Efrain and Cory Ch. 09

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Author’s Note – And more fucking.

Thanks for reading. Let me know how I’m doing. ~Dayne


Chapter 9 – Feeding

It’s past midnight when I wake up again. Efrain’s warmth wraps around me and for a moment I panic. More than anything I want to stay in his arms, but I worry that it’s just me. It will be awkward enough to face him tomorrow without me throwing my feelings into it. This isn’t the first time I’ve been with someone I know, and I’ve gotten hurt enough when I wanted more than they wanted to give.

I carefully leave his arms and get out of bed. I’m in the middle of getting dressed when he wakes up.

“You’re leaving?”

“Yeah, I have class in the morning,” I lie.

“Skip it,” he says sleepily and pats the bed, asking me to come back.

I chuckle. “I don’t think I could go again.”

“That’s not why I’m asking you to stay.”

“Sure it’s not.” I bend over to kiss him goodnight. “I’ll see you at practice. Good night, Efrain.”

“Good night,” he says, sounding a little disappointed.

I let myself out and lock the door behind me with my shoes in my hand because they’re still soaked.

When I get back to the dorms, I let myself in quietly in case the guys are asleep already. Romero is sitting in bed reading when I come in.

“The walk of shame, eh?”

“Of course.” I pull off my shirt and jeans and start rummaging in my dresser for pajama pants and an undershirt.

“Holy fuck.”


“What happened?” He points to my shoulder.

“He bit me.”

“Bit you? Wait, he bit you?”

“Yes, a guy bit me.”

“Hard enough to need a bandage?”

“Seems so,” I answer as I drag on my pjs.

“During sex?”

“I’m not going to answer that.”

“You let him?”

“It felt good,” I say defensively, flopping down on my bed.

“Were you always this masochistic?”

“No idea, no one’s bitten me before.”

“So back to the guy.”

“You know, you’ve never given the third degree when I hook up with women.”

“So, was it…what is Preston calling him now?”

“Asswrecker McFrostybitch,” I say. “And, no, it wasn’t Indie.”

“So, who was it?”

“A teammate.”

“Anyone I’d recognize?”


“That’s going to be awkward.”

“You’re already making it awkward.”


I thought I’d have Cory out of my system if we slept together once, but I’m still starving for him. If anything, tasting him made the hunger worse. I let him go last night, but I’m hunting him down again at conditioning.

I find him using the reclining leg press machine to run through some exercises – multiple sets of reps with his feet in different positions on the platform meant to hit various parts of his thighs. His shorts ride up over his compression underwear, thighs rippling under the skin-tight material, and my tongue sticks to the roof of my mouth. I’m thankful for my own compression pants holding me down under my workout clothes.

I crouch down next to him as he lines up the safety bars for a short break.

“How are you feeling?” Not many of our teammates are working at the leg equipment (there are some you have to force to do a leg day), but I still keep my voice low.

“Not bad. Yourself?”

“Hungry.” I give him a meaningful look. His cheeks get a little redder as if he realizes what I mean. “Are you free today?”

“I got a class this afternoon.”

“And after that?”

“I’m wide open.”

“Oh, really?” I shouldn’t be flirting with him when there are possible witnesses, but I can’t help it. “Text me when you’re ‘wide open’ then.” I fist-tap his shoulder before I walk off.


I’ve seen Efrain in his football uniform, dressed up for clubbing, dressed down for practice, even in everyday clothes.

I’m not prepared for how he opens the door.

A pair of charcoal grey pajama pants ride low on his hips. It’s gaziantep escort a simple item, but the way the soft cotton hugs his body makes me hot. The V of his Adonis belt arches out of his waistband, begging for me trace it back down. Like I need another reason to want him.

Wordlessly, he pulls me inside the house and his mouth is on mine before I can speak. His tongue dives between my lips, tasting me, and his arms pull me close. His heat radiates into me. I run my hands up his arms, the biceps perfectly developed and tight. His own hands slip down the back of my shorts to knead my ass through my trunks.

He kisses me thoroughly and passionately. I’m dimly aware that we aren’t alone.

“Hate to interrupt, but I need to get by.” Indie’s voice is unmistakable, and I’m taken aback at first. Other than on campus, and very rarely then, I haven’t seen him since he ran out of Kiley’s room a month ago. I’m a little shocked to see him, mostly because of the compromising position I’m in.

“Sorry man, I forgot you were still here,” Efrain says and pulls me to the side. His hands are still massaging me under my shorts, pressing me against the hard bulge in his pants. If Indie notices the movement he doesn’t say anything. I try really hard not to moan, but my cheeks probably speak volumes.

