Dreamfest Ch. 01

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My work takes me away from home more than I’d like. A couple of times a year these travels take me to some of the nicer cities in Europe. The days involve hard negotiations while trying to fit into local cultures. Drinks, dinner and socializing seal the deal.

I look forward to coming home days in advance of the actual return. I miss the warmth of your body next to mine from the first to the last night. I imagine the welcome I’m going to get when I get home. In fact I spend a good amount of that eleven-hour Heathrow to LAX flight working through the possible welcomings. In the end, though, I always go back to my favorite coupling, so it’s not surprising that when I get home I’m wiped-out but very worked up and only one thing is more important than sleep.

I always stumble off to bed at eight or nine pm since its four or five am European time. You arrive in bed at a normal time for adults several hours later and slowly begin to wake me. As I lay on my side facing away from you, you begin rubbing your hand up and down my back, up to my shoulders and down over my naked ass. My arms and legs are the next to receive your attentions but I don’t begin to stir until your hand is rubbing my chest and giving my nipples attention. Slowly coming into consciousness I roll to my left onto my back making it easier for you to reach another area that’s stirring. Your ministrations achieve the desired result – what you hold is soft and smooth on the outside but rock solid underneath.

You don’t waste any time. You climb aboard, impaling yourself on my ready cock, and besides letting me suck on your luscious tits a little, you are simply going to ride that cock hard and ride it fast. This is not about slow drawn out passion. This is about pent-up need and being close to the edge. As I watch your lusty face, your eyes have a glassy far away look as they stare at the wrought-iron headboard and the wall beyond without seeing any of it. They slowly shut in concentration as you tilt your head toward the ceiling in a slight circular motion. My eyes are drawn to the beautiful curves starting with your breasts up and over your collarbones to the beginnings of your neck continuing up to where your graceful throat gives way to the roots of your curly shoulder-length hair that is sweeping around following the motion of your head.

Your tempo becomes more urgent, and your tits are bouncing fiercely until you squeeze your arms in to control them by forcing them together. You rise and plunge hard a dozen or so times until you begin to cum. As the orgasm overwhelms you, the plunging stops. You jam your pelvis as far forward as possible and grind your clit back and forth quickly against the base of my cock. Your soft whimpers aimed toward the ceiling reach my ears as you shudder harder than usual. At same time I hear the wet sound of my cock engulfed in your pussy and our pubic hairs being mashed into each other. Your sweet impassioned womanly smell engulfs me. The long week along with the sights, sounds and aroma of the sexiest woman on earth shaking uncontrollably in pleasure is more than I can take. I shoot shot after pent-up, gravity-defying shot of cum into that already soaking pussy. You can’t hold my load forever and make sure you allow a good amount of leakage before standing up. Then it is time to collapse and for you to go to sleep in my arms – completely satisfied. It will be our first decent sleep for over a week.

As events turned out on my most recent trip home, not only didn’t I get my preferred welcome home, I didn’t get any romantic attention. . . but that didn’t stop your passion from waking me up. Confused? The method of being awoken was the only surprising thing, but we’ll get to that in a minute. Only a terrible cold could have kept you away from me, so bad timing on your cold for the both of us. When you come to bed at 10pm, you only have energy enough to throw my arms off your side of the bed. You don’t throw yourself on me. You climb into bed, but you don’t mount the present that arrived after the arm tossing awoke me. You are going to sleep. I was still exhausted, but it was hard to get back to sleep with my enlarged condition.

No sooner had I fallen asleep than some noises woke me up. What the hell? It was you moaning. You woke me up. Ok, I’d actually gotten a few hours sleep, it was about 1am, but you never wake me up. You said you were sick earlier in the evening, but these are not moans of suffering. Oh no, these are most definitely moans bursa eskort of passion.

Pleasure moans. What is going on? Do you have a hand between your legs? No. You are motionless except for your breathing, which is a little shallower than typical when you’re sleeping, so you must be dreaming. What are you dreaming? It could be just about anything involving lovemaking. Were you reading a trashy book overflowing with graphic sex? Hormones overcoming your cold once you fell asleep? Are you dreaming of me or someone else?

We talked so much about the past recently when the kids stayed at a friend’s house one night. We talked and talked – not to mention making love for half the night. I’d always wanted to know more about your sexual past, but I had never asked. You hinted once or twice and one old high school loser boyfriend has contacted you a couple of times. This time I asked and you surprised me when you started telling me about your sexual history with all the help of my prodding and probing questions and wine. I wanted to know it all. Your different experiences – first guy, first orgasm, first orgasm with a guy, first time outside, first car, first blow job, first time someone went down on you, biggest cock, etc. The big events returned easily to you though, understandably, the juicy details were a little fuzzy given how far in the past they occurred. This is something we’d never discussed in our 15 years of marriage. It was ‘stimulating’ for both of us.

