Earth, Wind and Fire Ch. 03

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Part 3 ‘Alice’s story’

Well, I’ve done some mad shit in my life. Not all of it good. In fact, some of it has been downright dangerous. But that is me. Alice Cooper (yeah, my parents had a sense of humour) adrenaline junkie and all round mad bitch.

I am butch. Standing at around six feet tall, I keep my body toned with regular exercise and a strict(ish) training routine. When I was young all I wanted to do was join the military, I blame my father for that, he was a career Drill Sergeant and a really tough cookie.

Against my mother’s wishes I joined the Marine Corps as soon as I was old enough, which was where I found a few things out about myself. Firstly, I confirmed my belief that I was indeed more attracted to women than men. Secondly, I got turned on by being naked in front of others.

It became clear when my Drill Sergeant had been ribbing me, saying I was a guy and didn’t belong in her squad. It was during one of these moments she made me strip in front of the squad to prove in fact I was indeed a female. I don’t know what the purpose of this was, but I realised I was getting very horny standing out there with everything on show. After that our Drill Sergeant seemed to find a lot of excuses to make me get undressed. To this day I am not sure if it was because she wanted to make things difficult for me, or if she just liked looking at my body. I never got to find out either way, but I did use to dream about her ordering me to strip and have sex with her.

I ended up serving six years in all, in that time I did two tours in ‘Stan doing a lot of different things, then after I returned to civilian life, I moved back West. I did try and get in touch with my old Drill Sergeant but had zip luck in tracking her down. It wasn’t long after that, I ended up in the UK doing a few favours for an ex services friend, mainly doing work in stunt roles for a TV company. That was when I decided to settle here.

At this point in time, I would do anything for a buzz. Skydiving, base jumping, free climbing, you name it. It was doing a free climb I discovered my favourite place in the world. Off a near vertical cliff there was a wide ledge of rock which caught the sun beautifully on nice days. There was a shallow basin that collected water from a run off higher up. I made it a thing that I would do the climb as often as possible in the Spring and Summer, then undress on the ledge and sunbath or cool off in the rock pool.

One particularly warm day, I was laying in the pool, enjoying the breeze that touched my naked skin, lulling me in to a lovely state of arousal. I was laying back, eyes closed, letting my fingers tease me a little when I heard an exclamation. I opened my eyes to see a dark-haired woman watching me from a few feet away, she was clad in skin tight climbing gear like my own, the only difference was, she was wearing hers while mine was lying in a bundle halfway between the two of us.

I sat up hurriedly, more concerned for her embarrassment then my own. “Sorry.” I told her. “I usually have this place to myself.”

She sauntered a little closer, hands on her narrow hips and eyes fixed on my body. “Nice ink.” She commented finally.

I have several tattoos, most of which were on show. Every one of them represents a part of my life, a personal goal, or a friend I’ve lost along the way. I was proud to wear them all.

“Thanks.” I replied, feeling stirrings in my body from the staring eyes.

She took another step forward and placed a La Sportiva climbing shoe clad foot on top of my clothes. The action was so deliberate, it was like she was deliberately pointing out that she had me at a disadvantage.

All I can say is, it was a good job I was submerged from the waist down, as I was beginning to leak a little.

“Do you often get naked up here?” She asked me.

I couldn’t see any point in not being truthful. “Whenever I get the chance to climb up here I do a little sunbathing, or I just have a soak.”

She knelt down and picked up my shirt and shorts, turning the material over in her hands. I have never felt so naked as I was then.

“Do you live far away?” She asked casually as she let the items drop back to the rock.

“Only a few miles.” I reply. “I cycle here and leave my bike just off the footpath.”

“I can imagine it must be very sensual being up here naked.” She looks at me again, only this time she is smirking, like she has decided on something. “But I guess not as sensual as it would be if you had to cycle home naked.”

The thought hit me like a train, and I will admit openly, I had a climax there and then. It was short but very sweet and it left me gasping for breath.

“My!” The woman exclaimed. “You’re an excitable one aren’t you. I would be tempted to throw your gear over the edge just to see what happens, but I think I would worry for your safety on the climb back down.”

