Enslaved to the Mob Ch. 03

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(Author’s Note: As with all of my stories, all characters are 18 years or older. Hope you enjoy! Feedback is always welcome.)


“Time to sleep, my little slutty princess…” Mikhail tells her with a broad smile on his face as he climbs into the bed. Within moments the room is covered in blackness as Angelique lays in the fetal position in her new bed, the slick feeling of Mikhail’s cum slowly oozing from her sore and aching cunt as she slowly sobs herself to sleep.

Sun light shining brightly through the windows shines right into Angelique’s eyes as she slowly awakes from her heavy, exhaustion-induced sleep. Eye lids slowly opening, she’s immediately startled the silhouette of a man in the light. ‘This wasn’t a nightmare after all…’ She thinks to herself as she slowly sits upright in her cushioned cage. Timidly Angelique inches closer to the silver bars, griping them as she slowly kneels as best as she can.

“Please, can I please go home?” She asks softly, her voice cracked from the hours of sobbing and crying. “You had your fun, just please let me go home…”

Mikhail’s soft chuckles send shivers down Angelique’s spine as he slowly turns away from the large window. “You don’t get it, do you?” He asks her, taking a sip from a glass in his hand. “This is your home now. You were stupid enough to be wherever the fuck you were when they picked you up, and now you start a new life as my little cum slut.”

“You’re fucking sick.” Angelique tells him, courage and boldness starting to well up inside of her.

Mikhail says nothing to her as he takes another sip. Slowly he walks closer to the cage, a sick smile forming on his face. “You know, if it weren’t for me, you’d just be another sad story on the news. You really think those other people would have kept you alive after doing whatever sick pleasure they get from you? Sluts like you are liabilities to them, and I’m the man that has to go kill and get rid of the liabilities.”

Sitting on top of the cage, Mikhail casually lets his hand slide between the bars on the top of the cage, petting her soft skin before Angelique jerks herself away from his touch. “You should be thankful that I’m in the mood for keeping alive while you’re still useful to me.”

“And what happens if I become useless to you?” She asks curiously, testing the man in control of her destiny.

A soft smile forms across Mikhail’s face as he chuckles softly to himself. “When that day comes, I’ll personally take you by the hair down to my men’s barracks and chain you to the wall without any clothes. I’m sure my men will have some use for you then. They just love little American girls like you.”

With a soft groan, Mikhail slowly stands up from the cage, turning around to see the fear on Angelique’s face from his threats. “Let’s hope you don’t get useless to me.” Mikhail tells her as he walks across the expansive bedroom to the door. His back shields the key pad lock to the door, taking no chances in case Angelique could see the combination from across the room. A short, low beep sounds as the door opens slightly for Mikhail.

Silently Mikhail opens the door wide, allowing a large and tall woman into the bedroom. Wearing a white outfit that looked as if it belonged to a nurse, the woman wearing it looks upon Angelique with a look of indifference as she walks into the room.

“This is Olga.” Mikhail tells Angelique, handing over the keys to her cage to the woman called Olga. “She’ll be making you look somewhat presentable. I don’t like my little sluts dirty with cum and blood all day.”

Casually Mikhail strolls out of the bedroom, leaving Angelique alone with the masculine-looking woman. The soft clicking of Olga’s red heels against the wooden floor fills the room as she walks closer to the cage. Her large, manly hands quickly manipulate the lock on the cage, pulling Angelique out of the cage with a tight, forceful grip on her arms, despite Angelique’s protests and cries for mercy.

Dragging Angelique across the floor, Olga remains silent as she pulls the young girl with ease to a door off to the side of the bedroom. Using her free hand, the masculine woman opens the door, sliding Angelique into a large bathroom as if she were a ragdoll being dragged around by a large child. Before Angelique has any time to attempt any chance of escape, Olga pulls closed the bathroom door, locking it before turning to face her new patient. In frustration and desperation, Angelique tries to overpower the woman, running into her body with all the force she could muster. Yet, it was not enough, as Angelique falls flat to the floor, as if she had run into a brick wall.

Grunting as she bends over, Olga picks up the young girl with both arms, only to drop her into the large white tub, narrow enough for one person. Angelique’s head slams hard into the hard white ceramic tub lining, dazing her as Olga straps her arms into thick leather straps on either side of the tub. The cold water from the showerhead jolts Angelique from her pain induced daze, making her jump in her binds. As porno indir Olga turns her back to Angelique, digging through a cabinet in the large vanity, Angelique tests the bonds holding her down in desperation to no avail.

“Eeuu kant eezkape.” The Russian woman says in her thick Russian accent as she turns back to Angelique, pulling on white latex surgical gloves.

