Emergency Maintenance Call…

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Hello there, my dear and constant reader….it’s been a long time. So long, in fact, that I could write enough stories about me going solo to cause this website to crash. I was thinking about you the other day, and decided to tell you where those thoughts lead me…to share this fantasy that I am sure you and I both have had over the last few months, so make sure to settle in for a nice, long ride. Are you ready?

It was around 6 p.m., on a cold and snowy Friday, and I found my mind wandering to places that it hadn’t been in a long time. I had the house all to myself, a wondrous and rare occasion, and I decided to take advantage of it. I opened up a bottle of wine, put on some music, and, after sipping a few glasses, lit up a joint. I was starting to feel a nice slow buzz creeping throughout my body, and decided that a long, hot bubble bath sounded absolutely amazing right about now.

As I walked in the bathroom and glanced around the room, I couldn’t help but think of you; the shiny new tile that you had laid so carefully, the faucets that you had tightened with shaking hands as you tried not to think about what we could have been doing in there….No, I wasn’t going to go there again. I couldn’t afford to. I had called you on your cell phone earlier that day and left you a message, saying that I would be alone for the night, and thought it would be nice to get together. You hadn’t called back, nor did I expect you to. I mentally kicked myself, wondering when I would ever get it that I just needed to give you up and leave you be. I turned on the water, poured in the bubble bath,and tried to shove you out of my mind for the fiftieth time that week.

But as I removed my clothes and started to step into the water, it became increasingly more difficult to ignore the images of you running through my head. As I sank down into the bubbles, I smiled to myself, thinking, of all the rooms in the house, this was the one that reminded me of you the most, and it also happened to be the only one that we hadn’t touched each other in. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted you. My nipples grew hard and I felt a stirring in my center that only you could create. I closed my eyes, laid back in the big clawfoot tub, and gave in to fantasy.

As I ran my hands over my soapy tits, my nipples grew even harder as I imagined your hot, wet tongue running over them, first the left, and then the right….I pinched and pulled, memories flooding my body of your mouth sucking and pulling on them until I could almost come from that alone. I raised up on my knees, sliding my right hand down over my pussy. The soap from my fingers combined with the dampness dripping from my aching cunt was almost enough to send me right over the edge. I slid two fingers back and forth over my clit, then down into my cunt, trying my hardest to fuck myself with those fingers as hard as you did, holy family izle but it wasn’t working. I slid them back out, running them back up over my clit, lightly flicking it with my fingertips, imagining that it was your hot, wet tongue. My left hand worked back and forth across my tits, stopping to squeeze and pull on my nipples as I kneeled there in the water, eyes closed, bringing myself closer and closer….

Suddenly an image flashed through my dazed mind, and I could picture you there, my hands holding desperately onto the back of your head, your ice blue eyes staring up at me through the steam, as your hot tongue worked feverishly over my clit, stopping every now and then to run down and swirl around inside of me…that was all I could take. My fingers worked faster and I exploded, coming harder than I had in a long time, and I moaned out loud, your name echoing in the empty bathroom.

I sank back into the water, my chest heaving, trying to catch my breath in the steam-filled room. My nipples were hard and covered in little beads of sweat…Between the alcohol, the pot, the candlelit hot room, and my massive orgasm, I was shaking and the room was spinning. I tried to stand up to get out, almost falling, when I felt a hand grasp my arm to steady me…I looked up and there you were, standing in the doorway. I blinked and shook my head a little, expecting you to fade away, but there you still stood, with a grin on your face and a twinkle in your eye.

I said nothing, but could feel a flush creep up my face as I realized you had just witnessed the entire scene. You silently reached down and took my hand, pressing it to the front of your jeans where your cock was already hard as a rock straining to get out of it’s confines. I felt my embarrassment start to fade away, being replaced with some sort of animal lust that I had only known with you. Besides, it wouldn’t be the first time you’d seen me do something like that.

I immediately sank to my knees in front of you and worked the button loose on your jeans. I leaned forward and grasped the zipper between my teeth, slowly pulling it down. I then moved my mouth over your cock, sending my hot breath through the denim, making it twitch with anticipation of what was to come. I finally reached up with my hands to pull down your jeans and free your raging hard-on.

I took a no-hands approach this time, flicking my tongue over the tip, then wrapping it around the head, while my hands worked over your ass. I swirled my tongue around in a circle, then slid it down a little. I continued to work the head of your cock this way for another minute, then used my tongue to guide you between my wet and waiting lips. You gasped as my mouth slowly pulled you in and you almost fell over. I realized I had better get you seated somewhere before you broke something (grin). Besides, hotel portofino izle with no chance of anyone catching us, I decided it was finally time to get you 100% completely naked.

