Dynamic Duo

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Belle Delphine

So, basically, I am being promised what every man wants at some point in his life. That’s right people, a threesome. A threesome with two women to be precise. First, let me back up and let you all in on how I achieved this goal.

There was a get together at a friend’s house a week ago. Typical Saturday night, meaning I am gettin none. Yup, apparently I wasn’t told my playa card was revoked. Anyway, the house was full at first but the crowd let down, because there were other parties being thrown that same night. The people, who remained, were Ronald, Gary, me, Rolanda, Esther, Patricia, and Rhonda.

Patricia wanted us to play a truth or dare game. Gary wanted to play Hide and Go Get It; which we could; considering the size of the house that Ronald lives in. We are adults in our mid to late twenties and playing these junior high games, youthful exuberance I suppose.

Well, we decided against both of them, and played 7 Minutes In Heaven. Basically, a male and female are picked, they go off somewhere private, and make out for seven minutes, but no sex. Kind of like getting a preview the two people decide to romp around in the sheets at some point. Make a long story short, I found myself with Rhonda first and Rolanda for my second round.

Here is where I will describe Rhonda in detail. Rhonda is a shapely plumper; that is a woman who has curves for weeks. Her thighs are heavenly, her ass tightly round, she is about an inch shorter than me (5’11”), average breasts for a woman her size; a very cute, chubby face; she is a light skinned redbone, and has one of the best natural hip swings I have ever laid my eyes upon. That night she was wearing jeggings, a turtle neck sweater that shaped her breasts graciously, she wears her hair low cut because she is growing it natural again, and heels. I don’t exactly remember the colors though. Rhonda has a nice voice, it makes her seem younger than her age, but her personality is hard to read sometimes. Some days she’s nice, others, well, I tend to step away to not feel the wrath. She coo to have a conversation with, but it’s mostly going to turn into an argument.

My seven minutes with her was more of a combat situation; she tried to take control or pin me to the wall. We decided to do ours in Ronald’s hall way closet. She has a dominating style, you know those type of big women who enjoy face-sitting a guy? That’s Rhonda. So basically for seven minutes I was wrestling. Me being the slippery kind, I got out of her holds. We kissed and all, but, I thought it would be more sensual foreplay than that. I will congratulate myself for smacking that ass so hard and so perfectly that she let out a very sexy and sultry purr. When our time was up, I was sweating a little; out of shape I tells ya. The group looked kinda worried.

“Hmph, light weight.” Rhonda called me in a haughty attitude. She rallied back to the group of women to gossip.

My time with Rolanda came three turns later. She chose the upstairs bathroom. She grabbed my hand and led me up the stairs. Rolanda, compared to Rhonda, I say is about one to two sizes smaller. She is mostly all butt and hips (more hips though), a flatter stomach, small breasts; so I would say she represents the “big pears” of women. Just a little shorter than Rhonda, so no real big difference except her weight class. The reason you might say that Rolanda is the heavier of the two is because she is wider. Rhonda is more contained. Back to Rolanda, her ass is monstrous; it is truly a scary thing when you think of the damage she could cause in the bedroom. Her arms and legs resemble a thick woman’s. Rolanda has average looks in the face department. It all fits her entire persona. There is the shoulder length hair she rocks, straightened; so, quite normal. Her chocolate skin is her defining feature, because it is so smooth looking.

Rolanda wore a floor length denim skirt, and a button down long sleeve shirt, and some tennis shoes. Pretty normal and average huh? Her personality is “go-with-the-flow”. She can be in a crowd and blend in easily. People gravitate to her and don’t even know it. She is neither quiet nor loud, but behind closed doors, in private, like a complete one-eighty.

She tells me to rub her pussy, kiss her neck, fondle one breast, and keep the light on so she can watch us in Escort Keçiören the mirror. Shit was awwwwwweeeeesome. Her moans were like sweet flows, and I tried my hardest to keep a rhythm. The knock came to signal it was over and I nearly cussed out loud.

