Dream Lover Pt. 09

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Note: you will understand this story a lot better if you read Part One first.

Chapter Fourteen

While the flashback sex was definitely an intriguing addition to my repertoire, it wasn’t necessarily something that was useful in every situation. There was the experience with Karen that had almost gone awry but there were also women I wanted to visit who I hadn’t known long enough for a flashback to make sense. For example, I’d known Jodie for around ten years or so and she hadn’t even been one of the first women I’d considered trying to visit. In fact, the opportunity that presented itself allowed no time for recon or really any kind of planning.

I was at work and scanning through social media when a post from Jodie popped up in my feed. She worked as an emergency dispatcher so she had long shifts but also long periods of time off. On this particular day, she was not only off but the kids were at school and her husband still had to work so she was home alone. On top of that, the weather was miserable so she had posted that she was holed up inside, lying in bed and reading. I was immediately thinking that, if she was lying around in bed, there was a good chance of her dozing off at some point. I was perfectly happy to leave work for a chance to get naked with Jodie. Her house was more than 100 miles from my office, though still in the same state, so I felt like it’d be safe to give a dream visit a try and that she wouldn’t likely think that I’d driven up there for a visit, especially in the bad weather. I made an innocuous comment on her status, figuring that it would at least put me into her mind and help rationalize the dream. She ended up responding so we exchanged a bit of banter, which I figured would only help.

I looked at a few of her photos to refresh my memory on her home then relaxed, closed my eyes and found myself standing in her hallway. I had remembered using the bathroom at her house so that’s where I figured it’d be safest to start. From there, it was just a few steps to her bedroom where I found her, still awake, under the covers and reading. She appeared to be dressed but I intended to remedy that as soon as I could. I knew I just had to be patient and, sure enough, after a bit of reading and some scrolling on her phone, she closed her eyes for a moment. I watched and, when it appeared that she was on the verge of dozing, I made myself visible, wearing jeans and a t-shirt and nothing else, then crawled into bed with her. I lay on my side beside her, looking at her, as she stirred and looked over at me.

“Well this has got to be a dream,” she said.

“Shall I pinch you so you can be sure?” I asked.

“No,” she replied, “if this is a dream, I don’t want to wake up yet.”

I propped myself up on my elbow and moved closer to her so that I could press my lips against hers. She responded favorably and we quickly progressed from kissing to making out. My cock was stiffening as her tongue was exploring my mouth. I pushed the covers down enough to uncover her upper body then placed my hand on her tit. She was definitely braless beneath her t-shirt and I could feel her hard nipple through it. I alternately fondled each of her tits then moved my hand down, intending to slide it up under her t-shirt to caress her bare breasts. Instead, when I reached the bottom of her t-shirt, I found the top of her sweatpants and decided to slip my hand into them. She was not wearing panties so I encountered her trim bush then my fingertips continued down to find her pussy. She spread her legs so I slipped a finger into her, discovering her pussy to be incredibly hot and wet. I pumped my finger in and out a few times then lightly stroked her clit. She moaned but we continued making out as I was alternately caressing her clit and probing her hot, wet pussy.

I don’t know what she’d been reading or scrolling through on her phone or if she’d been wet before I got there but it wasn’t long before she pulled her mouth from mine and pressed her face into my neck. She was rocking her hips and moaning longer and louder while it felt like her pussy was becoming even hotter and wetter than it had already been. She started tensing up and arching her back then suddenly went limp as her body started shaking. She was both moaning and crying out as she was cumming so, of course, I didn’t stop what I was doing. Her orgasm was long and appeared to be pretty intensely pleasurable, which I thought was promising given that I was just using my finger. When she finally went still and silent, I slipped my hand out of her sweatpants and licked her nectar off of my finger.

