Educating Fred

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Note: This story involve M/M Bi sex, so if you don’t care for this kind of story skip this one.


Fred sat in his living room flipping through the channels on his television, not finding anything good he picked up his laptop and logged into an adult porn site. Scrolling down the page he clicked on gay videos. For some reason he had been finding himself being drawn to gay porn lately. He would always love tits and pussy, but there was just something about watching another man sucking cock that had him curious.

Finding a video of two mature men playing caught his attention, he put his headphones on and hit play.

The men were probably in their mid to late 50’s, not bad looking. The scene was typical two friends, talking about sex, or lack of sex from their partners. One guy notices his friend has a hard on and comments on it. Not saying a word the man drops to his knees and unzips his friends jeans and pulls his cock out. Looking up at him he licks from the base of his friends cock up the shaft to the head.

“Fuck,” Fred whispers out loud feeling his cock throb, he unzips and unbuttons his pants and takes his cock out, slowly stroking himself, watching the action on the screen.

Thinking back he remembered the Sunday he and Tyler had went over to Ted’s house to watch the races. The races weren’t much to watch and they all ended up having fun with Ted’s wife. She sucked and fucked all three of them and loved every minute.

The man on the screen doing the sucking was licking and slurping his friends rock hard cock, taking it as deeply as he could.

Fred watched the man getting sucked grab his friend by his head and hold him down on his cock, fucking into his mouth, moaning and begging his friend to make him cum. “Suck that cock.”

The more Fred watched the more turned on he was getting, he finally couldn’t stand it any more.

Thinking back to the day at Ted’s house he remembered the way that Ted had reached over and stroked his cock. “I’ll never know if I don’t try,” Fred said setting the laptop down. He picked up his phone and dialed Ted’s number. He was just curious he reasoned, no harm in asking Ted a few questions.

“Hello?” Ted said putting his phone on speaker, while he was rummaging through the junk drawer, he knew they had some extra batteries here someplace. “Oh hi Fred, I’m doing alright, trying to find a battery.”

“Well, um…if you’re not busy I was wondering if I could walk over.” Fred said before he lost his nerve.

He was so horny he couldn’t stand it, he was just curious, not expecting anything to happen between him and Ted. He just wanted to ask him some questions.

“Oh sure, come on over the wife has gone shopping she won’t be home for a couple of hours probably.”

“Well, okay I’ll be there in a few then, see you soon.” Fred said breathing a sigh of relief, he was glad Ted’s wife wasn’t going to be there. “Alright bye.”

“Okay see you in a few,” Ted said, finally finding the batteries he was looking for.

Wonder what Fred want’s? he thought to himself, Fred was a very shy person and didn’t socialize very much with the neighbors.

Walking up to Ted’s front door Fred took a deep breath, not believing what he was about to do.

“Here goes.” he said ringing the door bell, he could hear Ted walking toward the door, he couldn’t back out now.

“Hey, come on in.” Ted said opening the door, Fred stepped into the foyer, “nice to see you.”

“Oh yeah nice to see you too,” Fred said nervous, wondering if he was making a mistake, “I um…just thought I’d drop in for a few minutes.”

“Oh great, the wife is gone for a couple of hours shopping with a girlfriend, I have the house all to myself.” Ted said noticing that Fred had a nice bulge in his jeans. “Come on into the den,” Ted said leading Fred downstairs to the play room. “Can I get you something to drink?”

“Umm, yeah beer if you have it.” Fred said thinking he would need one to get his nerve up.

“I always keep a few in the fridge.” Ted said walking over to the mini fridge and getting them each a beer. “Here ya go.” he said walking back to Fred and handing him a cold beer. Ted didn’t drink beer very much but once in awhile he liked one.

Taking a deep breath Fred glanced around the room, not sure how to bring the subject up, “Say, Ted do you remember the day we were all over here watching the race?” He sat on the sofa, wondering what the hell he was doing, he could get up and just leave but something was making him stay where he was.

“Oh yes, I’ll never forget that day.” Ted said with a laugh, “after you and Tyler left I wore the wife out.”

“Bet she liked that.” Fred said clearing his throat, “ummm,” Fred hesitated, he noticed Ted looking at his crotch, he couldn’t hide his hard on. “Well, the reason I came over was, I was umm, wondering.”

“What it’s like having another man touch your cock?” Ted said guessing.

“I, well, I’m not gay you understand.” Fred said wanting Ted to understand he was just curious.

“Oh canlı bahis I’m not either, I consider myself bi I like sucking cock and getting my cock sucked by another man on occasion.” Ted explained watching Fred take a big swig of beer. “I’ve only done it a few times but I do enjoy it.” Ted admitted.

