Eddy Pt. 04

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The second week she would be away for two days, this gave Eddy and I two whole nights together, he and I would have the weekend to play with each other. He and I met at “Our” bar he and his friends were there having their usual Friday night drink, it was Eddy who now was the first one to want to leave. He wanted to get back to my place so he and I could play together.

His friends commented how different he was now, he seemed happier, less stressed, so much more calm than he had ever been in the entire time they had known him. The fact he was the one who wanted to go home first was totally unusual. They asked if he was having an affair, was she hot, there was something about Eddy that was different.

Eddy had a hard time to not turn every shade of red, he denied it but his friends knew there was something different about the man now. He was easier to be around, easier to talk to, he was no longer on edge. Eddy continued to deny an affair, or that he may be seeing someone else, Eddy could not look at me as they asked him about what was going on.

One of Eddy’s close friends saw it, the way he looked at me, the way he acted when I was with them all, how Eddy’s facial expressions changed, how he acted differently when I was there. John watched Eddy and I interact with each other, we were more like a couple than just friends. How we traded looks with each other, it was easy to tell we had seen each other naked and so much more.

John stayed after all the others had left, he wanted to ask us both if what he was seeing was true, and for us to try to not make it so obvious. John looked at me differently, these guys were all straight men, they did not have sexual relations with guys like me. John was one of those guys you did not confront, he was a big guy, he looked mean but was a pussy cat inside, as John told us how we were acting with each other, far to many of the guys started to notice the change in Eddy and they would soon put it all together as he had.

Eddy told John it really is not cheating as he is not with another woman, what he is doing was releasing built up sexual energy, unloading sexual frustration. Eddy told John how his girl only liked sex once a week, and it was scripted by her, Eddy himself needing it multiple times in one day.

What he and I were doing harmed no one, it was just two guys playing with each other, getting each other off, and most of all he told John it was better than anything he had ever done with any women. Guys do things women won’t do, gay guys are open minded, they love to get a guy off, watch him as his balls unload a massive load of built up cum, and Tom here taught him so much about his own body and the things he really needed sexually.

I could not believe what Eddy was telling John, but he knew John for years now, John was his best friend of all of them, they had talked about how frustrating it really was not having Mecidiyeköy Escort the amount of sex either needed. How jerking off just wasn’t cutting it anymore, it relieves you for a short time but you need someone to do it for you.

John continued to stare right at me, I knew he wanted to know if I was actually gay and as good as Eddy had said I was, I was the only guy of the group who was not married, but I also seemed to be the most relaxed of all of them. These guys all great guys married but no longer having sex with their wives for years now, masturbation their only outlet.

I wondered what it would be like to be in bed with a guy like John, he admitted he and his wife had stopped having sex years ago. John was a gentleman, he was not one to cheat, he said his vows when he married and he was one who would honor them till the day either of them died. I could see the wheels turning as John still stared at me, if I could make Eddy feel like he did maybe I could do something for him as well.

John said his goodbye to Eddy and I, he said he would not breath a word of what we discussed with each other but we had to stop being so obvious. We thanked him and he was on his way, Eddy and I headed out ourselves. He and I grabbing a cab, neither of us saying anything about the conversation between us and John.

Eddy and I got back to mine, he and I all over each other, we stripped each other at the front door, he and I would be naked for the next two days. We started with a kiss, his hands all over my body, pulling my butt cheeks apart, I knew what the man wanted. He and I got in the pool for a naked swim, then I could go get ready and he could fuck me the way he liked too.

I got out of the pool and got ready, Eddy came in the bedroom grabbed the lube and laid on the bed naked and rock hard. I climbed on the man and slid his rock hard cock deep inside of me, I simply sat on his cock, I did not move, I slowly stroked his cock with my butt muscles. I would bring the man to orgasm without even moving, as he got closer I started to ride him, his cock came in and out of me like a piston.

Eddy could hold back no longer, he had gotten so much better at holding back but I was doing things to this man he had never had done before. Eddy was close, he slicked up his hand and grabbed my own cock, he squeezed it, milked it for more and more cum. My own cock exploded as his cock slid against my prostate, Eddy’s knob worked my prostate, his own balls rose in their sack Eddy was close.

“Oh Fuck Tommy, I’m close, Fuck I’m so close, Oh Yes Tommy Fuck.

Eddy’s cock slammed its load into my hole, my own cock shot the man full of cum, his chest neck and chin took most of it. He and I spent, it had been a long week we were both tired but I still wanted to taste a load out of that man’s cock. I waited till he and I got our wind back, Eddy’s cock slipped Escort Bayan out of my ass, I leaned in and kissed the man.

I took his lube covered cock into my mouth sliding my own cum soaked cock into his mouth, Eddy swallowed my cock lapping away all the cum residue that was on it. We quickly drained each other of yet another load, I savored the load Eddy fed me, I needed a nice load of cum.

