Emily and Hayden Ch. 04

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Emily slept well and woke up early in Hayden’s arms once again. He was sleeping still, so she began kissing his chest and neck to wake him. With a small moan, he opened his eyes slowly and pulled her close, rolling her on top of him. She pushed herself up on her elbows so she could see his face.

“Little girl,” he said softly, stroking her neck and between her small breasts, “How are you feeling this morning?”

“I feel good,” she whispered, leaning down to kiss his forehead, the way he so often kissed her’s. “I’m excited, and kind of nervous,” she admitted. “And my legs are tired. And I don’t want to go home later today.”

She petted his dark hair, admiring it and the rest of his face. Even when it was messy, his hair still looked cute, the way his bangs came almost over his eyes. He had gotten it cut since they had first met, from almost shoulder-length, to this somewhat shorter style. It made him look innocent, and the contrast between it and the intense, commanding gaze that he so often directed at her aroused and sometimes unsettled her- particularly as his eyes were so soft at other times. They were not that big, but were hazel-brown and sloped down at the corners. They almost always made him look vaguely sad, even when he smiled.

“Emily, baby,” Hayden said mildly. “Are you alright?”

She realized that she had been staring him. “Yes, um, I’m fine, Sir.”

He was trying very hard not to smile, and his eyes crinkled. He was not good at hiding smiles. Emily squealed at his expression and kissed him. He kissed her back, pulling her against him with his strong arms.

When he ended the kiss after several seconds he asked, a little out-of-breath, “Do you see the closet over there?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Go open it. On the floor you’ll see a large, dark blue bag. Bring it to me.” There was that look again, the one that sent shivers down her spine.

Her heart sped up. “Yes, Sir!” She pulled back the covers and got off of him and out of bed.

“Emily.” Something in his voice made her freeze immediately. “Y-yes Sir?”



“You heard me. Hands and knees, crawl to the closet. Open it. Pick up the bag with your teeth, and crawl back here to this side of the bed. Do you understand all of that, slut, or do I have to explain to you again?”

“No- I, I mean yes, I understand. Sir.” She dropped to her hands and knees. She frequently felt self-conscious being naked around him but in this position, crawling around the bed and across the room, altyazılı porno she was so exposed, and she felt defenseless, like a small animal. She could feel him watching her bare ass, her swollen labia, her breasts swinging from side to side.

When she glanced behind her at him, she saw that he was stroking his hard cock. She looked away quickly. She wanted to close her legs tightly, but had a feeling that would be unacceptable, and she yearned to please him. And god, she realized how wet she was then. She paused. How could I be enjoying this? She wondered. What’s wrong with me?

“Hurry up,” Hayden said, a note of warning in his voice. She scurried across the floor to the closet, reached up and, closing her eyes to avoid looking at herself in front of the mirrors on the doors, opened the them. She scanned the messy floor until she saw a large, dark bag in far right corner. She crawled into the closet, picked up the thick fabric handles with her teeth and turned around, heading back to Hayden. It was heavy and awkward to hold, and she knew how ridiculous she must have looked half carrying, half dragging it.

She presented it to him, her face and body flushed with effort, humiliation, and desire. He stopped jacking off and sat up on the edge of the bed. He took the bag from her, set it on the bed, and pulled her to him, letting her cheek rest against his thick cock. She rubbed her face against it automatically.

He let go of her and told her to sit back. He reached into the bag ans took something small out of it- a collar, thin and black, with a small heart in the front and a clasp in the back that had a keyhole.

She whispered “Is that for-“

“Emily, will you please turn around?” It felt unusual to hear him request anything from her, but she turned around quickly anyway. He carefully put the collar around her neck and she heard it close with a firm “click.”

“Do you like it?”

“Oh, yes, Sir!”

“I bought it just for you. I bought a few other things too, but this was particularly enjoyable to pick out. I think it suits you.” He took her hand and led her, on her hand and knees, to the mirror.

“It’s beautiful,” Emily said in a whisper. In the collar, she felt slightly more confident in her position.

“I want you to wear this when you are with me, particularly when I fuck you. You’ll leave it here. If, sometime in the future, we decide to try something more… permanent, like we discussed earlier, then you can have this collar to wear wherever you go. I have the key for it in my drawer, and I’ll take it off before you leave today. Do you understand all this?”

“Yes, Master, I understand. Thank you so much.” Her voice was soft and adoring as she zenci porno turned from the mirror to gaze up at him. He knelt down, lifted her up under her arms, and held her high, like a child.

“Now,” he said, “Would you like to see the rest of what’s in the bag?”