Between tasting her flavor, wanting to get her naked and curiosity about what her bush looked like after running my fingers through it, the next step just had to be taking off those sweatpants. As she was still recovering, I got up on my knees, pulled the covers down and started to slide her sweatpants down. She lifted her ass to help me accomplish this task and her trim, brown Escort Etlik bush was revealed. My gaze remained upon it even as I was sliding her sweatpants over her feet and tossing them aside. I repositioned myself between her legs, which were bent at the knees and parted, then lowered my face toward that bush. I glanced up and saw her gazing down at me, expectantly I guess, then I ran my tongue along her slit. She closed her eyes and let out a moan, which definitely encouraged me to continue. I lapped at her pussy, slurping up her flowing juices, before slipping a finger into her. While focusing my licking on her clit, I slipped a second finger into her along with the first and pumped the two of them in and out. She continued moaning and was rocking her hips toward my face so I was confident that I was successfully providing her with a great deal of pleasure, which was my goal. I wanted to make her cum but not necessarily too quickly; ideally I wanted her to experience as much pleasure as possible, both leading up to and including another orgasm.

Of course, I also wanted to savor the opportunity to have my face between her smooth thighs. I loved eating pussy and not just because it usually resulted in an appreciative and generous partner, though that certainly was one of the benefits. It just so happened that something I enjoyed tended to be something my partner also enjoyed. Jodie was starting to tense up and arch her back while gripping the fitted sheet so I knew she was close to cumming again. I was considering whether I should continue to eat her once she’d cum but I really wanted to get my hands on her tits and slip my cock into her somewhere so I figured I’d pass. If all continued to go as well as it was, it certainly wouldn’t end up being my only opportunity to devour her pussy.

Her pussy was becoming even hotter and wetter the longer I was eating her so I was thinking that slipping my cock into it once I was done eating it was the way to go. She was moaning louder as she got closer to cumming then abruptly went silent. She let out a cry as her body went limp and started shaking while her pussy was flooded with even more lubrication. I continued to eat her as she was cumming, raising my head only once her orgasm had tapered off and she’d gone still aside from her heaving chest. As I looked up along her body while sucking her juices off of my fingers, I knew I needed to expose her big titties. I started kissing my way up there, over her abdomen and stomach, pushing her t-shirt up ahead of me. I raised my head as I pushed her t-shirt up over her big titties, took a moment to admire them then started to lick and suck her hard nipples. I was fondling and caressing the soft, smooth flesh of her tits as my lips and tongue worked on her nipples when she spoke.

“Jersey,” she said, using my online nickname, “I want you to fuck me.”

“As you wish,” I replied, quoting one of her favorite movies, “If you ditch your shirt, I will strip myself naked.”

She quickly had that t-shirt up over her head and cast aside so, as I watched her tits jiggling and bouncing, I removed my own t-shirt then opened and pushed down my jeans. My rigid cock stuck out before me as I pushed my jeans off while still kneeling between her legs. Once I’d tossed them aside, I adjusted the covers and lowered myself over her. I guided my cock to her pussy and slipped it inside as we both moaned. She managed to get the covers pulled up over me then we started making out as I slowly slid my cock in and out of her. I could feel her tits pressed against my chest but couldn’t do anything with or to them in this position, although that didn’t reduce my enjoyment even remotely. She was raising her hips to accept my incoming thrusts so I was achieving maximum penetration and it felt awesome. I also appreciated how into she definitely was as her tongue enthusiastically explored my mouth and her hands gripped my ass. I was supporting myself on my forearms over her as I was gradually fucking her harder and faster. Her bed was solid and well-built so it didn’t squeak or rock even as I was picking up my pace.

We eventually had to quit making out, in part because it was difficult to keep up as I was fucking her harder but also because she had some moans that needed to get out. It sounded as though she was building up to another orgasm and, although fucking her felt outstanding, I wasn’t quite on my way there yet, myself. I was definitely enjoying the opportunity to fuck her but there were still a couple of things I planned to do before I came. My hope was that I could make her cum again first then switch things up just a bit. Of course in no way was I just biding my time until that moment; I was absolutely in my happy place as I slid my cock in and out of her hot, wet pussy. Despite the lack of planning or anticipation with this being spur of the moment, being with Jodie was definitely an equal experience to all of those dream visits that I had so thoroughly researched Etlik Escort and planned. That, of course, was definitely some food for thought.

