Emma’s Lessons Ch. 01

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Josh walked in the door and waited. He didn’t hear anything, so he called out to Emma.

“Emma, come out here.” He called

Emma walked out to the living room wearing black pants and a long sleeve blue shirt. She smiled at josh and mumbled a weak greeting. He look at her and frowned.

“Is that how you greet your master?” He asked her.

“No.” She replied.

“Then why are you still standing here?” He asked her angrily.

Emma looked sheepishly down at her feet and turned around and shuffled down the hall to her room. She changed her clothes in a hurry. She put on her really short lingerie skirt and the matching bra. She was about to put on the matching thong when Josh came up behind her and grabbed the thong from her hand.

“As a punishment for not being properly dressed to greet me, you lose your privilege to wear underwear for the rest of the evening.” He told her as he turned to walk of the room.

“Oh,” he said, “I would like a drink in the living room.”

Emma went to the kitchen to fetch him a drink. She didn’t want to anger him anymore than she already had. She knew that later she would suffer the consequences of not greeting him at the door, wearing proper attire and not calling him Master. She took the drink to the living room where she found Josh sitting on the recliner waiting for her.

“Here is your drink” Emma said.

“Excuse me slut, is that how you address me?” Josh demanded.

Emma looked down at the floor, knowing that she had made her Master angry again for the second time in such a short time. She knew that her punishment was going to be severe.

“I… I’m sorry, Master. Here is you drink, Master, is what I meant.” Emma stammered.

Josh looked at her and smiled. Emma knew what he was about to tell her before he even said anything.

“Good little slut. Now, you are to go to the bedroom and get my whip. As you know, you will have to be punished for disobeying and disrespecting me.” Josh said sternly.

Emma turned and slowly walked out of the room. She walked down the hall to the bedroom and bent down and reached for the whip that was sitting behind the bed. She stood back up but didn’t move yet. She stood there thinking about the punishments that she was about to receive, knowing all to well that if she would start listening more that she would not get so many punishments. Then her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of Josh screaming for her.

“EMMA!” He screamed.

Emma stopped thinking abruptly and returned to the living room as fast as she could. Josh was now standing in the middle of the room awaiting her return. She stopped in front of him and promptly knelt down holding the whip in her lap looking down at it.

“Well I was just going to have you lean over the couch so that I could whip you for your lack of greeting mobil porno and then for forgetting to call me master. Then when asked to get my whip you took to long to bring it out to me. For that you are to go outside and stand facing the wall, hands up against the wall, legs spread. You are not to ask question, or speak unless I give you permission or ask you a direct question.” He explained, motioning for her to follow him outside.

When they got outside, Josh pushed Emma towards the wall. Taking the whip in his right hand he started whipping her harder than he had the last few times she had needed punishing, hoping that this time the punishment may stick with her and make her learn to be obedient. He started out whipping only her ass, but then decided to whip her other places to help make the whipping more severe so that she won’t forget. He whipped the back of her thighs and her back. He whipped her for a few minutes then stopped. Thought about it and decided to make it last longer. He whipped her for another good 5 minutes, making sure her ass and back was red.

“Okay Slut, you may go inside and sit your ass on the couch until I come in and tell you otherwise.” He said sounding satisfied.

Josh followed inside behind her and while she went to sit on the couch he sat the whip down on the table and then decided to sit on the couch beside her.

“Is there anything that I can do for you Master?” Emma asked hoping to somewhat redeem herself to him.

“As a matter of fact, yes, you can massage my back slave.” Josh replied.

Emma got up and moved so that Josh had room to lie down on the couch. She then sat down on top of his lower back and started massaging his back. She continued to massage his back for what seemed like hours but was really only a few minutes. After awhile she had to get up to use the bathroom so she started to get up. Josh grabbed Emma’s hair and pulled her back towards him, making her grimace.

“Where do you think you are going Slut?” Josh demanded.

“I have to use the bathroom Master.” She responded.

“You are to ask permission before you do anything. You are to hurry up, you have one minute to get back here. Your outfit is teasing me and I want my cock buried deep inside you.” He told her.

She started to pull away protesting, when he pulled on her hair harder.

“I don’t care what you want. You are available to me whenever I want, and now is when I want you. If you don’t hurry up, you will run out of bathroom time, I have already begun counting.” He said, letting go of her hair.

Emma hurried off down the hall to get back to him before her time limit was up. She made it back to him with only a couple of seconds left. She was pleased. She really didn’t want to upset her master anymore than she already had.

“On your knees Slut, and alman porno suck my cock.” He instructed her.

She hesitated not sure she really wanted to. He grabbed her hair and pushed her down and was close to making her gag on his cock.

