Emergence 02: Linda

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It was Monday morning, again. Jan looked at me obliquely when I waddled in to my cubicle. Then she smiled her wonderful knowing smile. We had been close friends for over a year now and were “cell mates”; we had adjoining cubicles.

‘Stubble burns?’ she asked meaningfully.

‘Don’t start on me Jan,’ I croaked.

‘And a touch too much of the grape? ‘

‘Have pity on me, I was up half the night. Andy can be insatiable, and he needs to shave more often.’

‘Oh, poor dear, want me to help out a bit? You know, if he’s too much for you.’ She teased.

I put my head down and raised a single finger over the partition.

‘Would you Jan?’ I asked keeping up the banter. ‘That would be great. I know he would love that.’

‘No, no. I was just teasing,’ she responded quickly.

Jan had recently married Bob, who used to be our boss and a personal friend of Andy and I. She’d had a terrible previous marriage that she had just lately put behind her. My friend Mary, commonly known as Stick, and I had been helping Jan realize her potential and open up her sex life. Trust me, before her previous husband died, she had been treated like a crappy old chair that was used reluctantly and only one way.

Jan is a beautiful woman of twenty-eight with a killer body. She has a natural dark complexion with long black hair, her chest was a 36D, a thin waist and a butt to die for.

I received an email from Stick:


Touchdown. Jan has completed No. 4. Get her to tell you all about it. Back at ranch so only phone and email.


I smiled at the message. Jan had completed the 4th goal Stick had set for her. In an attempt to help ease Jan into a better sexual relationship with Bob, we had purchased clothing, including lingerie that was more revealing than the sackcloth she had been wearing. First Stick, suggested Jan wear a set of very sexy undies for Bob and have him remove them with the lights on. Then she was given her four goals to meet within a certain time frame, if possible.

1, Masturbate Bob.

2, Send nude photos to Bob.

3, Walk in park with revealing dress.

4, Perform oral sex on Bob.

So, the little sex pot had given her first BJ. Humm. I wondered if this had happened at the party at our house on Saturday. I could hardly wait for lunch, today we would go to the park. Privacy.

As we sat at our usual bench and ate our lunch. I quickly noticed a few more men than usual, smiling and nodding at Jan. Then I remembered goal no. 3.

‘So, Jan. How are your goal’s coming?’ I asked casually. She blushed shyly.

‘Oh, pretty good,’ she answered evasively.

‘Come on Jan. Out with it. Have you finished all four?’

‘Yes. Alright, I finished all four. You happy?’

‘Come on Jan. Tell me all about it?’

‘Well it was all your fault. I had refused to…well you know… Goal No. 4, then I saw you and Andy in the kitchen. You know when you came down naked.’

‘You can’t see into the kitchen from the living room.’

‘The glass in the china cabinet reflected your little late-night snack.’

‘Oh. Yah, of course,’ I smiled, ‘so you’ve seen me. At least you can tell me about your side.’

‘OK,’ she said quietly, twin blush spots glowed on her cheeks. ‘I…well…you know.’ She looked into my eyes. ‘Well I sucked Bob’s thing.’

‘Not good enough.’

‘I sucked his cock the first time on your living room couch. OK?’

‘The first time?’

‘Well yes. The other two times was at home.’

‘In one day?’

‘Well we stayed naked all-day Sunday and I really like doing it. Bob says I don’t have a gag reflex. Is that good?’

‘That’s great for Bob. Wait until I tell Andy.’

‘Oh no, please don’t tell him. Please.’ She begged, but not convincingly.

‘Of course not. Unless you want me to?’ She shrugged her shoulders with a grin.

‘Bob loved it. Made me very happy too and his…sperm. Is that right? Tasted pretty good.’

‘He came in your mouth? Did you swallow?

‘Well yes. Was I not supposed to?’

‘If you liked it by all means. I like it when a cock fills my mouth.’ Jan took my arm as we walked back to the office. Her lovely tit pressed against my upper arm. Was there an invitation there I wondered?


That night after supper Andy and I were talking about the party.

‘It went great,’ Andy said with a grin. ‘Jim sure enjoyed himself. He had a hand on Jan’s ass for some time.’

‘What…where?’ I asked. He immediately had my attention. I wanted to tell Andy about Jan’s BJ, but I had made her that promise. So, not yet.

‘They were standing by the patio door. I think if Jim had pressed his luck, he would have had his hand right up her skirt.’

‘The little trollop.’ I smiled gleefully. Jan was really coming out of her shell. I wonder how far she would go. I opened my mouth about to break my promise to Jan, then decided not to tell Andy, yet.

Later that evening I called Stick.

‘She has no gag reflex,’ Stick chuckled. ‘Interesting. Have you told her about our fatih escort foursomes?’

