Dream Cruise Ch. 02: Dinner

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Some amount of time later I wake up. At first I forget where I am, and who this boy in my arms is. And then it all comes rushing back to me. I just took Evan’s virginity! And this was in the first hour of boarding the gay-sex-filled “Dream Cruise.” I’ve seen only the lobby, the elevator, and my bedroom – there is so much more to do.

I carefully climb out of bed and grab my phone out of my jeans. It’s about five o’clock. I look around the room looking for a welcome guide, and finally notice the tablet on the table by the door. I grab it and sit in the lounge chair, facing Evan who is still sleeping peacefully.

There are a bunch of apps on the home screen. The first one is a welcome video – I’ll watch that later when Evan is up, since it probably has sound. The next is labeled “Crew” and I tap it. I’m presented with a huge grid of smiling faces. I scroll some and it goes on for pages – tons of beautiful men, enticing me to click on them. I tap a hot looking guy named Erik.

I’m presented with a multi-page profile filled with every kind of detail I could imagine. The basic stats like height, age, weight, and then his sexual skills (Erik is “experienced in bed, especially at topping, can orgasm multiple times in a session, and is a great actor for role play.”) Next is his location tracker (looks like he’s working at the pool right now), and then the option to reveal photos of him. Screw the surprise or mystery or whatever – I click “reveal” and it loads up an album with every inch of his nude body photographed, in hundreds of poses and outfits.

I go back to his profile page and it asks me if I want to summon him to me, or schedule a time for us to meet. I still need a bit of time before I can go again, and I’m starving, so I decide to wait for now.

Looking for information about dinner, I click the “Events” app and see it’s served at six in the main dining hall, so I have about an hour to get ready. I grab some clothes out of my suitcase and head into the bathroom to take a shower.

When I come out, Evan is stirring. He sits up in the bed and tousled his hair. He seems a little out of it still, whether from the nap, orgasm, or maybe all the alcohol.

“What time is it?”

I tell him almost six.

“Oh shit!” he exclaims, jumping up, and then almost stumbling over, “I’m a waiter for dinner so I need to get down there ASAP. Do I have your permission to go to my shift sir? If not I just have to let my supervisor know and they’ll get a sub for me.”

I’m still not used to having this much say in another person – I chuckle.

“You run off. But I do order you to serve your first table without washing up, you hear me?”

He looks down at his body, which is now coated under a layer of dried come, and looks embarrassed. “Yes sir,” he says.

“Oh, giresun escort also…” he carefully rips off his yellow wristband advertising him as a virgin and then holds it out for me, “…this is yours now! Some guys try and collect as many as they can.”

Before I can reply, Evan runs off naked out the door, leaving his briefs behind.

The ship is large and full of commotion. There are crew members in various kinds of outfits and guests, some of them in groups, but mostly traveling alone like me. I follow signs to the dining hall and then check in with the host. He’s gorgeous – pretty buff, about 30, nice scruff, and wearing just black lace underwear and a bow tie.

“You’re dressed very formally,” I tease him. He gives me a wink and offers to lead me to my dinner table.

As we walk over to Table F, we pass Evan. He’s introducing himself to Table C, also wearing black lace underwear and a bow tie, and I’m pleased to overhear a guest make a comment about all the hardened cum on his chest. Evan blushes.

Table F looks nice enough, most of my fellow guests are seated already and enjoying tea or an aperitif. I introduce myself and we make small talk about our careers and where we’re from. Everyone is only half-paying attention to the conversion though, as their eyes (mine included) dart all over the room checking out the crew members. Our waiter finally comes and interrupts our conversation.

“Greetings guys! I’m Vernon, and I’ll be your waiter this week.”

Wow he’s hot, I think to myself. Hot hair, hot face, and I let my gaze go down his hot, tight chest, along his happy trail, and then at his hot bulge that is barely contained in the lace underwear.

“I’m here to serve your every need at dinner,” he winks, “and I’ll be by often to check on your meal. Can I get us started with some drinks?”

We have a round of drinks, followed by delicious appetizers, another round of drinks, and before we know it our table is properly sloppy and not very reserved with Vernon. When he leans over me to place my entree down, I run my hand down his bare back, cup his ass, and then give it a slap. The guy next to me chuckles and does the same when Vernon goes over to him. I’m proud I’ve opened the floodgates. Vernon handles it all with grace, giving each of us a naughty wink and sliding his fingers down my arm as he walks away.

“Be patient boys, we can have fun with dessert.” I feel myself getting hard.

I found it difficult to focus on my meal, as delicious as it is. Maybe by the end of the cruise I’ll be used to the novelty of almost-nude, cute waiters, but tonight that’s all I can think about. Finally our plates are bussed, and Vernon is back again with an entourage this time of other crew members, carrying yalova escort a tray of cheese cake, whipped cream, and giant strawberries.

As he places the plates around the table, he says, “I know you’re probably feeling horny. Anyone want some intimate help with your dessert?”

