Emma’s New Beginning Ch. 01

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Foreword: This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, give back a little to the erotica community. I’m obsessed with sex and have been devouring erotica for some time now, having always loved writing and reading it’s something that’s combined two of my strongest passions with my number one obsession. I only hope that you enjoy this first offering from me, I do plan on doing so much more with this character, but wanted to set the scene a little before delving into the naughtiest grooves of my mind 😉

Please note that I am English and so some words and such things may differ from what you are used to, I’ve tried not to use anything that will be hard for you to understand, but I do tend to litter my writings with words like ‘arse’ instead of ‘ass’ for example.

Honest feedback will be much appreciated!


Emma pushed her heavy trolley towards the checkout of her local supermarket. It was full of party food; frozen spring rolls, chicken breasts, salad, cheeses, ham, pizzas, potato wedges and all other kinds of easy to throw together at the last minute pieces of food. Having just moved into her newly rented house and spending the week unpacking and assembling flat pack furniture from Ikea, she was taking the easy route for her house warming party that night. Sighing heavily, she realised that she would have to ask for the delivery option as she knew she would never be able to carry it all home on her bicycle.

As the woman in front of her grabbed the last of her bags and ushered her small son towards the exit, Emma looked at the guy behind the till. His curly dark blonde hair was slightly wild and longer than most lads his age wore it. She estimated him to be around 18, with a sweet face. Something about him grabbed her attention.

‘Can I get this delivered please?’ She asked, noticing that his name badge read ‘James’

‘Sure, have you signed up for delivery before?’ He spoke in a soft voice that promised untold pleasures.

‘No, not yet, what do you need to me do?’ Emma almost whimpered in return.

‘Just fill in this form with your details and then I’ll check the delivery times in your area for you, you’ll get a card through the post which you just need to hand over with your shop for future deliveries.’ He smiled cheekily at her as he passed over a sheet of paper and pen.

Emma quickly wrote down her new address and telephone number along with the other details the form required. James was busy scanning her shopping and putting the items into bags as she returned the form back to him. His eyes hovered over her address.

‘Oh,number 18? I live right opposite you, what a coincidence’ He grinned, ‘You can have it delivered at around either 2pm or 8pm’

‘2pm would be great thanks, I just moved in and it’s for a house-warming party this evening, seems like a nice friendly street.’ She commented, staring at his vivid blue eyes that seemed to twinkle every time he flashed a smile towards her, she felt the need to check that she didn’t have smudges of paint on her face or something else hideously embarrassing.

‘Yeah, kolej escort bayan it’s alright, we’ve lived there for about six months now, right well I’ll just put these bags into the delivery crates and book your time slot.’ He finished as he stood.

Emma almost swooned, seeing him standing in front of her, carefully placing the bags into crates stored along the back wall. He had to be about 6’2″ easily, with an athletic build. As she felt her cheeks grow hot from watching his arse as he bent over she felt like a complete pervert. Jesus the guy looked like he was still at school or something and here she was picturing him naked in her bed. Ok,at 24 she wasn’t exactly middle aged, but she had never found herself eyeing up lads who were her brother’s age either. That didn’t mean she could stop herself fantasizing about having her hands in that glorious hair and their legs entwined though.

‘Your total is £80.95’ He called out as he slipped back behind his till, ‘hello? Emma?’

‘Oh right, sorry I was miles away then’ She blushed, realising that he had noted her name on the form as well as her address, she grabbed her debit card from her wallet as she shook her head to push the dirty thoughts away.

‘Do you know where I can buy alcohol cheaply that’s fairly local? Only I don’t drive so I don’t really fancy carrying heavy bags far with me.’ She asked him.

‘Well your best is Main Road Convenience Store, but it’s still quite far away, tell you what, I finish my shift in ten minutes, why don’t wait for me and I can give you a lift if that would help?’

‘uhhh…’ Emma hesitated, eager to be in his company a little longer, but also wary as he was a stranger after all. Then he again, he already had her name and address, so what harm could one lift do? ‘If it wouldn’t be too much of a disruption to your plans that would be awesome.’ She smiled.

‘Not at all, just hand around outside the car park and I’ll bring my car around.’ He grinned wolfishly back at her. She felt her face get red again.


Emma picked up the last re-usable carrier bag out of the boot of the old Ford Escort that James drove as she reached into her pocket for her key. James stood waiting at her door with four of the heavy bags at his feet already, he’d only left her the single one to carry herself, she had a feeling if the bags hadn’t been so very heavy with cans of lager, bottles of spirits and wine that he would have carried them all for her.

‘I really can’t thank you enough James, you’ve been such a help.’

‘It’s no problem, I really do just live in that house right there.’ He winked and pointed the house directly behind her.

‘Well if you aren’t busy tonight, then why don’t you join us, it’s only a small get together with some old college friends welcoming me back to town.’ And maybe you’ll give me some eye candy for the night, Emma thought wickedly.

‘Ah, it’s one of my roomates’ birthday, and we’re supposed to be going out but if you’re happy to have two extra ones then I can possibly persuade him to come over to Escort sihhiye yours, especially if you have some single female friends there!’ He laughed and stroked her arm.