Back in the living area the others were waiting for the update. Rolanda just smiled and shook her head. Rhonda was a bit more nosey about our experience. The rest of the night I helped clean up and was about to head out when Rolanda asked me to step aside to speak with me.

“Sup Rolanda?” I inquire.

“Tell me how it went with Rhonda.” She noses. Surprised me, Rolanda doesn’t seem like the in-people’s-business-type.

“It was coo, definitely different considering I’m the one usually wanting control and she was trying to assert authority no matter what.” I answer.

“Mmmhmmm, and how would you rate her?” She asks.

“Rate? Is this some kind of game? Where’s Rhonda?” I ask looking around.

“What, just asking a question.” Rolanda acting innocent.

“Yeah, right. I ain’t falling for that. Go get Rhonda.” I demand.

“What you want?” Rhonda comes out.

“You know your friend over here asking about the rating of our seven minutes?” I confirm.

“And? What you say?” Rhonda being nosey.

“I figured as much. Fine, Rhonda, I give the experience an eight because it gave me a workout and made me realize my weaknesses; and Rolanda I give an eight as well because I couldn’t bring you to orgasm. That is all ladies, may I go?” I eagerly ask.

“Uh uh, you will not give me the same rating as this woman. Do you see what I am working with here boy?” She brags and slaps her hips.

“And Rolanda is working with something too. Look, if you so dead-set on proving you are better, try again with Rolanda in the mix.” In all honesty, I played this card because let’s face it, women will more than likely shy away from a threesome that involves only one male.

“Oh, I get it, trying to trick us into a threesome?” Rhonda accuses.

“You know what, you got me. So smart you are Rhonda. Well, obviously since I’m trying to be a jackass and trick you two ladies into doing something you obviously don’t want to do, I’ll be on my way now.” I turn to walk away and Rolanda blocks me.

“Done. It’s on. We’ll see who is truly better.” Rolanda pokes me in the chest.

“Huh?” I asked confused as hell.

And that’s how it all began, and here I am, waiting in Rolanda’s house. It’s been a week. I was given a week to prepare to pleasure two big women whose sexual drives I have no clue on. I tried my best to prepare: running, not strength training but more muscle reinforcement like doing weights in sexual positions, lots of stretching; and plenty of fruits, juices, and water. A week, they could have at least given me a month to properly prepare.

“You still awake down there?!” Rhonda calls out.

“Yes!” I reply. Wish I knew what I should be doing before this starts. I’m sitting on this couch with blue jeans, not that skinny jean crap; a black t-shirt, and tennis shoes. I come to the house and they don’t even escort me in. They just open the door and run back in the room upstairs, telling me to sit and wait. Am I excited, of course I am, but the anxiety of not performing to my utmost and beyond is getting to me more.

“You can come to the room now! Sit on the bed!” They call out. I get up and walk up the stairs. Each step seems harder than the last one. The room is fully lit and I sit on the bed. Nice room: spacious, king-size bed, earth tones, and designed for comfort and sleep.

“Ready for us?” Rolanda teases from the bathroom.

Not really. “Bring your worst.” I say with inflated confidence. They both come out. Rolanda from the bathroom and Rhonda from the closet. I want to faint from such a sight. Burn and engrave this image, this moment, into my brain, and save multiple copies.

“Uhm, hi ladies. Wassup?” I tremble.

“That it? Wassup? Come on now, we surely deserve better than that.” Rolanda seduces.

Right now talking isn’t part of my natural skills. Here’s what I’m dealing with: Rhonda is wearing an all-black lace nighty, with some very cute and sexy house slippers, her short hair is slicked back with a wet and wavy look; and Rolanda Keçiören Escort decides to go with a long sleeve buttoned shirt, booty shorts, they call them boy-shorts, that make you see her cheeks, and her hair under a pink du rag; looking more street than normal. Their outfits work well for them.

