English Class Ch. 02

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Disclaimer: All participants are 18 years or older


Jon had just finished acting out one of his deepest fantasies when the door to the classroom opened and someone gasped. Jon quickly turned his head, fearing the worst.

Standing in the doorway was Sam, with a shocked look on her face. Jon couldn’t blame her. She had just walked in on him standing over their English teacher, both of them stripped to the bare essentials, with his dick level with Ms. Kelly’s face.

Ms. Kelly, on the other hand, didn’t miss a beat. “Oh, hello, Samantha, we were not expecting you.” She smiled, as if she wasn’t dressed only in her bra and stockings.

Sam stayed frozen at the doorway, still with the shocked look on her face. “Come in, Samantha, come in,” Ms. Kelly got off her desk and walked to the door. She ushered Sam into the classroom and sat her at a table. “Jonathon now would be a good time to lock the door.” Jon hopped at her request and locked the door.

“Thank you, Jonathon,” Ms. Kelly smiled sweetly. “Now, Samantha, what’s wrong? Why won’t you talk?”

Sam continued to stare, but eventually she was able to speak. “Ms. Kelly, you… you were on the table… and Jon was standing over you. What…” She faltered.

“Oh, Samantha, you know what happened. Come on, it’s not a big deal. I’ve seen you tease him,” Ms. Kelly gave a little giggle, as if she and Sam were two girls at a slumber party. Jon felt left out of this conversation.

“No, Ms. Kelly, it’s not like that,” Sam tried to protest.

Ms. Kelly’s demeanor changed instantly. “Samantha. Do not play around with me. You want him. You tease him with your feet. I see your eyes staring at his pants. Come now, Samantha, now’s your chance.” Sam’s eyes turned to Jon’s dick. She stared with longing in her eyes. Ms. Kelly turned her eyes on Jon as well. “There we go, Samantha. Look at that, I bet it’s bigger than you ever imagined. How about you go over there and taste it?”

Sam, still wide-eyed, shook her head. Ms. Kelly’s eyes narrowed. “Jonathon, come over here.” Jon walked over dutifully. Ms. Kelly grabbed Sam’s hand. “Okay, Samantha, canlı bahis we’ll start small. Give Jonathon here a hand job.” Ms. Kelly guided Sam’s hand to Jon’s dick, pushing along his quickly hardening shaft. Ms. Kelly worked Sam’s hand slowly up and down his dick, before she removed her hand and let Sam go to work by herself. Sam continued to pleasure Jon with her hand, picking up the pace and driving Jon crazy. He had fantasized about this girl for years, and now he was living his dreams.

“Holy shit, Sam, that feels so good. Keep going. Please.” Jon groaned. He was approaching an orgasm. “Oh, God damn, Sam, I’ve gotta cum.” Sam sped up and brought Jon’s orgasm to completion. He sprayed cum all over Sam’s hand and her shirt. Jon was weak after his intense orgasm and sat down on Ms. Kelly’s desk.

“Excellent work, Samantha. Come here, let’s get these soiled clothes off of you,” Ms. Kelly beckoned Sam over. Sam walked over to her teacher. Ms. Kelly slowly raised Sam’s shirt off of her, revealing her breasts bulging out of her bra. “Oh, Samantha, well now I know why Jonathon can’t take his eyes off of you,” Ms. Kelly commented, reaching back and unhooking Sam’s bra, relieving her breasts of their restraint. “Beautiful,” breathed Ms. Kelly. Jon watched in awe as his English teacher lowered her mouth on Sam’s breasts. Ms. Kelly took Sam’s nipple in her mouth and began sucking. She raised her left hand and grasp Sam’s left nipple in her hand, twirling it between her fingers and pinching it. Sam’s breath quickened as Ms. Kelly continued to stimulate her breasts.

“Ms. Kelly,” Sam said, breathless.

“Yes, Samantha?”

“Can you lick my pussy?”

Ms. Kelly smiled wickedly. “Of course, Samantha.”

“Wait,” Jon interjected. “What can I do?”

“You, Jonathon, can put that large cock of yours to work. Come on, get behind me while I go down on Samantha.”

Jon stared, then nodded. He was going to fuck his English teacher.