‘Yeah, that’d be fine James, there should be at least a couple of single girls coming.’ Emma murmured as the goosebumps started to cover her arm where his hand lay.

‘Great, I’ll work my magic on him and see you later, any particular time?’ He removed his hand and started to walk away from her house.

‘Any time after 8 o’clock’ She called after him as he moved across the road, walking backwards so she could still see his face.

‘See you later then babe!’ James blew a kiss at her and Emma’s knees started to knock together in shock and excitement.

She fumbled with the key, trying to get it into the lock, her fingers felt like they were numb and almost refused to do her bidding. As she finally felt the lock opening, she dragged the bags inside and flopped onto her sofa taking deep calming breaths.

It’d been such a long time since she’d had even a passing interest in another guy, she’d been making do with her vibrators and imagination for the past year. Ever since her boyfriend had died in a car crash. The move back to where she’d attended college was a fresh start for her, getting a transfer from one branch to another at the bank she worked for was easily done. The chance to be with her old friends who had barely known Steve, where the daily reminders were minimal was almost too good to be true. Of course getting away from her parents, who she’d lived with for the year after Steve had died was definitely a relief. As much as she loved them she couldn’t stand their pity anymore, she couldn’t stand seeing them looking at her with sad eyes that said they were sorry even while they discussed the local gossip with her. She needed to start moving past everything, and this little house 30 miles away from her hometown was exactly the break she’d been looking for.


Feeling her heart rate slowing, she ran upstairs to her bedroom and peeked out of the blinds to take a good look at James’ house. While buying the booze he’d told her he was at college, studying drama and dance, he lived with two others, both male, but they were both doing a course on mechanics. She loved James’ easy confidence, he was incredibly friendly and made her feel relaxed from the moment he’d picked her up in his car. She’d been thrilled to hear that he was actually 20, which felt like a whole world better than her estimation of his age to be 18.

His house was a bit bigger than hers, presumably as it had the extra bedroom, she was wondering if his room was the one at the front that looked straight into hers when she saw movement. Moving more to the side so that she was hidden a bit better but could still spy on the house she recognised James’ work uniform walk towards the window in his room to open it. Emma moved away from the window and went to her bedside drawer, picking out her purple 7″ vibrator she lay down on her bed. She grabbed her thong and pulled it down her legs, sincan escort leaving her knee length skirt in place, she could feel the wetness in her pussy that just seeing James’ smile and having him touch her created.

Her pussy throbbed as she coated the vibrator in lube, picturing James holding the vibe she turned it onto the lowest setting and pressed it to her wet lips, the lube and vibrations causing a delightfully teasing sensation that made her clit throb with need.

In her mind James started to slowly thrust the machine into her opening, angling it directly towards her g-spot. The slow movements, gradually becoming faster and harder. Flicking the switch to the medium speed she felt her orgasm begin to warm her entire pussy, she felt the power of it clenching in her belly as she thrust the vibe harder against that most special spot inside her.

Using her free hand she pushed her fingers inside her bra and pinched a nipple tight as the orgasm came even closer. Harder and faster she rammed the vibe, feeling it stretching her pussy entrance wide as she began to clench around it in pleasure. Whimpering as the orgasm overtook her entire body, she pinched her nipple even tighter before letting out a loud scream as she felt herself squirt juices all over her legs.

With her legs trembling she left the vibrator inserted deep inside the wetness that came from her orgasm as she caught her breath. The release had been most welcome but she was greedy for more, and knew her body was capable of giving it to her. Letting go of her nipple she reached back inside the open drawer for her slightly smaller vibrator that she loved using on her clit.

Taking out the purple cock she thumbed it up to the next, and highest, speed, while she teased her clit with it, drenching her entire lips in the wetness from her orgasm and the lube. She felt her clit heat up as she turned the smaller vibe on, pushing the purple one back inside her tight pussy once again she began to thrust it against her g-spot as she placed the smaller directly on top of her pussy starting to rub it in slow circles. This time as the orgasm built up she left the purple vibrator deep inside herself as she felt the heat build up in her clit, the muscles in her pussy gripped the larger vibrator hard, and she screamed her orgasm out loud in the form of James’ name. Her entire body shook at the force of the clitoral orgasm and she felt almost sated.

Sighing with relief, she removed both vibrators and figured that unless she wanted to miss her shopping delivery she’d best get up as she knew she could lay there for ages simply pleasuring herself. The fact that she had a high sex drive meant she regularly had to replace batteries in her toys, not to mention the size of her sex toy collection had grown even larger since she’d been single.

Standing up, Emma smoothed her skirt down and glanced once more out of her window to find that the delivery van was parked right outside her house, the van doors at the back wide open and a very tanned older man standing looking up into her window with her earlier shopping at his feet.

Emma ducked back away from the window with her blood pounding in her ears in horror. The delivery man had obviously heard everything as due to the heat her window was as wide open as James’ was. Embarrassment stung her face as she raced down the stairs to claim her shopping.

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