Ellen’s Little Friend

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As the warm spray of the shower soothed her aching body, Ellen Miller’s hands began lathering up her chubby frame. It was amazing how much difference a day could make, mused the woman who was just weeks away from celebrating a half century on earth.

Yesterday, and nearly every day before that, the shower hadn’t felt like this. Then, her body felt old to Ellen, old and tired and unattractive. That was yesterday, and while Ellen had still cringed when she had passed the mirror on the way to the shower that morning, the sight of those extra 60 or so pounds on her 5’4″ frame making her wish she went to the gym more, the sight of those fresh marks on her body sending tingles down her spine as she recalled how they were caused.

Those marks – the raw skin on parts of her rump and knees, the scratches on her back and that bruise on her collarbone that Ellen thought may have been caused by a bite – weren’t there yesterday. They had been caused by, and Ellen chuckled as the words crossed her mind, her lover.

Her lover. Ellen had never had one of those before. Her husband had been the only one to have ever touched her in the last 26 years, and only a couple of guys had even been with her prior to their relationship, but now there was another. She had a lover.

The thought of her, a prim and proper substitute teacher during the week and a Sunday School teacher on the Sabbath, being an adulteress was absurd to Ellen because she wasn’t that kind of woman. Wasn’t, but now was. She had cheated on her husband.

It was with his approval, Ellen reasoned as she grabbed the razor from the soap holder and ran the blade along the insides of her plump calves. It was Ralph who had told her that she could, as he had so crudely said it, “Fuck anybody you want – anybody that will have you that is.”

That was after Ellen had discovered that her beloved husband had been doing just that himself, and for quite a few years. Fucking anybody he wanted, and when she confronted him about it he not only didn’t deny it, he seemed to revel in it coming out in the open.

She was fat. She was ugly. She was boring, Ralph had told her, and while Ellen was tempted to tell her husband that the same words could be applied to him, she bit her tongue, but when he offered to move out, she was the one that said no.

Stick around for the sake of Peter, Ellen said – practically begged – that day a few years ago. Ellen had been brought up in a broken home, and she didn’t want their son to endure that as well, so even though it was a sham, they stayed together for the boy’s sake.

Ralph kept fucking other women and came home occasionally to play father, although Ellen sensed that son Peter was aware of what was going on. As for Ellen, she carried on as best she could, but never made any effort to find anyone to take care of the needs that still burned inside of her.

Oh, Ellen had flirted with the UPS delivery man a couple of times, but in retrospect the young fellow had probably thought she was kidding, or more accurately, that she was a joke. What would a cute young guy want with a dumpy old broad that even her equally dumpy old husband had lost interest in?

But that was before yesterday, Ellen thought as she lifted her arms and shaved her armpits, something she rarely bothered with recently for the same reason that she rarely vacuumed under the couch. Who looks? But that was before yesterday.

Her lover had looked, and while the sight of her unkempt underarms hadn’t deterred him in the least, Ellen wanted to make sure she was at her best for him in case he came back again today, so the lush furry hollows became buttery smooth under the glide of the razor. There was no guarantee he would come back of course, but he had suggested he would, and that was enough to make her look forward to a tomorrow for the first time in a long time.

Out of the shower, Ellen dried herself, and as the soft cotton towel ran over her nipples the plump pegs swelled, just like they had under his touch the day before. His touch, Ellen mused with a smile. It was more like a mauling, the way he had attacked her breasts, clawing and kneading and sucking like a madman, and while the affection was crude and animal-like, Ellen had not only endured it but reveled in it.

Now dry, Ellen left the bathroom and headed into her bedroom. “Their” bedroom, Ellen reminded herself, as if the faint smell of Ralph’s cigar wasn’t enough of a reminder. The bed was unmade, and Ellen wasn’t going to make it either, because hopefully it would get used again. Used like it hadn’t been in well over two years – until yesterday.

Ellen took the new underclothes out of the bag and held them up, shaking her head at the absurdity of her – Ellen Miller – buying such suggestive garments at her age. She didn’t even think that they made things like this in these sizes, she thought as she held up the lacy, deep purple under-wire bra she had run out and bought last night.

Ellen wanted to look good for him, so after he suggested that a body casino oyna like hers deserved better that the drab and ill-fitting undergarments he had found underneath her clothes, she ran out to that naughty foundations store at the mall.