‘No, but Jim had his hand on Jan’s ass for some time at the party.’

‘Yes, I saw that. I suggested he should give her a little feel.’

‘I think she likes women as well. Just not ready to experiment quite yet.’

‘Get her to give me a call, will you?’

‘OK.’ And we talked for another hour.


The next weekend Andy took Bob up to our old ranch. Andy was building a nice cabin and needed help. That left Jan and I on our own so she came over to stay for the long weekend. We had a great time shopping and just hanging out. Saturday was the first real hot day of the season. We were sitting out side by the pool and had a light lunch. Have to watch the figure.

‘Come on Jan,’ I said stripping off my little sundress. ‘Let’s get into the pool.’ I stood naked before a reluctant Jan who nervously looked around the yard.

‘No one can see us. Come on,’ I grabbed her hand pulling her to her feet. ‘It’s good for you to get some sun.’

‘OK,’ Jan agreed tentatively, and began slipping out of her dress. She is beautiful, especially when she is naked. We swam for some time and then laid on the chaise lounges soaking up the sun; just talking.

‘Maybe next time the guys go up to your cabin, we could go with them?’ Jan asked kind of hesitantly.

‘You just want to have Jim feel your ass again,’ I joked, grinning over at her.

‘You saw that?’ she cried out.

‘No, but Andy saw you two talking for quite some time. And that’s not all you were doing.’

‘Oh dear. What will he think of me?’ Jan turned bright red.

‘He loved it. He was only sorry he didn’t get a little feel of that great ass of yours.’

‘Linda. He’s your husband, wouldn’t you object…feel cheated on?’ She glanced at me slyly. ‘Have you told Andy about…you know…’

‘Not yet. But I’m going to,’ I said waiting for her immediate negative response; but she said nothing.

‘You wouldn’t feel cheated on if Andy was to be with someone else?’

‘No. Not in the least,’ I answered honestly. I could see the wheels turning in her beautiful head. ‘Or maybe it’s Stick that draws your interest? I know she likes you. She all but drooled when you were modeling the new clothes.’

‘Really? You think Stick likes me in…well…that way?’

‘Oh yes. For sure. Stick is Bi.’

‘Bi!’ she blurted sitting up swinging her legs of the lounger. Jan sat there for several minutes pondering this revelation. I could see the interest sparkling in her eyes.

‘How do you know?’

‘Because silly. I like girls as well as boys.’ I finished, trying to keep it simple.

‘So, you and Stick have…err…well.’

‘Yes. We have had sex. And just to forestall the next question, Andy knows and sometimes joins in. As does Jim.’

‘Holy crap,’ Jan blurted, ‘Does Bob know?’

‘Yes, Bob knows. But has never joined us in these games. Although I think he would like to.’

‘How do you know?’ she asked, then answered herself. ‘Never mind…stupid question.’

There was a lengthy gap in our conversation, but Jan didn’t go screaming out of the house and by supper time she seemed to have forgotten about our discussion.


The next day I suggested another swim and before I could disrobe, Jan was naked. Like a couple of kids, we ran to the pool and dove in. Jan was really enjoying laying in the sun; her natural dark complexion was almost immune to the sun, but I wasn’t.

‘Do my back Jan,’ I asked handing her a bottle of suntan lotion and turning over as we lay getting some sun. She smiled and poured a generous amount on my back before she began rubbing it in. Jan was obviously enjoying the job as much as I did and took her time rubbing lotion on my bum. I parted my legs slightly to give her access to my inner thigh. She did the back of my legs last and seemed reluctant to stop, coming back up to my bum, then grazing the inner thigh.

Jan’s phone buzzed, ‘It’s Stick,’ she said and put it on speaker.

‘Hi Stick,’ we cried in unison. ‘We’re laying by the pool, naked,’ I quipped.

‘Oh Jeeze,’ Stick moaned. ‘It’s pouring up here. Wish I was there with you.’

We chatted for some time before Stick asked to speak to Jan, privately. I felt a little left out but had a good idea what Stick wanted.

While Jan was speaking to Stick on the phone, I received an email from Stick.


Get Jan to tell you her fantasies. Tell her yours.


‘Come on Jan,’ I suggested when she got off the phone. ‘Let’s get all dolled up and go out for dinner.’

‘Great idea, but I’ll have to borrow some of your clothes.’

‘OK,’ I agreed. ‘Why don’t I pick what you have to wear, and you pick what I have to wear?’

‘Well…’ She paused before responding. ‘You won’t make it too revealing, will you?’

I just smiled noncommittally and finally Jan nodded with a knowing smile.