I stand up and walk over to Rolanda first. I kiss her sensually, whirling my tongue to have her release a wanting moan into my mouth. I release and watch the lust build in her eyes. I walk off with a lusting, watchful eye on her. I turn my head with sheer authority towards Rhonda. She gives me an arrogant stance. I get closer and she tries to reach for me, but I slip by it and grab her waist. She can’t get out of the hold, and I kiss and lick her neck. She struggles, but I make her weaker.

She gives in and I pick her up, thank you weight lifting. I set her on the bed and I look back at Rolanda, she looks jealous. I slide over to her and scoop her up in the same motion. I stand firm and look her in her eyes. I seat her next to Rhonda. A sense of pride washes over me as I gaze upon my heavily beauties.

Rhonda gestures for me to take off my clothes. I back up a little bit and begin with my shirt. Rolanda bites her lips at my almost flat stomach. Hey, had only a week and I like my baby fat. I unzip my pants and spread the flaps first, then I adjust my dick. I hear an “mmmmm” fly out of Rhonda’s mouth. I drop them to my ankles and step out. I pull off my socks and stand in my Under Armour underwear, they are good for support. Rolanda index fingers me to come to her, and I comply with a beastly stalk. She pulls down my drawls and begins massaging me. She turns to Rhonda and smiles. Rhonda grabs the underside of my testies and plays. It takes a lot for me to remain in control.

“Do not cum.” Rhonda orders me.

“Or there will be a punishment.” Rolanda threatens.

I’m tired of this. I pull away; both are stunned and angry. I push Rolanda on her back and rub her clit. She begins squirming. I lock-in on her eyes, and I see the carnality build continuously. I quickly look at Rhonda while fingering Rolanda, and she kinda jumps back. I grab her leg and pull her closer. I wet two fingers in my mouth and jab them expertly into her snatch. Rhonda spreads her legs; her right leg fully overlapping Rolanda’s left leg. I watch my women writhe in ecstasy as I play inside their vortexes. Its sweet music and poetry in motion as they hold hands to keep from falling too deep in pleasure to never return from the abyss. I release them from their shackles as I unsheathe my swords from their pussies.

I bend Rhonda over and begin licking her anus. I shove my tongue in deep and she reaches back to grab my head. My left hand maneuvers Rolanda in doggy position as well. I slowly drill my middle finger inside. Deep, guttural groans ripple in Rhonda’s throat, and Rolanda is oooohing and aaaahing for help. I switch over to Rolanda and spread her ass to get a better vantage point for my fat tongue. I lick up and down, and she bucks back onto my face. Rhonda gets my thumb inserted in her asshole righteously. I stir inside and she’s twitching and gyrating. I put in ten minutes for each girl. Always try to be fair, they know if you are treating one more than the other.

I tell Rolanda to lay on her back and for Rhonda to 69 her. I watch for a little while as they eat each other. If you can find a breather, use it wisely. By the time I hear them reaching their climax I get into the fray. I get on the side and spread my arms. I shove my index, middle, and ring fingers into their kitties. I drill, I twist, I dart in and out; I hook, line and sinker their beloved triangles with passion and compassion. They both squirt onto each other’s face. They fall into a heap on the bed. I get up and walk to the bathroom and get two towels. I wash their faces completely; I take the towels back in the bathroom, and come back to the bed.

I grab Rhonda and spread her eagle. I slide my dick in and hold it there. Rolanda sits on her face and kisses me as I plunge long, strong strokes into Rhonda. I can hear Rhonda’s muffled moans resonate in Rolanda’s pussy. Rolanda keeps sucking on my tongue. I lean forward on my left hand for support and a proper angle, increase my tempo, and play with Rolanda’s Keçiören Escort Bayan clit at the same rhythm and speed. Rolanda releases the suction and holds onto my neck, and Rhonda continues the tongue lashing inside Rolanda’s vagina.

