Dreaming of Kate

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Oh My God, I cannot believe my luck escaping from my mother and her endless parties and boyfriends that seem to haunt our house during the Christmas holidays. Kate had been my greatest friend since we commenced as boarders at a Catholic Girls College in the city. Although I lived a matter of kilometers from the school my dear mother decided it would be easier for her and the current boyfriend if I were out of the way while Kate, on the other hand, came from a huge sheep station known as McClenaghan’s Farm.

As I refer to my dear mother a lot I think I should explain a bit about her. Although she has always said that I was a mistake she has basically cared for me. Due to being married and divorced three times she has ended up quite well off but this hasn’t stopped her working the odd brothel or night club when she gets bored. Her biggest trouble is that she has to be the center of attention and so almost every weekend there are either parties or she is out with her latest boyfriend. My life changed when I commenced year seven and met Kate whose parents almost became my second parents: if there is such a thing.

I had spent many of my school holidays at the McClenaghan’s and so the farm had become my second home. I even kept a few clothes and essentials there just in case of a flash visit which happened whenever my mother had to travel a long way from home on ‘secret boyfriend business’. This time I was here because Mrs. Mack had promised mother that she would drive me with Kate to the flat that she had bought for us to live in during university: we were both commencing a degree in Rural Science the following February.

With the day’s temperature rising into the mid-forties it was not a good day to travel by train. Although the carriages were airconditioned it was so hot that the air-conditioning couldn’t cope so I sat with my blouse stuck to my back thanking God I had won the fight with my dumb mother about whether I wore jeans which were her stupid selection or my favorite general-purpose above the knee dress.

I loved my bedroom at the farm. It had a huge window looking across the home paddock all the way down to the big bend on the Murrumbidgee River where Kate and I would go swimming, or some early mornings şişli escort take our fishing rods and catch rainbow trout which seemed to love the big pool on the bend. The room was furnished with a double bed which seemed huge next to the small cot I had at home and a beautiful red cedar wardrobe. Best of all there was a lovely red cedar cheval mirror which stood on a beautifully carved stand.

As the evening meal at the farm were always semi-formal, I stood before the mirror naked debating about what to wear. It was dammed hot and although the window was open there was no movement of air, so I watched beads of sweat run down the shallow valley of my small inadequate breasts. It’s not that I hate my breasts that I refer to them as being inadequate. It’s just that when at school and all the girls my age had what we called mature breasts mine were small and uninteresting. At first, I just thought I was slow maturing but when I turned eighteen I gave up and since my friends referred to them as inadequate I decided to adopt the name.

Other than my breasts I am five feet seven with unruly black hair that no matter how much time or money I spend it seems to make its own decision on the current style. My face is nothing exceptional other than a gold filling between my two front teeth which for some reason had decided to develop with a large gap between them. At school my friends were undecided about this some saying it was incredibly sexy: Kate was one of these. While others had varying reasons for not liking it where the most bazar was that it would attract white slavers: what if!

Having always been athletic I am quite slim although my hips are somewhat out of proportion. The next problem happens to be my pussy which is covered by another unruly bush of hair with a mind of its own. When at school we were not permitted to trim or shave our pussies, but the Nuns made an exception where I was concerned because my hair continued growing almost up to my navel which caused embarrassment when I was competing at interschool gymnastics.

Standing in front of the mirror I started when my bedroom door opened, and I saw Kate dressed in a beautiful white cotton knee-high dress with small red roses printed on it: çapa escort she was so incredibly hot no matter what she wore. Closing the door and locking it she approached me with a smile I had never noticed before and my being naked was something that caused my cheeks to blush heavily. Although Kate and I had lived together as school borders since year seven we had never seen each other naked before.

Walking with slow half steps she made her way across the room with eyes twinkling and this incredible soft smile. When she was a matter of meters away, she stopped and slowly removed her dress which left her standing naked behind me. Not being able to help myself I gasped loud enough for her to hear my surprise.

Kate who is five feet seven and a half is an incredible blond. I say incredible because most blonds have darker hair at their roots but not Kate: her hair was as blond as could be and she wore it short not much longer than the average boy and brushing it back made her look incredibly sexy with her green mischievous eyes and a few freckles across the bridge of her nose. Unlike my inadequates, Kate’s breasts are not huge but certainly larger and of course, perfectly formed. Like me she is slim, but her hips are a little narrower than mine. Moaning softly, I noticed her pussy which was naked with small open lips. Kate was so incredibly sexy that I began to feel my pussy begin to moisten which confused me because I had never thought about women in a sexual way before. Okay Kate and I have kissed many times but again it was kisses that friends share not lovers.

Once naked she paused standing a little to my side so that I could see her reflection just as she could see mine. You could have cut the atmosphere with a knife until Kate stepped forward her breasts resting against my back causing me to gasp in surprise.

I first felt her hands on my upper arms where she slowly ran them sensuously from my elbows to my shoulders. Other than my gasping moans nothing had been said until leaning closer her breasts now flattened against my back Kate asked about my train journey. Not having the strength to turn I just nodded my head saying fucking aircon. Still leaning into me I felt her lips on my lower neck mecidiyeköy escort kissing me softly as her hands now moved onto my shoulders where they massaged across my upper chest making me to moan louder while Kate laughs softly.

“I think you are enjoying my massage.”

Nodding my head, I relaxed against her as her hands slid in a circular motion across my chest and around my neck. Although I couldn’t believe this was happening, I didn’t try to stop her either. It was so incredibly sensual and by now my pussy was dripping with excitement.

Hearing her whispers of love, I cried out when her fingers slid across my hard nipples. The sensations I felt were nothing I could ever have imagined until holding my breath I felt her other hand glide down over my mound cupping me there while her fingers continued to fondle my breasts.

Although I am not new to masturbation what Kate’s fingers did were completely different. She was patient while at first one hand fondled my breasts as the other hand rubbed lightly across my clit. After moaning quietly for some time, she used one hand to open my pussy while her fingers began to slide along the wet opening.

I moved a leg further apart but that only made me more unsteady on my feet until noticing my plight Kate pulled me further into her while she supported me as her fingers continued to caress my pussy sliding up and over my clit while my cries became louder.

I was almost out of control crying Kate, Kate, Kate which caused her to laugh as she placed her hand over my mouth.

“Shush we don’t want to disturb the old folks at home, do we?”

Hearing this I didn’t know whether I should laugh or cry but I did try to zip my lips as best I could while Kate continued to strum my clit until not able to take it any longer, I gasped I’m going to cum.

When my stomach clenched I felt my legs begin to shake as Kate half carried me to my bed where she lay me until at last my orgasm had passed.


Crying aloud I sensed the train slowing as it approached the station and struggling up with my rucksack, I noticed a dark wet stain on the woolen seat cover. Alighting from my first-class carriage I almost cried out when Kate wearing a white above the knee dress with a pattern small red roses came running towards me.

As we stood waiting for my suitcase I felt the heat rise to my cheeks when I realized that I must have slept on the train dreaming about doing it with Kate.

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