Emily’s Home – Ginger’s Out Ch. 11

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Emily Goes Home – Ginger Comes Out Ch. 11

By A Vixen Literally©

*** May***

Tuesday, May 1st – I was back at work after taking a personal day. Monday wasn’t a particularly fun. Despite the delight of my honey being home and the pleasure of our night, Reenie was a wreck. Her arm hurt, she was still wracked with guilt, and terribly conflicted about her future. She did call the doctor’s office – that visit would be early tomorrow morning. It was supposed to be date night but we settled on going out for dinner. We went for a walk after we got home, just to get out of the house. It was a very uneven day emotionally. I was most unhappy about going to work and leaving her alone.

I haven’t been management for very long so I didn’t quite know who to talk to. I started with George. He paled when I told him about Reenie. When I finished he asked, “Why on earth are you here, Ginger? You should be home caring for your girlfriend.” I told him I’d taken a personal day yesterday. He shook his head and said, “No, you need to go home.”

“George, thank you.” I made a scrunchy face and said, “Yes of course I want to be with her but my teams need me.” He exploded out of his chair and paced back and forth behind his desk.

He turned, faced me and said, “Ginger, I admire your dedication but this is silly. If your teams need you, you haven’t done a very good job of leading.” I blanched. He smiled and said, “Sorry if that came off a bit harsh, especially given the circumstances. You haven’t been in that chair long enough to know this.” He sat down again and said, “Create a culture that empowers your people to grow without you looking over their shoulder. That may have been the most important thing I learned in my time with all of you.” He smiled, adding, “It’s part of why you’re in the chair you’re in. You were an easy choice – the cream always rises. Who are your captains on this project?” My god; I had to stop and think for a moment. He shook his head and said, “Go home! Your mind isn’t here – that it’s taken so long to remember says it all.”

Please don’t be upset with me. When George said what he did I cracked, put my face in my hands and sobbed. I had tried to keep up appearances but I’m human. I didn’t want to be there; I was out of a sense of … it doesn’t matter. Jodi looked at me after I got off the elevator and followed me to my office. I told her what happened. God love her, she closed the door and held me as I cried. She kissed me and said, “Go home Ginger. We’ll be fine; you take care of Reenie.”

In the car, on the way home, I had a thought. I found a place to pull over, scrolled through my phone and dialed. Candy’s voice told me she’d been sleeping. I didn’t know where she’d been last night but some things are more important.

“I’m sorry to wake you but I need help.”

Her voice changed instantly as she said, “What’s the matter Ginger? Is Reenie okay?”

I thought about how to answer. “Yes and no. She’s struggling with guilt and her arm still hurts. I have to work, though I’m on my way back home. Can the two of you take turns coming to the house during the day to spend time with her? I think it’s best right now if she’s not alone.”

It didn’t take a second for her to respond. “No way; you two come back to the crash pad and stay here. It’s familiar surroundings, it’s a shorter trip to and from your work, and we can take care of her and keep her company while you’re there. Didn’t you say the house has yet to be completely furnished?” Hard to argue with anything she said. I sighed.

“Okay, I’ll pack some clothes and we’ll see you … I don’t know, in an hour or so.”

“Fabulous. Wake up Georgia. Ginger and Mo are coming soon. We need to get up and clean up.” Georgia mumbled something in the background. “We’ll see you soon. Thanks for calling Ginger.”

Reenie was surprised to see me, but she brightened up when I told her that I’d called Candy and what she’d suggested. We put some of our things in a suitcase. I had to pack work clothes as well as casual stuff.

Once we were in the car and on the way I asked, “Do you want to stop for lunch or wait till we get to the crash pad and see what the girls are doing?”

“How about I call? If they’re hungry we can stop and bring them something.” That’s my girl! We sat at the kitchen table eating sandwiches, chips and gabbing. Reenie seemed to perk up being around the girls. It was a little disheartening that she did, but in the end I just want her to get well. If being in familiar surroundings with the girls helped, so be it!

After lunch we all relaxed, Reenie sitting across my lap with my arm around her, Georgia (her head on Candy’s lap) and Candy on the couch. I asked, “How did you two meet? I know some of the story and how Reenie came into the picture, but I don’t think I know how it all got started.” I looked at Reenie for confirmation; she kissed me … which I hate.

