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Jim Beam is the focal character of this fantasy. His adventures, endeavors and achievements are limited only by the imagination of BlackHat. Please read and enjoy then vote and send your comments, for the ratings and your thoughts are BlackHat’s only reward and encouragement. ~

“Baby, tomorrow is Saturday. Why are you setting the alarm?”

“I want to get up and go shopping but I can do that without the alarm if you don’t want to get up with me.”

“Thanks baby.”


~~~ ‘ That feels great baby. Yea! Roll my nuts between you fingers! Ummm Your going to get creamed if you keep that up! Right there under the head baby.’ ~~~

Is it morning? Is this a dream? It must be a dream, after all the old lady ain’t woke me up this way in years! It sure feels real! Just the right touch to make it feel good but not enough to cause my morning hard-on to erupt. It must be a dream! A dream I’m not going to end! I’m just going to lay here and let it happen! A least I’ll get this “morning hard-on” taken care of even if it is in my dream!

~~~ ‘Yea go down on it baby! Tongue the head baby’! ~~~

Is this a dream? Fuck I want to cum! This can’t be a dream! My eyes open and the sun light blinds me! This isn’t any dream! “Haaaaaaaaaaaaa”. Fuck something is in my mouth and I can’t talk. Shit my hand and arms won’t move! My legs too! I’m tied and gagged! There’s a pillow on my chest and I can’t see my baby giving me the blow job! Dam it sure feels good!

“Just lay back and enjoy, honey” She whispered.

My balls are on fire! I have a raging hard-on! My wife is giving me the tease job, and I can’t even watch because of the pillow! I wiggle to try and get the pillow to slide off! Her hands grab the pillow and throw it aside. Fuck it’s not my wife! It’s my sister-in-law, Bea!

“There, does that make you feel better? Sue left a couple of hours ago. I’m supposed to take good care of you so just lay back and let Bea take care of everything. You sure sleep sound! I tied you up and got 30 minutes of pre-cum before you woke up!”

Bea stood on the bed and straddled my chest! For a big woman, Bea stands 5Ft 9, measures 42-30-40 and weighs in at nearly 180Lbs, her legs are firm and shapely. At the apex, her cunt is gaping wide. The pussy juice is hanging from her draping lips like rain drops on a leaf. She held an eight inch rubber dildo with a short and smaller second head. Slowly, ever so slowly, she worked it into her pussy until the little head was lifting her hood. Then she slowly shifted it up and down rubbing her clit with the small head.

“Watch Bea get ready for you Jimmy Boy!”

She kneeled down and with the dildo nearly in my face she wrapped my cock with her tits and let me fuck her cleavage while she played with the dildo. I wasn’t going to cum this way but sliding it between those beautiful 40D’s sure felt good!

“Do you want to cum, Honey?”

‘Fuck yea! I want to shoot cream all over those big tits!’

She laid down on me, my cock still between her tits and the dildo all but between my teeth. With one hand she rolled my balls while I did my best to fuck her tits under the weight. Ten minutes later my balls sucked in and the cum was rumbling deep inside me! Two or three stokes and I would shoot my load into this beautiful woman’s cleavage! The second I was sure I would blow my load, she raised up and pushed back! The Dildo jammed the ball gag completely into my mouth! She grabbed my cock by the root and choked it off! My cock pumped involuntarily as I tried to blow my load through her clinching grasp!

“No No! Not yet Jimmy Boy! I’m not ready for you to cum yet!”

The pain was unbelievable and took minutes to subside. She succeeded in stopping my cum but not my orgasm. My nuts must have swollen to the size of baseballs because now Bea had one in each hand and they seemed to fit perfectly. Lightly she held them like delicate Tiffany Glass. They now contained the production of my orgasm and with just the slightest encouragement I would surely explode.

‘Please, Please let me cum! Let me blow cum all over this fucking slut’s face and chest!’

“Behave Honey. I have a couple surprises for you but you have to behave.”

