Empty Nest

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Jim watched the bluish rays of light from the streetlamps seem to grab the front of his car and pull him, slowly, slowly toward home. After a busy day at work he took his time on the way home, he was in no hurry to get to the seemingly empty house. Sure, his wife was there, but since they had taken their youngest child off to college the weekend before, it just seemed so awkwardly quiet. With the day to day interaction with their daughter suddenly relegated to a phone call or two, Jim wasn’t sure what to do and with his wife’s weepy disposition, the house just seemed depressing.

He considered heading off to a bar for some company, but shook his head and continued letting the streetlight rays draw him onward. Reaching his driveway, he deliberately eased his car up the long, empty driveway and pulled into the garage next to his wife’s car. Turning off the engine, Jim held the steering wheel tightly as he took a few deep breaths before heading into the house.

Oddly, the back door was locked and Jim whispered, “Damn” as he fumbled for and dropped his keys. Propping the screen door open with his knee and twisting his back so his computer bag would stay on his shoulder, he carefully bent down and grabbed the keys. Straightening up, he regained his balance and then unlocked the door.

“Honey, I’m home, how come the door was locked?” he called out.

His wife responded with a sexy lilt, “I’ve been waiting for you.”

Turning toward the sound of her voice, he replied, “Sorry I’m late, but…” freezing in mid sentence, he gazed at his wife.

She was on the kitchen table, reclining back on her elbows as she moved her palms in slow circles over her nipples. Jim watched closely as the hard knobs peeked out between her fingers until she slowly moved her hands away, giving him a full view of her breasts. Her nipples seemed huge, standing firm above the slightly pink aureoles. Her ample breasts spread out in two sexy, soft mounds that begged for him to bury his face into the delicate flesh.

Feeling his cock grow in his pants, Jim continued his gaze downward, over that body he had known for years, house of the dragon izle but had never seen like this. Her belly was drawn in some, with her hipbones casting curved shadows down toward her neatly trimmed patch of hair. Her legs were open wide, with her knees wrapped around each corner of the table. Following the light skin of her thighs, his attention narrowed to her beautiful slit.

The faintly pink mound curved outward, with a hint of a dark shadow along the slit. Looking closer, he noticed a bit of the inner lip peeking out from inside.

“I thought you might be hungry,” his wife said softly, letting her hand roll over her hips, slide down her pubic mound and gently pull the outer lips apart. The dark inner pink seemed to glisten in the kitchen’s faint light. “Do you want a taste?” she asked.

Without a word Jim sat in the chair and pulled himself up between her legs, his hands touching her knees and then firmly running up her thighs. He caught a touch of her fragrance as he moved his face closer to her open slit, his cheek brushing along her thigh. He wanted to sink his tongue into her and fuck her with it as she wrapped her legs around his head, but then… he paused, letting his hot, moist breath roll over the most tender part of her.

She had never done this without the lights turned off and Jim wanted to savor the beautiful sight of her pussy, as it seemed to quiver in anticipation. Moving her hand from her lips, he took his fingers and ever so gently, opened them, like she had done, but this time slower, more exploring than anything else.

Resting he head on her thigh, he looked at the bright knob of her clit, wetting his fingers with his tongue and then lightly sliding his slippery fingers over her. Her immediate response surprised him as she not only arched her back like she normally did, but she let out a loud, growling moan. The guttural sound seemed almost feral in its ferocity and he stiffened a moment at the noise before remembering they were alone in the house.

He pushed his thumb into her and then how i caught my killer izle removed it, staring at the way it glistened in her wetness just before he slipped it into his mouth, tasting the slightly tangy taste of her. Taking a deep breath, he drew her pungent fragrance into him and then moved closer. He hovered his face just above her as he let his tongue wetly dart over her clit and then slip down between her lips and then back up again.

Apparently unable to bear it any longer, Jim’s wife reached down and grabbed his head and pulled him onto her as she cried out, “OH EAT ME, EAT ME NOW.”

With the sound of her voice seeming to echo though the house, Jim drove his tongue deep into her wet, soft and tasty opening, circling around the walls. His hands moved up and down her thighs as she moved her ass up and down, raising it off the table, each time he plunged his tongue into her.

Feeling the muscles in her thighs begin to tighten some, Jim moved his attention up to her clit, circling it with his tongue and then sucking it up between his lips. He moved his hands down and as she raised her ass up to push against his face, he slipped them under her and began kneading her buttocks. She moaned loudly again and then screamed, “YES, YES, THE CLIT, the clit… clit.”

Jim took his thumb and pushed it deep into her wet cunt as he drew his tongue long and hard over her clit. Her ass tensed as she moaned again and then released as Jim felt her muscles go loose and the walls of her pussy begin to pulse on his thumb. He sucked her clit into his mouth as she pulled his face tight to her pussy, her lips squeezing tight over his nose and mouth. He kept the suction tight on her clit as she whimpered, her back arched, her pussy squeezing and then releasing his thumb.

Finally, she moved her hands from his head and he turned his head to catch his breath. He rested on her thigh and simply watched as her lips slowly closed back over his thumb. In a few minutes he gently pulled his thumb from her pink lips and looked up through a few stray how we roll izle strands of curly hair at her face, her eyes closed in a dreamy contentment.

Suddenly they opened as she smiled wickedly and whispered, “Well, aren’t you going to fuck me now.”

The language and the way she spoke it ignited him as he stood up, unhooked his belt, unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. Jim watched his wife as she looked down at his hard cock, took the purple head in her fingers and guided it toward her slit. With her other hand, she opened her lips a bit and then pulled him to her.

Jim pushed his cock in a ways and then withdrew. He worked it slowly back and forth, gaining depth with each push as it was slowly coated in her juices. Soon he could push himself to the hilt as he moved slowly, savoring the warm, wet feel of her.

She spoke out, loudly, distinctly, “How does it feel?”

Moving a bit faster now, Jim whispered, “Good, it feel’s good.”

She said it again, “How does it feel? Tell me.”

Pushing himself to the hilt, he moaned and whispered, “It’s good.”

She then reached up and grabbed his nipples, pinching them and shouted, “TELL ME!”

Jim cried out, “IT’S GOOD, IT FEELS SO GOOD!”

“DO YOU LIKE FUCKING ME? AAGH” she screamed, ending with a loud grunt.

“I LOVE FUCKING YOU,” the words echoed through the house.

She then whispered, “Are you going to come inside me?”

“Yes,” Jim whispered.

“OH PLEASE COME INSIDE ME,” she screamed, pushing up to meet his thrusts as she came again. “COME INSIDE ME.”

“OH YES,” he replied loudly as he felt his balls tighten as the pleasure shot down though his cock to his balls. He exploded inside her, filling her with his wet sticky cum as he rose up on his tiptoes, shoving his cock as deep into her as he could.

He remained, his cock pulsing inside her, feeling her cunt tighten and then loosen around him, until his calves ached and he sat down into the chair, his cock curling limply onto this thigh. Jim’s wife sat up then and looked at him with a satisfied gaze. He glanced back down at her beautiful pussy, glistening wet from their cum. It was the same pussy he had been kissing and fucking for years and yet it was suddenly new again. He slid his chair forward, wrapped his arms around his wife and buried his face between her breasts. He felt her legs wrap around him, as her warm, wet pussy pressed against his chest.

“I love you,” he whispered as a tear fell onto her breast.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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