Early One Morning

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He woke around six. As soon as he got up he turned on the cell phone and checked his voice mail.

The deep, friendly voice sent chills through him.

“Bob, it’s Jack. I’m awake. Still hoping you’ll be able to stop by this morning. Give a call or just come to room 1007 at the downtown Omni.”

Fifteen minutes later after a quick shower he was driving downtown. No coffee so his breath wouldn’t smell. He wished he was wearing something besides his office clothes but there wouldn’t be time to change.

He was lucky and found a parking spot only a block from the hotel. The lobby was huge and he wasted a few minutes trying to find the elevators. Finally he was heading up to the tenth floor.

Room 1007 was down the hall to the left. He reached it in a flash, knocked, and stood out of breath, his heart thudding.

The door swung open and there he was, as handsome as he remembered. Stark naked.

Jack’s smile was huge. So was his erection. Bob drew in his breath.

“Hi. Sorry I didn’t get dressed. I didn’t think we’d have time for breakfast.”

Bob shook his head, managing a smile in return. “No problem. I’m not hungry.”

“Come on in.”

He followed Jack into the room. His friend immediately flopped onto the unmade bed and put his hands behind his head. Bob looked at his lean, rangy body, at the monster dick between his legs. Eight and a half inches, Jack had told him when they had first met online. He hadn’t been lying. He felt his own cock pressing painfully against the front of his dress pants.

Jack tapped the mattress with his hand. “Care to join me?” When Bob sat down he shook his head. “No clothes on in bed.”

Bob smiled as he stood and took off his shoes, but inside he was nervous as he stripped. Years had passed. He’d tried to keep in shape, but what if he didn’t turn Jack on any more?

He needn’t have worried. “Oh baby!” Jack exclaimed, and held out his arms. “It’s been too long.”

“How long has it been?” Bob asked, after they had exchanged their first, lingering kiss.

Jack raised his head in thought. “Seven-no, seven and a half years.” He grinned. “Long enough for my hair to turn white.”

It gaziantep escort was a uniform silvery gray now, setting off Jack’s vivid blue eyes and square-jawed face. “You look even better,” Bob told him, and meant it.

They kissed again, rolling and tangling in the sheets, dry-humping their hard cocks against each other. Bob’s head descended to Jack’s crotch. He opened his mouth as wide as he could and took the penis, doing his best not to scrape it with his teeth.

“Oh yeah, suck it good, that’s it.”

After a few minutes Bob’s jaw ached. Reluctantly he let the cock go, giving it a last lick. There was another prize to be had. He slid down on the bed and pushed Jack’s thighs apart as he aimed his tongue at the secret spot between his cheeks.

“Oh god, yes! Eat my ass, man, yeah.” Jack’s vocal pleasure during sex had been one of the biggest turn-ons of being with him. That hadn’t changed.

“Love to have your cock up there.”

Excitement surged through Bob at the thought. “You got protection?”

“Yeah-well, for me.” Jack had always been proud that the only condoms that would fit him were the oversize ones. “They’d work on you.”

Bob glanced at the digital clock by the bed. It was already past seven. He’d have to be out the door by quarter of. He shook his head. “Let me put one on you, man. I’ve been dreaming about your dick for days. No, years.”

Jack smiled. “Whatever you want, buddy.”

In a moment Jack’s cock was hooded with the Magnum. Bob knelt over him, reaching behind and putting lube up his ass. Jack’s fingers toyed with his nipples.

“Make sure and use a lot.”

“No kidding.” Bob’s thighs were trembling. His cock jutted up hard as a rock. He wasn’t sure he’d be able to take Jack’s monster after so long, but he had to try.

He squatted until he felt the head nudge his hole, then took a deep breath and pushed against it. He raised his head, eyes closed, as Jack’s cock slowly opened him. A wail rose from his throat as it broke through the tight muscles of his ring. His breath came in short gasps through gritted teeth. He tried desperately to relax.

“You all right, buddy?”