I selected a thin multi coloured belted wrap top with long sleeves and a deep plunging istanbul escort neckline. It’s hem just below her shapely ass, a pair of black footless tights and a pair of black four-inch heeled pumps for Jan. She made no protest even agreeing to going panty and bra less. But the best effect was obtained by her wearing her new bra. It really showed off her beautiful boobs.

Jan picked out a loose black mini skirt with small flowers and a loose long sleeved off-white opaque top. It had small ruffles at the neck and a pair of high heeled sandals, then she said, No panties, no bra, no pantyhose with a wicked smile.

We took a cab because we wanted to have a few drinks that evening. Turned out we had quite a few drinks…free, from various gentlemen trying to pick us up. We had a great time and both of us did a little flashing. I couldn’t believe Jan’s willingness to deliberately flash as it got to be a little game between us, with a forfeit.

‘OK Jan. It’s your turn,’ I said as I sat back down at our table. I had just flashed two young guys at another table by spreading my legs slightly to let them have a peak of my panty less pussy. Quite by accident of course. We had been drinking a bit and were getting a little tipsy.

‘What do you want me to do?’ She whispered. ‘Don’t go all wild on me now.’ She urged.

I looked down at her tights making sure her camel toe was plainly visible. ‘Go to the bathroom, when you come back, drop your purse and when you bend down show them your shapely ass.’

‘I can’t do that.’ She complained blushing heavily.

‘You’re wearing tights. Nothing will show,’ I reassured her. Jan made the trip to the ladies, when she returned, she dropped her purse and gave a pretty good show of her barely covered ass and pussy. That earned us another round from three gentlemen at another table.

‘Ok. Your turn,’ Jan stated after a few minutes of thought and a few more sips of her drink. ‘See the two old guys over by the door?’ I nodded. ‘Deliberately. I mean deliberately raise your skirt and smile at them while showing your pussy.’

‘Ok.’ I said as I raised my skirt on my lap, uncrossed my legs slowly and gave them a good look. I didn’t think they could see this far anyway.

‘Your turn. Sit a little closer,’ I said with a smile as I spread my legs a little under the table. ‘Slip a hand down and play with my pussy.’ I whispered.

‘Not here,’ she blurted.


‘All right Janice,’ I began later as we sat across from each other in the living room with our aching feet up. ‘Tell me your most horny fantasy.’ I was slurring my words slightly I realized.

‘No. I can’t.’

‘You lost the bet…pay up,’ I insisted.

‘I didn’t think you would flash your pussy at those guys,’ she whined. ‘And I couldn’t play with you in the bar.’

‘Pay up!’ I realized she had said, “Couldn’t play with you in the bar.”

‘OK. OK,’ she paused. ‘Promise you won’t get mad.’


‘Well…err…It’s about you, Andy, Bob and Stick,’ she began gazing at me. ‘I…I have this fantasy, a dream really.’ She took a drink. ‘I’m with Andy and you are with Bob.’

‘Come on. You know the rules. Honest. Explicit.’

‘Aw Jeeze.’ She said. ‘OK. It’s a recurring dream, starts with me sucking Andy’s cock while you and Bob watch.’ She stopped her face bright red in embarrassment. ‘Then Andy begins having sex with me from behind. I’m on my knees and suddenly Stick is there with her legs splayed, and I am…I have…my face buried in her pussy. Licking her…well…her.’

‘That is hot. Really hot.’ I watch her discomfort start to recede. ‘I love it. Stick and Andy would love it. So would Bob and I.’

‘Really?’ She looked at me in confusion. ‘You wouldn’t be jealous?’

‘Nope. Well, just that I wasn’t you.’

‘You are incorrigible,’ Jan laughed as she had another drink. ‘What are your fantasies?’

‘Mine is a persistent desire to be fucking Jim while I suck off Bob. Or vice-versa. I’ve always wanted to take on two or even three men at the same time.’

There was a silence for a few minutes while Jan digested this tidbit. I was surprised when she didn’t tell me I was horrible. Instead she nodded looking at me with a sultry smile.

‘Yea, Jim is kind of dreamy. And he’s got lovely hands.’

‘As you would know,’ I said with a grin. ‘How far would you have let him go at the party? If you were alone?’

‘I think I would have let him do whatever he wanted.’ She said after pondering for a while. ‘Am I a terrible person Linda? I mean I’m married to a wonderful guy.’

‘No. Not at all,’ I assured her. ‘You’re just starting to explore your sensual side.’ I smiled at her and let my legs part slightly. ‘Why don’t you tell Bob about your fantasies, have him tell you his. See what his reaction is when you tell him about Jim feeling your ass. Talk about your expectations, tell him what you want.’

‘You think I should tell Bob about Jim’s roaming hands and me not stopping him?’

‘Yes. Be open with him,’ I stated emphatically. ‘How would you feel taksim escort if he found out from someone else? How would Bob feel?’

