Encounters with David Ch. 01

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I’d fancied David from the moment I laid eyes on him. There was something different about him, something special, but I’d never managed to pluck up the courage to talk to him. After all, we had nothing in common other than both being 18 and being at the same college. He was popular but not one of those popular guys who’re really arrogant. He didn’t even realise just how popular he was, it was a breath of fresh air from all the wannabe’s who were just trying to sleep with as many girls as they could and competing with their friends..

David was my ideal guy, I’ve never been so physically attracted to anyone. He was only a little bit taller than me but even through his clothes you could tell he was really toned and he had a really nice, all over tan. His eyes were amazing, an emerald green colour and they sparkled every time he smiled. And what can I say about his smile? Well, it could light up an entire room, seriously. But yet there was still a mysterious element to him and I’d have given anything to explore that.

But even more attractive that all this was his personality. David was incredibly smart and we shared a passion for knowledge. I had most of my lessons with him which was great except he was a total distraction considering I could never take my eyes off him but I didn’t mind that. He had the most amazing sense of humour, very similar to my own. He was a polite, caring guy who couldn’t abide racism, sexism etc and was really open minded. There was absolutely nothing I didn’t like about him.

I’d always wanted to get to know him better, to be in with a chance of him liking me as more than a friend but I knew he was out of my league. I’m about 5″3 with brown hair just below my shoulders and brown eyes. There’s nothing massively special about my figure really, I’m not fat, nor am I particularly thin but I’m constantly complimented on my DD breasts and my ass so there must be something that other people see.

One day I decided that enough was enough, I’d lusted after David for long enough and it was time to do something about it. My best chance was maths class as he sat just behind me and because our class was particularly small there was rarely anyone else sat close except his friend who he sat next to. I sat on my own in Maths because I was in a class full of boys and had always been too shy to talk to them properly, it was a downfall of mine. Anyway, maths came around that day and what luck, David’s friend was away so it was just me and him. I was about to turn around and ask if I could borrow his ruler (what an opening line!) when I felt a tap on my back. I turned round so swiftly I almost fell off my chair but fortunately he didn’t notice.

“Hey Kel,” his voice almost made me melt. “I was wondering if you could help me with 3b, I don’t really understand it.”

And that was the end of life as I knew it.

I helped him with his equation and then we made small talk for a while and as the bell went I almost floated out of the room with a smile on my face, before turning around just in time to see him wave at me.

The next day I was sat in my usual seat when he came over and asked if anyone was sitting next to me. Of course there wasn’t and he, David actually wanted to sit next to me, how could I refuse? I’ll never forget that lesson. It started off pretty awkward, just the odd sentence passed between us, mainly about the work we were supposed Dikmen Escort to be doing although looking back now it was clear that both of us were too nervous and excited to concentrate on anything other than each other. Things soon changed though and by the end of the lesson David and I were chatting like we’d known each other for years. He was a real interesting guy; an only child who was exceptionally good at maths, played rugby and loved drumming. Everything he said made him sound even more perfect for me and I knew I had to get this guy.

“Would you like to get some coffee or something this weekend?” I said tentatively, holding my breath until I got a reply.

“I’d love to but I can’t really afford to go out this weekend, I’m saving up for a car,, sorry.” Then seeing the disappointed look on my face, he added, “but you could always come over to my house for coffee, maybe Saturday afternoon?”

“Sure, that sounds great, erm I’ll see you then.”

I walked off blushing but happier than I’d been for a long time. This guy was going to be mine, he had to be, and he was just perfect for me. David was everything I looked for in a guy and I wasn’t about to let him go. At least half the female population of the college fancied him and quite a few considerably older women, so I had competition but I never really noticed him talking to many other girls so I was quietly confident.

By Friday night I was so excited I could hardly control myself but more than that I was scared. Was it a date? I’d never had a date before, I’d never kissed a guy or anything. It sounds pathetic for an eighteen year old girl I know but I’d had confidence issues and I’d just never found a guy I was particularly interested in. Saturday morning came and I must have spent at least half the morning trying on and discarding every outfit I owned. Finally I came to my senses. I was going to David’s for coffee he wasn’t going to care what I was wearing. I opted for a pair of black fitted jeans and fairly low cut top with a grey hoodie. Not too casual, not too dressy, not too slutty. But just in case anything should happen I put my favourite underwear set on. It was a black and grey pinstripe with little red bows where the straps joined to the bra and at the sides of the g-string.

Finally it was the afternoon and I made my way over to David’s. It turned out he lived fairly close but as I approached his street my heart leapt. I knew I recognized the street name. I used to walk down here with my sister when we were younger and pretend we lived in the big posh houses down here and were rich. David’s house was no exception, it might as well have been called a mansion but as I knocked on the door I obviously looked more confident than I felt.

David opened the door with a smile, gave me a brief hug and then invited me in, taking my coat and closing the door behind me. We’d made ourselves comfortable in the living room with cups of coffee and a few biscuits when his mum came in.

“Hey, are you having fun? David, your Dad and I are going out for a meal with some friends and then on to see a show, we might book into a hotel for the night so don’t wait up for us. Feel free to stay as long as you wait Kel, we’ve got plenty of spare rooms if you want to stay the night.”

I didn’t know what to say to that so I just thanked her Eryaman Escort and blushed slightly. Me, stay the night here? My parents wouldn’t mind, they’ve always been pretty relaxed about what I did but I doubted David would be so keen, I hardly know the guy!

