Easier Not To Notice

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“So, everyone in this room is disease free?” Danny stirred something.

“Well, at least all the guys are.” Angela bounced a leg on an armrest of the couch. “I haven’t been willing to go with out sex long enough for the test to be completely accurate, but at least I know I didn’t have any STDs 3 months ago.” She stretched and wiggled her toes. “Between Jason going without for about 4 months now, and our resident celibate sex god, I think I get to be dubbed a virgin by default.”

Danny wandered away from dinner briefly. “I don’t think it works that way, you’d need to at least do some community service.”

“You could give blow job classes down at the community center. Pass your years of experience on to the next generation.” All present with a Y chromosome snickered.

“If anyone should be giving lessons it’s Danny.”

“Why’s that?” Jason got plates out, and anticipated a story.

“Danny is very skilled with his mouth, speaking of which, I saw Thomas the other day.” Angela snickered from the couch, rolling her blonde head up to survey her friends from an upside-down angle.

“Who’s Thomas?” Jason set the table for the usual late Thursday dinner at Danny’s. It was only three of them tonight, using it as an excuse to celebrate negative test results all around. Earlier he had wished for Angela to come down with a violent attack of diarrhea so he could be alone with Danny. She was always fun to be around and he actually was glad to have her there, but his crush on Danny was beyond morals.

“Is dinner done yet?” Angela changed the direction of her voice. “Thomas is the man Danny made gay.” She strut towards the table and sat. Jason choked on the wine half way down his throat.

“I did not make him gay!” Danny countered from the stove. “It’s almost done. You pour orange juice for me?”

“Yes.” She turned to Jason, who was having difficulty remembering how to breathe. “I suppose he didn’t technically make Thomas gay. He just made him bi.”


Angela grinned and took a long drink. “Well-“

“Well,” Danny arrived with dinner and cut her off, “Angela’s full of shit, along with a wide variety of bodily fluids.” He served them each. “That boy was bi long before I got to him.” Danny wiggled his eyebrows and sat down.

“Agreed. But you made him realize it.” She took a few bites. “You’re like a sexual Buddha.”

“That doesn’t make sense some how.”

“I thought you were straight?” Jason speared some food and waited anxiously for the answer.

Danny shook his head and swallowed a lump of bread. “No, bi.”

“Can I pleeeeeeeeaaase tell the story?” Angela whined with the effectiveness of no other grown woman on the planet.

“Fine, fine.”

Jason chewed quietly as possible so to not miss a word.

“When Danny and I lived in New York we would go to this one club pretty regular. The name changed three times but it was pretty much the same place. So we were there and I had brought my frat boy of the week.”

“She had a thing for working her way through fraternities.” Danny raised the wine bottle at Jason, who nodded and received his second glass. “She was one of the rewards for surviving pledging.”

“Any way,” Angela made an expression that implied a mental note was being taken to schedule slapping Danny later, “I wasn’t serious about him or anything, just something to play with. There’s one corner of the club that has couches and’s quieter, where you can actually hear each other talk. We started getting into sexual orientation saying that no one is completely straight or gay, that for everyone there’s an exception to the rule.” Angela paused to actually eat something. Jason finished his second glass and got a third. The table would hide any reaction he may have to the story, but a little chemically induced impotence couldn’t hurt, not that he’d ever had enough alcohol for that to happen. Danny stayed quiet and stared at the table a great deal.

“So the frat boy went on an on: I’m not gay, I’m straighter than a ruler, and so on. He wasn’t an asshole or homophobic or anything, he just believed it despite the fact he almost stared at guys more than I do.” Jason snorted; a few bits of food flew out.

“The voyeur in me suggests, ‘If you’re so straight you should be able to make out with a guy and not get a hard on.’ He’s just drunk or stupid enough, I can’t remember which, that not only did he agree to it, but I got to pick the guy. I picked Danny, who agreed willingly.”

Danny’s face pinked a little and he glanced up sheepishly from his plate.

“So I set the rules. Make out for 5 minutes, and Danny was not to touch him below the waist, or play with his nipples or anything like that.”

Jason shifted in his chair, the alcohol wasn’t helping. He tried to hide his envy of someone he’d never met getting 5 minutes of touching Danny’s mouth.

“They both agreed. Danny had to start, but within a minute Thomas was kissing back and pulling Danny closer to him, breathing getting all heavy. I think there may have been grinding.”

Danny’s escort şişli face got redder.

“After the 5 minutes, Danny, being the sober one, breaks the kiss and wanders off. Thomas, after a minute or so of shock, ran after him.”