Ms. Kelly seated Sam on her desk and pulled off her pants and underwear, revealing

Sam’s shaved pussy. Ms. Kelly smiled again then dove in, moving her tongue everywhere bahis siteleri and anywhere, making Sam tremble as soon as she began to work. Meanwhile, Jon positioned himself behind. Ms. Kelly. First, Jon licked her already soaking pussy, eliciting a groan from his teacher. After a few moments of tasting her sweetness, Jon stood up and placed his dick next to Ms. Kelly’s slit.

Sam was beginning to breathe quickly, occasionally muttering “yes,” to herself, when Jon pushed his cock into Ms. Kelly. The older woman squealed when Jon entered her, the sound muffled by Sam’s pussy. Jon started slowly, moving his huge rod in and out methodically, but from Sam’s crotch he heard Ms. Kelly call “Faster!”, so Jon began to drive into her faster and faster.

Jon was fucking Ms. Kelly without abandon when he heard Sam’s orgasm. “OH, OH, OH, YES, MS. KELLY. DON’T STOP, DON’T STOP, DON’T STOP. YEEEEEESSSS.” Sam’s legs convulsed as the orgasm wracked her body. Jon almost came at the sound of his crush’s cumming, but he was able to contain himself.

Soon after Sam’s orgasm, Ms. Kelly had one of her own. “OH, JONATHON, FUCK ME, FUCK ME WITH YOUR BIG DICK. OH FU-” Ms. Kelly’s screams veered off into a soundless screech, no sound coming out of her open mouth. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head and her legs and body began to shake uncontrollably as she came on Jon’s dick. When the orgasm subsided, Ms. Kelly collapsed on her desk, exhausted.

“Oh. Thank you, Jonathon. Thank you,” her voice was hoarse from her screaming.

Jon pulled out, still iron after fucking Ms. Kelly. He picked up his teacher and placed her in her chair, Ms. Kelly’s eyes glazed over.

Jon turned back to Sam.

He stared at her naked body, reveling in the curves of her body, especially her smooth legs and small feet. He continued to stare at her feet longingly, as if he were still in class sitting next to her.

“Uh, Jon?” Jon shook his head at the sound of Sam’s voice. He had lost himself staring at her feet. She smiled, knowing exactly how much he wanted her and her feet. “Go ahead, Jon, we can fuck later.”

He needed no bahis şirketleri more encouragement. Jon grabbed Sam’s feet and put booth of them to his face. Almost out of control, Jon licked her soles, moving from one foot to the other without thought. He inhaled the smell of them, his mind going numb as he experienced incalculable pleasure. He rubbed one foot on his cheek while sucking the toes of the other, than switching. Jon sucked on each toe, on the arches, on the balls of her feet, leaving no portion untouched by his mouth. He dragged his tongue from her big toe to her heel, tasting every single inch of her long dreamed of feet. He went to her next foot, kissing everywhere his lips could reach.

Jon’s mind was in overdrive. His dick was harder than it had ever been, feeling as if it was trying to pull away form his body.

He grabbed Sam by the hips and pulled her toward him. Jon was in a carnal state now, past the use of words. He pushed the full length of his cock into Sam’s soaking cunt on the first thrust. “DAMN IT, JON!” she cried, half from pain, half from pleasure. Jon didn’t pay her any attention; he continued to thrust into Sam roughly, all the time keeping one of her feet in his mouth.

“Jon. Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck. JON! JON!” Sam began squealing, peaking into an intense orgasm. Her body went almost limp as Jon continued to fuck her throughout her orgasm.

“Fuuuuuck,” Sam gasped as her breath came back to her when her orgasm finally subsided.

“Sam.” Jon grunted around her feet. “Cum.” He could hardly contain the orgasm building up.

“Go ahead, Jon. Cum for me. Cum for my feet.”

“Uggggghhhhh,” Jon could only groan as he sprayed his seed inside Sam’s pussy, her foot still in his mouth. He continued sucking on her foot until his cock had stopped pumping out cum. “Holy shit, Sam. That was fucking amazing.” He said as he pulled out of her and sat down, still feeling the effects of his powerful orgasm.

“Here, let me clean you two up,” Ms. Kelly said, recovered from her previous orgasm. She first went down on Jon, sucking all of Sam’s juices mixed with his own off of his semi-hard cock. Once she was done there, Ms. Kelly bent over Sam and liked her pussy clean. “Samantha, Jonathon, you both did excellent work here today. I will have to see you after class tomorrow.”

Jon and Sam nodded. “Yes, ma’am!”

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