Drew Ch. 07

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Thanks so much for all your support. We should be done soon with this story……well, let’s see how it goes!


Marci took the outstretched hand and barely squeezed it. She felt really weird. “Marci, but you already know that.” Marci stated, moving slightly to Drew’s side. To his credit, he immediately put his arm around her shoulder, eyeing her with concern. Keri threw them a look and smiled thinly. She was beautiful alright; her facial expressions however didn’t match that. Marci was sure she was just about to get a sneer from the other woman. Sure enough, after Drew placed a kiss on top of her head the striking brunette rolled her eyes and snickered. Marci almost laughed but held it in. Now was not the time. Besides, Keri didn’t look like she had a sense of humour.

“Coming out for a smoke sweetie?” Drew asked her and she automatically nodded. She’d forgotten it was the other reason she was out there in the first place. Drew nodded curtly at Keri, pointed towards the house and led Marci in the other direction. They were stopped by Keri’s voice.

“Marci, don’t worry, I am not up to anything evil, I just want to sort out some stuff with my husband.” She said managing rather well to sound rational and not some loony abandoned wife. Marci felt her skin prickle and she sent the other woman a narrowed glance. Smug bitch.

“Please, have a chance.” She quipped cryptically.

She followed Drew’s arms as he urged her away. If Keri thought she could throw loose insults and not have Marci’s claws come out, she had another think coming. Threats and thinly veiled insults never sat well with her. A naturally defensive person, Marci didn’t need anymore prodding!

“I’m so sorry about that baby. Have your cigarette; we’ll talk as soon as I finish talking to her.” Drew told her as he lit up a cigarette for her. Marci inhaled deeply, letting the nicotine calm her shock a little. Married? Who would have thought such a possessive man could be cheating on his wife. Marci wanted to die. She’d left Nathan for his older brother who turned out to be married. This whole situation was like a Mexican soap. She whimpered a little and realised she’d done it loud when Drew pulled her tighter into his arms.

“Drew, I can’t believe you.” she started but he stopped her with a nod of his head. Swallowing the retort that was on the tip of her tongue, she went back to the business of smoking. The motion was calming and she felt her tightness unwind a bit. There was nothing to be gained in flipping. As it was, things could hardly get more melodramatic.

When she was done, he led her back to the house and made sure to keep her away from her girlfriends. Marci made a mental note to talk to him about this shepherding business. He was controlling and while she didn’t really mind his brand of control, it was something he needed to keep in check.

Back with the uncles, Marci was hoping they wouldn’t start making wedding plans again. She wasn’t sure she could handle a conversation about her love life. Looking out to the patio (yes, that patio again), she saw Drew, arms crossed defensively over his chest. He was looking down at

Keri while she said something using expansive hand gestures. Neither of them looked pleased. Marci closed her eyes momentarily and looked away.

Seeing Brian at the other end of the room, she excused herself from the uncles and made a beeline for him. He didn’t see her approaching and he walked on outside. She followed him but stilled at the doors when she saw he had company. Not wanting to interrupt man talk, she was about to turn when Brian and the unknown man kissed. Shocked and slightly turned on, Marci turned back on her heel and watched as the two men made out passionately.

Marci had not seen that one coming! She’d been friends with the guy all her life and still somehow failed to see any signs thereof?! Somehow as if sensing her gaze, the two men broke apart and looked in her direction. She smiled guiltily and started to turn again in order to walk back into the house.

“Marci!” Brian’s call stopped her in her tracks. She stood still while they both approached her. The other guy looked vaguely familiar though she couldn’t quite place him. Sleepy guy? She wasn’t entirely sure.

“This is Carl. I am sure you can fill in the rest.” Brian told her not looking the least bit uncomfortable. She was glad about that because she was uncomfortable enough for all of them.

“Hey Carl.” She said and kept quiet waiting for the boys to take up the conversation. She had no idea how one went about this.

“Brief version: Carl and I have been seeing each other for about six months. None of the blood knows about Carl or about me being otherwise inclined sexually.” Brian announced making her laugh. Well, at least the ice had been broken. Carl had an arm around Brian’s shoulder and Marci thought it was the cutest thing ever. Brian was so self-sufficient; she’d never imagined him “being handled”. Carl definitely looked like he could handle game of thrones izle him though.