“I’ve been watching gay porn, guys sucking each other.” Fred said glancing over at Ted, “and…well it turns me on watching them sucking each other.”

“There is nothing wrong with that,” Ted said sitting in his recliner across from Fred. “Look I see it this way, if two consenting adults enjoy playing around, sucking cock or even fucking, even if it is two men there is nothing wrong with that.”

“Well, yeah I see your point.” Fred said wanting to stroke himself, “I mean nobody would have to know right.”

“Exactly,” Ted said liking where this conversation was headed, “you know, even if say I were to get down in front of you and stroke your hard dick.” Ted said looking Fred in the eyes. “nobody would ever know but you and me.”

“But, what about your wife?”

“Oh well her and I have an agreement.” Ted explained getting up and walking over to Fred and going to his knees in front of him. “We tell each other everything, but it would never go any farther than the three of us.”

“You’re sure?” Fred asked nervously, he sure didn’t need anything getting out around the neighborhood.

“Positive,” Ted said reaching out and stroking the bulge in Fred’s pants, “nice hard on buddy.”

“Uh, uh thanks,” Fred said swallowing hard, watching his friend unbuckle his belt and unbutton his pants.

His cock was rock hard and throbbing, he could feel pre cum leaking onto his boxers. “She’s gonna be gone for awhile right?” he asked looking at Ted.

“Oh yeah, a couple of hours at least,” Ted said trying to reassure him, they would have plenty of time to play around a little. Ted was anxious to get a taste of Fred’s cock, “why don’t you get more comfortable.” Ted suggested. He really wanted Fred’s cock in his mouth, he wanted to taste him.

“Okay,” Fred said standing and slipping his shoes off and then he removed his pants and boxers, he stood there in Ted’s play room in nothing but his tee-shirt and socks. “I can’t believe I’m doing this.” he said looking at Ted.

“If you don’t like it we can always stop, there is no pressure here.” Ted said hoping that Fred did end up liking bi sex. He wouldn’t mind Fred sucking his cock, but they would take it slow and see what developed. “You have a nice cock.” Ted said looking up at Fred, reaching out he stroked Fred’s swollen member, it was the perfect shaped cock. It was a nice size, not too big, nice veins, perfect mushroom shaped head. Ted couldn’t wait to get this cock in his mouth, taste him and suck him.

“Ummm,” Fred moaned watching Ted stroking his dick, it did feel good having someone else stroking his cock. “You have a nice touch.” Fred said looking at Ted.

“Nice dick,” Ted said taking Fred’s balls into his other hand and kneading them gently, he could see pre cum forming on the head of Fred’s cock. Sticking his tongue out Ted licked the pre cum, “mmm,” he moaned liking the taste on his tongue. Glancing up at Fred he licked Fred’s cock, nibbling on the head he worked his way to the sensitive spot on the underside, right under the head.

“Fuck! Fred groaned, damn that felt so good he thought, nobody had ever done that to him before. He continued to watch Ted licking his cock and stroking his balls.

“Do you want me to make you cum?”

“Oh fuck yes, please.” Fred said wishing Ted would take his cock into his mouth, he was enjoying the way that Ted was touching him.

“Your cock taste great,” Ted told him licking his way to Fred’s balls. Ted gently sucked Fred’s ball sack into his mouth sucking on them one after the other. “Mmm,mmm yummy,” Ted moaned feeling his cock getting hard, reaching up with his other hand he stroked Fred’s throbbing, rock hard dick.

“Oh God, yeah Ted suck my balls,” Fred moaned watching his friend licking his balls.

Ted continued to lick and suck Fred’s balls, stroking his throbbing dick.

“Fuck, I love my wife but I do love sucking cock too.” Ted said looking up at Fred, licking his way up the shaft of Fred’s cock, pre cum was running down the shaft, he licked it all, savoring the taste.

“Your pre cum taste so good Fred,” Ted commented slurping the man juices from Fred’s dick.

Fred had to admit it did feel good having Ted sucking his dick, he needed to cum but not yet.

Ted grasp the shaft of Fred’s dick, stroking his hard cock, god he loved the feel of Fred’s cock in his hand. “Nice hard dick.” Ted told his friend while he continued to stroke his member. Not able to wait any more Ted slowly licked from the base to the head of Fred’s cock, looking up at him, finally he took the head of Fred’s cock into his mouth.

“Aww fuck yeah,” Fred moaned watching Ted finally take the head of his cock into his mouth. “Suck me, oh shit yeah.” he groaned watching bahis siteleri his cock disappear into his friend’s mouth.

Ted sucked on that cock, in and out he took it into his mouth. Moaning around that cock he reached down with one hand and unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans. Ted sucked that cock as if he were starving. He let Fred’s cock slip from his mouth, “I’ve got to get naked,” Ted said quickly standing and stripping naked.

