had kept her up all night yesterday with their non-stop fucking, and after what they did in the bathroom, she wasn’t sure her pussy would ever fully recover, “My son seems to have a much greater than average sex drive. I’m sure this is related to his balls overproducing semen on a regular basis. Truthfully, I’m glad I found this out when I did. An overproduction of semen can cause many complicated issues on both a short and long-term scale. Basically, as his doctor and his mother, I would recommend a strict regimen of orgasms throughout the day, preferably from either oral, vaginal, or anal sex. You see-“

Linda had stopped listening, istanbulescortbayanlar.com she was a housewife, not a doctor and didn’t have much input when Veronica started talking all “doctorly.” She saw that Lee had entered the room behind his mother though where they sat at the dining room table, “Oh,” Linda said, “Speak of the devil.”

Veronica turned as she stopped talking, “Morning Lee, if you want dinner, it’s in the kitchen.” She told her son.

But Lee had different ideas. He came up behind his hot mother and aunt, “Nah, I’m not hungry for that.” He took his large cock out, standing between where they sat at the table, his dick was about level with their heads. “I’m hungry for more mommy and auntie pussy.” He declared as he grabbed them by the hair and suddenly forced their mouths on either side of his cock.

“Wow, so forceful!” Veronica squealed with delight while her son forced her to lick and suck the side of his cock, which she immediately started to do, lovingly. Her sister followed suit on the other side of his dick, and then they came to his cockhead they would both lick up his pre-cum together off his purple dickhead, and at the same time their tongues and lips would meet and the sisters would briefly kiss before continuing their double blowjob down the sides of Lee’s thick sausage. Then Veronica sucked her son’s dick into her mouth and sucked him all the way down her throat, while she did this and her son started to roughly face fuck her, Aunt Linda started sucking and licking his humongous balls. Then they would switch positions and Linda would suck on Lee’s tremendous cock while his mother used her tongue to lick her son’s balls and the parts of his cock that Linda couldn’t get down her throat just yet, but she was determined to deep throat him eventually, even if not that day.

This double-blowjob was getting to Lee and he could feel his balls tighten, “OH FUCK! HERE IT COMES!” He warned.

“You haven’t seen him cum yet, since he only came in your pussy before.” Veronica told Linda while taking her mouth off her son’s shaft, “Let’s have him cover our faces!” She said excitedly as Lee jerked his dick a few times and then moaned as he started to cum, hard.

Linda gasped as she watched the first salvo fly out of Lee’s cock and his her in the side of the face, it was a rope so long it stretched from her cheek, down her chest, over her boobs and cleavage, and down her house dress. The next his mom’s face and a similar mess was made of her face, hair, and clothing. Back and forth he shot his seed all over his mother and aunt’s bodies. Linda looked at herself, and then at her sister, “Holy shit Lee, I can’t believe it!” She said, “We’re both literally covered in cum! You’re like a one-man bukkake!” She really couldn’t believe how much he came, “You’re going to impregnate a lot of women!”

While she spoke, Veronica leaned over to her sister and started licking the cum right off her face. Linda was shocked and turned to tell her so but that’s when Veronica stuck her tongue into her mouth and they started kissing and sharing Lee’s load at the same time. Linda was so fucking horny, especially after getting a massive facial from her nephew, she pushed her sister away for a moment, “I need to get fucked, sis, I don’t care if you or Lee is fucking me, but I need it.”

Veronica smiled as she and her sister got naked on the floor right there, Lee grabbed his aunt and picked her up to put her on the table, so her ass was right on the edge, this gave him perfect access to stick his dick all the way into her pussy.

“HOLY FUCK LEE!” Linda shouted while her nephew started to fuck her, “YOU’RE COCK FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD IN MY PUSSY!” She shouted at the top of her lungs, she wanted everyone in the world to know that her nephew was the greatest fuck she ever had.

Veronica didn’t want to upset the neighbor’s though so she goes on the dining table and sat on her sister’s face so her pussy was in Linda’s mouth, Linda stopped moaning so she could get started eating out her sister. Veronica watched from that position her son as he fucked his aunt, she slowly got closer and closer to her sister’s pussy while she watched her son plunge his cock in and out of her.

Lee saw his mother as her face got closer and closer to his cock. Suddenly, he pulled out of his aunt so he could shove his cock into his mother’s mouth and fuck her face for a few strokes before plunging right back into his aunt’s pussy.

After a few more minutes of this, Lee pulled out of his aunt again and walked around the table so he could start fucking his mother doggy style while Veronica plunged her tongue into her sister’s pussy and Linda kept licking Veronica’s clit while Lee fucked his mom, he took his cock out of his mother’s pussy so he could shove it into his aunt’s mouth and fuck her face, just like he did with his mother on the other side of the table.

After a bit longer of fucking like this, Lee grunted, “Get on the floor bitches!” And in a flash his mother and aunt were on their knees again while Lee jerked his cock and started cumming all over their gorgeous faces and bodies. Again, it was a massive load of jizz that Linda was just as impressed by.

“Oh fuck,” Linda said after it was over and she once again felt like a team of fifty guys had all cum on her body, “You were supposed to cum inside me!”

“Oops,” Lee said with a shrug, “Guess we’ll just have to try again!” He motioned to his cock which was just as hard as it was a minute ago, “I’m ready if you ladies are.”

“I call first fuck!” Veronica called out, they all laughed at that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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