Dreams Can Cum True

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It was a day no different than any other. I got home early and was relaxing with a drink and my laptop while everyone else was still sleeping. It may be 3am but for me it is my evening. I see my friend’s son Jacob is online so I send him a message. After a few messages he asks me if I was at work and tell him I am at home with a drink in hand. He asks if he can come over and I tell him certainly.

Jacob arrives and I can’t help but wonder why he came over. I know why I wanted him to come over. I have had a fantasy of sucking him for a long time. I would love to see and play with his 24-year-old cock and balls. I also would love to watch him fuck my wife.

As it turns out he needs advice on his girlfriend. We talk for a while and he gets the information he needs. He then asks if he can have a beer so I get myself another drink and him a beer.

As I hand him his beer, I couldn’t help noticing a nice bulge in his shorts. I couldn’t help myself; I want to see his cock so bad.

‘Looks like you and I aren’t the only ones up.’

He looks around then sees where I am looking then looks down at his bulge. Embarrassed he tries to cover up and I try to get him to loosen up.

‘Don’t hide it, be proud of it. Hell, mine is hard too.’

I sit down making sure my own cock and balls are as open to him as possible with out taking my shorts off. I take a sip of my drink and find the courage to finally break the ice and see if my dream will come true.

“So, gaziantep escort I have always wanted to ask but been afraid to but I have seen your Dad’s cock and wondered if yours was like it or not.”

My heart is racing now, did I just scare him off forever? Does he think less of me?

He smiles;

“Do you want to see it?”

I nod yes as he stands up and moves closer to me. I watch anxiously as he unbuttons then unzips his shorts. They fall to the floor and in front of me is his beautiful 6″ cock, balls shaved and precum on the head.

“It is hotter and more beautiful than I ever imagined. Can I take a pic or 2 for the spank bank?”

He nods yes as I get a few with my phone. His precum is growing.

“I love precum.”

His hand points his cock toward me and I lean in and lick the head. I let out a moan as my mouth wraps around his head and I start sucking and savoring his hot delicious cock! I hear him moaning as I grab his balls and start fondling them. As much as I didn’t want to take him out of my mouth I did.

“Why don’t you have a seat and get comfortable.”

Jacob sits on the edge of the couch, legs spread.

“I want to see yours.”

I quickly strip my shorts off exposing my 6 1/2″ hard on also adorned with precum. I see him lick his lips.

“Dam that is a nice dick.”

I thank him as I drop between his legs and start sucking his luscious balls. His moans are louder as I stroke his cock and suck his full balls. Precum is flowing from both of us as I take his throbbing hard cock in my mouth. His hips move with me as I take as much of him as I can. I feel his dick swelling, his head throbs, he’s going to cum.

All my dreams are coming true. His cock and balls are beautiful, more so than I ever thought. I am sucking him and he tastes so good. He is about to fill my belly with his seed and I want it. He lets out a moan;

“I’m going to cum.”

He thrusts deep in my throat. It happens, his dick is deep in me and his hot seed starts spurting. Spurt after spurt I feel the warmth and sweetness of his cum as I swallow every last drop.

I slowly pull off of him;

“Wow! That was quite a load.”

I thank him as he grabs his beer “No thank you! That was great. Now, my turn” I look at him puzzled:

“Your turn?” I ask.

“Yes, my turn to suck you.”

I didn’t really know what to say other than to sit on the edge of the couch and let him. We did nothing more than switch places as I feel his warm mouth take me in. He isn’t able to get more than half of me in his mouth but I really don’t care. I finally got to see his cock, suck his cock and taste it and I want more.

After giving him quite the dose of precum over the last five minutes I warn him I am going to cum. With that said I feel him go down on me as far as he can. The head of my dick feels the back of his throat as my own cum starts shooting. Jacob takes every last drop then pulls off of me and sits back.

I smile as I see his hard-leaking cock:

“Dam! Looks like you’re ready for another.”

“I think so”

I pat the couch as he takes position and I take mine. I look at him:

“I have dreamt of this for a long time. I will admit that most of the time it is you, me and the wife though but she will never go for that.”

He lets out a disappointing sigh,

“That’s too bad, I would love to see her tits.”

I move in and smell him, with mouth open now I taste him. I suck him like there is no tomorrow. He feels and smells and tastes so good. I manage to milk more and more precum out of him and with a sore jaw I keep sucking his luscious cock until I hear him:

“Oh God Oh yes I’m cumming, I’m going to cum!”

I take his entire cock in my mouth and feel him once again spill his hot sweet seed down my throat.

With the two of us very relieved and dressed we talk some more. It’s now 5:30 in the morning. He asked if I was serious about him joining me and the wife. I looked to him and smiled:

“I would love to watch you enjoy her, all of her and I would love it if she wanted to watch us but I’m sure she won’t.”

“Would you mind if I flirted with her and tried to get her to want it?”

“Please do!” I tell him.

I can only hope. I think it would be hot as hell to see his cock in her, his seed in her just like his Dad’s was 18 years ago but I can’t tell him that.

Jacob takes his leave after we both promised to take care of each other more often now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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