Dreams of Maternity Pt. 11

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Given the success I’ve had lately with realizing some truly wild fantasies within my lucid dreams, I’m going to try to push things even further. Not necessarily aiming for my biggest dreams, but some out there, weirder scenarios. I’m excited and a little nervous, but it seems like the next logical step in this journey. So, without further ado…

The Interview

I was the first male-from-birth pregnant individual in human history, and I was about to give a big interview for a major news program. My 33-week belly looked sexy and dignified in my paternity suit, and my pleasantly plumped face looked better than I’d ever seen it after I went through the make-up process. I had four huge TV cameras and about three dozen powerful lights on me, but was made comfortable by the fact that the interviewer was my friend Jen, a social worker by trade but high-profile journalist within this dream, apparently. We began…


First, the obvious question that’s probably on most viewers’ minds: How?


Well Jen, it’s experimental, of course. To start with, I went through about three months of hormone treatment, got things a bit more chemically female inside me. Next was the surgery to have the synthetic uterus installed, along with all the piping to provide nutrients and whatnot for the developing fetus. Once all of that was set, it was basically IVF with my sperm and an anonymous donor egg from a donor with a record of reproductive success. Now, it’s just the standard baby bump you see before you. And in 7 weeks or so, I’ll have a C-section, of course…none of the scarier options for the birth…


Ha ha, that is a relief; I hesitated to ask about that particular aspect of things. Amazing what’s possible these days, huh?! So, Stephen, what is it like to be a pregnant man?


It’s all the “magic of life” and “wonders of fertility” stuff that you hear pregnant women talk about, and which frankly annoyed me the tiniest bit before I experienced it for myself. It’s all absolutely true and utterly wonderful, in truth. There’s the bad with the good, though, of course. Swollen ankles, mood swings, peeing three times an hour, morning sickness at the beginning, sore nipples, cumbersome as all get out as my belly knocks things off shelves in stores…you get the drift.


Are you getting a lot of stares in public?


Of course, and I totally get it. I’d be staring at the first pregnant man in history, too. Up until a few weeks ago, if I dressed carefully I could pass the baby bump off as a beer belly. Those days are behind me now, though, which is fine. I’m not uncomfortable or embarrassed, just happy to spread the word of this magical scientific breakthrough, really.


As for a different type of staring, I understand that you embarked on this adventure as a single man…


Well, my whole deal is an entirely understandable dealbreaker for most potential dates. A few have been intrigued, found the bump cute and fun. Got a few dates that way, honestly. The past few months, I’ve been dating a similarly pregnant woman, so it’s been great to be able to share the experience with her. Hi, Carrie!


Wonderful! Finally, Stephen, would you do it again?


Absolutely, 100% yes. This has been the most amazing experience of my life, and assuming this experiment proves safe and successful, I’d love to be second in line for a male pregnancy just as I was first.


Thank you so much for your time, Stephen, and good luck to you. The first pregnant man, ladies and gentlemen!


I was a woman last night, 35 weeks along and loving my condition. I posted a pic of my super-cute (fully covered) bump on a sub-Reddit for just such things, only to receive a panicked call from a friend of mine minutes later. She saw my post, and gave me the urgent warning that “perverts” lurk on that site etlik escort to steal pics of pregnant ladies and post them on their fetish sites. I took down the pic to shut her up, but was instantly intrigued (down there…) by the idea of these so-called perverts. Her warning truly had an effect perfectly opposite to what she’d intended: after creating a throwaway account to avoid detection from my nosy friend, I took a pic that showed my fully bare bump and posted it on a slightly racier pregnancy-related sub I found.

The response was near-instant and all sorts of gratifying. The perverts loved my bump, and wanted to see more of me. I obliged, posting a selfie I took clad solely in bra and panties. More horny responses made me more horny myself. I lost the underwear, using one arm to cover my nipples and the other to obscure my pubic region. Great comments again, and a few extra perverted DMs to boot. Some of these perverts were eager to meet up, even offering me gifts if I were to agree to it. A bit close to prostitution for my liking, but so sexy to have flirted with this sort of dirty (in an alluring way) behavior.

I found an even racier place to post and jumped in head first, going with full-frontal nudity. It was a great pic I was proud to share with this perverted little community. Many more comments, and an intimidating number of very forward DMs followed. I rubbed one out for the second or third time of this adventure. It struck me that I might show myself masturbating to these perverts, and they’d probably really enjoy it. It’d be rude of me not to, honestly. I found the easiest cam set-up I could and started live-streaming an epic pregnant masturbation session.

