Ella’s House of The Way Forward Ch. 09

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Gray’s morning before visiting the drapery shop began with his further just reduction at the hands of his betters; he was led from the bed on his leash by Hope; his cock rising immediately at the silence of her stern authority, and then fully erecting as he was taken to her toilet. His balls tingled with submissive anticipation as she sat on the toilet pedestal and pointed to the floor.

“You will kneel and learn how a woman functions, you will then be put to good use as befits any male.” Gray knelt on the cold floor as Hope sighed with a smile, her cunt bulged and a stream of hot golden piss cascaded from her silky white lips, her tiny ginger strip of hair remaining dry; Gray’s balls tingled at her supreme form, even her pissing was elegant. The golden trickle ceased and Hope lifted her beautiful ass forward, leaving her cunt accessible to Gray. She sneered and pointed sternly to her cunt, making Gray’s cock pulse.

“You’ll lick my cunt clean; I shall have it done to my satisfaction on your first attempt, else you shall have a thrashing before breakfast.” Gray’s anus tingled in a delightful feeling of submission to the magnificently dominant redhead; licking such a woman’s cunt clean was breakfast in itself, his cock poked rudely in betraying the enjoyment of his submission as he leaned forward and licked the delicious cunt clean of the salty droplets of piss. He felt Hope’s clitoris swell as she looked down on him victoriously, she loved taking males down to a lower level of submission this way, and it excited her when one showed a willing submission to the task as Gray did now.

She indulged in the warmth of his tongue as it lapped and probed more than satisfactorily about her cunt. As her anus bulged, she wondered if he would take so readily to his next task, her cunt tingled with pleasure as she moved his head back and shuffled gracefully back on the seat.

“Place your hands on the seat on either side by my buttocks and keep them there.” She smiled knowingly as he slid his hand across the warmth of the seat, and lifted her legs, placing her feet on his elbows; Gray’s balls tingled as he now had a perfect view of both her milky white cunt and the inviting light brown pucker of her asshole, his cock stiffened to rigidity as he guessed what was to come. Hope closed her eyes and sighed as she constricted her shapely torso and her anus bulged before Gray’s eyes; she opened them again to gain full enjoyment of his expression as her anus dilated and a glistening brown stool slipped gracefully from her bowels.

As a submissive, Gray found this new experience both awe inspiring and sexually stimulating, Hope’s cunt tingled with satisfaction as she watched his face on being allowed to witness her defecate, and noted his cock pulsing, knowing what he faced.

Gray watched the stall break after four or five inches had been squeezed elegantly out, then heard his Mistress grunt softly as her anus clenched and then dilated again; he watched patiently as the head of another stool bulged and then emerged, the soft brown cylinder slipping down and gracefully dropping to the water below. Her soft pucker squeezed and retracted after making its deposit; It was now ready for Gray’s attention. Hope smiled down at Gray and lifted her feet from his elbows, stood and then turned to sit with her asshole facing him; she leaned forward and obligingly spread her cheeks.

“Now you will know your true level when in the company of women, this is the greatest use you can have when a woman chooses to allow you to serve her. You will not gag, you will not spit; you are at a lower level than what you have seen leave my body. Lick my asshole clean, now!” Gray could not help but sniff at the acrid aroma of fresh shit which blended with the tang of her feminine anal scent and kept his cock rigid, his own anus tingled as he applied his tongue to the delicious pucker which was now streaked with darker brown.

He was pleasantly surprised with the bland taste which greeted him, and probed lovingly at the warm depths of her anus almost immediately; invited in by the dilation of the pucker, Hope resplendent in her dominance over the obedient male who was now well and truly in his place. The eager caress of his tongue gave away his absolute submission to her; as her clitoris tingled in enjoyment of her supremacy she decided she would cane him anyway, Kate would be serviced too and she would find an excuse to punish him, though it was his earnest enjoyment of utter submission which earned it.