“Ooooh, can I watch? You know I dig men kissing. Do that for me again, I could use the distraction.” She cooed at them and they laughed. She was serious though but chose not to pursue it further. They made a gorgeous couple, she noted as she looked at them together. Carl was about the same height as Drew which made him a little taller than Brian. Dark smooth skin, eye lashes that most women would die for and that don’t-give-damn stance that many found hard to even fake.

“Carl, this is Marci. Drew’s girlfriend and I think future wife.” Brian introduced and Marci snorted. Trying to look into the house and see if Drew was done with “his wife”. She couldn’t see them where she’d left them. Her mind filled with visions of Drew and Keri having sex in her car and she shuddered. Eeeewwwww! Though why she should be territorial about a man who was clearly not hers was not clear.

“Let me go get Drew, that Keri woman makes me want go shoot a deer or something.” Marci said and Brian frowned.

“Keri’s here?” he asked no one in particular.

“Who’s Keri?” Carl asked. Marci looked at Brian, the accusation in her eyes very much palpable.

“Drew’s wife. Well, sort of. Let’s just say it’s complicated.” He told both her and Carl.

“Drew’s is married to Keri. Marci is his girlfriend. And there’s no blood splattered on the wall? Wow, you guys are more open minded than I gave you credit for.” Carl chuckled. On another day it would be funny, not today.

“So are you two going to make out for me or do I have to get you all drugged up and drunk first?” she asked hoping for lighter subject matter. To her surprise, Brian and Carl each took an arm of hers and led her further into the garden, out of sight of the main house.

It started off as a light kiss. Their lips were barely touching and Marci found it incredibly erotic. Then the mouths opened and Marci was glad they were so engrossed in each other that they couldn’t notice her staring to a point of rudeness. Carl groaned, deepening the kiss. He moved his tongue against Brian’s slowly. Brian put his hands into Carl’s shirt and Marci could see the hands alternately moving along the other man’s back and chest.

Brian turned briefly and looked at Marci who was just about drooling. He blushed and Marci chuckled. She was surprised at how husky her chuckle sounded. As Carl groaned at the feel of Brian’s hands on him, he moved his head and started to kiss the neck. He nipped the tender flesh there, kissing it and soothing it with his hot tongue.

Carl’s wandering hands found the bulge in Brian’s pants. Marci wasn’t sure she was supposed to watch this much but she couldn’t tear her gaze away. She could feel herself getting wet. Emitting a nervous sound in her throat, she signed to them that she was leaving and fled to reconstitute herself. She’d managed to forget for a few minutes that she had huge problems of her own to sort out. The quicker, the better.

Marci shuddered for the millionth time that night and made a beeline for Drew inside the house. She was curious as hell about her married lover. One last look at Carl and Brian made her smile however. It was always nice when two people who liked each other got together.

* * *

Marci got into the house and found Keri touching Drew’s arm in a distinctly annoying and familiar manner. She wanted to throw sharp objects at the beautiful woman. That would be assault with a dangerous weapon; she told herself and went to the kitchen instead. She could still see Brian and Carl outside, holding hands and she tilted her head in affection.

Drew’s mother spent a lot of time and money on her garden and it showed. While no one could ever accuse Marci of having green fingers, she could tell that the garden hadn’t happened by accident. It was carefully planned and well tended to. She could smell the jasmines from outside and she inhaled deeply. Was she ever going to smell jasmines and not think of this household?

“Penny for them.” A voice said behind her and she whirled around to face Drew. He had a slight rueful smile and she returned it with one of her own.

“I was wondering if I’d ever smell jasmine and not think of you and your family.” She admitted.

“I hope not.” He whispered and she looked at him curiously. She was dying to throw about twenty questions his way but held her tongue. This was his story; he was going to have to tell it at his own pace.

“Start at the part where you are married.” She finally prodded when he wasn’t taking charge of the conversation. He was trying to gauge her, she knew it.

“I am married. I married Keri in haste, I’m repenting all the more bitterly now.” He quipped with a wry smile. Marci still couldn’t bring her eyes to look at him straight in the eye. She wasn’t sure he’d like what he saw in her eyes. She was deeply disappointed in him. She felt betrayed and worse, she gibi izle felt like a stupid little girl being tossed around.