I stood and led you over to the tub and hurriedly removed the rest of your clothes, eager to get that monster dick of yours back into my mouth. I loved nothing more than sucking you off, feeling your silky hot hard cock between my lips. Sometimes I get off on just that thought alone….It was getting chilly, so I turned on the hot water and stepped back into the tub, bringing you in with me. I sat you on the edge of the tub and kneeled down in the water. As hungry as I was for you, I wanted to prolong your pleasure as much as I could. I soaped up my hands and started at your knees, slowly working my way up your thighs, lightly rubbing up and down the insides of them. My left hand continued this way as my right hand slid up over your balls. Then I took my other hand from your leg and began to work it up and down your cock, ever so slowly. I thought you were going to die from this, as you threw your head back and groaned, gripping the edge of the tub so hard that your knuckles were turning white.

As I felt you grow even harder than I thought possible in my hand, I couldn’t take anymore. I had to taste you, had to feel you in my mouth again.. I rinsed the soap away from you and took you fully into my mouth, feeling my throat trying to expand to accommodate you. I took it far enough back to make me gag, knowing you loved this, and started moving my lips up and down over you rapidly, swirling my tongue around in my mouth all over you at the same time. You were going crazy. Your hips started to thrust up to meet my hot wet strokes, and the fact that you were fucking my mouth like a madman made my cunt start to flutter and contract inside from the thrill. I could already smell your come starting to build up through your skin and this always made me lose control…I tightened my whole mouth around you as I felt you grow in my mouth and then the first spurt of your hot come hit my throat….I gulped and swallowed and sucked as hard as I could, not wanting to miss a single drop of my favorite treat.

When you were through shooting the biggest load I had ever swallowed, I slowly released you from my mouth, flicking my tongue around you every so often to watch your whole body jerk and quiver under my touch…I had learned that you were very sensitive right after and I loved to watch you do this (grin).

Wasting no time, you switched places with me, seating me on the edge of the tub as you kneeled down in front of me. The heat from the water must have taken care of any cramps in your legs, as you immediately went to work on my aching cunt. The orgasm I had earlier was long forgotten and I was hornier than ever. You began fucking me with those fingers house of hammer izle so hard I thought I was going to be torn to pieces and I loved every minute of it…this was something I could never achieve myself, something that only you could do for me. Then you leaned down and started tonguing my clit hard and fast, making my fantasy a reality…I came almost immediately, but you didn’t let up for a second, watching me twitch and jump around…ok, so I had it coming!

I don’t know how many times I came all over your face before you finally pulled away. When you removed your fingers from me, I reached down and took your hand, pulling it to my mouth, and as I took your cock in one hand, already half-hard again, I slowly sucked all of my juices off of your fingers. Seeing this must have drove you crazy, since you grew once again to that monster-sized hard-on in my hand. I said nothing, just smiled, and continued to suck your fingers clean. Then I leaned up and kissed you hard, wanting all of my come from there, too…

Now we both had only one thing on our minds…the main course. Without a word, you turned me around to face the back of the tub on my hands and knees. You started sliding the head of your dick up and down my slit from my clit all the way up over my ass and then back down again. I started wriggling around in front of you, moaning and groaning from this torture…I needed that big dick inside of me and I needed it now! You kept this up until I finally yelled “Please! Fuck me now!”, finally breaking our silent ritual. That was enough for you, and you slammed it all the way in with one hard stroke. You fucked me hard and fast, driving me insane. I came hard and fast all over you, and you could see my come running down over your balls as I screamed out how good you felt.

I was moving with you now, slamming back against you as hard as I could, meeting your every thrust. You felt my cunt contract all around you as I came over and over and sent you right over the edge. You pulled out of me and I felt you start to squirt your second load of the night all over my ass. I wasn’t about to waste it, so I hurried up and turned around and tried to catch as much of it as I could with my mouth as you shot the rest of it all over my face…I leaned over and sucked you clean, savoring the taste of our come. We climbed out of the tub, dried each other off, and lied down in the bed to rest for a few minutes before you had to leave…..

I woke up in my bed, naked and under the covers, the morning sun shining in my face, my head throbbing from the wine I had the night before. “How did I get in here?” I wondered. As I slowly got out of bed and reached for my robe, I remembered going to take a bath and suddenly the evening before came rushing back to me. I walked downstairs to the kitchen, noticing I was very sore. I laughed at myself, thinking that I must have gotten a little wild fantasizing in the tub, and vowed to never get that drunk and stoned again before masturbating…after all, that had to be what happened….right?

That’s when I noticed the paper hanging from the inside front doorknob. All that was written on it was “Maintenance was here…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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