As she got closer and closer to cumming, she was moaning longer and louder while trying to pull me deeper into her pussy with her hands on my ass. I obliged her as best I could, pushing in as deeply as I could as much as I could. Finally, she wrapped her arms around me and pulled me down, holding me on top of her as her body started shaking. I continued to thrust into her, though not as hard nor as fast, which wasn’t easy because her pussy was flooded once again with even more lubrication. She held me tight throughout her orgasm then gradually released me as it tapered off. Once I was sure she’d finished cumming, I slipped my cock out of her and moved up to straddle her ribs. I lay my cock between her tits as she was still recovering, then took one in each hand and pressed them together against my cock. While fondling her tits and caressing her nipples, I was slowly fucking her cleavage.

The soft, smooth flesh of her tits felt outstanding against my cock and, after fucking her hot, wet pussy, I knew I wasn’t good for much longer before I’d be blowing a load. Once again, though, I knew it wouldn’t be a good idea to spew on her sternum and expect her to still be convinced that she’d been dreaming when she woke up with crusty semen remnants on her chest. Naturally, I had no issue with slipping my cock into her mouth and finishing there and I suspected that she wouldn’t, either. I savored the opportunity to fuck her tits for as long as I could, however, and based on that experience I strongly suspected that I’d be looking for an opportunity to visit her dreams again. It was only reluctantly that I finally released her tits and moved up to slip my cock into her mouth. I fully expected her lips against my cock to feel at least as good as her tits had, but I’d still appreciated the feel of them in my hands.

As her mouth engulfed my cock, I moaned while bracing myself against the headboard. It was surprising that I didn’t cum immediately, as worked up as I was and as good as her mouth felt. She was holding onto my ass again, pulling herself forward on my cock then sliding it back out again. I had allowed myself to get right to the verge of cumming while fucking her tits so it wasn’t long before my cock was swelling even more within the confines of her mouth. She continued to enthusiastically suck me off while I relished the building pleasure she was providing. When I finally started spewing into her mouth, she easily swallowed my load and continued to suck me off. It felt fucking amazing and, although I’m sure cumming all over her chest would have felt equally amazing, I was glad that I had elected to cum in her mouth. I wasn’t sure at that point whether there was going to be more that afternoon or how much more so at least I’d managed to put my cock everywhere I’d hoped to. Once I was spent, we slipped back under the covers together and she snuggled up against me. She was quiet for a couple of minutes and I was afraid she might really doze off but apparently she was just thinking.

“So I’m assuming that the only reason I had this dream about you,” she said, “is because I saw that you had commented on my post right before I fell asleep. The question is whether I can get it to happen again.”

“What, like you pick a guy you want to dream about,” I replied, “and think about him a lot just before you go to sleep? I think every teenage girl would be dreaming about her latest celebrity crush if it was as easy as that.”

“True, so it may take some effort and some commitment,” she said, “and I wouldn’t consider that for just ‘a guy.’ I’m talking about getting you back here again.”

“I suggest you start by sending me some nude seflies,” I replied, “That will inspire me to make every effort to get into your dreams.”

“Oh, yeah, I’m sure the real you will want to see me naked,” she said, “and unsolicited at that.”

“I don’t believe that I’d be here if there wasn’t already some kind of connection,” I said, “and even if you can’t do this with the real me, you can play a little and I bet that would help this to happen again.”

I was lying there with her naked beside me and trying to convince her to send me nudes. I might have a bit of a problem.

“I definitely want this to happen again,” she replied, “and I did say that it might take some effort and commitment.”

“How about this,” I suggested, “Post something slightly provocative, see if and how I respond, then go further in private messages if I seem receptive. I really don’t believe any heterosexual male would turn down an opportunity to see you naked. Do you have any naked selfies on your phone?”

“Well, not on my phone,” she replied, “but I’ve taken some with my phone and saved them to the cloud.”

“Show me,” I requested. She grabbed her phone, navigated to her photos then started showing Etlik Escort Bayan me her nudes and semi-nudes. There were a lot that involved some kind of fantasy apparel: faerie wings, corsets, cosplay. It was all quite arousing, even the ones that were just cleavage. I flipped the covers back to show her that my cock was already recovering.