“He didn’t run.” Danny started picking up the plates.

“Like hell. He spilled at least 3 drinks on the way. He must’ve spent half the night looking for you.”

“Did he find you?” Jason swallowed the last of his wine.

“I refuse to answer that question on the grounds that it may incriminate me.” Danny was undeniably red as he sat back down.

“But I can.” Angela raised her hand and grinned. Danny buried his head in his hand, smiling. “I went looking for him to tell him I was leaving; he was lying on a couch with the back of Thomas’s head covering his crotch.” Angela thumped the table with her hand. “And now he hasn’t had sex for at least a year because of some regained interest in monogamy. What a waste of talent.”

“I’ll be back in a sec.” Danny wandered in the direction of the bathroom. Jason examined every muscle in his body. Danny had a medium build, but very toned; even through the t-shirt, the long-sleeve undershirt, and the baggy jeans Jason could see it. He’d look like a Greek god if his black hair didn’t stick out so much.

Once Danny was out of sight Angela leaned over the table and whispered to Jason, “He’s got a crush on you, you know.”

“What?” Jason ripped his gaze from where his punk-architect-Greek god had been.

“He’s got a real bad crush on you.” Angela held herself as if she were imparting military secrets. “You’re gonna crash here right, it’s closer to your school than your place, and you’ve had a little too much wine.”

Jason nodded.

“After I go, make a point of standing really close to him and watch how he reacts. Make an excuse to touch him. Hug him or something I don’t know. I bet he tenses up, as if he doesn’t like it, but that he won’t pull away.”


“You’ve seen how he is when people he doesn’t like touch him, he moves away or won’t let them. And if that’s what happens you can blame it on the wine. But he does have a crush on you.” Angela smiled and stood up from the table. “And if I’m right I want to know every little detail tomorrow.” She leaned back and rose from the table. “I gotta go. I have to be up early tomorrow!” She yelled it so Danny could hear.

He came bounding in from the bathroom and gave her a hug and a kiss before she left. “You staying here tonight Jas?”

Jason nodded, still in shock.

“Take the bed. I’ll sleep on the couch.” He started doing the dishes.

Jason stood up. There wasn’t much to loose in at least trying Angela’s experiment. He’d never let himself touch or be too physically close to Danny for long amounts of time. He’d thought Danny was straight and hadn’t wanted the hard on he got just about every time he was around him to be noticed. He walked over and stood close enough to smell Danny. “You do that every time. It’s your bed, you should sleep in it.”

Danny stiffened and his washing slowed. He had to swallow before he spoke. “You have to get up before I do.” He turned around to face Jason, but made no attempt to push him away. Their faces were only an inch apart. “Besides you’re the guest.”

“How’d you get suds on your neck?” Jason reached up and slowly rubbed them off.

Danny sucked in a breath when Jason touched him and closed his eyes.

Jason took a step back and watched Danny let go of the breath. “You got something I can borrow to sleep in.?”

“Yeah, same as always.” Danny swallowed again and stole a few looks into Jason’s face. “I’ll change and put it on the bed for ya.” He glanced back as he went.

Jason covered his mouth with his hand. He couldn’t be seeing this. There’s no way that just happened.

Danny made himself take a few deep breaths. Jason’s a little drunk that’s all, it doesn’t mean anything. He took out the t-shirt and sweats Jason slept in when ever he stayed over. Danny never wore them so they always smelled like Jason. Danny inhaled and gave his crotch a squeeze. He looked down. “Damn. Maybe he won’t notice.”

Jason bit his lip as Danny walked back in only wearing the loin cloth-like thing he slept in. It came down to his knees, but because of how it was held up it just barely covered his rear and crotch. Jason thought he saw a bulge before he dragged his eyes away from Danny’s crotch. Danny only ever went without a shirt around people he knew. His chest was covered with large angry scars left over from a less than peaceful childhood, and his arm had a lot too from where Danny had expressed his unhappiness as a teenager. The whole time Danny told had told Jason about it he couldn’t look at Jason. At the end of the story Jason had stroked his hair and whispered to him, “I’m sorry.” Danny broke down and clung to Jason sobbing. The idea of Danny crying was unreal to him; Danny was the strongest person he’d ever known. It made Danny escort nişantaşı more human, and made Jason’s crush on him that much worse. Angela had seen the scars, but she didn’t know why they were there. Danny had said, “She’s not good with depressing stuff.” They never talked about it. It was only important that Jason knew and that Danny had told him.