“Of course I do, Sir!” She smiled timidly. He gently tossed her onto the bed. “Close your eyes, reach into it, and take something out. Anything.”

She did as he said, and produced a small whip. Her eyes widened slightly. She was still in some pain and did not particularly want him to use this on her, never mind the fact that it was just plain scary-looking. Definitely creepier than the paddle, she thought.

“Now that, I’ve had for a couple years. I’ve used it on several subs. In fact, most of the items in there are old. Only your collar, the lotion I used on you last night, the paddle, and some KY is new.”

“Are you going to use this on me, Sir?” She cringed.

“Oh, don’t look so horrified. It won’t be THAT bad. It stings, but I have other items that are considerably more painful.”

She sighed and glanced away. “You’re so mean…” She was half-joking, but sensed quickly that it was the wrong thing to say. That feeling was confirmed when he walked up to her, grabbed her hair, and pushed her face-down on the bed. He pulled and pushed her body until she was in the position he wanted- stomach-down, legs over the bed, spread, hands above her head, face turned to the left.

“Comfortable?” His voice, although very contained, sent something electric through her body.

Emily hesitated. She didn’t know whether to lie to him, in order to appease him, or to be honest. “No, Sir,” she admitted.

“Good.” He reached between her legs and shoved a finger into her moist pussy. She whimpered, from shock and pain.

“Does it turn you on to be punished, whore?

“I- I don’t know, Master.”

She suddenly felt him pushing his finger into her mouth, forcing her to taste her own fluids, and she sucked on it. “I was not going to be this harsh before, but I think you need to learn how important it is to never disrespect your Master. Don’t you agree?” There was a rasp in his voice that hinted at arousal, not anger, but she knew he was still serious about her punishment.

“Yesh, Shir…” She mumbled through his finger.

He removed it from her mouth and picked up the whip. Instead of using it, though, he started off by lightly slapping her ass, and just as she became accustomed to the way his hand felt, he whipped her, once- hard.

“No!” She cried out.

He laughed sharply, and whipped her again, and she cried out again.

“Why am I punishing you?” He asked.

“B-because aldatma porno I- disrespected you, Sir.”

Again she felt a sting against her skin, which was already throbbing. “I’m sorry, Master, please stop, please, I’ll never do it again.”

A flurry of hard, stinging whips came, 10, maybe more, until her bottom was bright red and tears streamed down her face from sheer physical pain. Five even harder attacks came, and just then, when she thought she could handle no more, he dropped the whip on the floor. She exhaled in relief. It was over.

He came up behind her and she could feel his cock prodding against her pussy. She could not believe at first that it had turned him on so much to whip her until she cried.

With a firm thrust, he filled her tight, sopping cunt. It hurt, but not nearly as much as the first time. He moved in and out gently a few times, as her quiet sobs turned to loud moans, then began thrusting into her at full force. He grabbed her sides and forced her onto his cock more.

Is this punishment? Reward? She wondered. But as he fucked her harder and faster, she stopped caring. They both needed this from each other, and only from each other. That was all that mattered to her.

“Oh, god, Master!” Her voice was strained and high-pitched as he pounded her cunt. “I’m- I’m cumming!” She was trying to ask for permission, although she knew she couldn’t stop herself even if she tried.

“Good girl, cum for me…” He rammed into her and stayed inside her, pumping her full of his semen. He let out the deepest growl she had ever heard from him, and it elevated her orgasm, and her body convulsed and writhed as she came. She clenched his cock with her pussy and let out one long, high-pitched scream, a fusion of agony, pleasure, humiliation, tension, and joy.

He pulled out of her cunt and collapsed next to her, panting heavily. After a moment he pushed himself up and grasped her collar, pulling her fully onto the bed. He ran his hands over her red, stinging bottom, massaging it lightly. She winced from the sudden sensation, but it didn’t hurt; it eased the pain.

“Are you going to be rude to me again, little one?” He asked.

“No, Sir… No, I’ll be good. T-thank you for punishing me, Master.”

Hayden turned her over, and pulled her into his arms. He kissed and licked her blotchy, red, tear-stained face. She did not fight him, or even try to talk. Just like that, she thought, from whipping and fucking to kissing and massages. It made her head spin, how fast he could change his behavior and demeanor.

But he never really changed. It didn’t matter if he was punishing, teaching, rewarding or comforting her. He was always in charge of her. He knew exactly what he was doing, and he seemed to always know what she needed. She wasn’t sure if that should frighten or comfort her. In that moment, as she submitted to his soothing caresses, Emily was only sure that she felt safe with him, and she didn’t want it to end.

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