Elizabeth’s Confession Pt. 05

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The beginning of the winter descended upon me. I was still living for the most part in Sophia’s flat over the lingerie shop. I was still mostly out of action from the still healing ink. Well, and that my Mistress had fastened my many pierced cunt with a chain and lock, to stop me fingering myself remorselessly. Our rendezvous with my estranged husband was well into the planning stage. Mistress was making me new clothes to wear. I was an haute couture slut. I was not allowed to see them. Indeed, my only real daily activity was to insert and leave increasingly large plugs and dildos in my arse. (Yes, it’s arse, I’m not from the USA.) It wasn’t a bad life. I was exposed to increasingly extreme porn all day. (I was getting like Alex, in ‘A Clockwork Orange’.)

I had been shared (pimped, I daresay) out to a few acquaintances of Mistress I was glad of the variety, even if I was just a mouth for them, while I healed. There had been a few photo shoots too, showing off my new piercings. I could write more about being the centre of a bukkake, but why? A bunch of over excited pervs wanking off over me. How dull. The protein was welcome though… I had no further lesbian encounters, compelled, or otherwise since I returned from Ireland. I talked with Aisling & she saw pictures of my later modifications and told me they were wonderful and very sexy. I didn’t feel it, as I sat about or did some stock work in the shop, dressed in a short nightie and 6″ heels.

One afternoon Sophia came into the lounge poured us both a drink and looked like the cat that had got the cream. “Well, Mistress? What’s so good?”

“You have a visitor coming, soon. Go and put more foundation on & some mascara. I’ll come & pick your clothes. You can wear one of the new ones I have made for you.”

“Mistress? What’s the occasion?”

“A special visitor is coming with Kirsten!”

We went upstairs, and She tossed me a new pair of the thinnest finest silk stockings I had ever seen. These were attached to a wonderful six strap suspender belt. I slipped into a pair of plain black heels. The dress, oh the dress. This was silk, off the shoulder, almost off the tit too. The skirt was mid-thigh and split along both sides It was thin and gauzy, it showed everything and was only lined around my cunt and arse, so they weren’t immediately on display. I looked amazing. My black eyes and red lips gave me a wonderful slutty look. The stockings were so sheer all the ink work shined through.

We went back to the lounge to await our guest, with a Scotch and a cigarette. It wasn’t a long wait. Juliet let Kirsten through the door to behind the lingerie shop. I heard the voice of the person with Kirsten and gasped. Mistress laughed. “Don’t get cold feet now, Slut!” I ran my hands through my black spiky hair, with the Slut ownership tattoo on the side, clearly shown in the shaven part of my head, my fingers trembling. Thank god for cigarettes!

Sophia was in the hall talking with Kirsten, who I still owed a fuck to for my first day, and Milly my undergraduate daughter. They came in and I stood, head down with my hands behind my back. Displaying both my tits and arse. “Well ladies, I think you both know my live-in Slut, she will do on command anything I tell her to. With men or women. She’s just had some more ink and I’m edging her now, so she’ll eat you out but no more. Come and say hello Slut, before you leave a puddle on the floor.”

I slinked across the room, embarrassed but incredibly wet too. “Hello Kirsten, It’s been a little while.” I kissed her, full on the lips, then turned to meet my daughter. “Hello Milly, how’s University?”

She too gasped, looking me up and down. I towered over her in my heels. (Milly wore jeans and trainers, as I may have done, in my former life.) “Mum, is that you? Wow, you look so different. How do you know Miss Sophia?” We hugged.

She smiled embarrassed and not knowing what to say. Sophia looked up, laughed and offered everyone a seat, and a scotch. She passed a box of cigarettes too. Milly took the drink, but not the cigarette. Kirsten lit a light one of her own, and I lit another one, drawing on it deeply.

“So, Milly, you are interested in a little modelling?” She nodded looking straight at me. “Why?”

“Well, I’m interested in how I’ll look…in having a bit of fun, and,” she looked at me and then the floor and mumbled…” the money, will be good too. It’s hard being a student, without your parents giving you loads of money.” I was as red in the face as my lips, at that and even more angry than I usually was with George.

Sophia walked across the room and opened a sideboard and produced several bound volumes of photographs. Part of me hoped none of them were of me. Part of me hoped they were. It would be easier to explain. She sat next to Milly and the talked shop about the modelling. Some of this was about lingerie modelling, some things she mentioned were very soft core. No more pornographic casino oyna than page 3 used to be. (I did and do hate that though. Porn’s what it is, and I am involved, but who want’s tit shots now? Kids do that themselves on Facebook.)