Like schoolboys we all raise our hands, but I was first and made eye contact with Vernon. He walks over tome and, in one quick move, climbs onto my lap and faces me, his back to the table. I instantly start running my hands all over his body, feeling his strong legs straddling mine, his tight abs, and his smooth back.

He is completely unfazed by the groveling, and he starts subtly grinding his ass against my cock while simultaneously reaching behind himself to grab my dessert plate. From it, he carefully takes a scoop of whipped cream on his finger and dabs it on both nipples. I get the idea, and bend forward to sloppily lick up the cream. He tastes amazing under it and I keep teasing his nipples with my tongue as he squirms on top of me.

Next, he places the strawberry in his mouth, pointing outwards, and bends down to my face. I open my mouth wide and bite into it, shooting juice all over my nice shirt, and down Vernon’s chin and neck. In one swift move he pops open my belt, lifts his butt off my lap, and pulls my pants down to my knees. Now when he sits back down, my bare cock (rock hard, of course) is pressed against the sexy underwear I’ve been eyeing all night, as the strawberries juice drips across his abs.

Vernon really had me in a trance, but at this point I glance at the rest of the table. The guests are in various states of undress, as the additional staff members are servicing some of them. The man to my left is getting a blowjob incorporating his whipped cream from a cute blonde guy who has a large butt-plug peeking out of his smooth ass. And the man to my right is standing up, elbows on the table and ass out getting fucked by buff host who had greeted me at the door.

I pulled back into the Vernon-trance as he slips down his underwear, and I find my cock, dripping precum, pressed against his hole. By just maneuvering his body with his legs and squeezing with his cheeks, he pulls my cock upright and then sits down on it.

As I enter inside him, I feel a piece of cheesecake being fed to me. Is this heaven? I tight guy’s hole squeezing my cock while he feeds me rich dessert? I’m not complaining.

“You like this?” he whispers in my ear as he’s riding my cock. I can barely reply with a soft yes and a whimper. I run my hands down his body, feeling his muscles working hard to make me fuck him, and grab his cock. It’s hard, to my delight, and pretty huge as I expected.

He’s riding my cock hard, so by just gripping his dick lightly yozgat escort I’m jacking him off. I feel pre-cum oozing into my hand and I wonder if he’s been locked up for months prior as well. Only later I’d learn about the careful concoction of pills much of the staff is given to keep them constantly horny, which may have been the case here.

All of a sudden, Vernon’s starts to scream and moan, and his cock pulses up in my hand and his asshole squeezes hard on my cock. He gives a few more thrusts, and before I know it he’s shooting. Because he was holding my dessert still, ropes of cum cover the cake like icing, and the rest splashes his pecs and dribbles near his happy trail.

He pauses for a minute with his eyes closed, shaking some. And then with a deep breath, he opens his eyes and gives me a wink.

“That was amazing,” he says. Then his eyes drift down to the cheesecake covered in cum and he smiles. “Mmm! Look what a treat we have here now. Perfect.”

He scoops a big piece of the cake with his fingers and brings it to his mouth. He sticks out his tongue and eats it with his eyes closed, savoring every bit of flavor. After licking his fingers clean of his own cum, he scoops up another piece. “Want some?” he offers.

I nod, and he carefully places the bite in my waiting mouth. The second I taste his cum on my tongue, he starts thrusting up and down again on my cock again. Within a few seconds I feel myself on the verge of coming. I don’t even have time to ask him to slow down, and I burst. My hips get into it and I thrust pump after pump into his tight hole.

Finally, I’m spent and Vernon collapses on top of me, panting as well.

“Not bad sir!” he whispers in my ear. I’m so glad he’s my waiter for the week.

He doesn’t stick around for long though. Within a minute after milking me of all my cum, he’s back to work! He’s on his feet (still covered in whipped cream, strawberry, and cum) and clearing the plates from the table. As he’s taking them back to the kitchen though a man at a different table slaps his ass and grabs him, and they start at it. How do crew members every get around to their actual jobs?

I clean myself up a bit, get dressed, and – very satisfied – walk out of the dining area. I’m pretty tired, but I force myself to do a loop around the courtyard. I spot many things that blow my mind, and almost get me horny again. There is a “Doctor’s Office” where you can bring a staff member and order for them off a menu of drug cocktails, which are tailored to them specifically for efficacy and safety. Descriptions include, “Makes your guy of choice the horniest, hardest, sex-crazed he has ever been,” and, “Knocks them out right away in a peaceful slumber, undisturbed by anything.” Moving on, I pass clubs which are starting to pick up, where I see wonderful men of every type go-go dancing (and I’m sure more).

Just as I had decided to retreat to my room, relax, and maybe order a cute guy from the tablet, I spot a sign for the theater reading, “World Record Breaking Bukake Session!” starting in ten minutes. I decide to check it out and head inside…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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