“Bringing hook-ups home, I see,” he taunts as he passes. “Didn’t think you liked the guys you fuck to know where you live.” He gives us a mock salute then dips out the front door.

“I really forgot he was home. You cool?” Efrain gently bites the side of my neck and I really do moan then. His half laugh is deep and makes me tingly. “Take that as a ‘yes.'”



The word snarls through me. I don’t understand this urge to stake Cory out as my own. I know nothing happened between them, but I still feel like I have to show Indie that the kid belongs to me. I spent weeks losing my head over Cory, then another couple weeks making damn sure he lost his over me. I’m not going to let someone else waltz in on my conquest.

Mine. I suck his neck hard, making my marks physical. He inhales sharply, his breath hissing between his teeth, and his head falls back. “You said you were hungry. I didn’t think you meant literally.”

Mine. It still echoes in my head, so I growl and bite him again. He makes a sound somewhere between a chuckle and a moan.

“So, are you going to eat me here? Or, will we make it to the room?” Throwing him down right now and having my way with him is tempting, but I lead him to my room instead.

I have low-key EDM playing in the background. Cahb, Koven, The XX, Blackmill – real chill shit like that. It flows from the speakers on my desk, filling the room. The ambient music helps loosen me up and I feel like I’m back in control. Our clothes come off quickly, but we carefully explore each other. Yesterday was insane, today I’m going to take my time and feed him some of this gnawing need.

Cory has other ideas.

He draws in my lower lip, sucks on it, holds it between his teeth. “Your mouth is incredible.”


“I had a hard-on all day thinking about what your mouth can do.”

“Want me to do it again?”



“I want to return the favor.” Goosebumps slide across my skin as he starts backing me up to the chair at the desk. “Although, I don’t think I can take you as deep as you can take me.”

I sit back in the chair, my arms on the armrests, and grin up at him. “There’s a trick to it.”

He takes position on his knees between my legs and rubs his hands up my thighs. His blue eyes lock onto mine as he lowers his head. The head of my cock passes between Cory’s lips, his tongue laps the underside, swirls around me. He pulls back, his lips catching on the crown.

“Teach me.”

I’m already fighting the urge to moan with just a small gesture. I don’t know how long I’ll last with him doing more. He grabs my shaft and trails small nibbling kisses down its length. Cory sucks my nuts into his mouth and I’m almost unable to answer him. His eyes never leave mine the whole time.

“Fuck, kid. This sweet and innocent game is killing me.”

He drags his tongue along the underside of my shaft from base to tip and sucks my head into his mouth again. I run my fingers through his hair and let my hand rest at the base of his skull. “So, you’re not going to show me how to deepthroat your cock?”

How the fuck am I supposed to say no to that?

I coach him through the first steps. Cory is an eager and willing student. He gradually works me into his mouth, pushing himself further each time he slides my dick between his lips. My fingertips gently press him forward, encouraging him. His tongue rolls against me. He still has a few inches to go, but I’m already breathing hard.

“Now pretend like you’re swall…” the rest of whatever I was going to say, all coherent thought, is lost as I slide into his throat. His pleased hum vibrates on my head and I moan. Cory slides my dick back before he takes me into his throat again. The sight of his small mouth stretched around my shaft, disappearing into my pubic hair, is just as arousing as the muscles in his throat massaging my head. I love a good pair of DSLs, but his perfect bow lips send me over the edge.

I’m panting hard, fighting the urge to fuck his pretty little mouth. He bobs on my dick a bit, but that’s all I need before I blow. I meant to warn him, but the only thing I can get out is a loud moan. I fist my fingers in his hair and pump my cum into his throat. Far from offended, Cory eagerly swallows, looking pleased with himself.

I lift his head off my dick and kiss him until he’s breathless. “Are you still going to look that smug when I fuck you senseless?” I pinch his nipple hard and he gasps.

“Only one way to find out.”

I lead him over to the bed and pull back the bed spread. He gets one knee on the mattress and I stop him. I bend him over there, half kneeling on the bed and half standing on the floor. He leans down and rests his cheek on the bed, sticking his ass in the air.

I pull the bottle of lube off my nightstand and dribble it down over his hole. He shivers as the cool liquid slips over his crack and over the back of his balls. I distribute it evenly with my fingers, making sure to coat those as well.

Cory whimpers when I slowly sink my middle finger into his waiting hole. I work him a little before I add in the second finger. His toes curl as I start slowly easing in and out of him. I grab his asscheek with my free hand and spread him open. I add a third finger and he starts cursing in a mix of Spanish and English.