Kirsten came to sit on the arm of my chair and top up my drink. “How are you Elizabeth, I haven’t seen you since you came back from Ireland. I love your hair and make-up.” She looked at me intently. “It’s not make-up is it?”

I shook my head, “No it’s ink! I love it.” Milly looked up at that and smiled weakly. “How do you know Milly? Through work?”

She nodded, then answered, “The Company I work for ran some ads, at the University, asking for underwear models. Sophia is part of the selection process. I didn’t know she was your daughter! I never knew your last name.”

“Oh, don’t worry darling, she had to know sooner or later, it may as well be from me, rather than see some movie of me fucking.”

After the photos, Sophia produced a Stool, and called Juliet to come in. She then looked at Milly and said, “Well Sweetie, we’d best have a measure of what we have to work with. Juliet is my niece, she’ll take a few pictures, if that’s ok? She takes excellent photos, doesn’t she Elizabeth.?”

“Yes, Mistress. Juliet has taken many of me.” I girded my loins, as the bible says and continued, “Perhaps you can look at some in a while, while we have a drink?” To my inordinate surprise, Sophia nodded. ”

“I took some lovely pictures of your mum, with her aunt Aisling, when we went to see her a few weeks ago. Now back to business, take your top off. Bra too. (I had never noticed my daughter’s rather decent rack. They looked like C cups, but a few years would see them fill out. I’d certainly nuzzle them.) You may as well take your jeans off too.” There was a massive charge in sexual energy, as she stripped. The (relatively) innocent. Sophia measured her and made some notes for a good few minutes. She reached over and peeked inside Milly’s knickers, still the department store type, and tutted. “You need to lose the pubes, all of them.” All lingerie models are shaven or waxed, or even lasered smooth. Indeed, Your mother was lasered. Elizabeth, come and show your daughter, your cunt.

I gulped, took another cigarette, lit it and then sashayed across the room lifting my skirt up directly into my daughter’s gaze. “Sophia looked over her note book, “Don’t worry about any of the other stuff, feel how nice and smooth her cunt is You don’t need to know she’s a rapacious submissive bisexual slut, but you might want to.”

Milly reached out a cautious hand, not touching me. Juliet nudged Milly’s arm and it landed palm down smack on my chained cunt. She recoiled, but did feel my lasered mound, looking at the ink there, and then up to my face, open-mouthed at my facial ink. “Yes, it is smoother than I have ever got with my razor.” Poor girl didn’t know what to say. I groaned at the half touch. I was ready to fuck the chair arm.

Sophia and Juliet left us alone, Milly looked at me said, “Wow mum, you look amazing. So hot, so sexy. It’s not something I would ever have said before. I can’t imagine you and dad getting frisky”

“We didn’t much. That’s why this began. I have come to realise I love being fucked, constantly, pardon my language, and I love that I have no control over who I fuck, when or why. It turns me on that I am a common prostitute!” I told her some of what had happened, the potted version, as in this journal. I said that we were going to George’s house for Christmas. That I was taking Sophia as my guest and lover. (Mistress…) Milly laughed at this notion.

“Dad will do his nut. I bet he hated seeing you dressed up?

“He did, I took my dress off and showed him my body. There’s more ink and piercings now too…Oh and my spiky hair.” She smiled, reached over and kissed me, not as a daughter.

“I don’t care Mum, I love you and hope you are enjoying being a Slut. Things you never thought you would say…! I hope you are happy for yourself and not just for Dad’s perception of you. By the way I loved your pussy jewellery…I want to have a little tattoo, somewhere subtle. I lit a cigarette, Milly shook her head, when offered. “You know if Sophia is involved any modelling won’t be just underwear? Again, Milly shook her head. “It’s much more likely to be nude stuff. Maybe just soft stuff, but you’ll be asked to show your cunt.”

“Mum! I never say that.”

“You still have a way to travel! I have tits, an arse, and a cunt. All are tattooed, and all are available to anyone who asks, for the best fuck you will ever have.” Talking to Milly, even such a self-justifying way was making me hot and horny. But for fucks sake, a good espresso and a Marlboro make me horny!