Jan sat there thinking for several minutes before answering. ‘I…I…don’t want to lose him. I love him.’

‘I’ve known Bob for a long time. Trust me. He loves you and has since the first time you walked into the office.’ I watched her face as she considered my words. We were still a little drunk but the words sank in.

‘I guess I would know…one way or another. Wouldn’t I?’ She replied as she took a large swallow of her wine. ‘I think you are right,’ she smiled at me and we sat without speaking for a few minutes.

I could see Jan had noticed my pussy being on display. I reached over to get my glass and when I sat back, raised a leg causing the loose skirt to ride up farther. Jan seemed transfixed by my open show.

‘Do you like what you see Jan?’ I asked quietly. ‘Could this be another fantasy of yours?’ I remembered her words in the bar. She looked at me making no sound. ‘Come and sit with me Jan. We’re not in the bar anymore.’ I held out my hand as she stood up. She moved as if in a trance and sat beside me on the couch.

I kissed her softly and held her face as she turned to me. She moaned as I caressed her breast through the deep vee of her top. Jan returned my caress sliding a hand up under my top to find my breast. We sat there for several minutes until she slipped a hand down to my shaved pussy.

‘Come with me,’ I said taking her hand as I stood and led her to the bedroom. We quickly undressed each other and fell to the bed giggling like little kids. We kissed hungrily and fondled each other with a sensual urgency. I began licking my way down Jan’s body while slipping two fingers to her moist pussy.

‘Wait,’ she said suddenly. ‘I want to be first. I’ve been wanting to do it for so long.’

Jan slithered down to my spreading legs, she stopped, looked up at me with a wide smile on her face before sliding a long finger into my pussy. She watched my face as she probed gently with a second finger. Then she spread my lips and explored my slit with her tongue. I grasped her head pulling her face to my pussy as waves of pleasure began coursing through my body. Soon Jan had me withering in ecstasy as her talented tongue found my clit and teased it firmly. Boy, she had hidden talents. It took only a few wonderous minutes before my body arched followed by a crushing orgasm. She was unsatisfied and kept up the assault on my little nub. I had to push her head away from my crotch as I was becoming ultra sensitive to her ministrations.

Jan smiled up at me, her face glistening with my juices. She slid up to cuddle in the crook of my arm, her hand cupped my breast as she sighed contently. We lay there as I came back down to earth.

Jan reached over to the night stand and brought her cell phone out. ‘Smile,’ she said as she took a selfie of the two of us.

‘What are you doing?’ I moaned.

‘I have to send this to Stick.’ she said, as she sat up cross legged to use her phone. Her lovely body wantonly on display.

‘Wait,’ I murmured reaching out to pull her back down by a shapely leg. ‘Let’s give her a few more photos to enjoy.’ I insisted, spreading her legs and beginning to kiss my way up to her pussy. After taking several photos, she dropped the phone with a delightful scream.

Later, as we laid side by side talking, Jan sent several photos to Stick. ‘It was one of Stick’s goals,’ she explained showing me the email from Stick. ‘She also wants me to send her photos of Bob and I having sex. And we have to talk about our fantasies as well.’

‘You think Bob will go for that?’

She laughed, ‘Bob likes to take pictures of me. We have all kinds and even some video of us, well of me sucking his cock.’

‘You little slut, you,’ I laughed playfully slapping Jan’s perfect ass.

‘I had a good teacher,’ she said giving me a hug and a kiss. ‘And as soon as Bob gets back, I’m going ask him what his secret fantasies are. And If he is nice, tell him mine. Then, I shall tell him about Jim’s hands and our little tryst here.’

‘Can I tell Andy about your artful oral skills?’

‘Not yet. Stick has a plan for us to get together and wants to keep it secret, for now.’

‘I take it that we will be going up to the ranch for this plan of Stick’s?’

‘Oh yes,’ she nodded. ‘I can’t wait.’


Summer was upon us now and one day Jan and I went back to the park to eat our lunch. We were sitting on our bench chatting and enjoying the sun. There were lots of people walking through the park and sitting on other benches getting a great dose of sunshine. Neither Jan or I wore stockings or pantyhose so we could pull up our skirts to get some sun on our legs. Much to the enjoyment of two teenage boys sitting across from us. An older lady had been sitting on the bench with us but when she left, Jan pulled closer.

‘Want to hear what Bob fantasizes about?’ she whispered.

‘Shoot,’ I said with interest.

‘Well his favorite is…well…he wants to see me with another man. You know…giving him a BJ. Is that OK do you think?’

‘Anyone we know?’ I giggled.

‘You know darn well it’s your Andy.’

‘I thought as much,’ I said with a satisfied grin. ‘He’ll be glad to go along, if you want.’

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