Ellen took off the $75 price tag from the back but left the size tag on so when he took the harness off of her later, he could see the size bra she had been fitted for. He had been very interested in that for some reason, and it had been so long since she had bought a bra that the size tag on the bra he took off her was too worn for him to be able to read, and Ellen didn’t even remember what size bra she wore either.

Ellen didn’t remember what size she bought last, but she must have grown since then because she knew she hadn’t been a 40 DD. When the young girl measured her and told her that was her size, Ellen thought the kid was crazy but she was so embarrassed at being topless in front of some svelte salesgirl who didn’t even look like she needed a bra that she simply nodded and bought what the girl picked out for her, along with the matching purple panties.

“Perfect,” Ellen sighed to herself after she hooked the bra up and felt her breasts filling the cups completely, and not only did the brassiere feel good, she had to admit that it looked good too. A hell of a lot better than the worn-out harnesses she had a drawer full of, even if this contraption did make her look even bustier, something she used to be embarrassed about as it was.

Her lover liked her breasts. Loved them. To him they weren’t the udders of a sad old cow but as objects to be admired, appreciated and even mauled. How long had it been since a guy acted like that toward her? Her memory wasn’t that good.

Sucking in her stomach, Ellen nodded at her reflection and put on the matching purple nightie that she had bought to go along with her undergarments. The $200 seemed like a lot to someone who rarely spent on herself, but since their money had apparently been used for plenty of drinks, dinners and who knows what else for Ralph’s girlfriends over the last few years, Ellen felt entitled.

This was it, Ellen declared as she left the bedroom and headed out to the kitchen to have another cup of coffee and wait for her lover to arrive. It had been after 11 when he had showed up yesterday and it was 9:30 now. Would he be anxious – wanting her just as bad as he had yesterday – or would he make her wait?

Ellen hoped he would be early because despite the way her body had felt after he had ravaged her for over three hours straight, that was yesterday and now she wanted more. Wanted him, and it was funny that before yesterday Ellen hadn’t given much thought to Paul Shea, her lover.

After all, what 49 year old woman in her right mind would think of a friend of her son as a potential lover? Ellen hadn’t even though of him as an adult, although he was 18, the same age as her son. Paul still looked like a kid though, the unkempt hair, the big ears and the goofy big-toothed grin, and right up until “IT” happened that was the way Ellen had continued to look at Paul.

Now, as Ellen sipped her coffee and looked out the kitchen window towards her back yard, she waited and hoped that Paul would show up soon. Ellen hoped that yesterday hadn’t been some sort of delusion ever though from the soreness in long neglected places she knew that it had been very real.

More realistically, Ellen hoped that yesterday hadn’t just been a case of a bored kid looking for something to do on a rainy day and had come by in hopes that he would find his friend’s mother bored and lonely and desperate, although the words he had said seemed sincere. He said he had wanted her all of his life and had never had the guts to act on it before, and as Ellen stared out the window she thought back to less than 24 hours ago when it all began.


The day before…

The knock on the back door had startled Ellen, causing her to drop the coffee cup she had been rinsing in the sink, and she was relived when it didn’t break. The mug, with the worn images of lighthouses on Cape Cod, was a souvenir of happier days, and since all of her happier days were well in the past, she treasured the cup.

“Paul,” Ellen had said to the kid who had knocked on her back door. “Peter – he’s at work. He got a job for the summer.”

“I know,” the kid had said. “I work at Mickey D’s too, but I’ve got a few days off.”

“Oh,” Ellen said as they stared awkwardly at each other through the screen, and after a while Paul asked if he could come in.

“Oh – uh – sure,” Ellen said, stepping aside so the boy could come in, and as she brushed up against her she was surprised to see that Paul was now a little taller than she was, although to her chagrin she also outweighed him.

“What’s new with you, honey?” Ellen asked. “Ready for college in the fall?”

“I guess,” Paul said, shifting her weight from side to side, and Ellen was surprised at seeing how little Paul had changed over the years.

Unlike canlı casino her son, Paul hadn’t gotten much taller, and he still had a baby face with dimples to boot. About the only obvious change was the hair that coated the teen’s calves, with were exposed by the baggy shorts these kids all seemed to wear.

“How’s your Mom?” Ellen said cheerfully after Paul refused her offer of coffee.

