Educating Tristan

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Tristan lay awake unsure of what he was feeling, it had been a very odd day for him. He rolled over and looked at his beautiful wife, thinking to himself that she might understand if he could just find the words to tell her. Yes, an odd day indeed and he didn’t think the next day would be any better. You see it has been like this ever since Robert started working at the restaurant. But maybe I have jumped ahead, so let me start again. Tristan was a bright young chef with a promising career, a beautiful wife, a nice home and was generally happy and secure in who he was. Then Robert came along. A little older than Tristan, but a tall good looking guy, Robert also had a few years on him in the restaurant industry. Immediately, they worked well together and Tristan was learning alot form Robert who never minded sharing a secret or a shortcut with him. As time went on Tristan got very comfortable with Robert and they began hanging out together after work.

That’s when it happened!

Sitting in a bar after a few 7&7’s, Robert, very calmly and without embarrassment, told Tristan he was gay. At first Tristan didn’t really think anything of it as he liked Robert and wasn’t judgmental about other people’s sexual preferences. It didn’t change his opinion of the man at all. They continued to drink and talk laughing at each other’s stories and jokes it was a typical night after work. But then it all changed.

As they left the bar and walked to their cars, Tristan noticed two good looking men kissing in the dark. For a split-second he thought, “Damn I wish Robert would kiss me like that– just so I could know what it’s like.”

Now, lying here in the dark, his split-second thought had grown into a full-blown idea and he had no idea where it came from. Tristan had never really been exposed to anything like that and really didn’t understand where the thoughts were coming from, but he was having a very hard time pushing them out of head. He had tried sleep but that just led him to one of the most confusing dreams he had ever had.

He dreamed that he and Robert were kissing in the dark. When morning arrived, Tristan’s wife Melissa thought he was distracted and slightly distant but when she asked him about it, he simply told her it was nothing. She thought no more about it as Tristan often went into deep thought about an upcoming party or a new menu idea. The next couple of days he continued, lost in thought, unable to get the vision of those two men out of his head. Each night his dreams became more vivid and detailed, but this last dream was the one!

He dreamed of having sex with Robert, but in the whole dream his wife was watching them with a huge grin on her face. When he awoke from that one he had a raging hard on and a small puddle of precum under him. He decided it was time to talk to someone about it. As they sat at the table drinking their morning coffee, he slowly began to tell Melissa his thoughts and dreams. At first she was taken aback, but she loved him and had always supported him and this would be no different. s She asked him what he wanted to about it. To this he had no ready reply, as he really didn’t know what to do about any of it. But she had some ideas of her own. Melissa was a very open-minded person and in the beginning of their marriage, when she told him she had always wanted to have sex with a woman, he was supportive and even helped her find the woman.

That’s when it hit her…..she would help him altyazılı porno as he had done for her.

They made love that morning, right there on the kitchen table–passionately. He felt relieved that she knew what was going on, that she hadn’t freaked out, and he felt like he could focus on other things now. She had other ideas though and now it was her mind that was racing, plotting even. A few days had passed and now that Tristan had confided in Melissa it was easier for him to concentrate on other things although he still found it hard to look at Robert without wondering what it would be like to be naked with this tall handsome older man. Still it never occurred to him that he would ever actually know.

Melissa had other ideas though and one day after Tristan left for work she called Robert and asked him to come by for some coffee and a chat. When Robert arrived he had no inclination as to what the awaiting conversation had in store. Melissa told him about Tristan’s thoughts and dreams, never actually telling him it was him in the dreams though. She asked for his advice, explaioning that what she wanted to do was arrange an encounter for her husband. After a few cups of coffee, Irish style, they came up with a plan.

When Tristan arrived home from work he was surprised to find Robert’s car in the driveway but it never occurred to him what Melissa had in store. He walked in the house to find Robert sitting on the couch and Melissa grinning at him. Before he could say anything, she told him, “Go take a shower and get changed— and no questions.” And with that she ushered him off to the other room. H e asked her what was going on but with a soft kiss and a large smile she whispered that she loved him and not to worry, it would all be explained shortly.