Eddy and I got snuggled in under the covers, he and I could take our time tomorrow, he and I had two days to be together. Eddy looked up at me, I knew he had something on his mind.

“Tom our conversation with John really bothers me, John and I have been friends for years now, I’ve known he and his wife Sarah have not had sex in many many years, close to fifteen I think. He told me many times he was tempted to have an affair but the guilt would eat him up. So glad I met you Tom, I really think John needs a guy like you to play with.”

“I can tell you Eddy I would suck John’s cock anytime, the man is so sexy, and I imagine he has a huge cock as well.”

“The man is hung that is for sure, saw it once while he was taking a leak next to me at he urinal, very thick and very long, and that was soft.”

“You and I should invite him over tomorrow for a dip in the pool, we can see if he might want to join us in my bed as well.”

“Tom I would love to watch you try to swallow his huge cock, while I fuck that wonderful ass of yours.”

“Lets message him tomorrow see if we can coerce him into a nude swim in the pool, then bring him to my bedroom for some fun.”

Eddy and I snuggled in for the night, he and I up at nine, I needed to pee and my cock was rock hard. I drained my bladder then got between the man’s legs. His cock rock hard and dripping ready to be drained once more, Eddy turned me around so we were now in a sixty nine position. Eddy fucked my mouth till his balls were ready, he sucked down on my own cock, he and I ready to blast each other with our loads.

Eddy rolled off me we laid there spent, I went to get up to make coffee but he held me there, laying on top of me his lips on my own.

“Should I call John?”

“Yes call him let’s see if we can get the man to come over then drain the man of a few loads of cum.”

I got up to make coffee, Eddy got on the phone with John, told him we were going to laze around the pool most of the day, if he cared to come by he was more than welcome. Oh and it was clothing optional as I had a privacy fence in place so no one could see what was going on in my back yard.

John was intrigued, but nervous as well, he knew what Eddy and I had in mind, it took some time but John finally agreed to drop in for a quick dip as he called it. Eddy and I had breakfast then a quick shower, I got lunch prepared so I would not have to do that later when John was here. John showed up Eddy greeted him in istanbul Escort only a pair of underwear, John truly shy was more than a little red faced.

Eddy invited him in, we made our way poolside, Eddy quick to drop his underwear, I kept my speedo on trying to make John a little more comfortable. John slowly got more comfortable with both of us, he removed his shirt first, the man had a magnificent chest hairy upper torso with a trail that led to the mound in his trousers.

Next his shoes and socks, the man had huge feet, they perfectly matched his body, his trousers were next, the man shy but willing, he had on boxers, he could not hide his enormous cock flopping around in his boxers. John took a seat in one of the loungers, I offered him a beverage we could sit and enjoy the day.

Eddy got up and dove into the pool, he insisted I get in, but he wanted me naked. I got up stood poolside, slowly slid my speedo down bending over so John would see my hole. I wanted this man naked so badly, I had to see that monster cock he had hidden away. Eddy and I swam back and forth splashing having fun.

John got up and walked to the edge, dipped his big toe in, the water at a perfect temperature, he stood there a minute or so, looked at us both his boxers thrown in the pile of his clothes on the chair. There it was his massive cock, it had to be eight long soft, and at least five in girth. The man had a full lush bush, with hairy ball sack.

John cannonballed in, he made a massive splash, getting Eddy and I wetter than we already were, John swam back and forth, he avoided contact with Eddy and I. I got out of the pool, my own cock semi erect at the sight of John’s massive tool, Eddy right behind me his own cock rock hard and ready for action.

John lingered in the pool, we both knew the man was semi erect and nervous to get out. I went in to get the pitcher of iced tea to refill our glasses, I knew John was too nervous to get out of the pool with me out there with them both. Eddy told me later that John was indeed nervous to get out of the pool, the man was semi erect and was not sure what kind of arrangement Eddy and I had.

Was I Eddy’s boyfriend? Was John allowed to be naked and hard in front of us both? Would I be willing to have some kind of sex with John in front of Eddy? Eddy reassured John that he and I were fuck buddies, nothing else, Eddy was somewhat happy in the relationship he had with his girl, but he was not getting the sex he needed from her.

John kind of relaxed he asked Eddy if he was sure it was okay? Eddy assured him a few times that it was fine. I came out with a pitcher of iced tea, John had his boxer shorts on his crotch to hide his massive erection. I filled his glass and tried to make the man comfortable being naked in front of us both.

We sat and drank our iced tea, talking about general things work, the weather, Eddy finally asked John in front of me if he was interested in play with the both of us? John turned so many shades of red, nerves had a grip on him for sure. He did not give a direct answer more of a side step to it, if we wanted to engage him in sexual activity he might be a willing participant.

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