I’ve never been fishing. Not really my thing, but at that point, I had a good idea how the fish felt when bursa otele gelen escort it had been happily swimming along, enjoying itself, only to end up thrashing about on a hook.

This woman had me on a hook, and she knew it.

“There is a footpath down from the top.” I muttered. I have no idea what came over me, but at that point in time I wanted her to take my clothing.

A neat dark eyebrow twitched at my words. “Can you get to the top?”

The thing about this climb is the first three quarters are hard work, after the ledge it’s a cakewalk.

I nodded eagerly.

“Show me.” She instructs.

In minutes I was out of the water and dressed in my gear. Twenty minutes later we hit the grassy summit. I pointed out the footpath, which wasn’t much more than a sheep trail between gorse and shrubs.

“Tina.” The woman introduces offering her hand. “You climb well.”

To be fair, I had practically run up the cliff. All I wanted to do was get to the top and her to leave me there naked.

“Alice.” I told her. “I had a good incentive.”

“You would do it as well wouldn’t you?” She asked. “You don’t know anything about me, but you would be willing to let me put you in a very vulnerable position.”

As soon as she said it I realised how dumb I was being. I nodded sheepishly.

“I guess you haven’t done anything like this before?” Tina askes, and I shake my head.

“I just get aroused by being naked.” I blurt out

Tina laughed. A pleasant laugh that was not mocking, more complimentary. “I guessed that much.”

What followed was my first steps on the road to discovering my true self.

She got me to give her my address, then asked me to hand over my clothing. When I was nude she took a couple of pictures with her phone. ‘Mementoes’ she told me winking. Then she said she would come around to see me later that evening and recommended that I wait until after dark to cycle home. She climbed back down the cliff, leaving me alone and feeling very aroused.

The journey down the footpath was the most intense walk I have ever made. They say there is nothing like your first time, and it is true. Every nerve is alive. Every sense is awake and identifying so much more than it had before. It was as if someone had removed a blindfold and I was experiencing life for the first time. I did make it down without making myself cum, although it took a lot of willpower.

I made it home. The cycle ride turned out to be more erotic than the walk. With my sex rubbing against the bike’s saddle and the cool evening breeze on my naked flesh, I was in a semi climax the entire two miles. I still don’t know if anyone saw me, I lived on the very outskirts of a town, but still had to pass several houses. I suppose that just made everything more arousing.

By the time Tina called around, I had managed to pull on a long t-shirt. Nothing flashy, just one that I liked to sleep in when it was cold. I stayed that way while she explained, quiet openly, how she was in to BDSM and a professional Domme. She also explained rules of a dom sub interaction. I was shocked on just how complex it could get. What I thought would be straight forward was, in reality, a very narrow line to walk. When I look back on it, I can clearly see that there is a very fine line between dominance and abuse.

We sat talking for a long time. Tina telling me about how she had learnt what she knew from a place she referred to as ‘The Academy’, and me telling her my desires and what drove me.

At one point she reached out and placed her hand over my heart. “You know you could make a fortune as a Switch. There are a lot of people out there who would love to be dominated by a big strong woman like you. And on the other side of the coin, there is a number of people how would love to dominate a big strong woman.”

I felt like I had been wondering around in a jungle. Lost and devoid of hope. Then Tina had shown me a pathway to civilization.

“Could you teach me?” I asked, wanting to know more about the things that had made me feel so alive.

I won’t go in to a lot of detail about how things went between the two of us, I will say however that she took me to where she lived in a very nice part of town. I had to leave everything at my house apart from what I had on, which really meant just the t-shirt. Once there, she literally cut the shirt off me with scissors and threw it away, telling me that for the next few days, if I wore clothing it would be of her choosing. I slept in her bed that night and we had the most amazing sex I have experienced. The following morning, she fastened me in to a black leather corset that came complete with a high collar and a thick crotch strap.

“That should keep you from pleasing yourself.” She told me, then added several padlocks ensuring I stayed in the item. “I now also control your pleasure.”

