Emotionless Pt. 03

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Lauren wasn’t sure what she had just heard. She stood in her doorway in shock for a few seconds before she was able to get words out of her mouth “What do you mean you got in accident? Are you okay? What happened to my jeep?”

“I’m okay. Just a little sore. But your jeep, it’s pretty bad. I’ll pay to fix it.” Jennifer weaseled her way past Lauren into the living room.

Lauren walked out to find her jeep in the lot. She couldn’t believe it when she saw it. The entire passenger side was crushed in and her cover, what was left of it anyways, was hanging down in shreds. It looked like the jeep was hit by a train, Lauren knew there was no way it could be repaired. The jeep was the first thing Lauren bought with the money she saved from the club. She spent every dime she had on it. She knew she shouldn’t have let Jennifer drive home, but she didn’t really have another option. She went back inside and grabbed her keys.

“Where are you going?” Jennifer shouted from the couch.

“To see what the dealer can do about my jeep. I’ll be back then, I’ll take you home.” Lauren said as she walked out. She drove off to her dealer’s lot but unfortunately he told her there wasn’t much he could, her insurance would total it out and she could use that towards a new vehicle. She made the claim with her insurance over the phone and they told her how much she could expect. She told the dealer she would be back in a week and they decided she would use the claim money for a new jeep.

Lauren didn’t realize she had been gone for almost two hours until she got home and Jennifer started on her “Damn it Tripp, I thought you were only going to be gone for a few minutes. I’m starving and you don’t have a thing to eat in this shithole of an apartment.”

Lauren was slightly offended. She really liked the look of her apartment. Sure there wasn’t much food and it wasn’t very homey, but it was Lauren’s and that made it perfect. “I don’t know Jenn. Maybe I was off fixing your fuck up again. I can’t believe you totaled my fucking jeep. Come on, I’ll take you home.” Lauren felt her anger begin to bubble but she tried to calm it.

Jennifer got up with a groan. “I’m sorry Lauren. I really didn’t mean to.”

“I know. Just, let’s go, we can stop and get lunch. But you’re paying.” Lauren followed Jennifer out of the apartment.

“I guess it’s the least I could do.”

Lauren took Jennifer home. On the way they stopped at their favorite diner for lunch. They both got their usual, Lauren a cheeseburger with fries and Jennifer chili with a milkshake. Jennifer actually paid this time. Lauren finally got Jennifer home. “Thanks for the ride home. I’m sorry for your jeep, again.”

“It’s fine. I’ll figure it out, I always do.” Lauren rubbed her forehead.

“Oh come on. How about you come inside? I’ll make it up to you the best I can.” Jennifer slid her hand over Lauren’s thigh.

Lauren looked at her, “When was the last time you got laid?”

“What? I’m just trying to make you feel better.” Jennifer pled.

Lauren knew that was a lie. Jennifer always tried to have sex with her when she hadn’t gotten it from anywhere else. “Fine” Lauren got out of the jeep.

As soon as Jennifer shut the door behind Lauren she kissed turned and kissed Lauren deeply. Lauren kissed her back, pushing her against the front door. Jennifer moaned into Lauren’s mouth. Jennifer pushed Lauren back, leading them into the living room. Jennifer pushed Lauren onto the couch then took her shirt off before straddling Lauren’s lap. Lauren ran her long, thin fingers across Jennifer’s familiar stomach. She traced down to Jennifer’s pants, unzipping them, exposing her lace panties. Lauren sat up and kissed Jennifer’s hip as she rubbed Jennifer’s clit through her panties. Jennifer leaned back and let out a moan. Lauren carefully slipped her fingers through the top of Jennifer’s panties and into her. Jennifer gasped as Lauren started to push in and out of her. Jennifer leaned down, kissing Lauren’s ear. Lauren moaned, feeling blood rush to her ear. She began to thrust into Jennifer faster. Finally, Lauren felt Jennifer tighten around her fingers then relax. Lauren felt Jennifer try to catch her breath. Lauren kept moving in and out of Jennifer until she felt her release again. Lauren took her hand out of Jennifer’s pants and smiled up at her as she laid back. Jennifer took Lauren’s hand, she began to suck on Lauren’s fingers. As she sucked and licked, Lauren couldn’t help but to groan in pleasure. When she was done, Jennifer leaned down and whispered into Lauren’s ear “see don’t you feel better now?”

Lauren gave a small smirk, “It’ll do.”

“I’ll take that. What are you doing tonight?” Jennifer moved off Lauren’s lap and sat next to her on the couch.

“Nothing.” Lauren ran her fingers through her hair.

“I’m thinking of going to the club later. Maybe have a few drinks and hang out. Want to join?”

