Dysfunctional Family or Just Lucky Ch. 03

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Chapter 3: All Together Now

Carl was in emotional agony and physical extreme discomfort as he watched his lovely wife of over 20 years being tortured. Leah, the object of the torture, was lying on her back on the special wooden table that Brett had painstakingly and meticulously constructed to match the height of his dick above the floor, the shape of her bound body, and the strength to easily withstand the energetic writhing and jerking of Leah’s tortured body even as he brutally fucked the woman senseless while inflicting pain on various parts of her. It had to also withstand the unbelievably strong spasms of her well muscled body when she squeezed out orgasm after orgasm as either his eight inch cock, his torturous manipulations of her breasts or nipples, or even Brea’s magical mouth brought her again and again in cascades of blissful intense orgasms.

Carl’s emotional discomfort came from two differing sources: the innate sympathy he felt as his wife suffered her delicious tortures, and his own egregious denial in not being intimately involved in the torture and sex at the moment. This denial was how Brea, Brett’s twin sister, tortured him. He wasn’t the sexual masochist that his wife was, but rather a humiliation and denial slut as Brea liked to call it. And he had to admit that she was right on the money. After watching Leah being tormented and satisfied over and over while being denied his own pleasure, he would be as hard as one of the metal dildos the couple used to rape his wife’s anticipating ass with. God damn but he was horny!

The other part of his continual lifestyle torture was the not uncomfortable cock cage Brea forced upon him at all times except when she removed it for him to piss or, infrequently to fuck either her or his wife. It was understood that later he would be used to fuck any and all of the twin’s female slaves, which included his wife, Leah, and his daughter, Lisa, at the moment.

Leah had been on the table for nearly an hour with both Brett and Brea enjoying her feminine charms. Brett had used the two foot dog whip, the two inch wide one, between her widely splayed legs to begin her arousal. He had constructed the table very carefully making sure that Leah’s body could be secured very firmly and still allow him an opening in the lower edge of the table into which he could step and comfortably slide his cock into her yawning pussy. The table was around four feet wide with a two foot section between Leah’s widely spread and secured legs cut out for him to simply walk into and fuck her. The table angled where her waist bursa otele gelen eskort was strapped to it holding her upper body at a 45 degree angle so he could abuse her tits and nipples as his long hard cock rested motionless in her creaming cunt. This was the position he had been in for nearly the whole hour after he’d warmed her pussy up with the dog whip. He and Brea had been using two copper rods hooked to a generator to play games with her ears, neck, and mostly her tits and nipples. These tortures had brought her to the valley of the orgasm while the motionless cock in her pussy had driven her crazy with orgasm denial. Its very immobility while buried in her aching pussy while she wanted it to fuck her very hard was an additional torture to her mind and body.

In her tortured euphoric state, Leah had forgotten what the true objective of this intense session was. The four of them, the slaves Carl and Leah, and the masters, Brett and Brea, had finally done it. The two children of Carl and Leah, nineteen year old Kevin and now eighteen year old Lisa had been ordered into the den last evening where their suspicions had been completely confirmed. In front of their children, Carl and Leah had been ordered to strip naked and kneel on the floor in front of Brea and Brett. From their knees, they had taken turns telling the two teens about their lifestyles with Brett and Brea for the last several years.

At the conclusion of the parent’s confessions, Brett said, “Now that you know the whole story about why your family moved in with Brea and me, each of you have a choice to make. Each of you has a full scholarship with all of the trimmings. That was part of the original deal. That still stands whether or not you stay with us and take part in our games, or if you decide to leave. I will take care of either or both of you until you are career bound. The choice is yours.”

“May we talk with our parents alone?” Kevin asked tentatively.

“No you may not,” Brett said quietly. “This is your decisions to make. Go up to your rooms and come back within the hour and talk to us. Your presence, as observers only, are requested late this evening when we take your parents to the dungeon in the basement. We will expect you to give us an answer after that.”

Minutes later, in their apartment suite, they sat excitedly talking about the revelations they’d just been given. Carl said, “Well Sis, what do you think?”

Her voice was breathless and hoarse as she replied, “I don’t know, Kevin. I’m so fucking bursa eve gelen escort bayan horny it’s hard for me to breathe. Seeing Mama grovel at Brett’s feet makes me feel like I’m watching one of my wet dreams in real time.”