Gray did not want his debasement to cease; his cock dribbled as he reamed Hope’s asshole and focused on the memory of the stools that had been ejected from it. Ella was his Mistress but Hope had taken him further down, he looked up the delicious crevice of her ass and saw the redhead holding her chin high and smiling contentedly, her asshole licked clean altyazı porno of shit by a totally dominated male. Gray was close to coming at being reduced so, and yearned to be thrashed by her. He would not be disappointed. There was a youthful giggle as Kate appeared at the door, hand over her crotch and knees together.

“I hope he’s cleaned you satisfactorily; I’m bursting.” Hope smiled curtly at her ginger understudy, and reluctantly pulled her soft white globes away from an equally disappointed Gray. His cock stayed rigid though, as the spiteful young harpie showed him her fresh young cunt, she looked up to Hope who stood with the cane she now itched to use.

“Oh Hope, can I not just piss on him? I would so love to do so.” Hope was a stickler for discipline, and though the notion would provide a pleasing spectacle, she was determined he should learn routine.

“Mistress Kate! You may piss on him at your leisure when you have him at Mistress Ella’s; he will learn toilet etiquette while he is here.” Gray’s cock boned as he watched the delicious ginger cunt explode it’s load of hot piss and imagined laying underneath it’s hot golden shower. He duly lapped as the bitchy teenager smiled and prepared her bowels. Her shit was not anything as delicate as the perfect discharge performed by her tutor, but Gray’s balls tingled as submissively as they had for Hope when he debased himself at her tight and flavoured anus.

Hope passed him a glass of antiseptic mouthwash and supervised him over the bath as he washed his face also. As he turned on his knees after drying his face, hope smiled down on him flexing her cane, and pointed through the open door to the bed.

“You did not thank either of us for allowing you the pleasure of cleansing us; you shall have six strokes.” The sneering Kate took his leash to pull him toward the bed, but he needed no encouragement; his cock rubbed the sheets gratefully as his eyes watered with the pain of the stinging rattan, he yearned to be allowed to cum very shortly while the memory of licking the excrement from her anus was fresh in his mind.

Suitably chastised, Gray was washed and his eyes were made to water further when the ass plug given him by Mistress Ella was exchanged for one of a larger girth; Gray’s cock pointed rigid as he knelt naked in front of the two redheads, the stern Matron, and several trainee dominant staff girls while the plug was applied.

Hope would have him reminded of his new position when he visited the shop which was once his, and he was introduced to the new female owners. The staff girls were encouraged to grip his dangling balls and inspect how a butt plug should be fitted correctly, the benefits were discussed as the humiliated Gray listened; how the stretching of the anus was not simply uncomfortable for the male, it created an artificial and perpetual notion of mild fear which reminded the wearer of his ownership.

As the girls smiled with pleasure on squeezing his balls and feeling how tightly inserted the plug was, they were also informed on how the device of female ownership also controlled that most masculine body part; the prostrate, and how the plug massaged it, ensuring his little cock would erect and help the male enjoy his submission. It was noted that the plug served its best when used in conjunction with a penis cage, as this held the attempted erection captive; a further sweet reminder to the male that he would function only at his Mistress’s pleasure.

The girls sneered with pleasure as they toyed with his balls, and were a little disappointed when his cock was not caged and he was dressed in lightweight trousers with no underwear; he would travel in public to the drapery shop he once owned, and his erect cock would show prominently whenever he was stimulated by his stern female companions; he would endure much humiliation as all who saw them would guess he was under their charge.

Gray’s humiliation began before they ventured from the charity’s premises in Lancing Street; the ladies took him into the staff refectory to breakfast, where he was sat centrally and the women of the institute took turns to spoon feed him like a child. Instantly recognised as their employer’s personal pet, they took much pleasure in taunting him by advising him of the ways in which they would personally dominate him; he was led from the room amid laughter with his cock boning tent-like in his loose cloth trousers, with matching oatmeal coloured short jacket.