Grasping the shower head out of its holder, the menacing Russian woman pulls out a small footstool with her foot, kicking it to the side of the tub. Letting out soft groan as she sits down, Olga’s hand holding the shower head slowly waves over Angelique’s body, letting the cold water cascade over her young body as she remains emotionless.

Without mercy, the large Russian woman’s thick fat fingers probe Angelique’s body, scrubbing and washing away any and all traces of the previous night. The feeling of the rough and unforgiving fingers prying open and entering her sex makes Angelique feel sick and dehumanized. Olga’s fingers poke and prod at Angelique’s sore and abused hole, swiping out all of Mikhail’s dry cum mixed with the pink fluids of her dried blood in an attempt to make her as clean as possible.

Angelique jumps in her restraints as the feeling of Olga’s fingers pushing through the tight muscle of her small sphincter, swirling themselves in the tight hole until she was satisfied she was thoroughly cleaned. Fruitlessly Angelique tries to test the bonds holding her in place, fidgeting and writhing in the tub like a small child trying to avoid a bath.

Having enough of her fighting and resistance, Olga angrily reaches into a small medical bag at her feet, rummaging while furiously muttering in an eastern European accent until finally coming up with a small silver syringe in her hand. Seeing the syringe, twinkling in the light above the tub, Angelique’s attempts to escape intensifies as she remembers the last time she came in contact with a needle in her arm. Mercilessly Olga stabs the needle hard into Angelique’s arm, pushing in the sedative until nothing was left. Placing the syringe back into the bag, she sits and waits while the liquid takes its course on Angelique, waiting until the girl is unconscious to make her job a little easier.

Slowly Angelique’s movements become less energetic, her limbs becoming heavy as the sedative gradually works its way through her body. Vision blurring at a steady pace, increasing with each passing second, Angelique groans as she tries to fight off the effects of the sedative. Slowly her mind and body drifts away into a deep, motionless sleep, despite Angelique’s futile attempts to throw it off.


Over an hour passes as Angelique slowly begins to awaken from her sedative-induced sleep. Gradually her body moves against the soft, plush material of the bed, her naked, dry body feeling as if it’s lying on a gigantic pillow. Sitting up slowly in the master bedroom, sunshine beaming through the large windows, her small fingers fly to her neck, touching and feeling the heavy metal collar around her soft neck.

“What the fuck is this?” She whispers to herself, the soft digits of her fingers running over the jewel encrusted metal collar.

The sound of rustling newspapers makes Angelique snap back to reality, staring in to the direction of the sound. Sitting alone in the corner of the bedroom in a large, overstuffed armchair sits the man called Nikolai, casually reading the newspapers as she slept off the effects of the drug.

“It’s about time you woke up.” He growls at her, his voice deep with a crystal clear English accent as he leisurely rises from the armchair, placing the folded newspaper in the seat while never breaking eye contact with Angelique. “You must have been quite the handful to get the drugs.”

Gradually he begins to walk his way closer to the bed, every footstep filling Angelique with fright as she tries with futile attempts to cover her nakedness. “What are you doing here?” She asks hesitantly, slowly inching her body up the bed in a meager attempt to evade him.

Nikolai can’t help but to smirk at Angelique. He couldn’t help but to think to himself how such a good taste his comrade had for women, seeing the frightened young woman on the bed before him. Leisurely his muscular hand dips into his pocket, pulling out a seemingly endless silver chain, a hook at one end, and a small leather loop at the other. Feeding one end of the chain through his grasp, his fingers toy with each end, staring at them as a child would a toy.

“The Boss wanted me to come and sit for you to wake up, since you had to be a…what’s the word… defiant little bitch.”

Ignoring the stinging effects of his words, Angelique’s mind races with thoughts, noticing the door behind the powerful looking man is wide open, presenting the perfect opportunity to attempt to flee. Formulating a plan in the back of her mind, Angelique hesitantly shifts herself to the edge of the bed as her heart feels like it’s beating out of her chest as she eyes the door rokettube in the distance.

Slowly standing up from the bed, her feet unhurriedly begin to carry her towards the large, menacing Russian man with the chain in his hand. ‘Now!…No… Now!… No…’ Angelique’s mind debates as she nears him, the sweat on her brow increasing steadily along with her heavy heartbeat and breathing. With only a few feet to go until she’s face to face with Nikolai, Angelique floors it, dodging to his left side in an attempt to rush past him. Hurriedly her feet run across the polished wood floors, trying with all her might to fly past him.