Before long we were deep in conversation and I had hardly noticed him edging closer towards me on the sofa but I was all too aware of my heart pounding in my chest. I was afraid it might actually break straight through my ribcage and out of my body.

We got onto talking about boyfriends and girlfriends and it turned out that David had only been in a couple of relationships and neither had been very serious or lasted more than a couple of weeks so we were pretty much in the same boat. He was just waiting for the right girl. Maybe she was sat on the sofa next to him.

And then he leaned in to kiss me. I had no idea what was happening but fortunately my body was reacting by itself without my brain having to direct in so I also leaned in and our lips met. His lips were so soft and tender. My lips parted and I felt his tongue exploring my mouth as the kiss became more passionate. As he kissed me, he ran his hands through my hair and then moved them down to my waist pulling me closer.

He planted kisses down my neck pausing only for a moment to nibble on it lightly. This sent shivers down my spine and by this point my brain had recovered and was suddenly in overdrive.

“What am I doing?!” I thought. “I’ve never done anything like this before. I hardly know him. What on earth is happening?”

“Maybe we should go up to my room,” said David. “I feel a little uncomfortable with all the windows in here, I’d rather people weren’t watching me doing this.”

Incapable of speech, I nodded my agreement as he took my hand and led me up the stairs. Once we were in his room I turned my back on him and went to look out of the window. I don’t know what made me do it but I needed a few moments to myself. He came up behind me and kissed the back of my next gently. I could feel his rock solid erection pressing against my ass and it took me a few moments to think things through but then I realised this was what I wanted, I’d been fantasising about it for months so if it happened I’d be fine with it and if not, that was also ok. I was just happy to be here with him.

He spun me round, pulling me closer to him and kissing me fiercely. His hands were now exploring my body and mine were beginning to do the same – I ran them across his shoulders, over his back and slowly down to his (very toned) ass. Cautiously, he undid the top button of my shirt, then the next, right down to the bottom. It felt weird stood here in front of him with my shirt open but not uncomfortable and I finally started to relax.

I pulled his shirt over his head revealing his toned body, perfect and tanned. I ran my hands across his chest and shoulders as he removed my shirt and gently kissed down my neck towards my breasts. His hands reached around my back to my bra strap and he paused to look at me, questioning, checking silently if this was ok with me. I smiled and nodded my approval as he undid it with a snap and slipped the straps off my shoulders.

“Wow!” he said. “You are so beautiful, did you know that?”

I could only smile in reply, kissing him with passion Esat Escort and excitement as he gently caressed my breasts, gently pinching my nipples to arouse me. As if I wasn’t already aroused by this scene?! He kissed each breast gently and the flicked his tongue over my left nipple causing me to jump slightly. Mmmm that felt good.

He led me over to the bed and playfully pushed me over so I was lying down with him kneeling over me, kissing me, playing with my breasts, arousing me, teasing me but I wanted more. As if he could read my mind he planted kisses all down my stomach and unzipped my trousers. He pulled them off in one swift movement and my g-string too leaving me completely naked and exposed. I really wasn’t sure what to expect next but he sensed how nervous I was and make sure he kept taking things slowly. He kissed me, reassuring me that it was ok, and then worked his way down, planting kisses all over my body, pausing only to play with my nipples. He ran his hands down my body, stroking my pussy gently, his fingertips just brushing over my clit making me wet with anticipation, then he slowly slipped one finger inside me. Wow! I’d done this before but only myself and this was much better. He moved it in and then out again, slowly at first and then started getting harder and faster. My breathing got heavier and at this his inserted another finger. Feeling his fingers inside me was so amazing.

He lowered his head and gently licked along the lips of my pussy before focusing his attention on my clit sending shivers through my whole body. He put more pressure on with his tongue now, his fingers going at a constant rhythm in and out of me and I felt my orgasm rushing over me. I moaned lightly, letting him know how good it felt. He came up to my mouth to kiss me and began to speak. I silenced him with another rough yet passionate kiss and then flipped him over so I was on top now.

I intended to repay him for what he’d done for me. I kissed down his torso and undid his jeans, pulling them off along with his boxers releasing his hard pulsing cock, waiting for attention. I gasped, seeing how big it was, at least 8 inches long and also quite large in girth, I’d never seen one this close and it was so big. I took it in my hand, slowly running my hand up and down and he smiled. My tongue lightly touched the end of it, licking around its head and slowly down the shaft, still keeping up the rhythm with my hand as I took the tip of it in my mouth and gently sucked on it, slowly getting rougher. His breathing got deeper and shallower as he felt himself about to cum. He stopped me.

“Is something wrong?” I queried, wondering if there was a problem.

“No,” was his reply. “I want to be inside you, I want to know what it feels like.”

I nodded in agreement and he rolled me over, taking control and kissing me gently. He positioned himself over me and slowly slid the head of his cock inside me, I gasped at how big it was and he paused a moment, giving me chance to get used to the size. Then he slid it in further, checking I was ok. It hurt at first, but as I felt him deeper inside me the pain turned into an intense pleasure. Once he was completely inside me it felt so good and he began to thrust in and out of me, stroking my clit at the same time. I could tell by the look on his face that he was enjoying it as much as I was but it wouldn’t be long until he came and as I felt myself about to orgasm I clenched my muscles and heard him moan with pleasure as he shot his load inside me.

And that was it. We’ve been together ever since and shared some amazing experiences, incredibly sexy. But none will ever be quite as special as that first time with David. My first time, his first time, our first time.

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