My hand twitches on his ass, fighting a sudden and overwhelming urge to spank him. I don’t understand this anymore than I understand the need to bite his neck yesterday. Something about Cory’s body screams “hurt me,” like he’s releasing some weird pheromone that flips a switch in the darker parts of my psyche. I knead his ass, spreading him so far open that it has to hurt. I worry briefly, but he’s so into it.

And so I give in. I give him a light smack on his ass as I finger fuck him and feel his answering tremble under my palm. I smack him again, this time hard enough to leave a handprint. He moans loudly and thrusts his ass onto my fingers. My dick, now hard again, jumps. His is leaking so much pre-cum it looks like it could drip at any moment. I work his ass harder with my fingers.

“Cogerme,” he pants, clenching his fists in the bedspread.

“What was that?” I pick back up the bottle. I spread my fingers out a little and shoot lube down into his ass. His whole body quivers.

“Cogerme sin sentido” he pleads. I don’t even think he realizes what he’s saying, or that he’s doing it in Spanish. “Cogerme duro.”

“En ingles,” I demand and smack him again.


First, he fucks me until I cry, then he bites me until I bleed. He calls me “good boy” like I’m some fucking dog and I eat that shit up.

Now, I’m getting spanked.

Aside from horseplay, no one has smacked me. Hell, my own dad never hit me as a kid. I have no lingering psychological traumas that can explain why the warm sting of his palm drives me crazy. I want more of these little bits of pain – taunting, rough handling, biting, slapping. I just can’t bring myself to say the words. So I beg in Spanish.

“Por favor,” I whimper. Even the embarrassment of begging him to do more makes me hot.

“English,” he demands in response. He thrusts his fingers deep inside and grinds his knuckles against my rim, as if to taunt me. I’m whimpering, and I hate it, but I can’t stop.

“Please, Efrain.”

“That’s at least one English word,” he laughs.

“God damn it,” I moan in frustration. “Fuck me.”

“Good boy.” He gives my ass a squeeze as he pulls out his fingers, leaving me to shiver and pant while he puts on a condom. “See? That wasn’t so hard.” I can’t tell if I’m shaking because I’m still feeling his fingers or if I’m anticipating what he’s about to do to me. Condom on and lubed up, he rubs against me.

Then slaps his dick against my hole. I feel the shock of that slap all the way in my toes. He slaps me with his dick again.

I’m shaking hard when he sinks his head into me. My ass clenches hard around him and he sinks a little deeper. I bury my face in the covers and moan. Even with the fabric pressed around my mouth, I feel like I’m too loud. However, he pulls me up until my back is pressed into his chest. He thrusts deeper into my body and I gasp.

“No muffling,” he tells me. “I want to hear you scream.”

His words hum in my ear. I know I’m already in trouble, but I can’t help egging him on. “Give me a reason.”

Efrain slowly slides in and out of me. His arms wrap around my waist and he pulls me tighter to his body. It feels so good that I can’t help moaning, but I wonder for a moment if he’s really going to talk a big game then slow fuck me to death.

I’m about to say something smart when slams into my ass hard, knocking the air completely out of my chest. He hits me again and again and again. His arms help drive my ass down on his dick so brutally that I’m too winded to cry out. Little black spots swim in front of my eyes as he assaults my hole and I feel like I could pass out.

And just as suddenly, he slows down, resuming the long, slow fucking from before. This time, my ass is so keyed up that even the smallest movement makes me cry out. My voice rises as he drives me closer to cumming. I reach up to stroke my cock, but he slaps my hands away and tells me no. He laughs when I start whining. With how hard I’m clenched around him, there’s no way he doesn’t know how close I am to climaxing.

Infuriatingly, he grabs both of my arms and twists them behind me, crossing them across the small of my back. He pins my arms there, pitching my body forward, and begins fucking me hard again. It’s just as fast and vicious as before, but I’m able to breathe this time. I just end up screaming more than breathing while he thoroughly wrecks my ass.

I’m shaking, barely able to hold myself up. My shoulders and hips hurt. It hurts and feels impossibly good all at the same time and I edge closer to the brink. He’s right there with me; his dick feels thicker than before and his bucking thrusts go wild. He growls as he plows into me. His moans get tighter and closer together.

I feel the tell-tale pulse along his shaft. Soon, he’s cumming hard, but he doesn’t stop. I’m so lost that the only words I can remember are “oh fuck”. I want him to slap me again, to jerk my dick, to fuck me harder, to let me cum, but the only thing I can get out are those two little words. I start repeating them over and over, trying and failing to communicate these needs.

And then, I cum. It spills out of me, spreads across the sheets. He lets go of my arms and I fall forward. With my face safely buried in the covers again, I scream louder than I’ve ever screamed. Efrain milks my dick, squeezing out the last remnants. He slaps me and my ass returns the favor.

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