Bea again stood over me and began to fuck her self with the dildo. She pulled it out slowly then jammed it back in with ruthless force time and time again. Her pussy juices dripped from the dildo, her smoothly shaved pussy and even her hand right on to my face. I wanted so bad to taste her juice 1080 porno and tried to suck some past the ball gag but couldn’t get any. Minutes later she ripped the dildo out with a sucking pop! Her legs trembled with her orgasm and just as it subsided a glob of her cum splattered on my chin.

“Ummmmm that was good! Did you enjoy watching Jimmy Boy?”

Bea kneeled between my legs, her luscious breasts swayed as she leaned forward and took my cock in her mouth. She sucked me fast and hard for just a few seconds and when I shuttered with anticipation of delivering my load she stopped. My balls shook uncontrollably and again my cum was racing to the channel of freedom. Again, Bea grabbed the base of my cock and choked off it’s relief! This time it took nearly five minutes before my orgasm subsided. This time a little cum got through and she licked it up quickly.

“You have to behave Honey or I won’t let you have the surprises!”

Softly she stroked my aching balls for nearly an hour. It felt so good and although I thought I would surely cum I only leaked pe-cum. Finely my cock went totally soft. She licked me clean and then left the room. I laid there for several minutes before I heard her in the hall. Over my feet appeared a brown haired woman that I’ve never seen before! 5Ft 3, Grey eyes, Sheer white nylon on her shoulders!

‘Fuck, I don’t want to meet a new woman when I’m all tied up! This is embarrassing! I’m going to kill you Bea’

In spite of my embarrassment my cock jumped to attention and from the look on her face she liked what she saw!

“Hi Jim! My name is Mary and your going to give me a baby!”

She was wearing a sheer white negligee. As she approached the bed I could see her firm and perfectly shaped 34B’s. Her nipples were ridged and begged for attention I couldn’t give. Now on her knees between my legs I could see her unshaven briar patch.

‘Fuck me Mary! Fuck Me! Go for that baby!’

Mary crawled over me until I was looking up the negligee past her flat stomach to the bottom of her tits. She reached between her legs and guided my cock into her pussy. Slowly it disappeared into the briar patch then it came nearly all the way out! Now lubricated she met my thrust and I bottomed in her tight pussy.

“Now Jimmy, I want all the sperm you have! Fuck me Jimmy! Cum in me Jimmy! Give me a baby Jimmy!”

‘Baby? You fucking bitch! You just fuck that baby right out of me!

She bounced up and down for nearly five minutes then bottomed my cock and had a massive orgasm just as I fired my load up the channel to her fertile womb.

“Thank you Jim! Thank you!”