He, like his cock, would stick out like a sore thumb amid the greys and blacks of the Victorian public. His two stern mistresses in tightly corested jet black outfits, their firm breasts lifted prominently and their red hair in large buns, would attract the attention of male and female alike; the natural authority that radiated from both and the fact that he amatör porno walked behind them like a juvenile, would leave the public in no doubt that he was in their charge. The thin black cane that Hope carried, to all intents and purposes an aid to walking, was all to easily imagined as to its true purpose; an aid to chastisement. This final token to her outfit would have the cocks rising among the male members of the public who viewed them.

Hope smirked and then adopted her pose of natural feminine authority as they left the confines of Ward D, her ginger understudy careful to mirror the pose of her tutor, a pose to which she was already generally assuming as a member of the dominant gender, though one which still needed to be expressed when in the public domain of predominantly male ruled society. Gray felt over exposed as he followed obediently out into the open London streets; Hope using the distance between Lancing Street and Agar Street to maximum advantage by travelling on foot to the Euston Road to hail a cab, rather than cut across to the station entrance; here the bustle of the passing masses could enjoy the spectacle.

The cold sweat that Gray felt due to his general appearance, was intensified by the personal issue of his protruding cock which poked erect in the loose fabric, much to the delight of Kate, who glanced backward occasionally to ensure their charge kept within two steps behind thus confirming their association. Even if Gray could erase the thought of the service he had provided both the proud asses he now watched jostle before him, the caress of the tight plug on his prostate was delightfully incessant; his cock showed its appreciation automatically and Gray felt a perverse pleasure as he basked in the humiliation.

A multitude of sneers and smiles greeted the spectacle of a man walking obediently behind two obviously confident women, his bulge providing confirmation of the acceptance and enjoyment of that position. He may as well of had a sign about his neck which read that women owned him. After enduring scores of scornful and often excited looks from males, and delighted looks from many females, Gray was relieved as they stepped up to a cab. Hope sneered down at Gray who squirmed in an effort to conceal his erection, and then faced the cabby with a broad smile.

“Take us to the junction of Aldwych and The Strand, it’s a fine morning and a brisk walk down The Strand to Agar Street will be most invigorating.” The cabby’s cock twitched as he took in the rich authority of Hope’s voice, and noted the absolute silence from the demure and obviously subservient male who showed his pleasure of that authority. The warm sun blinked through the gaps in the buildings as the cab clattered toward Aldwych, Hope and Kate now nicely aroused as they enjoyed displaying their ownership of Gray in public. Hope teased the bulge that Gray displayed in confirming his enforced pleasure with her cane.

“I shall so enjoy watching you humble yourself before the ladies who now own your shop, I know that they are looking forward to having you thank them for taking control of your business; they and Mistress Ella have made some exciting changes which I know you will appreciate.” The cab jolted to a halt and they disembarked onto the busy clatter of The Strand, the noise of horse-drawn omnibuses replacing the plaintive sound of steam transport at Euston, the populace twice as evident.

Gray endured his walk to Agar Street with the ladies strutting before him, it seemed to him as though half the population of London were now aware of his submission to the fairer sex; countless couples, arm in arm, scoffed openly at his submissive body language. Inwardly, cocks and cunts alike, tingled with envious pleasure with many of them as they fantasised about trading places with their respective genders.

Gray was part relieved and partly disappointed when the trio at last entered his old drapery shop on Agar Street; the public humiliation which kept his cock poking had been intense, but the disgrace of so many members of the public witnessing his position, and the enjoyment of it, was absurdly divine.

The outside of the shop had changed little, and Gray swallowed hard as he was led in. Once inside he noted it was busier than it had been, and the clientele were all female; he blushed as a mature woman he recognised as a Mrs Brownlea who had been a regular when he was owner, gave him a wry smile as he was led through to greet the new owners. Her mature cunt bulged with pleasure as she witnessed his position now.

Gray noticed that there was now a corridor at the rear of the shop, close to the serving counter where two stern females stood where he once had so often. Hope smiled at the two women who smiled contemptuously at Gray before clicking their fingers at a female assistant who amatör porno also grinned at Gray before relieving their position at the counter; the trio then following the two prim women down the corridor so anonymous to Gray.