“Is that just from looking at these photos?” she asked, reaching down to grasp it.

“I’m lying here with you naked beside me,” I replied, “and your photos are still getting me aroused. There’s no way any of those wouldn’t be received well and appreciated.”

She set her phone aside as she exited the photo app then moved down the bed, pulling the covers even further down. Positioning herself between my legs, she first pumped my nearly rigid cock then wrapped her lips around it. I moaned as she slid her mouth up and down my cock while it continued to stiffen. I’d just had my cock in her mouth not that long prior but, in this position, she was definitely working some different techniques so it didn’t take long before I was fully rigid. I would have been okay with blowing another load in her hot mouth but, once she was certain that I wasn’t going to get any stiffer, she released my cock and crawled up to straddle me. I was watching her tits bouncing and swinging then my focus was drawn to her pussy as she guided my cock toward it. We both moaned as my cock disappeared into her hot, wet confines.

I reached for her tits, fondling them as she started to slowly move up and down on my cock. She closed her eyes and the expression on her face suggested that she was experiencing a high degree of pleasure once again. Of course this is exactly what I wanted, in addition to the pleasure I was feeling myself. I had a very good feeling that I’d be visiting her quite often when she was home alone. Her pussy felt amazing as it slid up and down my cock while her tits felt pretty awesome in my hands, as well. I continued caressing the soft, smooth flesh until she’d picked up her pace to the point where her tits were bouncing pretty well. I moved my hands around to her ass at this point so I could watch them and caressed it while pushing up into her each time she dropped down on my cock. Her bouncing tits were nearly hypnotizing and who knows what might have happened had I continued to stare at them if she hadn’t leaned forward. She planted a hand on either side of my head and was rocking forward and back on my cock in this position. This had her tits swinging right in my face, so I brought my hands up to hold them as I licked and sucked her hard nipples.

I was loving this position, not only getting my hands, lips and tongue on her tits and nipples, but I was also pushing up into her, burying my cock as deeply into her hot pussy as I could. She seemed to be loving it, too, based on the way she was moaning and riding me harder and faster the longer she was on top of me. Once again, her sturdy bed remained still and quiet despite how vigorously we were fucking, not that there would have been anyone else to hear it, anyway. There was no tensing up or arching her back in this position as she got close to cumming so I only knew she was there when she slammed backwards and just remained there with my cock fully embedded within her. A moment later, she started to tremble as she let out a cry. I was still fondling her tits since there wasn’t much else I could do at that moment.

She didn’t start riding me again once she’d finished cumming, instead moving backwards so that my cock slipped out of her pussy. Positioned between my legs again, she lowered her head to engulf my cock in her mouth as she pumped the base. I moaned and watched as her head bobbed up and down, pulling a pillow over to prop up my head and savoring the pleasure that she was providing. She definitely had some skills when it came to sucking cock as well as some enthusiasm. I had absolutely made an effort to assure that she experienced a high level of pleasure, given that this was supposed to be her dream, with the hope or expectation of reaping a reward for myself, which was obviously my ultimate goal. As she was sucking me off, I don’t know that it was necessarily to reward me or just because she enjoyed sucking cock in the way that I enjoyed eating pussy. Either way, I was happy to be on the receiving end of her oral talents.

It was really only because of those talents that I was able to enjoy her cocksucking for as long as I did. She somehow managed to both provide me with a high degree of pleasure and draw out the pleasure so that I could enjoy it for longer before cumming. Ultimately, though, her mouth just felt too good and I could feel my cock growing thicker as I approached an orgasm. I wasn’t disappointed that it was nearly over; I was grateful for the opportunity to enjoy her cocksucking for as long as I did. When I started spewing into her mouth with a groan, she swallowed my load and continued sucking me off until I was fully spent. Once she’d let my cock fall from her mouth, she glanced up at me.

“That was fucking amazing,” I said, causing her to smile, “You should just plan on me showing up in your dreams regularly if for nothing else than to experience that on a regular basis.”

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