Now or never. “Thanks.” Jason threw his arms around Danny and hugged him close. Jason felt Danny’s body tense in his arms then relax.

God, it was too much to control it any more. Danny hugged Jason closer. It all felt too good to stop. He wanted to just stay like that forever. He felt Jason start to pull away and his body took over. Danny pulled him back in and kissed him urgently on the mouth. They held each other tight, hands roaming everywhere. Jason could feel Danny’s erection press against his own. Danny broke the kiss and jumped back. Both of them were breathing heavily.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have… I’m sorry.” Danny looked at the floor and rocked a little back and forth. “I’m sorry… I’m…I’m gonna go to bed.” He lay down on the couch with out another word or looking at Jason.

Jason walked to the bedroom in a daze, the taste of Danny’s tongue still in his mouth. He changed into the t-shirt and baggy sweatpants. The bed smelled like Danny. He buried his face in one of the pillows and inhaled deeply. He started grinding his pelvis into the covers. He walked back to the living room. He straddled Danny’s stomach. Danny stared up at him, his breathing stopped. “What just happened, Danny?”

He looked everywhere Jason wasn’t, tried to avoid the question but there was no point in denying it. “I’ve had a crush on you for a while now, a real bad, throbbing crush. But I didn’t think you’d want me.” He had to stare at the wall just so he could form the words. “I thought I’d loose you even as a friend if I told you, so I-“

“Not want you?” Jason shook his head. “I’ve had a crush on you since we met. I end up with a hard on almost every time I talk to you. I’ve fantasized about you more times than I can count. I’d rather be with you than anywhere else…” Danny reached up and caressed his face, grinning. “I’m in love with you.”

“Same here.”

Jason pulled Danny up to him and kissed deeply, petting Danny’s tongue with his own. Danny pulled down on him by the t-shirt. Jason stopped himself from grinding into Danny’s crotch and with effort broke the kiss. “Isn’t there an absurdly large bed in the other room? With pillows and blankets and stuff like that?” Jason bit his lip, his eyes glowing down at the man he’d loved for so long and finally got to touch.

“Yes.” Danny smirked and suddenly sat up, Jason still in his lap. “But I have a better idea.” He gently got up from the couch. His crotch was at the same height as Jason’s face. Jason reached for the bulge between Danny’s legs, but Danny caught his hand. “I’m going to take a shower. So if you want to find me, that’s where I’ll be.” He lightly kissed the palm of Jason’s hand and swaggered off.

“You just want to tease the hell out of me don’t you?” Jason laughed, staying on the couch long enough to witness Danny walking away, in specific his ass. He waited a moment, still not completely believing all this was real, but decided it didn’t matter and ran to the bathroom. Danny had designed the apartment building he lived in and decreased his fee on the condition he would own one of the apartments, and get first pick. The shower was the best example of this. It wasn’t so much a shower as a small room completely covered in tile, missing a wall, and with water spraying from 7 different directions. Jason shivered a little at the bathroom door. There was no shower curtain; the water was aimed in a way that made it unnecessary. He opened the door. Jason’s mouth watered. There was Danny, wet and soaping himself in the shower. He looked up when he heard the door.

He looked Jason straight in the eyes and slowly soaped his cock. “Do you need a shower?”

Jason nodded slowly. “You have no idea how badly I need a shower.”

Danny put the soap down and walked to Jason, dripping water everywhere. He lifted up the only shirt in the room. Jason raised his arms and watched where Danny threw it. Danny ran his wet hands down Jason’s chest achingly slow. He massaged Jason’s chest, rubbing the nipples with his thumbs as he passed. Jason moaned and twitched, getting louder as he watched Danny kneel down. Soon the sweat pants were kicked to the side. Once free, Jason’s cock stuck out almost perpendicular to his body.

Danny took a few deep breaths. Damn, Jason was beautiful. He kissed Jason inside his thigh; licking, sucking, nibbling. He felt Jason’s balance waver so he took hold of his ass to steady him, among other reasons.

Jason groaned loudly and ran a hand through Danny’s hair. He closed his eyes. If it’s not real he didn’t care, it was the best dream he’d ever had. Jason felt a sudden hard suck at the base of his dick and jerked his escort mecidiyeköy eyes open. “Aaaaah God!” His body thrust towards Danny.

Danny took Jason’s entire cock in one go, and then slowly pulled his mouth off it, sucking as he went. On the other side of Jason he slipped one wet finger into his ass, pressing it in as far as it would go then withdrawing it just as slowly as his mouth. On his third pass of this he could feel Jason tighten, seconds away from an orgasm. He backed away and stood up.