Seconds later she was gone and I was alone and still tied to the bed. I could hear two women talking in the other room but couldn’t make out what they were saying. As my cock softened I drifted off to sleep.

~~~ ‘That feels great baby. Yea! Roll my nuts between you fingers! Ummm I’m going to have a raging hard on if you keep that up! Right there under the head baby’. ~~~

Am I dreaming again? Is this the dream that follows after my sister-in-law just primed me and then let her friend take my load? It must be a dream, after all, a 53 year old man couldn’t even think about getting it up again. It sure feels real! Just the right touch to make it feel good but not enough to really get me excited. It must be a dream! A dream I’m not going to end! I’m just going to lay here and let it happen!

‘Yea go down on it baby! Tongue the head baby!’

Is this a dream? Fuck I want to cum! This can’t be a dream! I smell pussy! In dreams you can’t smell! My eyes open to a gaping cunt just inches from my nose. ‘Haaaaaaaaaaaaa’. Fuck that ball gag is still in my mouth and I can’t talk. Shit my hand and arms are still tied. I squirm a little to try and see around her pussy but I couldn’t see past her tits! Dam it sure feels good! I think its my sister-in-law, Bea, again!

“Just lay back and enjoy, honey. Let Big Bea get you ready for your next surprise!”

I don’t know how but my cock was hard as a rock and I was soon going to blow my load! Suddenly she popped it out of her mouth and began jacking me off!

‘Yea baby make me cum!’

My nuts tightened and the orgasm began! My cum was in the channel and one more stroke and it would be all over her tits! Again, for the third time today she choked it off and made me orgasm without releasing! The last time it hurt so bad that I almost passed out. This time it was ecstasy! My orgasm lasted for minutes. Longer than any I’d ever had before!

“Behave Jimmy Boy! 2 k porno Bea has another surprise but you have to behave.”

‘To hell with the surprise just do that again!’

She held on for several seconds after I calmed down then she crawled off. I was almost sorry to see her cunt leave but when she started to remove the ball gag I really got excited!

“I’m going to take this off but you can’t make a sound or I’ll put it back in. Do you understand?”

I nodded and she removed it. Then she quickly replaced it with a two ended dildo!

‘Fuck what’s the difference I should have got my two cents in instead of being quiet!’

Again Bea straddled me like before but this time she had a dildo at her gaping cunt. When she backed down on it I had to bite hard to keep it from going down my throat! The dildo went in and out as she rocked back and forth. The folds of her lips would roll into her pussy as she rocked back and then stretch out like a tent as she rocked forward. Watching her fuck herself was almost enough to make me cum again! She reached back and took her juices on her hand as they leaked out and rubbed it all over my cock before she started jacking me off again.

‘You fucking bitch, I’m going to shoot cum all over your face’

Before I got the chance to cum she had a massive orgasm that dam near chocked me with the Dildo and pussy juice that went up my nose! As the convulsions subsided she again continued to jack me off but now her stokes were fast and frantic! I was sure she wanted my load!

‘Come on you fucking bitch make it cum!’

Again my orgasm began. This time I was sure she could not sense it and I made no movement to give it away! But it wasn’t to be. She slammed her fist down to the base of my cock, and this time with both hands closed off the channel of my release! This time Ecstacy wasn’t the word! There was no word that can describe the nearly five minutes of convulsions. Everything went black!

‘Dam I’ve read about people that had orgasms so intense that they would pass out!’

When I came around the dildo was gone and the ball gag was in my mouth again. My cock was twitching uncontrollably and my balls felt like basket balls!

“Ok Linda. He’s ready!”

I watched as a slim black haired woman in her mid twenties with a black satin night robe slowly walked through the door. At the sight of me helplessly splayed on the bed with my purple cock dancing in mid air her mouth fell wide open and she gasp in surprise.

“Bea, I can’t do this! I can’t force this man to give me a ba——-by! I can’t do this!”

With that she turned and left the room!

“Be right back Jimmy Boy! Don’t go no where now!”

In the other room I could hear them talking but again I couldn’t make out what they were saying! Soon both of them came back in!

“Jimmy Boy, Linda here wants a baby! Her husband can’t give her one so she came to you to make one! She don’t want to just take it from you so if you want to give her a baby nod!”

‘Come on Linda! I want to cum so bad I don’t care where it goes!’

My head was nodding as fast as I could make it go! But Linda still wasn’t ready!

‘Oh come on! One of you bitches take my load!’

“I can’t! Not like this!”

“I’m going to remove the gag so you can tell her that you want to give her a baby! But you have to be a good boy!”

Bea removed the gag!

I could barely talk but some how I managed to beg Linda to let me give her a baby!

“No Bea not his way!”

“Bea, please untie me! I’ll give you and Linda anything and anyway you want it!”

Bea and Linda untied me and I sat up in bed! Linda opened her robe and showed me a pretty pair of small firm breasts. I reached out and pulled her hand away to expose a perfect hair covered mound with just a hint of her treasures peeking through the wet locks.

“I don’t have much! Are you sure you want me?”

“Baby I want you more than you could imagine.”

“If I’m going to do this I want it to be the right way! If I get in bed will you take me like a lover and not like the slut I feel like?”

I nodded and she laid down on the bed. I pushed open her legs and kneeled between them so I could eat her pussy. Without a word she pushed my head back and closed her legs. I took the hint and decided that she was probably wet enough to take me. Again I spread her legs but this time I directed my cock into her tight pussy. Some short strokes and I was all the way in.

“Yes Yes! Now make a baby for me! Please!”

I looked into her dark eyes and 3 k porno began to stroke in and out of her tight pussy. In just a few minutes she had me pulled tight to her chest and her legs were locked behind me ass. I couldn’t have pulled out even if I wanted to. I fail to see the difference she may has well have taken me while I was tied up! I was just as helpless when the cum shot out of my cock and up her hungry tubes. I unloaded what must have been a quart and her sucking pussy gulped up every drop!

“Thanks Jim! Thank you!”

As she released her legs I rolled over and we lay face to face for several minutes before my cock softened and slipped out. With tears streaming down her face she got up, draped her robe over her shoulders and left without another word. I rolled onto my back and although it couldn’t be later than noon I fell asleep for the second time today!