Another smiling female assistant left a chair placed by a large door round a right angle in the corridor and unlocked it. Gray was astounded as he entered an addition to the shop, filled with costumes and presently visited by some of the women he had become acquainted with. Kate turned and rubbed his bulge.

“This is the new ‘Club Members Salon’, Mistress Ella loves it and will be here shortly to take you back, but first you’ll show your gratitude to the new owners.” Gray was even more astounded as the seemingly homely Mrs Brownlea followed them into this new domain. She licked her lips and watched with interest as the sheepish Gray was ushered toward the two stern women. Dulcie Harper picked a cane from a selection and pointed to her feet; about five feet eight, delightfully curved hips and large breasts, her sharp facial features oozed dominance from behind a pair of glasses Beneath brunette hair in a bun.

Fiona Blackford was equally severe; she too aged about 40, though slender in shape with blonde hair, her high cheek-bones prominent as a wicked smile drew across her face when she picked her cane. Hope advised that he would address them as Mistress Dulcie and Mistress Fiona, and Gray was about to drop at the feet of the first when the stern woman announced her pleasure.

“We’ll have those clothes off first! I want your introduction to be as I would expect becoming of a serving male in my shop.” The women chuckled as Gray eagerly stripped and exposed his stiff cock for their inspection. As he bent at her feet, his anus clenching at the plug in submission, Fiona buckled a shop collar about his neck and attached a leash; a small brass plate with the engraving ‘Comforter’ decorated the collar.

The nipples of the watching women poked hard as the naked male was treated to a swift stroke of the cane from Dulcie, her nipples expressing themselves nicely too, in her tight black silk blouse.

“You’ll thank the two of us for relieving you of your miserable business, and then you’ll be shown your new place whenever you enter our shop.” Mrs Brownlea’s cunt tingled and moistened nicely as she was fully aware of a Comforter’s position. Gray’s cock dribbled with submissive pleasure as he felt the collar buckled tight and prepared to enjoy the humiliation of thanking two women for usurping him.

His ass stung with the harsh application of the cane as he kissed the feet of both women, the others grinning at his submission.

“Thank you Mistress Dulcie and Mistress Fiona for taking my business from me and improving it so.” The women tittered at his improvisation, and the genuine tone of his statement was felt by them; Gray was genuinely excited at what little he had seen so far; making use of the materials in his drapery to make off-the-peg outfits for dominant women and their slaves was something he would have loved to have had the audacity to do so himself.

His cheeks felt the sting of the cane again and his leash was passed to Mrs Brownlea, who beamed with pleasure, Fiona now continuing as he was walked into the main body of the costume and accessories shop.

“As a customer undoubtedly in need of comfort prior to her making a choice or simply browsing our selection, Mrs Brownlea will have the initial pleasure of introducing you to your new role in our shop whenever you attend.” Gray’s cock boned as he then saw several black couches in one area, female customers relaxing on them while others browsed the costumes, those on the couches being attended to by naked males on leashes like he; a couple he recognised from functions at Ella’s, chosen to serve.

The women smirked as Mrs Brownlea led her Comforter to a couch and lifted her skirt. Gray’s balls tingled as the delicious scent of her arousal greeted his nostrils, he was amazed to see she had absolutely no underwear beneath her long skirt, her moist and inviting cunt was ready for attention. She smiled at Gray and nodded her accession.

“I so love to air my cunt on my visits here, it is such a thrill to feel my thighs rub together in the juices as I walk in public, and then have it licked clean when I arrive here, by one such as you. Oh Gray you naughty man! If only you had confessed your submission too me at an earlier stage. All those years I would willingly have dominated you over! Well, you shall know my dominance now. Lick me clean, and become familiar with the clitoris you may have been introduced to long ago.”

She tugged the leash to emphasise her command, and Gray willingly lapped at the sweet essences of a woman who he would never have dreamed would now have him leashed and at her service. The new owners smiled and undid their skirts as they watched him service their customer; when she had been satisfied they would have the pleasure of thrashing him before the entire staff; making his former and present position known to all.

He would know sweet humiliation and spend under their canes.

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