Sophia and Juliet returned, “Stay for dinner Milly, and Juliet will show you some of your Mum’s photos, and a clip or two of her in action. I would like Juliet to do a sample shoot of canlı casino you, as a portfolio. I’ll pay you, oh say £700 for an afternoon. Now I like my money’s worth, and will expect at least topless, and shots of your bum. Full frontal would be nice. Some shots with Mother & daughter would be steaming hot.”

Milly gulped, perhaps a little over her head. It was deferred until the new year.

The evening went as advertised. At the end we hugged, and Milly promised to be at home for Christmas in couple of weeks.

We spent a quiet few days before going to visit George. Sophia and I had a short break in Cyprus catching the last of the year’s sun and relaxing, before what was to be a hectic period. With slightly mixed feelings we set off for my home town in the days before Christmas. I was back to being shared, and we spent time with me being fucked by who ever was passing that piqued Mistress’s interest. It was nice to be shared with a dowdy looking woman, about my age. She was Karen, and after coffee on the motorway I spent a hot hour in her car. It was my first cunt in ages. It was untrimmed and wonderfully fruity. I wasn’t allowed to cum. Sophia was adamant about this. I loved getting hot and sticky as I got her off on my tongue stud. (She was quite wild for it. I Don’t know what was charged but I was worth it!) However, not cumming was the least of my problems. Not laddering the silk stockings was a complete bitch. Still I managed it. Women don’t seem as fetishy, about stockings as men. Though it’s great having some stockings around my head as I get my tongue in a warm moist cunt.

We arrived at a hotel near George’s (and my house) quite late, and I called Milly to see if all was quiet. It was a Friday evening & there was the annual Golf club party the following day. I had sorted an invitation from a friend of mine so that Mistress and I could both be there, to greet George. The next evening, I was dressed in red silk, long and clingy, see through too, if you looked. No bra for the girls, and no panties either. (Don’t be judgemental, darlings, I intend to act to type tonight.) I was unchained for the first time & able to finger my starving cunt. Proper 6″ red and black party shoes went with fully formed stockings. I wore lots of make-up even allowing for the eye and lip work, that was there already. My head tattoo was fully visible, and I had 40 Marlboro in my bag. Sophia was dressed in a similar gown, but midnight blue. As we sat talking in the cab, she looked at me, smiled and said, “I have one more item tonight for you. You have never been collared and tonight’s the night for this. You are clearly mine.”

The collar was soft black leather, and fitted snuggly around my neck, restricting my breathing a touch, but in a sexy sort of way.

We arrived at the club house, early, so to observe, the developments. Milly was working as a waitress, so was there to help us. There was to be a formal dinner, and then a more informal party afterward. Milly fixed it, so we were to sit either side of George, who was on his own, with neighbours. (God that man is so dull. He’s not even beige.) We kept out of the way until dinner was announced and then he was surrounded by over-perfumed silk. “Shh, George, don’t say a word.” Was Sophia’s initial comment, as she put one hand to his mouth and the other of course to his cock, as he shuffled uncomfortably in his seat. Dinner was well, catered Christmas dinner. Soup served out of great vats, was followed by a turkey dinner, with cool roast potatoes and overcooked vegetables. Cranberry sauce was from a jar. There was Christmas pudding or something that claimed the name Tiramisu for dessert, followed by coffee. I and Sophia took turns at nipping out for a fag, so George wasn’t alone. When coffee was fully served, Sophia whispered in his ear, “You will never have a night like this dear. Your returned wife is going to fuck lots of people while you watch and accept your status as her cuckold. If you are very lucky she may offer her stretched cunt to you later. But, as she prefers girls she is more likely to ask your hot ingenue daughter to clean her.” He gulped at the last comment. (I never would ask, if Milly asked to go down on me, it would be hard to refuse, but I’ll never initiate incest.)

As the music started in the next room I was soon on the floor making a spectacle of myself, touching lots of people in a resoundingly inappropriate way. Through a quiet blow job earlier I had the DJ right where I wanted him, and he helped me with particularly erotic music. More appropriate for a sex club, rather than a conservative golf one. George was shackled to Sophia, who was voluble in her praise of me. “Look at her, shaking those massive tits, aren’t they wonderful.” I was dancing with one of the younger members, who despite his girlfriend? Was letting his hands get everywhere.