Bob nodded. There was no turning back now. He let himself sink further. The stunning mix of pain and pleasure as the fiery sword inside slid past his prostate drew another tortured cry from him. Through the flaring agony he became aware that his butt was pressed against Jack’s thighs. He had taken him all the way in.

He began to laugh, short triumphant barks, half hysterical. Jack’s strong hands grabbed his face and drew it down to his own. They kissed, completely joined.

“Oh man,” Jack breathed. “You did it. The last two guys I hooked up with got one look at my cock and said, sorry, man, no can do. You’re the man.”

Bob smiled. The pain was finally passing. “No. I’m your slave. Your cock slave.” He lifted his hips gingerly and brought them down, grunting at the impact. His next cry was louder in response to Jack’s thrusting hips. “Fuck yeah.”

He rode the cock for a while, until Jack flipped him over onto his back. “Ready for some real fucking now?”

Bob grinned. The pain was gone. There was only the joy of being filled with Jack’s cock again after so long. “Yeah, I’m ready. Fuck me, Jack.”

“You got it.” Jack’s hips swung into action, slamming against Bob’s cheeks on every down stroke. Bob’s hand was a blur on his own rod. Between kisses Jack kept up a continual stream of dirty talk, driving them both into a frenzy of lust.

“Take my fucking cock Bob. Take my fucking load up your sweet tight ass. Jack that stiff prick. Want to see it shoot that hot cum all over you.”

“Do me a favor, Jack?” Bob whispered.

“Anything, baby.”

“After I cum, pull out and shoot in my mouth. I want to taste your load. I want to share it with you.”

Jack’s eyes widened. “Fucking hot. You got it man. C’mon, shoot that load.”

Bob felt himself go past the point of no return. “Going to cum. Oh yeah…yeah…fucking cumming, man!”

He groaned as his asshole clamped down on the cylinder of flesh invading him, squeezing the sperm up from his balls and through his cock. It shot out in hot jets that hit his chin and pooled on his chest and stomach. The next moment he screamed as Jack yanked his cock out, leaving aching emptiness behind.

His friend quickly pulled off the rubber and straddled Bob’s chest, taking his head with one hand and lifting it to his cock, which he was frantically stroking. Bob closed his eyes and opened his mouth. He heard Jack’s harsh gasps, and a second later the first spurts rained down on his tongue. The load was hot, salty and enormous. When it finally stopped pouring in Bob rose and clamped his mouth on Jack’s. Their tongues and lips slipped and slid together, lubricated by Jack’s cum. They finally broke apart and Bob opened his eyes. He saw Jack’s handsome face, eyes closed, mouth open, lips swollen and bruised by their passion, smeared and streaked with his sperm. It was an image that would haunt Bob’s dreams.

Jack opened his eyes and smiled at Bob. They sank down onto the bed, entwined in each other’s arms. Slowly their breathing returned to normal.

“I was so afraid this wasn’t going to happen,” Bob told him.

Jack nodded. “I’m sorry I couldn’t see you before this. I was in meetings from morning till night. I’m flying out in a couple of hours. And you’re going to work in a few minutes.”

Bob shook his head. “Afraid so.”

They talked, catching up as best they could. Bob was celebrating his twenty-fifth anniversary with his partner next year. He knew from the e-mails they had exchanged through the years that Jack had gotten divorced, and changed jobs more than once. How was his current position? Jack loved it.

“Hey, it brought me here, didn’t it?” he laughed. A pause. “So your partner’s doing okay?”

“Yes,” Bob said. “All recovered from the heart attack.”

“I was the cause of that, wasn’t I?”

Bob shrugged. “Not you. Me.” He stirred, uneasy. “He’d have another one right now if he knew where I was.”

Jack took him in his arms. “Don’t sweat it. Soon we’ll be thousands of miles apart and he won’t have to worry.”

Bob hugged him back. “At least we’ll have this to remember. Till next time.”

They embraced one more time at the hotel room door a few minutes later. As Bob rode the elevator down a thought made him smile. Jack had been naked the whole time they’d been together.

He yawned a lot that day at work and caught himself walking a little funny. It took more than a week before his butt was back to normal.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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