Did I awaken an old memory just as you reawakened my lust tonight? Those sexual memories recently awakened were lodged in your subconscious. Are you dreaming of New York in the Mid-Town Tower in 1985? I’ll bet you are. You lived with your girlfriend in a big two-bedroom apartment below 34th St. You’re just out of college in a great, southern facing apartment on the 25th floor. There are terrific views of the MetLife and Woolworth buildings and of the WTC.

These moans in your dream are getting more urgent, so all the clothes must already be gone in your subconscious as you replay the scene. Is the guy’s name Kevin? I remember you telling me about him. Unless I miss my mark, your dream is going something like this . . .

While there are no lamps on in the room there is plenty of illumination from the city lights for you and Kevin to view each other. The light plays over your bodies creating sexy textures like a grainy black and white photograph. A phallic shaped shadow joins the silhouette of jutting breasts on the cream colored sheets. When you swivel turning right to left, Kevin gets a surreal show of your chest going from full to partial to no light – body art in the truest sense. Your left breast and its hard pointed nipple casts more and more shadow, first bridging the cleft between your breasts and finally blocking the light previously showcasing your right breast. Your body acts just like a sundial and Kevin’s body is where the shadow is falling as you turn towards him. Your swollen rigid aureoles create hundreds of their own shadows as they pucker and move with you. The dark sun-tanned skin of your thigh flows into the darker juncture between your legs. The lighter skin, obviously hidden from the sun by your bikini bottom, provides the backdrop for the wispy pubes above your mound creating faint indistinct shadows on your upper right thigh.

He pulls you into his arms. His skin touches yours from chest to thigh as he envelops you in a tight embrace. The side of the embrace facing the window looks like a half moon reflecting the light while the opposite side is like the dark side of the moon in total shadow. You glue yourself to as much of his hot smooth skin as you can while you kiss each other fully. Kevin’s hard cock can’t be ignored as it presses against your stomach, emanating heat. You barely remember the feeling from the last time you opened yourself to a man, let alone a great guy like Kevin, but that will end in mere minutes. Anticipating the main course is delicious!

The anticipation may be delicious but the appetizers are pretty damn good, too. Kevin’s no fool. He passionately licks, kisses and nuzzles his way down your neck and chest to those perfect breasts that he has had his eye on for so long. (C’mon, surely you caught him staring at your chest more than once.) Those lovely breasts with the large dark-skinned centers hang naturally and beautifully. Even though the luscious orbs are full and heavy, gravity is very kind to them. Stepping bursa bayan escort back slightly and turning you so you face the light again, he stands in front of you as he cups both breasts in his hands. He bends over to begin to slowly licking all around the nipple of your left breast. After slowly licking gently, and then harder, sucks the sensitive tip into his mouth. He alternates between licking in broad long strokes and sucking. After several minutes of attention he turns to the right breast and repeats the process. Only this time he starts kneading your left breast and rolling the nipple between his thumb and forefinger. This has only turned up your body heat and your skin tingles all over. You look down and see the top of his head moving in time with his tongue and run your fingers through his thick dark hair. Your left breast glistens with the moisture from his mouth as his hand continues to gently squeeze it. He hasn’t touched your pussy yet which aches and only gets wetter.

After all the attention on your breasts, your legs are weakening and you sit back on the bed. With the light coming in from the side window you’re able to see the outline of his cock. Your lips part slightly in preparation as you think about taking him in your mouth, but neither of you can wait any longer. You reach down and position the palm of your right hand parallel to his hard steady cock almost as if you intended to push it away. With your left hand you gently cup his hairy balls while your other hand inches forward until it comes in contact with the underside of Kevin’s cock. It covers the full length of your hand. You let go of his balls and grip his cock which jolts a drop of his precum onto your hand. You remove your hand just long enough to sensually lick the drop from your hand looking into his eyes the whole time.

After taking a hold of him again, you lie down and insistently pull him on to you using his cock like a handle. As he climbs on top of you, did you keep your grip on that hard cock and direct it to your opening or did he zero in on your full moist lips? Whatever the method, it is there now and the entrance to your wet pussy stretches to take the head of his cock as you gaze into his eyes. Did you call out Kevin’s name when he first entered, or did you simply moan, ‘uhhhhh’, his cock forcing the breath out of you, like you just did in your dream in our bed? Kevin pushes his way in slowly into your sopping pussy forcing your insides to give way until there isn’t any more to push, and he rests there – both of you enjoying the sensations. It’s not the first time, and Kevin isn’t the first or even second lover, but he almost feels like the first. No pain, just that unexpected incredible fullness. You don’t remember feeling this full before, it’s been so long. It all feels good. Is that your dream?