The “tribute” (as I learned they were called) videos poured in…flooded in, more accurately. Guys all over seemed to be jerking off to my video, and eager to show themselves doing so. My response couldn’t’ve been more different than how I imagined my cautious friend would’ve taken this: I was so very, very flattered and aroused. This was the last thing I posted, but I rubbed three or four more out to it before finally passing out in a pregnancy-exhausted midday nap.

God bless you, perverts!


I found myself suddenly in front of a crowd of 8 couples, all featuring a heavily pregnant woman. I looked behind me to find a whiteboard with the word “Lamaze” on it. I knew the term and the basic idea behind such birth-preparation classes, but the specifics were entirely foreign to me. The idea that I could tell 8 pregnant couples what to do and they’d listen to every word was too hard to pass up, though, so I immediately decided to take advantage of my odd situation.

All the pregnant ladies were dressed in athletic wear, which for preggos seemed to mean a sports bra and bared belly, top-wise. I could very much work with this. I told them to sit in front of their partners with the partners’ legs spread open; then, I had the partners rub all of those wonderful exposed bumps from behind. Semi-hard already, I quickly sat down at the desk at the front of the room, crotch obscured and inevitable erections made inconspicuous. Next, I had the ladies get on their hands and knees, heavily drooping bumps resting on the floor. Their partners helped them do the counting for three seconds each of diaphragmatic inhaling, holding air in, and exhaling, the last of which caused their bellies to lift off the floor. It was all awesome to witness, not to mention the thrill of having them all obey my every whim.

The ladies sat cross-legged with both hands gripping their bare bumps, breathing diaphragmatically in and out rapidly in some sort of approximation of labor-style breathing (the partners got a break during this exercise). Next I had them kneel, arching their backs to stick bellies out as far as possible, their partners holding the ladies’ arms back from behind to allow for more arching and sexy belly ankara eve gelen escort protrusion. My ideas were all paying off nicely, if I may say so myself. Finally, in a sort of warm-down, the preggos laid on their backs and their partners firmly massaged their firm bumps, pushing in slightly anywhere that had a bit of a give to it. So fucking hot to watch that happen 8 times concurrently in one room!

I waited till everyone had exited the room after the class then finally relieved my painfully hard erection before leaving myself. Maybe they didn’t learn a ton from my class, but I learned about power and how to turn myself on a great deal. So, it wasn’t all for naught. Selfish, sure, but also very sexy.

My New Step-Mom

Okay, this was really nowhere near an incest thing, just to be clear. I’m really not so into that, and I think my subconscious protected me from it as much as was cognitively possible in this scenario. She was my step-mother, so obviously not a blood relation; she was only three years older than me, far closer to me in age than she was to my father; the baby she was carrying was not even my father’s; and my father hadn’t even slept with her once thus far in their relationship. As far from incest as I could conceive of within this situation I still found very sexy. All right, just wanted to get that off my chest before I really got into it. Anyway…

My father had kept me abreast of his whirlwind romance with a new woman: he had met her and ended up marrying her within a single semester of my collegiate absence from home. I knew little about her personally, despite the sorta sketchy fact that she was pretty close to my age and thus pretty dang far from my father’s. I was not at all aware of her advanced pregnancy until she opened the door of my father’s house when I knocked. She was very thin, an “all belly”-style 8-months-along preggo. And fucking gorgeous. I’d always had a thing for pregnant women, and immediately had unfortunate feelings of attraction toward her.

Despite my best attempts to avert my eyes, I probably stared at her belly for 75% of dinner and post-dinner socializing. My father went to bed early, as he always had, leaving me and my new step-mom alone on the first floor of the house. She sat unnecessarily close to me on the couch, and barely bothered to bury her obvious come-ons within pleasantries and getting-to-know-you talk. She was a horny pregnant woman with a husband who’d NEVER touched her: she was already pregnant with another man’s baby when they’d met, and my father had felt weird about doing anything with her sexually while she was still with child. She had, of course, noticed my incessant staring, and had quickly made me as a fetishist.