Intermission in-between changing positions is quite quick. I put Rolanda on her side facing right and tell Rhonda to face her in the same position. They kiss as I plummet my long dong inside Rolanda’s crevice. Rhonda thought she would have a reprieve, but my long arms of the sex-law aid me in finding her juicy hole. Rhonda tries to escape, but Rolanda holds tightly, not trying to experience this heavenly torture alone. I continue my assault without compassion. They will cum together is what I tell myself. Playing with Rhonda’s clit and fingering her has her bug-eye. Rolanda whimpers constantly, are those tears of joy? They both cum as they simultaneously swallow each other’s screams. I slow down my pace and unshackle their bonds. I gaze upon my two challengers. I enjoy their presence, and they look back with wanting. I turn Rhonda on all fours, I tell Rolanda to lay in-front on her back, so she can be eaten and fingered.

“Rhonda, you have to rub her clit, and finger her ass and pussy at the same damn time with one hand. Matter of fact; give me the one you aren’t going to use. Rolanda: no grabbing or touching of any kind, no support.” I command. They both give a fearful sigh. I dig into Rhonda like I’m stuffing turkey. I fill her all up, using her free arm as a rein. Rhonda struggles not to grab anything. She screams and shrills through the pleasure. I go faster than ever on Rhonda, hitting that spot precisely every time. Rhonda screams and hollers through the unrelenting force I bring. They cum again, sounding unworldly in the orgasm.

I’m sweating now, I shouldn’t be this out of shape, but sadly I am. I lay in between the two on my back. They take turns giving me head. Rhonda is up first and her technique is a double grip twist. She definitely redefined this skill. It is all fluid. That dick never became dry or soft. No matter her speed she doe not skip a beat. I’m cringing; holding onto dear life as Rolanda licks my nipples and rubs my stomach. Rhonda’s mouth-pops off my dick and signals Rolanda to start.

Obvious distraction ploy: Rhonda is kissing all over me, making nice with head and chest caressing; and licking on my ears and neck. Even though I knew a special skill was coming Rolanda hits me with something I never had done to me. She grabs my shaft right under the mushroom head, and sucks only the tip. It doesn’t hurt or give that stinging feel when a girl sucks in. She keeps the head wet, and those full lips covering the tip. She wants me to cum so bad. Rhonda is still distracting, trying to break me. Never.

Rhonda gets on top of my face and grinds her wet snatch over my mouth. I look up to see her “awwwww” so lovely. Rolanda releases me and hops on as well. I thrust my hips upward bouncing her flaps on my schlong. It is tiring. Multitasking will at some point take its toll on a human body. Their positions: Rolanda sits in frog position on my dick and Rhonda faces her, reverse-froggy on my face. Up and down these behemoth asses go and I feel helpless. I hear them kiss each other, laughing at my predicament, giggling like school girls. I still don’t cum.

“Hmph, it seems like you don’t want to cum. Should we stop then?” Rhonda asks. I just rise from my pitiable state. They slink back into the bed like feral felines on guard. I get out of the bed and turn back around towards them. I tell them both to get on their knees. They do as they are told, hearing the seriousness in my voice. I position them an inch away from my dick. Tell them both to stick out their tongues. After about thirty, long, wet strokes I release my cum on their tongues. They share an equal portion, but they do not swallow. I tell them to spit it in the sink and wash their mouths. They do as they are told and gingerly jog to the bathroom to freshen up. I sit at the edge of the bed, wondering where the night went. They both come out of the bathroom, and I go in to clean up as well. I give myself a light washing over and come out to see them spooning in bed asleep. I pull the covers over them and then I walk back down stairs because I feel like I have renewed strength. It will only be a moment, just want some time to myself.

“Come to bed!” They both scream.

“Coming!” I answer. I walk back up, and enter the bedroom.

They saved me a spot right between them both. They lie across my chest and kiss each other good night.

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