“You don’t want to know,” Paul said with a lack of emotion.

“Oh – is something wrong?” Ellen said, since she had known Nancy Shea for years.

“She shooed me out of the house,” Paul said. “That’s why I came over here.”

“Well, young people these days don’t get enough exercise,” Ellen said. “Although you certainly seem fit, so she probably wants to make sure you get some fresh air.”

“No, she wanted to get me out of the house so her boyfriend could come over and fuck her.”

“Oh,” Ellen said, her embarrassment showing as she began to rinse things in the sink that didn’t need rinsing.

The thought of Nancy having a boyfriend was unsettling, since they were about the same age. Nancy was a pretty woman and very fit, so it was no surprise that someone would be interested in her, although she was a married woman with a nice husband, and along with that the fact that her son knew about it was very wrong.

“She’s got a new one,” Paul said as he came over to lean against the sink, and Ellen felt uncomfortable when she saw the teen’s eyes fixed on her chest.

“That’s… I don’t know what to say,” Ellen stammered.

“You know the last one,” Paul said.

“I don’t think…”

“Chubby old bastard with a little dick,” Paul said. “I watched them one time through the key hole. The guy didn’t last a minute. You know who I’m talking about, don’t you Mrs. Miller?”


“You shouldn’t be embarrassed,” Paul said. “He’s the fool.”

Ellen knew who Paul was talking about alright, and she seethed at the thought of her husband sniffing around a married woman’s house, especially the mother of a friend of their son.

“You’re way hotter than my Mom,” Paul said as he put his hand on her shoulder. “Mom’s flat as a board. Not like you.”

“Paul!” Ellen said, taking a step back as looking at the kid in shock at the way he was speaking about his mother. “Your mother has a lovely shape. You shouldn’t say things like that.”

“Why?” Paul said calmly as he posed against the counter like he was Marlon Brando or something. “You know I’ve always been crazy about you.”

“That’s not true.”

“Sure it is,” Paul said as his eyes went up and down his friend’s mother, whose voluptuous Rubenesque body could not be hidden even with the baggy shirt and sweatpants she was wearing. “You know I always check you out when I come over.”

“Having a crush on your friend’s mother isn’t…”

“Kids have crushes,” Paul said calmly. “I’m a man.”

“Oh you are, are you?” Ellen said with a chuckle.

“You tell me,” Paul said as he stopped leaning on the counter and faced her, much like some cowboy would face someone he was going to have a shootout with.

Ellen shook her head as they stared at each other, but then when Paul’s eyes went downward Ellen’s followed until she saw what Paul wanted her to see.

Ellen jerked her eyes away when she saw the obscene bulge that made the kid’s baggy shorts stick out so, but her eyes kept going back each time she tried to look away.

“Want to see it?” Paul asked as his hand went to his zipper. “Bet you haven’t had any in a long time. Peter said you and the asshole you’re married to barely speak.”

“That’s none of your – please don’t,” Ellen said as Paul’s zipper went down slowly.

“Why? I’m not ashamed of myself. Don’t you want to see how excited you make me?” Paul said. “Wouldn’t you like to have somebody make love to you like you deserve?”

“I’m married.”

“Bullshit. Peter tells me…”

“Did he send you over here?” Ellen cried out as she backed up against the stove. “Is this some kind of joke you kids play?”

“I’m not joking around, and Peter would never do that to you. He’d kill me if he knew I was here. He loves you. Not like I love you though, and I would never say a word to anybody.”

“You should leave, Paul. I’m flattered – but I’m a old fat woman. I’m too old for…”

“I think you’re hot. Let me show you,” Paul said as he undid the buckle of his shorts.

Ellen turned away, and when the sound of the belt buckle hit the floor tile she kept her head turned away and closed her eyes to boot.

“I don’t understand. This is so unlike you,” Ellen managed to say.

“Look at me, Mrs. Miller,” Paul pleaded. “I swear I’ve never done anything like this before, but I want you so bad. Look at me… please.”

“Please?” the kid whispered, and then Ellen opened her eyes and turned to face her son’s friend. “I’m not a kid. I’m a man.”

