Dylan And His Mother Ch. 03

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Karen was laying in bed suffering her husband’s intrusion, allowing him to fuck her with his typically bland missionary style. He was grunting and breathing heavily against Karen’s neck, completely oblivious to his wife’s disinterest. He lasted about two minutes, kissed Karen on the cheek while muttering something about loving her, then rolled over to his side of the bed. Karen said she loved him too, though more and more Karen’s words had less meaning behind them. They sounded hollow to her.

Little did her husband know that Karen was having an affair behind his back. Every day she felt less guilty about it, too. The sex they just had was the first time Karen’s husband had shown any interest of her body in over a month, if one could even call what they just did ‘sex’.

Slipping out of bed, Karen went into the bathroom. Why should she feel guilty for a husband that barely paid her any attention? Looking at herself in the mirror, Karen knew why. Because the man she was having an affair with was their eighteen year old son, Dylan. Using the running water of the sink and a washcloth, Karen cleaned herself of her husband’s semen. The feeling of his mess inside her revolted Karen, somehow. She wanted it to be Dylan’s cum. How she wished it had been her son that had fucked her!

She thought about his big cock constantly. Fantasies of being filled by it dominated her waking thoughts, as well as her sleeping dreams. But so far Karen had limited herself to jerking Dylan off. Guilt had prevented her from doing more, a twisted morality that kept the incest from being complete in her mind. But after tonight, after her husband’s pathetic attempt at sex, Karen didn’t know how much longer she could hold out. She knew one thing…she wanted to be with Dylan again, tonight.

Putting on her nightgown, and brushing her long blonde hair, Karen thought about the past month. She had been visiting her son’s room nightly to masturbate him, and often masturbated herself in the process, after Dylan’s father fell asleep. Their encounters weren’t limited to bedtime anymore either, as Karen quite often would also jerk Dylan off when he’d get home from school (when he didn’t have to work at his part-time job). Sometimes Karen’s rational mind told her things had gone too far, that she and Dylan would never be able to continue such incestuous activities, but then she’d get his cock into her hands and see the love in her son’s eyes and Karen would melt.

Glancing back into the bedroom, Karen heard the heavy breathing of her husband’s sleep. The bastard, she thought. All he seemed interested in anymore was work. She regarded herself in the mirror once more. It’s not like Karen wasn’t attractive. At 40 years of age she had the body of a woman ten years younger. Sure, her breasts weren’t as perky as they once were, and a few more wrinkles could be found here and there, but as a catalogue model Karen kept herself in great shape. She exercised regularly and kept her figure nice and tan. Men turned their heads constantly. Dylan would practically drool every time he saw her naked. Why not her husband?

“Fuck him.” Karen said to her own image in the mirror, tossing a hand through her hair. “If he’s not interested in you, there’s a hot young guy upstairs who is.”

Dylan was up in his bedroom wondering what could be taking his mother so long. He had to work earlier that day, so didn’t get his afternoon hand job. He tried to distract himself by laying in bed with a book but it wasn’t working. Dylan thought about his mother all the time. She was so sexy, so attentive mecidiyeköy escort to him, and his feelings for her had grown well beyond the typical parent-child bond. Dylan often told his mother how much he loved her, but he wondered if she knew how much he really meant it. Yes, he loved her like a son loves his mother, but he also loved her the way a man loves a woman. He was IN love with her.

Or was it just lust? Dylan was often confused about his feelings. He knew what they were doing was wrong, that it had to be kept a secret, and he feared that it would have to end. Dylan didn’t want it to end, in fact Dylan wanted things to progress further. He wasn’t interested in other girls anymore, he wanted his mom to be his lover now and forever, but Dylan felt forced to take things at a pace of Karen’s choosing.

Dylan’s thoughts were interrupted by a quiet knock on his door, and the sound of his mother’s voice. “Dylan? Are you still awake honey?”

“Yeah mom, of course I’m still up. What took so long, are you okay?”

“I’m sorry sweetie.” Karen said, walking into Dylan’s room. “Your father took longer than usual to fall asleep.”

“I’ve missed you. Work was impossible today, I kept thinking about you.”

Smiling, Karen sat at the edge of the bed. “You’re such a sweetheart, you know that? I’ve missed you too. Do you need me to jerk you off tonight?”