“Please, don’t make me!” She begged him.

She tried pulling back but he had to tight of a grip on her hair for her to move. He then pushed her all the way down to the ground and let go of her hair. She started to crawl backwards and he pulled her back to him. She was having a very hard time pleasing her Master today.

“Slut, you need to be punished again. You are not learning your place very well. Maybe I should make this punishment something you will never forget. Go to your room and lay face down on the bed.” He demanded of her.

She went to her room, thinking the whole way there, if I could just obey my Master, these punishments would end. When she got to the bedroom she laid face down on the bed and buried her face into her pillows. He came in behind her and tied her hands to the side of the bed. Then he spread her legs and tied them apart so she couldn’t wiggle around. Taking a rope that had been laid between the mattress and box spring, brought it up and tied it across her back to help hold her down.

“Do you know why you are being punished, Slut?” Josh asked.

“Yes” She quietly answered.

“Yes what?” Josh demanded.

“Yes, Master.” Emma replied.

“Then why is it you are being punished” He asked.

“I was being disobedient and disrespectful again, I also pulled away from you.” She responded.

Josh smiled knowing that she knew exactly what she had done wrong. Just for that reason he was going to make this punishment worse than he had originally planned to. He took his whip and started to gently whip her ass with it. He continued for several minutes alternating between whipping her back and her ass. After a few minutes he started to whip her a bit harder.

“Are you going to be good now?” Josh asked her.

“Yes, I will be good.” She replied.

He smiled and used his hand to slap her ass a few times really hard making her grimace.

“What are you?” He demanded.

She buried her head farther into her pillows and ignored his question. He asked his question two more times and still got no response. He then decided the whip and his hand weren’t enough. He got up and grabbed for his flat whip that is a lot more painful. He whipped her with it a couple of times really hard, almost bringing her to tears.

“Now, are you going to answer me?” He asked her sternly.

“Your little Slut” She replied in a quiet and meek little voice.

“Good Girl. Now let’s see if you have learned how to listen yet.” He said.

He used his regular whip on her a few last times, making sure alexis texas porno they were really hard. He stopped but then decided one last time that, that wasn’t enough. So, he began to spank her with his hand hard enough to bring her close to tears. He kept that going until she had tears in her eyes and then stopped. He untied her and helped her up off of the bed. He led her back to the living room where he made her lay down on the ground on her back.

“Don’t move.” He ordered.

Emma laid there while Josh proceeded to unhook and take off her bra. He then started to gently bite and suck on her nipples. She moaned and tried pushing him away.

“I told you not to move, Slut! You are at my mercy to do what I want with.” He stated.

He continued to tease her nipples with his tongue and teeth. He slid his hand down her stomach to her aching pussy to feel how wet she had become.

“Mmmm… You are really wet, good. I’m going to fuck you now.” He whispered into her ear.

He slid his hand back up her stomach and placed it beside her head and slowly slid his throbbing hard cock inside her dripping wet pussy. He started out slowly and then just started pounding her harder and faster until he cam with great intensity. As he pulled out, Emma grabbed a tissue from the near by table and wiped him off and started stroking his cock until she made it hard again. Then she shoved his cock back inside her aching pussy.

“Make me cum! I need to cum badly!” Emma cried!

“My Slut wants to cum?” Josh taunted.

He continued to fuck her for awhile in which she still hadn’t cum yet.

“Does my Slut still want to cum bad?” He taunted some more.

“Yes!!” She screamed.

“Well get up and go get your vibrator and bring it to me.” He said.

Emma got up and ran to her room and grabbed her vibrator and returned and handed it to him. When she returned he was in the process of getting dressed.

“Follow me, Slut.” He said.

He led her outside to his car, which had been backed into the driveway.

“Face my car, legs spread, hands on the trunk.” He told her.

She did as she was told, though it was a little cold out and she was embarrassed that people may be able to see her.

“Now take one of your hands and use your vibrator and make yourself cum 3 times.” He demanded.

“Do I have to?” She shyly asked.

“Do NOT question me, SLUT!” He yelled at her.

He held up the whip for her to see that he wasn’t going to tolerate any nonsense. He then handed her vibrator to her and stood back watching her. She was doing as she had been told to do, but he decided he was going to whip her anyways. He then began to whip her the entire time she was standing there and he whipped her the hardest when she was cumming. When she was finished he led her back into the house and had her sit on the couch. Emma slowly sat down ass it was hard, thanks to her throbbing red and sore ass.

“Do you know why I whipped you out there” Josh asked her.

“No.” she replied.

“Simply to just show you who your Master is.” He responded.

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