Confused and a little apprehensive he did as she said. As he stripped and stepped into the shower he wondered what was going on, and his heart jumped when he realized what might be happening. But no, he thought to himself, she was a cool wife but there was no way she would set him up with a man…..would she? He showered quickly, not wanting to waste any time. He was so eager to find out what was going on.

When he stepped out of the shower, Melissa was standing there. She kissed him and told him she loved him, and in a sweet seductive whisper she said “I’m leaving for awhile, enjoy yourself, and don’t hold back.” With that she left. Tristan’s cock jumped and his heart raced, but still he toweled off quickly and dressed. As he walked towards the living room Robert met him in the hallway and without saying a word this tall sexy man stepped forward and kissed him. Tristan was shocked but amazed at how nice and different it felt to have a man kiss him–not quite as soft as a woman’s lips and the smell was different, musky. Tristan found himself returning the kiss with passion. The two moved slowly towards the couch neither one wanting to let the other go. They stumbled about and fell on the couch which made both of them laugh.

Robert smiled at Tristan and told him he had wanted to kiss him like that since the first day they met. Tristan smiled and they kissed again. Tristan felt his cock growing and twitching a little. He had no idea the touch of another man would feel this good, and he found himself reaching for Roberts cock without even thinking. As he felt Robert’s hard cock thru his jeans, he was amazed at how natural it felt and, as if his body had zenci porno a mind of its own, he began rubbing that hard throbbing cock feeling the heat through his pants. Robert slowly reached down and undid his pants. Tristan, needing no encouragement, pulled Roberts cock out and started stroking it, enjoying the warmth in his hand. He commenced exploring every inch of this hard man. Tristan felt the first drop of precum form on Roberts hard cock and without even thinking he wiped it with his finger and tasted it. It was salty and warm and Tristan instantly wanted more, he pushed Robert back on the couch and with his mouth he slowly made his way down, starting at the neck slowly going down, stopping at the hard nipples to nibble and tease. Hearing Robert moan, he went further down, tracing his tongue down the man’s flat hard stomach, savoring the smell and taste of this man who had been the root of so many dreams and wakening fantasy’s.

Finally he was there–staring at this huge hard cock and slowly, unsure of exactly how to do it, he hesitantly started licking it. Tasting the precum from the tip, slowly tracing the shaft with his tongue down to his large balls and then back up—God, this was heavenly! Running his tongue around the mushroom, unable to wait any longer he swallowed Roberts cock with an almost fevered passion–and as that hard cock slid into his mouth it almost seemed second nature. . Tristan choked a little as the length of Roberts cock slid down his throat but he adjusted quickly and started to suck Roberts hard cock like he had been doing it all his life. Before Robert knew what hit him, Tristan had worked a hot load of cum up in his balls. Robert warned him that he was going to cum, and hearing that only spurred Tristan on. He wanted to taste the salty cum, and it was only a minute or 2 before Robert complied.

With a loud moan he thrust forward and shot an endless stream of hot salty cum into Tristan’s eager mouth. Oh, God! What a feeling, to have that hot jizm filling his mouth as Robert’s hard cock pulsed and shot load after load. Tristan knew he’d never had a more satisfying feeling than knowing he’d given his friend such great release and happiness. He kept Roberts cock in his mouth till it started to go soft, licking and sucking it clean of the last drop of that sweet cum.