Candy and Georgia looked at each other. Georgia’s lengthy response was a shrug. istanbul escort Candy rolled her eyes and said, “It sounds really funny to say but we met at a bank one day.” I laughed. That did sound ridiculous but I admit I was curious. “It was the first of the month and I was cashing an unemployment check, being between jobs. There was this gorgeous brunette all bundled up for the cold. It was December.”

“November, ya goof.”

“Was not!”

“Was so!”

Reenie laughed. “They’d break up about every other day in the beginning over shit like this.” They both turned and gave her the finger. We cracked up! Reenie said, “Anyway …”

Georgia smirked and said, “Anyway, I was paying no attention. I was pissed off the lines were so long and so slow. I finally made the deposit my boss had sent me to do. I was putting the receipt in my purse when I bumped into her.” She jerked her thumb at Candy. “After we were both done apologizing I looked at her.” She smiled and looked up at Candy. “We went out for coffee.”

Candy picked it up from there, “She told me she was a dancer. I was shocked.” Candy rolled her eyes. “I was from this little town in Indiana. I’d never seen a dancer before this one came along!”

“What were you doing that you got laid off?” I asked.

“Really exciting; selling women’s clothes at a department store. It got bought out, the store closed and I was laid off. She shrugged. “She invited me to come watch her dance that night.”

“She did?”

“Uh huh, and I had nothing better to do so I said okay.” She stroked Georgia’s neck and said, “The place was a dump but it was full. There had to be four or five girls working. They got drinks for the customers when they weren’t dancing. I couldn’t believe she made so much money! I started the following week.”

“That’s hysterical and I totally believe it. When did you two become an item?” Reenie laughed.

“That first night!”

“Stop it!” I looked at each of them; both were nodding. “Really?”

“Really! Pretty funny huh?”

Candy was looking at a smiling Georgia. “What’s not to love?” She grinned and said, “Course, like snotty panties over there said, we broke up about every other week. We didn’t move in together for six months.”

“It was seven.”

I shook my head and asked Reenie, “How did you wind up with these two knuckleheads?”

Much to my surprise it was Georgia who answered. “We had already started taking turns dancing and bartending. Candy was working one night when Mo showed up. You can pretty much guess how that went.”

I looked at my honey and said, “Is that so?”

Reenie shrugged. “After I came home and started on the job, I met someone. We’d been dating. Bitch dumped me and I went looking for a place to drown my sorrows. It was pretty much lust at first sight.”

Candy piped up with, “Pretty much like the two of you.” That had her on the receiving end of our one-finger salutes. Laughing, she shook her head and said, “Our leases were up. We decided to move in together. Two bedrooms worked. Three of us sharing rent and utilities made sense.” She sighed. “But that’s about to come to an end.”

Reenie chimed in, “Not so fast chickie. The end of the month is the tentative move-in date.” She pointed at the sling and said, “We’ll have to see how this works out. Plus, there may be a suspension in my future. I ought to hear soon. I have a doctor’s appointment early tomorrow morning. Ginger’s going with; she’ll bring me back and head in to work.”

“What are the sleeping arrangements going to be?” Ginger: Giggling. Are you wondering who asked?

Three pairs of eyes looked at her. My redhead laughed and said, “Oh that was so much fun!! And I’m wounded so neither of you bitches can do anything to me.” W R O N G!!!

I neglected to mention that it was warm, even for early May, so Candy and Georgia were in tees and shorts. Those were gone before you could blink and, even with my protests about being careful, my honey was quickly naked as well. Uh huh, she was still in my lap. Talk about access to her assets!!

What one didn’t do, the other did. And then there was my honey and me. We looked at each other as they played. I’m smiling, remembering. I ran my fingers through her hair, caressed her face and otherwise loved her as they devoured and pleasured their roomie and friend. Our eyes locked as she went into and came back from her orgasms. I let her friends have their way with her – why not? I mean really!! My honey brought me some fresh coffee and smacked the back of my head when she read what I’d written. Our friends. Sorry gorgeous.

What about me you ask?? Um, well, they pretty much left me alone. You-know-who laughed when she read what I just typed. Ginger: blushing!

Oh shit!! It’s Tuesday. I had to call Kathy and I was rather stuck at the moment. She’s got to be mighty confused with all the different locations she’s seen me. Candy and Georgia must have had enough of loving Reenie because they went rus escort to the couch and sorta picked up with what they were doing when we walked in on them Sunday. Whispering, I told Reenie what I needed to do. After rolling her eyes, she stood up, took my hand and we walked to her bedroom.