Pressing his chest to yours, he forces your breasts towards your own chest, but being the size they are the breasts spill over to each side between the two of you. First you were full and now it’s harder to breathe with his chest on yours. He feels oh so good, so close to you as your arms and hands move up his side, around the back and down towards his butt. You grab his butt and feel the motion, the rhythm of his body. As he withdraws his ass relaxes, but his push into you creates a ridge of contracted muscle on either side of his cheeks. You grab his butt for leverage and pull him in deeper. You are so into it, so attuned to his pace, pushing your pelvis up to meet each thrust. Kevin’s timing is perfect just like a pianist with a metronome in his head.

Taking a little weight off you by lifting his body up slightly, Kevin begins to move his torso in concert with his cock allowing your tits to move as he moves. His cock is gliding back inside, back home, so not only is he filling you, bringing you waves of pleasure, but your tits are moving up with his chest and once they can’t move any farther, Kevin’s chest drags across your nipples. As he starts to withdraw again he moves down farther than your tits can go so as he has almost slides his cock out of you, his chest is dragging across your breasts and your nipples stand at attention. Kevin stops thrusting just long enough to lick each of your nipples taking the already intense feelings to the next level. Your pussy has never felt better and those nipples are now reinforcing the pleasure throughout your body.

More moans from your lips reach my ears bursa ucuz escort tonight as Kevin’s cock continues the action in and out of your swollen pussy in your dream. He lifts his torso completely off you and shifts his hips up while bracing his arms on the bed. Instead of coming straight in, parallel with your body, his cock is now angled so it’s coming from the top – which results in full contact on your clit for the entire stroke. You moan again, ‘Hmmmm’, which I hear back in the present day, and it only takes three or four more thrusts from Kevin for you to understand what is about to happen. The feeling is centered on your incredibly sensitive and overwhelmed clit and explodes from there moving quickly up and out across your body. You’re hands go from his back to the bed to grab the sheets in your fists and you start to feel claustrophobic as the building wave of your imminent orgasm rises rapidly. As the wave starts to crest your pussy grips Kevin’s cock like a vise and your hips buck urgently, faster than Kevin is thrusting. Sensing your need he picks up the pace – timing his thrusts with your own. The pleasure, which was wonderful before, rockets in intensity. That ‘Hmmmm’ of moments ago is now, ‘uhhhh uhhhh uhhhh uhhhh’ in your sleep as the primal sounds escape your dream.

The plateau of pleasure rolls on as your clit and pussy receive stroke after full contact stroke from Kevin’s plunging cock. You are coming for the first time with a man. A man you care about, who warmed you up and turned you to putty, is the privileged first to complete my future wife’s sexual experience. He was the first to give you a toe curling, cramp inducing, earth shattering experience while your pussy eagerly swallowed his cock over and over and over. He provided all the ingredients you needed. It’s important to me because I care about your pleasure. Anything that made, or makes, you feel good is good as far as I’m concerned.

My cock is completely rigid stirred by the passion in your sleeping sounds. It’s impossible to ignore. The sound of someone making love is a powerful force. Have you ever heard someone in the room overhead exercising the bedsprings or been in a hotel with thin walls where the woman announces that she is coming to the adjoining rooms and then leaves no doubt whatsoever? How about listening to someone make love less than a foot away and not participating at all? There isn’t any video link into this dream of yours but the audio is coming through loud and clear. I’d like to step into your dream and watch you shudder with a man for that first time.

At this point I’ll have to settle for listening to you. The sounds that escape your lips betray your passion, as Kevin continues to work his cock in and out of you, your own body twists and strains in every direction possible to prolong the feeling. Time has stopped for you but in reality it’s several minutes before you finally start to come down and begin to catch your breath. Just as you begin to relax, the sights and sounds of you cumming push Kevin over the edge. He begins to grunt as well as thrust harder and deeper as he lets go. You feel his urgency and hold him closer as the cum explodes from his body and fills you. After five or six spurts he shudders and presses down on you and the two of you kiss and nuzzle and cuddle.

Two thoughts have pushed all others you have aside. First, ‘That was incredible.’ Second, ‘I have to get me some more of that.’ I’m sure between your hands and mouth (complimenting him of course) you were able to convince Kevin an encore was a good idea, but in our bed you seem to be quiet for now.

I think of him as your ‘second first’, since your first sex was with the high school boyfriend. I feel embarrassed as a member of the male species that none of your lovers before Kevin took the time or had the wherewithal to give you that climatic pleasure, since its against everything I stand for. The lady’s pleasure is most important to me.

You also have to hand it to Kevin, although I guess you already did. I have never had a problem getting you to come, but it took me many more years to fall into the technique that gives your clit those full-contact strokes. It obviously made an impression on you because it was one of the few details you did remember. Kevin didn’t stick around long enough, thankfully for me. He got himself a pretty lady back then, but the goddess I love and sleep with today puts that 22 year-old to shame in bed and in looks.

My stunning lady seems to be satiated for now and quieting down so I can get some more sleep. Even though it’s now 9am in Europe, I need it. Only I need you more. What line are you going to use on a woman with a cold that obviously has just been fully satisfied though? I struggle off to sleep.

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