Robert pulled Tristan to his lips and they kissed again. Slowly Robert slid Tristan’s clothes off exposing his young hard body, he stopped for a second to admire Tristan’s smooth chest. Looking further down he gazed at the largest hard cock he had ever seen, Tristan was a well above average guy, almost 12 full inches in length and the largest cock that Robert had ever seen in all his gay experiences. Robert grinned as he pulled that enormous cock to his lips. He felt Tristan’s body tense when he slid all of his monstrous cock into his mouth and he heard Tristan sigh as he started a slow soft rhythm. Tristan had not realized how much he wanted this and it did not take long for him to shoot a huge load into Robert’s mouth. With a long low moan and a seemingly endless body spasm Tristan shot one of the largest loads he had ever had. The pulses continued to run from deep inside his balls all the way out and into Robert’s mouth. The feeling was electric as he felt Robert’s wet hot tongue sucking the juice from him. He could do nothing but lie still for a few moments; he was so drained of all feeling and energy. So aldatma porno fucking wonderful, this man love.

Again they kissed. Tristan enjoyed feeling this strong man hold him close rubbing his back softly and running fingers through his hair. Tristan reached down to find Roberts cock coming back to life and with only a slight hesitation he whispered to Robert,” fuck me”. He lay back and pulled Robert to him. Slowly they kissed and Tristan wrapped his legs around Roberts hips. Feeling their stiff hot cocks rubbing together was more than Tristan could stand. Without even thinking, he reached down and put Roberts now hard cock between his ass cheeks. Robert pulled back and asked him if he was sure he was ready for that. Tristan responded by arching his back and almost hissing “please fuck me”, as he moved his hips to show Robert he was more than ready.

Robert reached down and rubbed his cock head along Tristan’s ass crack. Using his own precum and some spit for lube he eased the head into Tristan tight virgin hole. With a small pop he penetrated that virgin ass–just the head at first as he felt Tristan’s body tense. Robert then waited until he felt Tristan relax a little. Then with a passionate kiss and one firm thrust he took Tristan’s virginity, burying his thick cock into Tristan’s tight ass. Tristan moaned and winced a little, but even though it hurt Tristan did not want him to stop. They lay together for a few minutes, Roberts cock buried deep in Tristan’s ass. They kissed and moved only slightly. Then, as Tristan got used to this huge member inside of him, the pain subsided and was replaced by a pleasure he had never known or expected.

Slowly they started to move together. Robert began stroking in and out a gently at first. But slowly picking up the pace he pulled out right to the very tip of his cock and he locked on Tristan’s eyes as he plunged the whole length in again. Tristan’s eyes rolled a little and as Roberts cock impaled him he thrust up to take all of it. They got a nice rhythm going when suddenly and without warning Tristan’s whole body started to convulse in a deep inner body orgasm that rocked his whole body. Tristan began fucking hard almost feverishly, he was moaning and, ” Yes, yes more” he cried. Robert pulled Tristan’s legs over his shoulders and started really fucking him then. The harder he went the more Tristan wanted. They fucked for what seemed like forever–with both men having several body orgasms. The more they fucked the more Tristan wanted.

Robert, not wanting to disappoint, grabbed Tristan and flipped him over so that his face was in the couch and his ass in the air. Then Robert rammed his cock back deep inside him and fucked Tristan’s ass with a fevered intensity that he had never felt before. He was so turned on by this sexy younger virgin man that he was besides himself. He reached around to find Tristan’s cock hard and throbbing and together they fucked hard and fast. Robert could feel the cum welling up in his balls but he could not slow down now, he squeezed Tristan’s cock and said cum with me..Tristan screamed, “Yes, yes! Fuck my ass with that hot cock. Fill me with your cum”. With a loud groan and a final deep thrust Robert complied.

Tristan felt his own cock twitch and shoot another large load of cum at the same time that he felt Roberts cock jerk and swell inside of him. Then he felt Robert’s hot cum shooting inside his already on fire asshole–and he reveled in it. Moaning and sweating they came– both of them, very hard, neither wanting the feeling to end. When Melissa returned home she found them asleep in each others arms Tristan still holding Roberts cock in his hand with a huge smile on his contented looking face…and she smiled.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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