“You mean you’d like to be treated like that?” her brother asked incredulously. “You’d like to be chained, whipped, raped, and abused like we hear Mama being all the time?”

Lisa looked intently into her brothers brown eyes and answered, “I’m not sure, but it sure excites the hell out of me to think about it. I’m so hot and my pussy is literally dripping. I need some of your attention, brother.”

Kevin just smiled and slid to his knees at his sister’s feet. With her help, he pulled her shorts and panties off and dipped his face into her wet smelly pussy. He loved it when she was a little pissy smelling and very musky as she was now. As his tongue burrowed into the damp crack, his hands pushed her thighs far apart spreading her pussy for him. He licked up and down and then in and out as he expertly and familiarly brought his sister toward a climax. He listened for her tell tale breathing patterns to change, for her pussy walls to begin quivering. When he identified these signs, his lips moved to seal around her long hard clit and gently suck it. He flattened his tongue and began rubbing the rough flat surface over the tip of the love bud pushing harder and moving faster as she rose to her peak. Then the long soft squeal he so loved to hear began to emanate from her lips in her sound suppressing ritual they had developed so no one would hear them playing.

Then it was his turn. He crawled onto the bed and knelt straddling her head resting his ass and some of his weight on her very respectable tits. She wrapped her arms over and around his thighs and began using them to stroke his shaft and cup his balls. Her lips and tongue began their own familiar ritual with his cock and within moments sucked his shaft deeply into her mouth and down her throat. With the practiced familiarity of a cock sucking whore, she urged him to begin fucking in and out of her mouth, into and out of the depths of her throat. In her practiced manner, her throat massaged his hard cock as she continually swallowed her own copious saliva with his cock buried in her throat. Like his sister, his excitement level after being officially informed of his parent’s submissive lifestyle had him on the edge before his sister’s lips began their seduction of his dick. Like Lisa, his climax along with the white hot bayan eskort bursa cum came arm in arm. Her practiced lips did not lose a single drop of her brother’s cum.

In the closed circuit television control room in the basement, Brett spoke to the two kneeling parents, “I didn’t want to tell you earlier,” Brett said as the two kneeling parents watched their children satisfy each other, “but I do want you to know that neither Brea nor I encouraged this behavior. At the same time, we’ve masturbated to scene after scene captured on the hidden cams in their rooms.”

That was last night and this was tonight. Leah was suffering the pain of electro- torture on her nipples while Brett’s maddeningly motionless dick drove her yearning cunt crazy with wanting. Brea had moved quietly away from Leah’s tortured body to sit beside Carl and undo his cock cage. She began gently kissing his neck and licking his ears as she slowly masturbated his aching cock.

In the next room, two pairs of fascinated eyes took in the whole scene with focused attention. Kevin and Lisa held hands tightly as they watched the tortured sexual scene between their mother and Brett and the slack faced attention Carl was paying to his wife as Brea jerked him off slowly. As Leah’s moans and mewing intensified, Brea increased her hand action on Carl’s hard cock. With the expertise of hours of practice, Brett and Brea brought the two spouses off at the same instant. The mingled throaty groans of Carl and the wailing keening of Leah gave ample evidence that they were in complete bliss due to their submissive and painful sexual encounter this evening.

Minutes later, Brea opened the door and invited the two naked siblings into their parent’s torture chamber. “It is time for you to decide,” she said evenly. “Understand that if you stay with us, you will both become fair game for mine and Brett’s games of submission and domination. Lisa, Brett will certainly train you to become a submissive pain and cum slut just as your mother is. Kevin, I will train you and make you into a submissive humiliation denial slut like you father is. Decide now.”

The two siblings looked at each other and smiled. They dropped to their knees where Kevin crawled to his mother’s table and Lisa crawled to her father where he sat on the couch. Kevin rose to his feet and lowered his mouth to his mother’s cum filled pussy. Simultaneously, Lisa’s mouth opened and gently cradled her father’s now limp dick. Each of them worked diligently until they brought both parents off in turn. Once both Carl and Leah had come once again, Lisa asked, “Is that not only an answer, but proof that the answer is a sincere one?”

While Brea adjusted a new cock cage for her new male slave, Brett took his new female slave and hung her from her wrists beside her mother’s table. He selected a short cat-o-five tails, a rather light one for Lisa’s first titty whipping and turned to his new slave.

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