“I don’t want to discuss this here Marci. I’m a little shy would you believe it? I don’t want you to loose your temper with all these people around; I don’t want the world privy to your disdain for me.” Drew asked quietly as she fiddled with her empty glass.

She had turned and was still looking out of the window. Brian and Carl had settled back onto one of the short bench type seats in the garden. Brian had Carl’s arm around him and he was laughing at something the other one had said. It was ironic that Brian’s little hiccup seemed mellow compared to hers.

“What exactly is Keri doing here?” she asked turning around again to watch Drew who was propped on the island in the middle of the room.

“I am not too sure. She says she’s here for a visit but nothing is ever that simple with her. I’ll find out. I need to talk to you alone, in a quiet place. I want your undivided attention.”

Marci wasn’t too sure about being sequestered. Drew seemed to be doing a lot of that to her. She didn’t think it was ill intentioned, it was just, well Drew. He was possessive. Marci nodded in agreement and asked with her eyes where it was going to be.

Coming closer to her, Drew put his arms around her and kissed the top of her head. It relaxed Marci a little and she leaned further into him. He smelled great. And his chest was still heart stopping.

“Keri’s gone to a hotel after a conversation that was quite uncomfortable. Want to go for a ride with me?” Drew asked her gently, lifting her chin so he could look into her eyes.

“I’m not so sure Drew. You drive like a lunatic and you make a lunatic out of me when you co-drive.” She chuckled and he laughed out loud. It was a good sound to hear. She realised it was sound she’d rarely heard from him. That should be remedied, even if it was by another person.

“I promise to let you drive in peace.” He said stepping back and raising his hand like he was swearing in court. She laughed, grabbed the keys from him and was led out through the back gate to Nathan’s car. Hmmm…….Marci thought to herself as she started her ex’s car with his brother seated next to her.

“You look so hot! Keri said I should be arrested for cradle snatching.” Drew told her suddenly and she felt her cheeks grow warmer. She was glowing in his attention and compliments. It made her feel like a teenager around him all over again.

“So, married, huh?” she asked in reply and he chuckled.

“Yes. Been married about seven years. Let’s get to Pride Rock first then I’ll fill you in. I am so sorry however that you met her before I got to tell you what’s up.” As they drove out of the pretty lane, Marci thought she saw Keri talking to Nathan but she didn’t want to run herself and Drew off the road so she kept her eyes on the road.

* * *

Pride Rock was named after the rock in The Lion King. Marci had discovered it as a young girl and frequently went there when things were overwhelming. She’d shared it with Brian and Nathan which was probably how Drew knew about it. She’d never taken Drew there or rather; the chance had never come to do so. It was on a secluded part of the beach and sort of carved into the rock interface. She found it peaceful and the crashing waves had a soothing effect on her nerves even at their most jarred. It was the perfect place for the weird conversation about to happen.

“Come here. I want you in my arms while we talk. I cannot risk the chance of you running out into the ocean or something like that.” Drew told her. She allowed him to settle her in front of him, between his legs on the soft sand.

“I met Keri while I was travelling. Usual story. Boy meets girl, girl charms the hell out of boy, boy and girl get married, and boy and girl discover they are completely incompatible thereafter.”

As always he was a man of few words. That sounded like a logical story. Marci nodded and waited. He had to give her some details. Like perhaps why Keri had referred to herself as his wife.

“We aren’t divorced because I was lazy. Never got around to doing the whole lawyer thing.” He supplied to her unasked question.

“She’s very pretty.” Marci noted looking out to the ocean. It was getting chilly and she snuggled closer to Drew.

“She works hard at it.” Came the dry comment. Marci chuckled and then felt guilty for it. She was being catty.

Noticing her shivering, Drew started rubbing his hands up and down her sides.

“She also wants you back.” Marci told him evenly.

“I know.” He muttered off handed making Marci twist between his legs to look at him. He avoided her eyes and she turned back.

“What’s more worrying is how calmly you are taking this. You should be throwing a hissy fit about now. Unless of course being “the other woman” turns you on?” he asked seriously.

“I’ll throw a fit. Just not now. Now it won’t help and won’t gökyüzunün üzerinde 3 metre izle be as dramatic as I want it to be. But yes, Drew, I am pissed that you wouldn’t tell me something so important. This whole thing with Nathan and I is just about to sort of settle down and now I hear you’re married. Is there no rest for the weary?” she told him in her calmest voice.