“Do you want to go outside?” I asked after maybe ten minutes. He just nodded, as we walked right past George and kaçak casino Sophia, hand in hand. I lit a cigarette & asked “Do you want to fuck me, right here, right now? If you like you can take my arse!” He nodded dumbly and followed in a meek way. I grinned at Sophia as I walked past. She patted George on the groin and whispered in his ear. He pulled my flared skirt over my ample hips. I’m sure Sophia made the dress so flared to allow this to happen easily! I had a tube of lube in my bag & told him to squirt a blob onto my arse. “I don’t know where?” He slurred.

“Christ it’s tattooed like a target! Aim for the bull’s eye!” I replied, looking between my legs as I bent over. Eventually, I felt a cold clammy feel as he smeared lube and then began to fumble his way to the entrance. Fucking Amateurs. Eventually he pushed his cock through my sphincter & I just yelled, “Fuck yes! Give me all you have got, I held a cigarette with the hand that wasn’t holding us up. Even though he wasn’t massive I was in ecstasy after such an edged lay off. I was enjoying some thing in me. We had acquired an audience of a couple of smokers. I saw them, calling “Fancy a blow job, lads, while I’ve nothing in my mouth?” No further conversation was required as I took a cock deep into my throat. I have no gag reflex anymore, I am too well trained. By this time word was getting around that there was a slut giving it away. So, I did…

I took it in all three holes for over an hour. After the first fumbles, I stopped and took my dress off. There was no reason to ruin it! Besides which if you are getting spit roasted less is more. “Christ what a slut, look at the ink on her…” There were lots of satisfied takers of a free fuck. It was amazing. The only time I stopped was to light a ciggie, as I took a cock out and pulled on a cig instead. Of course, Sophia had led George to watch whispering to him, and keeping him hard. I have no idea how many guys I took on. Thankfully at one point I was presented with a very nice snatch. I was getting reamed from behind, though tediously the guy was in my cunt, I was beginning to prefer my arse filled. I looked up and said, “Hello Annabel, how is the Ladies captain?”

“Horny watching you Elizabeth, I never knew you took so much punishment.” At that she leaned into me with a fragrant and very wet cunt.

“Nice, Annabel, I said between lapping her lips and nipping her clit.” At this junction the guard was changed behind, and a much bigger guy was there pounding into my arse. I was enjoying a little cunt and had fingered myself to another orgasm, when I heard Sophia, shout.

“Slut put your dress on. The police are here. If you don’t want a night in the cells.”

I looked at Annabel, “Later. I still have the same number. I want to carry this on one to one.” She nodded. I took my dress and vanished into the shrubbery and re-emerged looking almost decent. It is a joy of permanent lip colour, that it wasn’t smeared. In the hazy light, you couldn’t see the cum oozing from my holes, or stuck to my face. Or how stretched I felt. I could have had my arse fisted & not noticed. (I did wonder how my target tattoo had coped. I needn’t have worried, it was fine!)

Cigarette in hand I found Sophia and George. It was clear he had seen the show. “Do you want a turn husband?” I whispered laughing, “Or do you prefer to watch me take on your all cummers?”

“Time to go.” Sophia said, before questions are asked. “Time for a nightcap George?” He nodded.

“You were amazing, My Slut! I am proud. She kissed me full on the lips. Oh yes, Juliet figured this terrace is where you would be, and she is using the security cameras, which are downloading to home now!”

We climbed in to a taxi, waiting at a side gate and returned to my marital home. Suitably decked out for Christmas. Oddly, there were lights on. Sophia went to the door. Milly had given her a key, “Wait, Slut.” I did, George lagging, quietly. After a bit I was beckoned in and ushered into the kitchen. To my immense surprise I found Chrissey there with a cup of coffee. “Shh!”

We heard Sophia telling George that no one that would tell, associated with the debauchery knew it was Elizabeth, but the price of silence is for you high. “You will be inked on your groin, with 0/24 and the date. That’s the number of people she fucked! Slut will too be inked under her tit with 24/0 to show she did it.”

“You can’t, not now, not here.” George, angry now Chrissey’s presence was explained. I heard the rifle like crack as Sophia slapped his face.

“You are wrong, I can, I will. Chrissey, come here!” In her usual not give a toss way Chrissey went into the dining room. I peaked through the gap in the door. George by now had his trousers and shorts around his ankle.

Chrissey looked at him “Upstairs is better where he can lie down.” Sophia nodded, & George grasping his trousers was ushered upstairs. Milly opened the kitchen door and came in as Sophia asked us to come up quietly. We saw George lying meekly on the bed as Chrissey dragged a razor lightly over his skin, then applied a stencil compiled from standard stock numbers. George was pale.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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