Dylan nodded, “Please? You know how horny I get when I can’t be with you after school.” He slid his shorts off, revealing an already semi-erect penis.

Karen swallowed and felt it catch in her throat. Every time she saw her son’s gigantic penis it sent a thrill through her body that seemed to explode right between her legs.

She teased, “I know baby. I think you get more horny every day.”

Blushing, Dylan said “I guess I do.” He smiled, teasing back “It’s your fault though.”

Karen laughed. “It’s okay. All teenage boys are the same. I swear you all have perpetual boners. Here, let mommy see what she can do.”

Before Karen could reach out and take Dylan’s cock into her hand, he said “Could you take your nightgown off, mom? I just love looking at your sexy body. It’s beautiful.”

Oh god, Karen thought, this boy is so sweet. “Of course you can honey.” She stood up and took her nightgown off, laying it gently over Dylan’s desk chair. The way her son stared at her nakedness made Karen feel attractive and sexy. Karen loved the way he made her feel: desired. She sat back down and quietly began their nightly ritual of slowly stroking and rubbing Dylan’s shaft to a full erection, enjoying the sensations of it growing thick and hard in her hand. By the time Dylan grew to his full girth, he always began emitting plenty of pre-cum for her to begin smearing all over his length.

“Your cock is so lovely, Dylan.” Karen said, then she leaned over and kissed his thick mushroom head.

That set off an explosion in Dylan’s brain. She had never done that! His penis twitched and his pee hole seemed to gape open and drool it’s pre-cum more than usual.

Tired of holding herself back, Karen kissed her son’s penis again, then licked the underside cleft of it with the tip of her tongue while gripping the base of his shaft. His pre-cum tasted tangy and sweet. Karen had wanted to taste her son’s big cock ever since she first witnessed it.

“Uhh, mom…wow.” Dylan moaned.

“Do you like it when I kiss your cock, honey?”


Bent over slightly, Karen used her palm to rub Dylan’s soft underside against şişli escort her cheek and the side of her face, then drug her lips across the middle of his shaft. She licked it briefly, then rubbed him against her other cheek. The glazed look in her son’s eyes told Karen what she was doing was turning him on.

Feeling wanton and lusty, Karen wanted to blow Dylan’s mind. She started licking his balls, slowly dragging her tongue over his taut scrotum. While teasing his sac this way, Karen used her hand to playfully slap his shaft against her face.

“Oh god…” Dylan continued to moan.

Karen smiled up at Dylan. “I think my baby likes having his cock licked. Do you want me to suck on it for you? Would you like it if mommy put your cock into her mouth?”

“Yes.” Dylan agreed quickly, nodding. “Please suck on me, mom. Please.”

Acquiescing, Karen slipped the head of Dylan’s penis into her mouth. She suckled on it gently, letting her lips make soft smacking noises, then she circled her tongue around it. Karen paid special attention to the ridge of Dylan’s crown, letting the tip of her tongue flick and glide along it.

His mind was already blown. Dylan watched his mother through lidded eyes, watched her give him sensations that he’d never felt before. He could see over her head as she was leaning over, and Dylan stared down the small of Karen’s back and to the round perfection that was her ass. When he felt her mouth completely engulf his erection, Dylan had to close his eyes and ward off the boiling feeling that was rising from his balls.

Taking his cock into her mouth, Karen tried to swallow as much of his shaft as she could. He was so long and thick that she could only get about three-quarters of him down before the head of his cock hit the back of her throat. She paused and let her tongue swath across Dylan’s soft underside several times, then rose back up, letting her lips drag across his sensitive skin.

“Oh Jesus…mom.”

Karen let his erection pop out of her mouth and whispered, “Your cock tastes so good, sweetie. Mommy loves sucking your cock.”

She gripped his cock firmly by its base and swallowed him again. Karen started to bob up and down his shaft, letting her hand follow her lips so she was jerking him off as she sucked on Dylan at the same time.

It was too much for young Dylan to take. He’d never gotten a blowjob before, much less an expert cock-sucking like his mother was currently giving him. “Mom…” he whimpered. “Mom, I’m going to cum. Oh god…oh god I’m going to cum…”

Karen tilted her head and let Dylan’s mushroom crown start poking obscenely against the inside of her cheek, lapping against his shaft at the same time with her tongue. She felt his cock grow turgid right before he exploded, then the salty sweetness of his cum was filling her mouth. Karen adjusted her lips and started to swallow. It was impossible to keep up, and cum fell from her lips to decorate Dylan’s pubic hairs and her own chin.