“Ok, I’ll sort all this logically later. For now, tell me about Brian’s love life. He’s been under radar on that front. I am suddenly very curious.” She asked Drew seriously while replaying the scene from earlier in her head.

“Ah…..you met Carl.” Drew chuckled and Marci turned to look at him fully.

“You know?” she asked, “Brian said no one knew.”

“I’m not the complete idiot he thinks I am. I’ve known for a while. What can I say, military intelligence?” Drew murmured into hair. He moved even closer to her and she could feel his erection pressing against her back. He was turned on? This, in spite of all the drama that was going on?

“Let’s go for a swim!” Marci said suddenly needing to expel some of the tension in her body and also free her mind from the drama that had become her life. Before he could reply, she stood up and pulled off her dress in one smooth move. In the moonlight she turned to look at him both cheekily and challengingly. She made sure that he caught a tantalizing glimpse of her body then ran giggling into the water.

He made little of taking his clothes off and ran in after her. The water was warm and the surf was out. Perfect. She was careful not to go in too deep, remembering numerous tales of people who misjudged the Malindi currents and didn’t end too well. Kneeling in the water, she let it move around her, like a massage and splashed Drew when he finally caught up to her. That was a mistake. His return splash was more like a tidal wave literally knocking her off her knees and under the water.

When she’d regained balance, she stood in the water and faced him.

“Good fucking grief Marci. You look like a water nymph.” Drew whispered moving closer to her. She loved the awe-like quality in his voice. It made her tingle. For these moments, she was going to forget Nathan, Keri, Brian, and Mila. Actually just about everyone else on earth.

Taking the initiative, she put her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply. She may never get the chance again if Keri got what she wanted! Groaning at that bad thought, Marci kissed a startled Drew even more intensely.

“Fuck me Drew.” She whispered in his ear as she ground herself even closer to him. She was pleased to feel his erection against her stomach. He digs me, was her smug thought as he grunted and just about dragged her to the waters edge.

“I am going to make you scream for me Marci… and cum so hard, over and over…my life’s mission.” Drew promised making Marci shiver in anticipation.

She could feel herself immediately getting hot and wet and closed her eyes telling him how crazy he was driving her.

She was soon moaning deeply you as Drew slowly run fingers over her clit, finding it at first touch. Marci pressed her hips into his hand wondering how long her legs would last. Drew seemed to read her thoughts because he took her back to the rock surface of Pride Rock and gently laid her down, parting her knees. The ocean breeze tingled in her pussy and she squirmed making Drew laugh.

“You are so wet for me baby.” He stated unnecessarily as he lowered his head between her thighs. She twisted her fingers through his hair, noting how much it had grown since his vacation had begun. He ran his tongue up and down her folds, licking every bit of moisture and starting all over again as she got wet yet again.

“God! That feels good Drew.” She gasped through breaths and pulled his head up. He chuckled and slid up along her body so that she was pressed beneath him. She ignored the hard rock beneath her as she enjoyed Drew running his hands all over her body.

Drew got off her and put her on her hands and knees.

“I don’t want you bruised because of the rock. Brian might see it and descend upon me with blows.” He said making her laugh out loud.

Slowly, he rubbed his cock against her clit, using her wetness to slide easily in circles over it. Marci moaned in pleasure as he pressed the head of his cock slowly into her dripping wet pussy. When he rammed in to the hilt, Marci cried out loud at the sweet invasion. He thrust in hard and fast complimenting her moans with groans of his own. She could feel him restraining himself from cumming and it secretly pleased her that she made him grasp for control whenever they had sex. It was flattering and such a turn on.

“Baby just cum, you can always sex me up again later.” She told him as she turned to get a glimpse of his face in the moonlight. He looked so handsome kneeling between her legs, his face crunched up as with one final thrust he came inside her. Marci could feel the sticky warmth inside her and she moaned as well, feeling tingles covering her body from head to toe.

“You are the best girlfriend ever!” Drew told her and Marci couldn’t help glowing at the compliment.

“I’m the other woman; of course I’m an intense turn on.” She remarked with a smirk at him. It earned her a slap on the ass.

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