The days were a blur after that. She taught me how to be submissive, which was easier escort bayan than I thought. Although, as I got a strong feeling of satisfaction out of it, I suppose it made things easier. Learning how to be a dominant was far harder, but everything was explained thoroughly with reasons why, and I soon got the hang of it.

Sadly, the day came when Tina told me she had nothing left to teach me. She locked me in the corset once more, which I enjoyed far more than I should, and under the cover of darkness drove me back to my house.

A small part of me hoped that she had some feelings for me, but all she did was slip a vibrating egg inside me and open the car door.

“The keys to the padlocks are inside somewhere.” She told me with a final wink, then drove off, leaving me nearly naked on my own doorstep, clutching my door key and getting aroused by the egg.

It took me close to five hours of constant torment to find those keys, but I wouldn’t have traded those house for anything.

I still have that corset. On very special occasions I wear it, but it isn’t the same without someone to keep you locked in it. I live in hope that I will find someone willing to put it on me one day.

Janet and I met through out appreciation of erotic literature. We began to email after commenting on the same authors website. When I moved to a bigger house, which, with the revenue I pulled in as a professional Switch, I could afford it, she helped me redesign the garden to allow me privacy to enjoy myself and she became my closest friend. We share a very similar humour and ideas of what are enticing sexually, so it was no wonder we get on well together. I even went to a pride event in her town once and taking in to account the only one I had been to, was in San Francisco, I turned up on a Harley wearing a leather bikini under chaps and a bike jacket. I am not sure Janet’s town had seen anything like that before, and I drew more than a few stares. They always ask her if I will be at the next event though.

Diana, I bumped in to. Literally. I had been to see a client. A nice professional lady who liked me to arrive at her house wearing just a long coat and boots. There was nothing sexual about it, I would turn up, she would take my coat, and we would sit down and chat over a coffee. Part of me thinks that she just wanted the attentive company, not that I am complaining, she was paying, and I got a nice buzz off it.

It was after one of these visits I was walking back to my car and Diana stepped out of her house straight in to my arms. That in itself wasn’t a problem, but as Diana only just tops five feet tall and I am over six foot, her face planted directly in to my breasts. Again, not a big issue, but her iphone cable got entangled in the zipper of my coat, and before either of us knew it, most of my body was on show to her. There were obviously questions raised in that moment, and rather than just walking away, I offered to buy her a coffee. One of the most pleasurable afternoons I have ever had was sitting in a coffee stop wearing nearly nothing and watching Diana get more and more turned on by my explanation. It wasn’t long before Diana was paying me visits and experimenting with her wild side.

Jane had taken a little coaxing to get her out of her shell, but then again, she is older than Diana, and had more time to develop her insecurities. Diana had slightly different issues. She rated very high on the autism scale and found it difficult to hold a conversation about anything that didn’t involve computers or coding. She did however have a mind that was as sharp as a pin and constantly working. I have wondered what would have happened if I hadn’t opened certain doors for her. Part of me thinks she would have hacked the CIA or something, maybe started a nuclear conflict just to find out what would happen afterwards.

I love my two strange but interesting friends. I would do anything for them. My only problem was, I wanted to act out a particular fantasy, but I wasn’t sure either of them would be willing to go to the extremes I wanted to go to. I had partly broached the subject during out internet chat, just to test the water, but ended up not going in to detail.

It was only a while later, I was having an email conversation with Diana and she linked me a clever little machine that was the answer to all my prayers.

I ordered one immediately and began to put together a cunning plan.

I had showered and performed my standard hair removal routine. Body hair was not something that I considered sexy, so I always made sure I was totally free from it. A little dusting of Gucci Rush followed. Just enough to add to my own musk, and keen the edge of my senses. This was going to be an interesting evening. I knew how it was going to begin, but I had no idea how it would end. That very thought was intensely arousing.

I carefully slip my foot in to a sheer black silk stocking, easing it up my thigh. It isn’t often I wear these, mainly mudanya escort only for professional reasons, but tonight is a little special. I repeat the process with my other leg, then fasten a black lace suspender belt around my waist and clip it to the stockings. I pause to check in the mirror that the seams are straight. As I move the suspenders slip over my skin making every tiny movement sensual. I really should wear these more often I decide. Especially with no underwear.