~~~ ‘That feels great baby. Yea! Roll my nuts between you fingers! Ummm! Right there under the head baby. ~~~

Fuck am I dreaming again? It must be a dream, after all the third time can’t be for real. It sure feels real! It must be a dream! A dream I’m not going to end! I’m just going to lay here and let it happen!

~~~ ‘Yea go down on it baby! Tongue the head baby’! ~~~

Is this a dream? Fuck I want to cum! This can’t be a dream! This isn’t any dream! ‘Haaaaaaaaaaaaa’. Fuck not again! I’m tied and gagged again! I’m getting the third blow job today!

“Just lay back and enjoy, honey” She whispered.

My balls are on fire! I have a raging hard-on! I raised my head to watch Bea bobbing up and down on my cock.

‘You fucking bitch if I get loose I’m going to fuck your brains out!’

“There, does that make you feel better? The girls are gone so it’s just you and me! Sue won’t be back for a couple hours yet! Now just lay back and let Bea take care of everything. In another hour I should have you ready to shoot! This time it is all for me!”

‘You dumb bitch! I’m 53 years old and there is no way I’m going to blow a third load today! But the blow job sure feels good!’

Bea sucked forever and to my total disbelief I got hard again. She took my cock in her hand and its head in her mouth and jacked me off until I couldn’t stand it any more! I wanted to cum but I couldn’t! My cock was hard and purple and my nuts wanted to explode! She stopped and sat up for me to watch her maul her massive tits!

“You like these don’t you Jimmy Boy? Sue don’t have anything compared to these does she?”

She continued to maul them while she crawled over my cock. I didn’t know which to watch. Her gaping cunt sucking in my cock or those beautiful inch long nipples between her fingers! Slowly she slipped up and down on my cock. It wanted to cum but there was no way I had anything left. She released her tits leaned forward on her hands and lowered all of her weight on me. My face was buried in cleavage and she was pounding my cock with her pussy. Soon I was meeting her thrusts.

“That’s it Jimmy Boy fuck my pussy! Give it to me Jimmy Boy! Make me a Baby Jimmy Boy! Your going to have triplets Jimmy Boy!”

Her mound was smashing into my mound and every thrust it felt like nothing I’d ever felt before. Any other time I would be shooting cum on every stroke but now after I had already unloaded twice today I was dry and It felt even better than cumming! Twenty minutes later and in the middle of Bea’s 5ht orgasm I shot my third load into the third woman for the day! Before the orgasm subsided I passed out!

I woke up to an evening sunset! Rolled out of bed and nearly crawled to the shower! Sitting in the tub I let shower revive me! Wow what a day!

“Hey sleepy head, did you have a good night’s sleep? I’m going shopping and won’t be back for lunch. I though Bea would have to get you up when she gets here! I told her take good care of you while I’m out but I’m not sure getting you up was what I had in mind.”

“Bea coming over? What time is it?

“It’s almost 8 O’clock and you better hurry if you don’t want to get caught in the shower when Bea gets here! She’ll make you breakfast and lunch but I don’t think drying you off is part of the deal!”

‘F U C K, it was a D R E A M!

“By honey! I’ll be back around 4 this afternoon! Be good and don’t give Bea a hard time!”

‘H A R D time? Who me?

“Ok honey have a good time!”

I struggled to get into my shorts and tee shirt before the door bell rang. By the time I picked up my robe she was already in the hall!

“You—Whoooooooooo! Any sexy men in here?”

“Be out in a second Bea.”

“Am I too late to get you up?”

‘Now just what does she mean by that?’

“Im all your’s come on back!”

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