And so, she wanted my dick. Badly. Her forwardness made me both deeply uncomfortable and deeply aroused; I decided to try to roll with the latter feeling. As soon as she sensed I’d given my consent for sexual activity, she opened the crotch of my jeans and got straight to blowing me, getting me nice and hard before she hiked up her skirt and put her underwear-free pussy directly onto my cock. She rode me fast and hard (but quietly, so as not to wake my father), her tight round bump bouncing into my lap with each of her up-and-down motions. I was in heaven: she was my first preggo, a type of sexual encounter I’d been dreaming about for years.

My orgasm came after just two or three minutes of her riding me, but she managed to get off three times in that period. She’d been seriously backed-up sexually, and was very grateful to me. This was the only time this would happen, though, she made clear to me. We were to forever act as though this had never happened. Fine with me. I’d fucked a preggo, no strings attached. I’d just try not to think about any of the other aspects of this awkward situation…

The Explosion

Stuck in a public park far from any sort of accessible ankara escort bathroom, I was just about dying to both urinate and defecate. I was also a woman, though (shockingly enough) not visibly pregnant. Quite thin, as a matter of fact. As I struggled to delay the expression of my bodily functions, however, I felt my abdomen start to swell. I ran around, asking strangers if they knew where I might find a public restroom, in between searching for one on my own. My belly was suddenly big enough to obscure my feet when I looked down. I felt intense churning in my bowels and painful pressure in my bladder; staring at myself as these unpleasant sensations occurred, my stomach was visibly expanding. Bigger and bigger as I had to relieve myself more and more.

I looked halfway through a singleton pregnancy a few minutes later. A few minutes after that, 6 or 7 months along…Full-term, 9 months easy…Twinner full-term…The amorphous, all-consuming blob of an advanced triplet pregnancy. Finally, after so very much pain and desperate searching, a security guard took pity on me and unlocked one of the “Employees Only” bathrooms in the center of the park.

I could barely make it through the unlocked door and to the toilet before I just about exploded with my impatient bodily functions. I’ve never relieved myself in either fashion so forcefully or voluminously. The sounds were unholy. The orgasm was divine. The outpouring of absolutely everything through my lower body must’ve really stimulated all my sexually-inclined nerve endings, and the intense relief of using the restroom commingled spectacularly with the most intense climax I can remember having.

I awoke concurrently with the dream orgasm as I came in reality, naturally. I shot right through my boxers, pajama bottoms, and bedsheet, leaving a sizable stain on my previously-unsoiled mattress. Probably both the most intense dream AND reality cumming I’ve experienced, and a record-breaking, mattress-staining load to boot. What a disgusting and confusingly erotic night.


[Warning: I should probably mention this could be offensive to those of the Christian persuasion. You’ve been warned…]

Last night, I took the virginity of the Virgin Mary while she was heavily pregnant; already in labor, to be precise. Pregnant and in labor with Jesus Christ. Blasphemous bliss. Feel free to skip this one if you find it less hot than offensive. Otherwise, sit back and enjoy the sacrilege. I sure as hell did.

We all wore the loose, light-colored linens you always see in the illustrations of biblical times. I caught the already-in-labor Mary (and her useless husband Joseph) just outside Bethlehem, directing the cuckolded husband to the legendary manger while I said I could ease some of Mary’s pain if she came with me for a few minutes before meeting him at the spot destined to be Jesus’ birthplace. They agreed to my absurd proposition for some crazy dream-reason, and I led Mary to a quiet close-by studio apartment I had access to.

Folks in these times not having the most refined senses of medical sciences and processes like childbirth, I convinced Mary to disrobe completely in order for me to ease her contraction pains. She looked fantastic naked, bump taut and shiny with Our Lord within, extra firm with her frequent contractions. Her tits were truly something to behold, too, sporting deep brown nipples within giant areolas, and drooping down to rest on top of her also-drooping belly. I assured her that what I was about to do would be sure to ease her pains, and she vigorously agreed.

Now, if the whole “virgin birth” thing is true, then this was indeed her first time, and I took the Virgin’s virginity. If not, she did a hell of a good job pretending she’d never been fucked before. I would’ve bought it, were I not such a skeptic in the religion department. Anyway, I fucked her hard and fast, loving every blasphemous moment. I only lasted two or three minutes, then made sure to cum on the baby bump that supposedly contained our baby Savior.

I rubbed the cum into her myself, giving her entire bump a spiffy white shine befitting the mother of the Savior of Humanity.

Oh, how I love to dream!

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