Fred swallowed hard, looking at Ted’s hard dick, he wanted to reach out and touch him. “Can, can I touch you?” Fred ask nervously, he had never in his whole life touched another man but he wanted to stroke Ted’s cock.

“Sure,” Ted said watching Fred reach out for his cock, “uumm,” he moaned when Fred gently grasped his hard cock in his hand. “Oh yeah Fred, stroke my dick.”

“You’re cock is wet,” Fred said stroking Ted’s cock, he could see pre cum forming on the head. He wanted to taste it, just to see what it was like. He sat on the sofa and reached for Ted’s cock, leaning in he licked the precum from Ted’s cock.

“Yeah,” Ted moaned watching Fred tasting his man juices. Damn but he wanted to push his cock into Fred’s mouth but he would take it slow. He didn’t want to scare Fred away.

“Hmmm,” Fred moaned loudly liking the taste of precum, he wondered why he had never tasted his own before. Taking a deep breath he took the head of Ted’s cock into his mouth, teasing it with the tip of his tongue.

He couldn’t believe he was sucking another man’s cock, it didn’t turn him off in the least. He enjoyed the feel of a hard cock in his mouth, he liked the taste.

“Suck my cock the way you like having yours sucked,” Ted told him, that was the best way he could explain to Fred how to suck cock.

Fred was amazed that he liked the feel of a cock in his mouth, he let Ted’s cock slip from his mouth.

Ted went back to his knees in front of Fred, reaching for his hard cock, he stroked Fred again, watching precum run down Fred’s cock shaft, he licked it, flicking the tip of his tongue across the head.

“Fuck!” Fred groaned when Ted licked the precum from the head of his cock, then flicking the tip of his tongue across the head of his cock. “Suck me damnit.” he said forcing his cock back into Ted’s mouth. He hadn’t been this turned on and horny in months, he fucked his friend’s mouth.

Looking down he watched Ted sucking and slurping on his manhood, he felt his cock get even harder.

Grabbing the back of Ted’s head he fucked his friend’s mouth. He needed to cum, he was breathing heavy, gasping for air.

Ahh, yeah fuck my mouth buddy, give me your cum. Ted thought while he took his friend’s dick as deep in his mouth as he could. He reached down and stroked Fred’s heavy cum filled balls. He wanted Fred to fill his mouth with his seed. “Mmmm, mmm,” he groaned while Fred fucked his mouth.

“So this is what you do when I go shopping?”

Fred looked up and there stood Ted’s wife Patti, fuck they had been caught. “I…uh I can explain.”

“No explanation needed.” she said continuing to watch her husband sucking his friend’s dick.

Ted let Fred’s cock slip from his mouth, he looked at his wife, hoping she wasn’t angry with him. “Hi honey…” he said, “ummm you’re home early.”

“Don’t let me stop you baby, continue.” she said taking the hem of her tee-shirt and pulling it off over her head. She was bra less, she watched Ted take Fred’s cock back into his mouth. “suck him good baby.”

“Shit!” Fred groaned when Ted put pressure on his cock, sucking him hard and deep. He had never had a woman give him such a good blow job. He could get to like this he thought fucking Ted’s mouth.

Patti walked over to Ted’s recliner and she took off her shoes and then unzipped and unbuttoned her jeans. Slipping her jeans off she wasn’t wearing any panties. Sitting down on the recliner she made herself comfortable, she wanted to watch her husband sucking dick. It always made her so hot and turned on. ” Suck his dick honey.” she said encouraging Ted.

Ted sucked and licked Fred’s cock, god he loved knowing his wife was watching him. He felt his cock throb and jerk he reached down with one hand and stroked himself.

Glancing over he saw Patti rubbing her tits, teasing her nipples, making them hard.

“Fuck,” he thought she looked sexy sitting there like that, he watched her put her legs up on the arms of the recliner giving them a glimpse of her pussy.

Patti pinched her nipples making them hard, twisting them, “He taste good hon?” she asked slipping one hand down to the top of her pussy, she caressed her pussy lips, spreading herself open so that her husband and his friend could get a good look. For now she reasoned she would just watch the action.

“Ahhh, yeah Ted, suck my dick!” Fred moaned loudly fucking his friend’s mouth.

Patti slipped her fingers in between her pussy lips, feeling herself getting wet. Licking her lips she watched Fred fuck her husband’s mouth, she wouldn’t mind a dick or bahis şirketleri two in her mouth. She wouldn’t join them unless she was asked.

Ted let Fred’s cock slip from his mouth, he looked at his sexy wife, pinching her nipples and rubbing her pussy. “Come over here.” he tells her motioning her over to them. “I need your hot mouth on my cock baby.”