Oh I called Kathy all right. (I cancelled for tonight.) As I did she undressed me. That’s not the easiest thing to do one handed but I helped. The phone call didn’t last very long. We got busy doing what lovers do. I did as I was told and lay on my back. My cop cuffed me to her headboard. I won’t bother describing how she did that one handed.

What the two of them had done was turn her into a whirling dervish of desire. Even with her arm in a sling, she left me whimpering, weak, and gloriously satisfied. She started with my breasts. Well, no, she started by kissing me, making me insane with want. She ground herself to me as she lay on top of me. That was when she started toying with a nipple. I was helpless and loved it. Between the two of us we had one hand that could be used for pleasure. No worries!

I pleaded with her to tip me into the orgasm that was lurking. She brought her mouth to mine and kissed me. Her lips were coated with me; I love it when she does that and told her so. She grinned, brought her pussy to my eager lips and screamed in pleasure when I made her come. She slid down and kissed me again, licking my face to clean it.

“Please, please give me my orgasm lover.”

Her eyes twinkled as she breathed, “Who would you like to give it to you?” while her fingers toyed with my soaked sex. I’ll be honest – at that moment I didn’t care who gave it to me. That’s how badly I needed to cum. “Candy would … and you want her to don’t you?” She sucked my nipple into her mouth. I groaned. “Want me to get her?”

“Please don’t Reenie.” I wanted to say yes. “Please baby, give me your love.” Her eyes clouded for a moment. “No, you know what I mean. I know you love me. Please fuck me.” Her eyes glowed with lust. She kissed me.

“I’ll be right back.” I didn’t know what the hell she was doing. I didn’t think we had packed any of our toys when we came back but I also wasn’t sure that she didn’t have a secret stash of her own in her room. Um, well I think it was her room. Remember that day when I held her in the shower as she cried? I had a thought, wondering if and how often one of the others had done the same. Reenie came back, kissed and blindfolded me.

I felt her climb on the bed; she pushed my legs apart and moved toward me. She only had one arm, so there was no way to put the harness on. And I couldn’t help. I felt it press into my soaked sex. I moaned; growled actually. We were using the double headed plastic. I felt her warm breath on my breast. She licked it as she began to move into and with me.

“Imagine I’m Candy.” I shook my head angrily. “She does want you ya know!”

“I know. I think she’s cute and sexy and I only want you.” She kissed my nipple and sucked it into her mouth. I groaned.

She blew cold air on my wet nipple. I felt her breath warm on my face as she asked, “You like this don’t you?” I smiled and nodded. “What else do you want me to do to you?” I had no idea. Bill was an idiot; Lily wasn’t much into games. I knew Reenie was strong but we’d never really played. We were too horny most of the time and making love was enough. She flicked a nipple; I eeked. “I asked you a question. Answer it!”

“Pull it.”

“Pull what?’

“Pull my nipple. Do whatever you want with it.”

She grabbed and twisted it. It hurt and I screamed as I came, bucking ferociously, hips frantic, straining against the cuffs, panting, crying. The fire exploded inside me and I loved it. She tugged on one nipple and took the other in her mouth. She chewed gently on it and I wailed in ecstasy. It hurt a little but it was delicious. She ground herself against me as we fucked each other. I felt the pace of her hips quicken, she stiffened, bucked once and used my nipple to help stifle the cry as she came. I worked as hard as she had to pleasure her in her bliss. She sucked and bit and chewed on me. I love this woman! I locked my legs around her while we worked together. It was glorious and I felt her shiver as it left.

Just as I was about to ask, Reenie took off my blindfold. We kissed; her lips were dry. She took her good hand and put it behind my head. Injured or not, I love the feeling of her body on mine. Yeah, okay, I love feeling her regardless. I know, I know – I love her, period! Will you stop? She’s behind me, whispering things in my ear as her hands … oh all right Reenie!! I’ll be back in a while. Wink

By the time we woke up from our nap and staggered out of the bedroom, both Georgia and Candy were gone. We showered, dressed and headed to the L Room. Georgia waved hello. I stopped and asked for menus and ordered our drinks. We headed to our table. Reenie and I sat so her good arm was next şişli escort to me. We huddled, deciding what to order.

When Georgia brought our drinks, I asked, “Are you hungry?”

Much to my surprise, her eyes twinkled as she said, “What are you offering?” I laughed. Who knew? Cop eyes stared at Georgia, who was not impressed, as the shake of her head indicated. “What are you thinking you’ll order?”