“Ooooh, God damn you!” Jason still shook from Danny’s skills.

“You still need a shower.” Danny grinned and pulled him into the still running shower.

“That’s not all I need.”

Danny picked up the soap and bent Jason over so he could hold onto the bar with his butt sticking out. “A very extensive shower.” He nudged Jason’s legs further apart with his foot. Jason’s moan was drowned out by the water. Danny soaped and caressed Jason’s cheeks, biting his lip each time he felt Jason arch into his hands. He rinsed off the soap and began pumping 2 fingers in and out of Jason’s ass. Jason started shaking hard. He wanted Danny’s dick, need it. He didn’t care where, he needed to touch it. The fingers in his ass sped up.

“Aaaaaaah, please Danny!” Jason screamed over the water.

Danny slowed his hand and leaned down to Jason’s ear. “I’ll go find a condom.”

Jason pushed back hard into Danny’s hand pushing his fingers further in. “We both tested negative.” Jason panted a little and squeezed his muscles around the fingers. “We can go with out and still be safe.” He tried to take more of Danny into him. “Please…” Jason could barely stand. His dick was so hard it hurt. He needed release. He needed Danny.

Danny removed his fingers, barely able to keep any kind of control watching Jason moaning and pushing back to keep Danny’s fingers in him as long as possible. Danny leaned in, kissed the back of Jason’s neck and slowly worked the head of his cock into Jason’s willing anus. They were both shaking now. Danny closed his eyes and rammed the rest of his rod into Jason. He thrust as fast as he could right off, unwilling to wait any longer. Jason pushed back against him just as hard. Their moans and grunts were in unison and growing louder.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaah!” Jason’s voice echoed in the shower as he added his own fluid to the water circling the drain. Danny gave one last thrust and added his own echoes. He fell onto Jason, rested a little, washed them both off, and turned off the water. Jason staggered out and landed on the toilet. Danny moved out very slowly and leaned on the counter. Jason caught his breath first and grinned. “I really needed that shower.” They both laughed. “I think I’m going to need a lot more showers.” Jason willed himself to stand and dry himself off. Danny watched happily and let his legs regain some strength. Danny’s eyes on him suddenly made Jason shy. It embarrassed and exhilarated him to be studied so openly. Jason began to dry Danny, who sighed and melted under Jason’s hands.

“Jas, you’ll probably want to call in sick tomorrow.” Danny opened an eye and looked down at Jason.

“Why?” Jason rubbed the towel down Danny’s legs, having to swallow when he saw Danny’s penis start to harden again.

Danny opened the other eye. “Are you ready to go to sleep?”

Jason felt himself begin to rekindle. “No.”

“Then you’ll want to call in sick.”

“It’s the last day before a week vacation.”

“Do you want your students asking why you’re walking funny?”

Jason snorted out a laugh. “I’ll call now and leave them a message.” Jason rose from the floor. “There’s a phone in the bedroom right?”


Jason waited through the rings. Danny helped pass the time by licking and sucking on Jason’s nipples. “Hi it’s Jason I…” Jason let go a sigh as Danny’s hand ran up his thigh. “I’ve thrown up a few times and I’m still not feeling too well so…” Danny kissed Jason’s neck. “I’m gonna stay home and not spread whatever…” A hand reached between Jason’s legs. “This is to everyone at school. Bye.” Jason grabbed Danny and fused their lips together, then playfully beat him into submission. Sitting on top of Danny Jason took a victory kiss from him. “I hope they don’t send me a get well card.” They chuckled and held each other. “Danny?” There was a contented grunt in response. “Why would you think I wouldn’t want you, wouldn’t be attracted to you?”

“I’m not exactly pretty?”

Jason sat up and looked down at Danny. What was wrong with this man’s eyes? “How can you…but…loin cloth…” Jason’s gaze drifted to the scars on Danny’s body. “Do you mean these?” He leaned down and kissed one of the scars on Danny’s chest. “And these?” He kissed up the arm covered in scars. “It’s part of you. That’s the only way I care about it at all.”

Danny’s other arm draped over his eyes. He felt Jason tug on it. He resisted, but it didn’t take long for his wet face to be revealed. He turned away from Jason.

Jason took Danny’s chin in his hand and gently kissed the tears off his face. In the morning Jason found himself laying on top of Danny. Danny’s body was the most comfortable bed in the universe; they should sell beds shaped like his front. In his haze of comfort he recognized the sound of his cell ringing. Jason found his pants and fished it out.

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