“Mmfgh.” was the sound that came out of Karen’s throat, swallowing and swallowing while breathing through her nose. She didn’t think Dylan had ever cum so much before. And his semen! Heavens it tasted wonderful. She had long forgotten how good a man’s cum tasted to her.

When it was finally over, Karen held Dylan’s cock carefully and licked up all the sperm she had let slip from her lips.

Deliriously, Dylan whispered “Wow…Mom. That was most incredible thing I’ve ever felt.”

Sitting back up, Karen used her finger to catch all kağıthane escort the semen on her chin and pushed it into her mouth. “I’m glad you liked it sweetheart. Mmm, your cum tastes so good. Mommy loved taking you into her tummy. Do you want to taste?”

Unsure, Dylan nodded tentatively. Then Karen leaned over to place her lips softly against Dylan’s, kissing him. She lingered for a moment, letting her tongue slip briefly into her son’s mouth, then leaned back.

Dylan licked his lips after the kiss. “It tastes kind of funny. Almost salty.”

Karen nodded, “Yes. You taste very good. It really turned me on to swallow you, honey. I’m all wet. I think mommy needs to masturbate. Do you want to help?”

Looking eager, Dylan sat up. “Sure. Uh, what do you want me to do?”

Lifting a leg to the bed, Karen displayed her leaking pussy proudly and dropped a hand between her thighs. “Why don’t you suck on one of my tits, that would really make me hot.”

“Okay.” Dylan agreed, leaning forward to grasp one of his mother’s breasts.

“That’s it, Dylan. Suck on the nipple. Lick it for mommy until it gets nice and stiff.”

With her son following Karen’s instructions, she began rubbing her swelling clitoris with a finger. “Ohh baby, yes. That’s it. You can bite it softly if you want…Oh! Not too hard. Mmm, you’re doing so good.”

Gripping the soft under-curve of his mother’s breasts, Dylan could feel her nipple stand erect against his tongue. Natural instinct took over and he began sucking on it, suckling her entire areola between his lips.

“Oh god Dylan, you used to suck on me like that when you were a baby. Keep doing that, that feels so good. Oh sweetie, you’re going to make mommy cum. Oh fuck…oh shit…”

Karen slipped a pair of fingers into her sopping cunt as she felt her son sucking on her teat as though it contained a magic elixir. She grasped Dylan’s head against her with a free hand and fingered herself with a swift pace, letting the inside curl of her fingers drag against her puffy little button.

“I’m cumming baby!” she hissed quietly, “Mommy’s cumming!”

Karen held Dylan against her breast tightly as she let the orgasm consume her. When it was over, Dylan looked up at her with innocent and loving eyes “Did that feel good, mom?”

“Oh yes, honey. That felt wonderful. Do you want to taste?”

Lifting fingers sticky with her own fluids, Karen let Dylan lick on them and taste his own mother’s orgasm. He drew her digits into his mouth and sucked them clean of the sweet tasting juice.

Pushing her fingers through his hair, Karen kissed Dylan on the forehead. “I love you darling. Mommy loves her baby so much.”

“I love you too mom.”

Getting up, Karen moved to find her nightgown. She wanted to crawl into Dylan’s bed and let her son hold her until she felt asleep. It pained her that she had to leave him and go back to the bed of a husband she loved less and less each day.

“Mom? Do you have to go? I mean, I know we have to be a secret, but I truly mean it when I say I love you. I really do. I don’t even want any other girls except you.”

Karen felt her heart sink into her stomach and melt. “I know baby. But for now we have to be careful. If your father ever found out…I don’t know. I just don’t know what would happen. Okay?”

Dylan nodded slowly, “I know. Good night mom, I’ll dream of you.”

Karen had to force herself to leave her son’s bedroom. She felt terrible. Her guilt of cheating on her husband was replaced by guilt for Dylan. Now she felt as though she were cheating on her son by going back to the bed of his father. She would have to do something about the terrible conflict within her. Could she stop her activities with Dylan? Could she leave her husband?

Karen went to bed that night, horribly confused about what her future held.

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