Reenie said, “Toss up between sandwiches or pizza.”

“If I’m the deciding vote I’m for pizza. Sardines, green peppers, olives …” I stopped her.

“On pizza? Are you fucking kidding me? Make it an extra large, thin crust, pepperoni, sausage and green peppers, ya goofball.” She looked at Reenie, shook her head, and headed back behind the bar to place the order.

I lifted my glass, Reenie did as well, and we clinked. “What’s that for Ginger?”

I shrugged cuz I really didn’t know. “It’s for my honey making love to me while I was cuffed and blindfolded.” She gave me her hundred watt smile. It was there so I said it. “Nearly since we first met there’s been this ‘thing’ about you that’s been irresistible for me. The night that I got mad, left the club and went to the hotel.” She nodded. “I saw you in the doorway of the fitness center as I worked out. I was so angry and you … the way you stood, the confidence, it’s like you knew I was yours and that I couldn’t resist.” I don’t think I’d ever felt so vulnerable and relieved in my life. She always had her hooks way deep in me and this was the first time I’d told her so.

“You’ve never told me this before. Is that really how you feel about me … about us?”

“Well, I said it so it must be true. It’s not like I want this to be an all the time thing babe. But I meant what I said. You have this aura about you and, at least for me, it’s irresistible … always has been.”

Blue eyes clouded a bit then teared. “Listen to who’s callin’ who irresistible.” She kissed me and said, “It’s kind of cute; you don’t see it, but you have an aura too.” I sat back and looked at her, puzzled. She laughed and said, “See? Your boss told you that you were promoted for a reason. Think about that! The people you work with like you, Ginger. Jodi absolutely adores you; she’s so happy you’re her boss.” Yeah, that I knew!

I knew what she meant, but I had to tease her. “So I’m irresistible to the people at work? What about you? You can take me or leave me right?”

One arm or not, this woman of mine has damn strong fingers. My thigh was gonna be black and blue for a week! She stifled my cries of pain by kissing me, which I hate. Then she took my hand and said, “This hand has the same ring on it mine does. Not only do I find you irresistible, I love you. I love you like I’ve never loved anyone in my life.”

She caught me off guard with that!! Let me clarify. I know Reenie loves me. I just … I wish you could have seen her eyes when she said it!! Soft, brilliant blue eyes had an intensity to them that … well, I don’t see it very often.

Like I said, she stunned me, and I didn’t respond right away. Couldn’t. I took her hand, kissed it, and brought it to my cheek, held it and smiled. I cleared my throat and said, “Yeah, I love you too. I guess that’s the best thing about us, doll. We’ve made it this far riding an early wave of lust and have developed into a real couple.” I was struggling to find the right words. I felt frustrated, shook my head and tried to let my face convey what I was feeling.

The blues smiled at me as my honey leaned in for a kiss. “It’s okay lover. I think I know what your mean. Our date nights, our ‘us’ days, all of it has helped. Even coming here is different. It’s not a stopping point for us. No, that’s not right; it’s more than a place to meet before sex.” Her eyes twinkled as she breathed, “And I have every intention of wrecking you tonight.” To emphasize her point, she slid her fingers between my legs.

“Again?” I did my best to make it sound like a whine. We were so busy with each other we never saw Georgia coming with fresh drinks.

“Can’t you two go an hour without pawing each other?” I reached up and tweaked a nipple as she bent to put our glasses down. Reenie laughed. Georgia went around the corner of the table (the side with the sling), pinched a nipple and gave Reenie a kiss. She turned to walk back to the bar.

“What am I, chopped liver?” Reenie laughed again. Georgia came back to the table, put her hand behind my head and gave me a hot, open-mouth kiss. Minor detail – Reenie’s hand, still between my legs, was a little more active during the kiss. Go ahead and laugh! I’m not sure Georgia and I had ever exchanged more than a quick, friendly kiss. This was way more than that. I liked it! Wink! You would have too. She smiled, winked at Reenie and walked back to the bar.

“Wow!” That was all I could say. I looked at an impish Reenie, who was smiling.

“She can kiss can’t she?”

“Uh, yeah she can!”

She laughed again, saying, “You seemed to like it. You were rather flushed and breathless.”

“I was, wasn’t I? I’m not sure we’d ever done more than kiss hello or goodbye when we were here, babe. I was only kind of kidding when I said what I did. You okay with all that?”

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