My next item of clothing, although it can hardly be called that, is a black satin, halter neck mini dress. It is intentionally two sizes too small for me, so when I have it smoothed down the tie around the neck is only just long enough to fasten. Not that it matters, its purpose is to leave as much of my body uncovered as possible. Which it does remarkable well. The top comes to just below my nipples and the bottom doesn’t really cover anything. Perfect.

I put my feet in to a pair of ankle boots, nice sexy, lace up ones with around an inch of heel. I don’t tend to wear high heels as I dislike having to duck when walking through doorways.

With my outfit complete I go to the kitchen and double check everything is in place ready for my guests. The last touched are two envelopes labelled Janet and Diana. These contain written instructions which will be key to events later. I spend a minute gazing over the kitchen table and I can’t help but smile longingly, then the doorbell chimes and I am forced to focus on the present instead of the near future.

I check the security camera to ensure it is Diana and Janet outside. When you like to spend time around the house in the nude, it is good to have a way to check on who is calling on you. I am greeted by two grinning faces who wave at the hidden camera. A smile spreads across my lips and I open the door to let them in. The cool air touches my exposed skin and I take a sharp breath inwards. I feel my body begin to react to the building excitement. I breath out slowly, enjoying the moment of exposure.

“You forgot to put your bottom half on.” Janet jokes as they step inside.

“I think it is intentional Janet.” Diana replies before I can say anything.

There are times when her autism doesn’t pick up on Janet’s humour. It didn’t however stop her from pinging my suspender as she walked past. I let out a little yelp of surprise.

“Eyes only for now ladies.” I instruct. “Plenty of time for touching later.”

I notice they glance at each other curiously at that comment. I mentally cheer as I have successfully tweaked their interest, which was exactly what I wanted to do.

I show my guests to the sitting room and go to pour them drinks. When I return I feel two pairs of eyes following me hungrily as I bend over to place their respective drinks on the low table. I deliberately let them have a prolonged view of my breasts popping over the thin material of my dress. I want them to enjoy every moment of looking so that when the time comes, they would be able to indulge their arousal.

With drinks served, I pass them each an envelope. “Do not open these yet.” I instruct and place a timer on the table. “When this goes off you may open the envelopes and read the contents.”

I see Dannie itching to open the envelope. She has less patience than I do, and this would be like dangling a steak over a dog’s nose to her.

“Whatever happens, you must stay in here until after the timer is done.” I add a little edge to my voice this time. For this to work right I need them to do exactly as instructed. For now, at least.

“Don’t worry Alice.” Janet tells me. “I will make sure Di stays here until it is time.”

I grin at Diana’s pouting frown.

“I’ll be in the kitchen preparing things.” I announce and leave them to their drinks and thoughts.

The moment I am in the kitchen I take a second to run over what I need to do before beginning. Everything is in place, it just needs one important addition.


It is a little-known fact that I have a talent at building things. The summerhouse for instance. I added in a lot of structural changes to make it in to a cosy little bondage den. My kitchen table is another of my works. Normally, it is a nice sturdy wooden table. However, the top can be removed to reveal what lies beneath. A table of a much different kind.

This is the table that is waiting for me. The top is covered with a layer of slightly cushioning rubber to make it more comfortable, and has holes drilled in to it in several places to allow the, dare I say, ingenious, metal brackets to be fastened to it.

I climb on to the table top, so that I am on my hands and knees, then edge slowly backwards. Between my thighs rests a steel vibrator sheathed in silicone. It is a bit of a special toy I managed to source a while back. When dialled up to the max, it can generate enough vibration to rattle walls. I tend to keep it for very special occasions. At this time it is mounted on a stainless-steel rod that is, in turn, fixed to the table. I take a breath and impale myself on it. The feeling of being filled with the solid device is amazing and it takes me a lot of control not to just ride it to climax immediately.

I glance at the clock on the wall, there is still a lot to do before I am ready.

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