“Maybe. I’ll text you later.” Lauren got up and headed out of the door. She was in a pretty bad mood so she decided to head home and lay low for istanbul escort the rest of the day. She stopped at the store to get some groceries before getting home. She figured she keep some sort of food there. When she got home she picked up around her apartment and did her laundry. She slumped down on her couch around 6. She sat there for a few minutes staring at the wall in deep thought. She thought about Harper and wondered what she was doing. Harper was the first girl to ever stay over at Lauren’s and not sleep with her. Lauren closed her eyes for a few seconds, lately she had been so tired.

Lauren woke up startled, her nightmares were coming back. She thought she had finally pushed them back far enough that they wouldn’t bother her anymore, but with the trial everything was coming back. She rubbed her forehead and looked at the clock. 8:00pm. She couldn’t believe she fell asleep again. She hadn’t felt like herself for the past few weeks and decided it was time to have a little fun. She pulled her phone from her pocket and called Jennifer. Jennifer answered “Hey babe, calling for round two?” she laughed.

“Hey, still going out tonight?” Lauren ignored her comment. She only slept with her this afternoon because she knew that’s what Jennifer wanted and it helped her relieve some stress.

“Yeah, I’m about to start getting ready. Liv, Jane, Sara, and Sara’s new boyfriend will be here in a few for pre-game drinks. You coming?”

“Yeah. I’ll head that way in a few. Just have to get ready. Do I need to bring anything?”

“Nah, I have vodka and beer. So if you want anything else, just that.”

“Okay, see you in a bit.” Lauren hung up. She got up and headed to the bathroom. She showered and brushed her teeth. She walked to her closet with the towel wrapped around her waist. Her exposed nipples hard and perky from the chill in the air. She grabbed a black button down and a pair of dark washed jeans that had a tear in the mid thigh of one leg. She slipped on her boxer briefs, then her jeans which sat on her perfectly so that the top of her hip bones were still exposed. She put on her belt and grabbed her shirt. She buttoned up her shirt, leaving the top button undone, showing her chest and the chain of her necklace. She put on socks and her black Vans. She went back to the bathroom and used some gel for her hair. She pushed her bangs to the side and pushed them back. She ran her fingers through her hair so that it looked purposefully messy, which helped with her cowlick that never laid down right. She opened up her cabinet and grabbed one of her bottles of cologne. She sprayed both of her forearms and neck. Lauren glanced at the clock in her room, 8:30. Jennifer was probably just getting ready. Lauren looked through her cabinets, she still had a bottle of Sailor Jerry’s Rum that she took from the club a month ago. She grabbed the bottle and left. On the way out, she picked up her keys and wallet.

She got to Jennifer’s and saw the cars parked on the side of the road, in front of Jennifer’s house. Lauren pulled up next to Jennifer’s car. She heard the laughter from outside as she walked up to the door. She thought about knocking but knew nobody would hear, so she just walked in. Everybody was in the living room drinking and joking, except Jennifer.

“Hey Tripp.” Jane and Liv said as she walked in.

Sara just glanced up and back down as she saw Lauren walk in. Sara put a hand on her boyfriend’s thigh. Sara didn’t like Lauren, probably because Lauren refused to sleep with her again. On one of Lauren’s drunken nights out with the group, Sara followed her in the bathroom and came onto Lauren. Lauren feeling too tipsy to process anything, she fucked her in the stall. But after that night, Sara became obsessed and believed that her and Lauren were together. Lauren explained that it was a one time thing, that until then everyone thought Sara was straight. Lauren stopped hanging around them for a few months after that. Ever since they started going out together again Sara made sure to have a boyfriend with her and all but fucked him when Lauren was around.

Lauren waved at them all and went to the kitchen to fix her drink. After she fixed her glass, she went to Jennifer’s room and plopped down on the bed. “Still not ready yet?” Lauren took a sip from her glass.

“Well I was waiting for you to get here so I could get dressed in front of you. I know how you like the sight of me naked.” Jennifer joked as she tossed possible outfits on the bed.

Lauren trying to dodge the clothes replied “Meh been there, seen that. Nothing new.”

“Oh whatever you bitch.” Jennifer walked out of her closet with a grey top and jeans with holes in the knees. “What do you think about this?”

Lauren smiled “The shirt looks good, but the jeans? Everyone will know you are always on your knees.”

Jennifer walked over to Lauren and popped her on the shoulder, “You are such a dick.”

“You like my dick the last time I checked. Try these instead.” Lauren handed Jennifer a pair of black shorts.

“What’s not to like halkalı escort about a fake dick? Real ones are usually gross and hairy.” Jennifer put on the pants and the shirt. “What shoes?”