“Omigod,” Ellen gasped when she looked at the little kid with his shorts down around his ankles, the sight kaçak casino of the enormous penis pointed right at her unlike anything she had ever set her eyes on before outside of the porn movies her husband used to make her watch, and it bobbed wildly up and down like a diving board as Paul stepped out of his shorts.

“See?” Paul said, reaching down and grabbing his manhood by the roots and wiggling it while moving across the room toward her. “When Mr. Miller came over to fuck my Mom one time I got a look at what you’ve been getting all your life, and it’s nothing like this, is it Mrs. Miller?”

“No,” Ellen said, and that was not an answer to his question but an attempt to make him stop, to have him pull his shorts back up and pretend this wasn’t happening, but he was next to her and putting his hand on her wrist, bringing it down. “Paul – please.”

“I want you so bad,” Paul was saying, her hands mauling her breasts through the layers of clothing, and his hand was no longer forcing her hand around his manhood because she kept holding it, feeling the hot organ pulsating in her grasp.

“Paul – I’m not ready for this,” Ellen whimpered as buttons were getting undone and her top was on the way off.

She had no make-up on and hadn’t ever been into the shower yet. She needed time – but she knew that if she got out of the young man’s grasp and had time to think – nothing would even happen, and she sensed Paul knew that because he didn’t let up as he moved the older woman against the kitchen counter.

“I’ve always fantasizing about you having a hairy pussy,” Paul grunted in her ear as he groped her like an animal, prying her bra up without unhooking it. “On account of how your armpits get so hairy when you don’t shave for a while.”

Ellen’s face burned with embarrassment when Paul’s hands probed under her arms briefly on the way to begin unhooking her bra, but his reaction to his fingers finding hair there showed no indication that his enthusiasm was dampened in the least.

Paul was kissing her neck and shoulders, slobbering was more like it, but while his technique was primitive Paul’s feral behavior excited Ellen. When Paul grabbed her wrist and raised her arm, she didn’t stop him when he buried his face briefly in the steamy jungle before finally unhooking her harness.

“Oh man,” Paul groaned as her breasts lurched forward and downward, propelled by the force of getting freed from the harness, and then his hands were mauling them roughly, the plaint flesh very giving as her nipples popped out ever further.

The next things Ellen knew her sweatpants had been yanked down and then off, and while the teen’s touch was far from tender, the way he fingered her and pulled on her pussy hair made her wet.

Ellen could have said no but she couldn’t find the words, and she could have suggested they go into bed instead of letting Paul bend her over the kitchen table, but in a way Ellen thought it was how this first adultery of hers should take place. To be taken brutally by this man-child who was acting like a savage was fitting.

In fact her main concern as she felt Paul move behind her was that he was going to try and stick his massive organ in her anus, but he was just nervously fumbling and then quickly moved from the little hairy orifice to the larger one, although as her son’s friend introduced his swollen manhood to her long neglected pussy Ellen feared that opening would not be able to accommodate him.

In the end although her fears were unwarranted, Paul’s penis had to struggle to enter the older woman with such little foreplay, but once he had impaled her and started to move in and out Ellen forgot about the pain, and soon she was cumming hard and loud.

Feeling like she was wavering in and out of consciousness Ellen was only vaguely aware of Paul’s cock jerking inside of her as he filled her womb with his hot seed, and then she was sobbing into the tabletop. Paul comforted her briefly before leading her down the hall to her bedroom with her sweatpants tailing behind as they hung onto an ankle as she walked.

Ellen forced herself to look away because of all the pictures in the bedroom. Family pictures of her with the man who had evolved and de-evolved from friend to lover to husband to stranger, and now even though she felt like she was forced into this, Ellen was like him now.

Nothing screamed that fact out more than the glance at herself in the mirror. Seeing Paul’s seed oozing out of her sex was both vulgar and sexy, the white cream seeming to pour out of her like lava and hanging on her pubic hair, made a chill go down her spine as the teen eased her into bed.

Ellen thought Paul was simply taking her to bed to rest and get herself together, perhaps hoping she would drop off so he could duck out to tell his friends how he had just fucked Peter Miller’s dumpy old mother, but he just knelt at her side and tenderly kneaded her breasts while telling her how great it had been.

Ellen didn’t protest when Paul’s knees shifted upwards a bit until his left knee was at the side of her head, and then showing youthful agility deftly lifted his right leg over her and braced his right foot on the mattress, facing the foot of the bed.

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