Patti gets up and walks over to the sofa, standing in front of them she pushes two fingers inside of her wet slit, “Mmmm,” she moans fucking herself. “is that all you need?” she continued to finger her pussy.

“Right now I need your mouth on my cock.”

“Awww, my baby needs his dick sucked.” Patti tells him, she pulls her fingers from her wet pussy, she pushes her wet fingers in her husbands mouth, he sucks greedily on her wet fingers tasting her pussy juices.

“Ummm, yummy.” he tells her looking at her, “suck me now.” he commands her.

Dropping to her knees she reaches for his hard cock, stroking him, looking at him, “Suck Fred’s cock.”

Ted reaches for Fred’s still hard dick, taking him back into his mouth, sucking hungrily, tasting precum.

“Damn,” Fred moans looking down and watching Ted sucking his cock and Ted’s wife sucking Ted’s cock. He had never been this turned on in his life, “suck me, suck the cum from my balls.” he groans.

Patti caresses Ted’s cock, feeling how hard his cock is, she can feel it throbbing in her hand. Leaning down she licks precum dripping down the shaft. “Ummmm,” she loves the taste of his pre cum. She takes his cock into her mouth, taking him deep, making herself gag. She could hear the sounds of her husband sucking Fred’s cock, hear Fred’s heavy breathing.

“That’s it baby girl suck Daddy’s cock,” Ted thought feeling her sucking him the way he loves for her to do. She was an expert, she taught him everything he knew about sucking cock.

Fred felt like his cock was going to explode, he had never had a blow job like this in his life.

He watched Ted’s wife sucking her husband, she took Ted’s cock deep, gagging on it. “Do it suck Ted’s cock, make him cum.” Fred said he was hoping he and Ted could cum at the same time.

Patti sucked Ted’s cock as if she were a whore on a street corner, sucking and slurping his cock. Reaching for his balls she stroked them, feeling how heavy they were, wanting his cum in her mouth.

Ted pulled away from Fred’s cock, he looked at his wife sucking his cock. He grabbed her hair and pulled her mouth off of his cock, making her look at him. “Suck Fred, suck his cock.”

Gasping Patti, got to her knees in front of Fred, reaching for his cock she stroked his dick.

“Uuummm, Hard cock.” she tells him, “I just love sucking cock.”

Ted leans in and kisses her deeply, “Suck him, now.”

“Fuck, I don’t care who sucks me.” Fred groaned wanting a mouth on his cock.

Patti slowly licked from the base of Fred’s cock to the head, nibbling and flicking her tongue all over his cock. She felt him put his hands on her head holding her down, fucking into her mouth.

“Damn, that’s good.” he said fucking her mouth, “suck it, yeah suck that dick.”

Ted watched her sucking his friend’s dick, he pinched her nipples, heard her gasp when he twisted them. Reaching down between her legs, he rubbed her wet pussy, pushing his fingers inside of her. God, she was so wet, and tight around his fingers. Fucking into her he watched her sucking Fred’s cock deeper.

Mmmm, fuck me, she thought when Ted fingered her slit deep and hard, her pussy was getting soaked, if he kept that up he would make her squirt.

“Feel good baby, like when I finger your tight hole?” Ted whispers in her ear, hearing her moaning around Fred’s cock in her mouth. “Suck him good.”

“Fuck feels so good,” Fred told her holding her down on his cock, fucking her mouth.

In and out he fucked her mouth, forcing his dick deeper in her mouth, he didn’t mean to get so forceful with her he just couldn’t help himself. “Not yet, don’t wanna cum yet.” Fred told her pulling his dick from her mouth. “suck your husband.”

Ted stood up next to Fred and watched his wife take his cock in her hand, she stroked him.

Looking up at him she caressed his balls, licking them, she sucked one into her mouth.

“Ahhh, yeah baby, suck those balls.” Ted moaned when she licked them one after the other, sucking on them. “My baby is the best cock sucker,” he tells her watching her stroking his cock. “she is my wife-slut.”

Patti took Ted’s cock back into her mouth, sucking him deep, putting pressure on his throbbing cock. Felt him holding her down on his dick, fucking her mouth.

“Ummm, I need to cum baby,” he tells her looking down at her, “suck Fred, make us both cum.”

Patti moved back over to Fred and took his cock back into her mouth, sucking them one after the other she continued to suck both cocks.

“She is good,” Fred said reaching over and stroking Ted’s cock, he wanted to feel a cock in his hand.

Ted went to his knees again in front of Fred, he wanted to suck his cock again, wanted to suck that black cock with his wife. “Mmm,” he moaned taking Fred’s cock back into his mouth, Patti reached for Fred’s balls, stroking them, leaning down and licking them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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