Lauren looked at all the shoes on the floor for a second “Those.” She pointed to a pair of black and white Converse. Lauren finished her drink.

Jennifer sat next to Lauren and put on her shoes. “Will you fix a drink for me? Vodka and Red Bull.”

Lauren got up “Anything else Princess?” She smiled and walked to the kitchen.

By the time she finished making the two of them drinks, Jennifer was in the living room. Lauren handed Jennifer her drink, then sat on the floor. “So where are we going tonight?” Jennifer asked.

“We can just go to Ground Zero. Didn’t they just hire a new DJ?” Liv said sipping her drink.

“Yeah, she’s pretty good. Right Tripp?” Jennifer grinned at Lauren.

“Yeah she’s definitely better than the last guy.” Lauren agreed.

“Plus she’s pretty hot. Tripp’s already set her sights for her. Maybe she’ll get lucky.” Jennifer finished her drink.

“Uh oh” Jane smiled at Lauren.

“I don’t set my sights for anyone. What happens, happens.” Lauren finished her drink and lifted her glass towards Jennifer.

“Mhm, sure.” Jennifer grabbed Lauren’s glass and went to the kitchen to fix another drink for them.

They all sat around drinking and joking with each other. After the alcohol was gone and they were all feeling pretty good they decided it was time to go to the club. They loaded up in Jennifer’s Altima. Lauren was nominated as driver because she was the most sober of everyone, she had a high tolerance for alcohol. They got to the club and went in through the back door. They headed to the bar and ordered drinks. Everyone headed to the dance floor. The new DJ must have really made an impression because she was back tonight. She was playing a dubstep remix of “Oh Well, Oh Well” by MayDay Parade. Lauren was amazed at the DJ’s skill. Lauren glanced up at her. The DJ was staring right at her as she mixed the music, dropped the bass and wobbled. Lauren kept dancing with Jennifer.

“What are you grinning at?” Jennifer yelled over the music.

Lauren didn’t even notice she was smiling. She took a sip of her drink “Nothing.” She stopped dancing and walked off to the V.I.P. section. She sat in the oversized chair, listening to the music. It sounded like it was put on a general playlist. She looked over at the DJ stand, the girl was gone. Lauren couldn’t see her in the crowd. She finished her drink. She saw her friends still dancing on the floor so she headed for the back door to get some fresh air. When she got out there she saw the DJ leaning against the wall smoking. When she heard the door shut she looked over towards Lauren. Lauren sat on a crate and rubbed her forehead, not realizing that the DJ was looking at her.

“You alright?” Lauren heard a voice question. She looked up then she noticed the DJ looking at her.

“Yeah, I’m good. Just been a long week.” Lauren replied.

The DJ walked over to Lauren “Aren’t you a bartender here?”

“Yeah, I’m here with friends tonight though.”

“Mhm, I saw you walk in through the back with them. My name’s Jessie” She put out her cigarette and stretched her hand out towards Lauren.

Lauren shook her hand “I’m Lauren, everyone calls me Tripp.”

“So where’s your girlfriend tonight?” Jessie asked.

Lauren was confused “I don’t have a girlfriend.”

“Oh I saw you last night with some girl. She was clearly drunk. You practically carried her out of the club.”

Lauren realized she was talking about Harper. “She’s not my girlfriend. I really don’t even know her. She was very drunk and I couldn’t find her friends. So I took her home.”

Jessie shrugged, “Well good. Didn’t want to have any competition.”

Lauren was baffled by her comment. Normally she is the casanova in the situation. “Oh really? Maybe I’ll just give the girl a call and get to her before you can.” Lauren said pretending to not realize Jessie was talking about Lauren.

Jessie smiled “Cigarette?”

“No, I quit a while back.” Lauren shook her head.

“Yeah me too.”

Lauren was completely shocked by this woman. She was intrigued by this woman. She wanted to keep talking to her. She had never had this feeling about anyone. “Well I better get back to my friends.” Lauren stood up and adjusted her jeans.

Jessie nodded “Yeah I should get back to work. Wouldn’t want Matt to decide he doesn’t like me after all.” She gave a small laugh.

They walked back in. Jessie headed to her stand, Lauren went back to her friends on the floor. Lauren started dancing with Jennifer again. “Where did you go?”

“Outside for some fresh air. Is that okay?” Lauren joked with her.

“You could have at least brought back another drink.” Lauren noticed Jennifer’s words were starting to slur.

“I think you’ve had enough Jenn.” Lauren said as they danced. Jennifer rolled her eyes then turned mecidiyeköy escort around and pushed her ass into Lauren. Lauren put her hands on Jennifer’s hips as they moved together. Lauren looked up at Jessie who was very focused on the computer in front her. Lauren was finally starting to feel buzzed, everything that had gone on in the past few weeks left her mind. Lauren and Jennifer headed back to the bar to get another drink. Jennifer already had too much to drink, but Lauren didn’t feel like arguing with her. Lauren wanted to keep her good mood. Lauren looked over at Jane and Liv, they were each dancing with a girl. Looked like they were getting laid tonight. Lauren turned to make a comment to Jennifer but Jennifer was no longer next to her. Instead it was an older woman with long, dirty blonde hair and large breasts, that were clearly fake. The woman smiled and sipped on her martini. Lauren gave her a crooked smile. The woman took her olive and circled it around the rim of her glass. “Hi sweetie.” Her voice was slightly raspy and she had a British accent.

Lauren was feeling pretty good by now and figured she could have some fun. “Hey, can I get you another?” She pointed at the woman’s half empty glass.

The woman nodded and finished her drink in one large gulp. Lauren flagged the bartender “How about another martini for this young woman here? And another Sailor Jerry for me.”

The bartender quickly had their drinks made. Lauren was pleased, this was a bartender Matt hired that didn’t need any training. Lauren and the woman grabbed their drinks, “Cheers” the woman said clinking her glass against Lauren’s.

Lauren nodded and sipped her drink. “My name is Lauren.”

“Very nice to meet you Lauren. I’m Kimberly.” she said seductively.

Lauren liked the woman’s accent. She placed her hand on Kimberly’s and led her to the floor. Kimberly moved against Lauren as they danced. She turned around, pushing against Lauren. Lauren wrapped her hands around her and kissed her neck. Kimberly pushed her back against Lauren’s chest. Lauren glanced up at Jessie, there was a short haired girl kissing on her neck. Lauren felt a deep pang in her gut, it was a feeling she had never felt before. Kimberly turned around then whispered in Lauren’s ear “Can I take you home?”

Lauren nodded. Kimberly led her through the crowd. Lauren took one last look at the DJ stand. Jessie was in the middle of a deep kiss with the petite girl. Lauren followed Kimberly to her car. On the drive to Kimberly’s house, Lauren sent Jennifer a text “Got a ride home. Be safe tonight. Call if you need anything.”

Kimberly pulled the car into the driveway of what looked like a three story house. Lauren thought normally women like this were married, she hoped the husband wouldn’t barge in or show up in the morning. She hated having to sneak out. Kimberly put the car in park and placed her hand on Lauren’s lap. “Here we are.”

Lauren got out of the car “This is a nice place you have here.”

“Thank you, I’ve worked very hard for it.” Kimberly locked the car as they headed towards the door. They went inside. “Would you like a drink Lauren?”

Lauren could feel herself starting to sober up, “Please.”

“Scotch or Whiskey?” Kimberly asked as she headed towards a bar in the back of the living room.

“Scotch.” Lauren hadn’t had a good scotch in a long time.

Kimberly brought back a glass for Lauren and a glass of wine for herself. Lauren took a sip “That is some damn good scotch.”

“I’m glad you like it. It belongs to my ex.” Kimberly casually drank from her glass sitting down next to Lauren on a couch.

Lauren was glad to hear Kimberly say ex. It meant she shouldn’t have any worries. Kimberly placed her hand on Lauren’s thigh the same way she did before getting out of the car. She slowly started to move her hand up and down Lauren’s thigh. Lauren leaned back, finishing her drink. Lauren moved her hand to Kimberly’s back as she sat her glass on the table on the other side of her. Kimberly slipped her hand between Lauren’s legs. Lauren dug her fingers into the small of Kimberly’s back. Kimberly moaned, Lauren leaned over kissed Kimberly’s neck. Lauren felt Kimberly’s breathing become faster.

Just as Lauren was moving her hand over Kimberly’s waistline, a car pulled into the driveway. Kimberly jumped up. She went over to the window to see who it was. “Shit” Kimberly adjusted her pants and shirt. “It’s my ex. I don’t know why she is here.”

“I’ll leave. Where’s the back door?” Lauren got up and ran her fingers through her hair.

“No it’s okay. I’ll see what she wants and make her leave.” Kimberly walked to the front door to open it for her ex.

While she was questioning her ex, Lauren went to the kitchen and found the back door. She quickly headed out. There was no need for Lauren to stick around. She knew Kimberly and the ex would probably start fighting if the ex knew Lauren was there. Lauren walked out into the backyard. It was huge with a big pool and a jacuzzi. She went around the house and began walking home. She checked her phone, it was 3 in the morning. Lauren decided to walk to Jennifer’s house to get her jeep. She got there about 30 minutes later, Jennifer wasn’t back yet. Lauren figured she went home with some guy. Lauren got in her jeep and headed home.

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