Yet, she’s not quick enough to escape him. Using the chain leash as a restraint, Nikolai’s outstretched arms enclose around Angelique, pulling her into his body with the leash. Gripping her arm in his death-like grip to keep her in place, Nikolai quickly attaches the leash to the large D-Shaped ring at the front of the collar. Releasing his grip as Angelique groans and struggles against him, his hand holding the leash gives a firm tug to make sure it’s securely fastened to her collar.

“You really are a defiant bitch, huh?” He asks, amused at her fruitless struggles to free herself. Pulling her close to him with a forceful pull of the leash, his large, powerful hands find both of her wrists, pulling them behind her back as he reaches into his pants pocket to pull out a pair of silver handcuffs. Pressing her firmly into his body, the large Russian man cuffs Angelique’s wrists behind her back, effectively ending any possibility of her reaching up to unhook the leash.

“Going somewhere?” He asks, pushing Angelique away from him once the cuffs are firmly in place.

“Fuck you!” She cries out, trying to mask the tears and trembling in her voice as she watches the Russian bodyguard, fearful anger burning in her eyes.

Giving the leash a firm tug, Nikolai starts to walk towards the main exit at the far end of the bedroom. “Come on. The Boss doesn’t like to wait long.” He growls towards her, pulling her in his wake.

Fruitlessly struggling, Angelique is dragged through the house, stumbling with each pause she takes as the Russian’s iron grip pulls her along with him. Walking Angelique down the stairs, Nikolai drags her down the into the foyer of the house, making her sit in one of the small chairs in front of a large door as Nikolai pokes his head into the room, softly speaking in Russian before he closes the door, turning to sit next to Angelique.

“The Boss’s meeting is taking a little longer than he thought.” He says, reaching into his pocket for a cigarette. “You would do best to mind your manners. He tends to be unforgiving when it comes to being disrespected.”

“I’ll keep that in mind, ass hole.” She says through gritted teeth, her hands slowly rubbing each other in nervous dread, staring intently at the door with vague voices behind it.


Sitting in his large leather chair, smoke filling the air as Mikhail sits and listens to the two men sitting across from him. The meetings with these smaller gangs always annoyed him with how they took up his time with pointless and stupid talks. This time, it was all about their new narcotic they were pushing on the street and how they wanted to sell on Mikhail’s territory, in his businesses, all for a small cut of the sale.

“You must be fucking crazy if you think I’m going to let you peddle your smack on my territory.” Mikhail says, leaning forward to put out his cigarette, slightly annoyed they would come to him and ask.

“No?” One of the Haitian Brothers asks, leaning back in the armchair as a look of perplexity slowly fades onto his face. “You think that will stop us from doing business?”

“Not unless you want me to have my street soldiers take care of your dealers if they come within eyesight in my neighborhoods.” Leaning back in his seat, Mikhail’s eyes study the two men sitting in front of him in their white suits, a look of defiance in their face as he watches them and waits for their reply to his threat.

The two brothers stand up from their seat, their face stoic as they stare right back into Mikhail’s dark eyes. “Then we’re done here.” The taller and older one says, walking hurriedly to the office door without waiting for a formal handshake or other words from Mikhail as they fly open the office door.

Angelique’s deep thinking about the day and what may happen is snapped by the sound of the office door flying open. Immediately her eyes fly up to the now open doorway, her eyes glued to whoever would come out.

The Haitian Brothers argue rapidly among themselves in French Creole, stopping only at the odd sight of the young girl sitting naked in front of them, bound with a look of fear and confusion on her face. Pausing for only a minute to ogle her body, the two men move out of the house quickly, resuming their hushed arguing as if anyone could understand what they were actually saying. As soon as the two Brothers leave the open doorway, Nikolai abruptly seks filmi stands up from his seat, the leash tight in his hand as he pulls Angelique into the large office.

Struggling against the tight pull of the leash does not stop the sense of awe in Angelique’s mind as she enters the room. Bookshelves line the left and right sides of the room, towering against the high walls. Art pieces from different time periods from all around the world lined the walls between the large windows overlooking the woods. Its décor and aura gave the impression of being inside of a small library instead of an office of a crime lord.

“Well well…” Mikhail sounds, sitting back in his chair as he sees Angelique being led into the office on a leash by Nikolai. “Look who finally decided to grace us with her presence, boys.”

Defiantly remaining silent, Angelique slowly peers around the room at the half dozen men standing in various parts of the room, their eyes staring like lasers at her naked body before them. Slowly shame and disgust over herself washes over her mind at the feeling of being aroused by being on display for so many men. The hot slick moisture begins to build between her womanly folds slowly as the seconds pass by, being completely naked for all of them to see.

“Sleep well Princess?” Mikhail condescendingly asks Angelique, a soft smirk forming across his face.

“Fuck you.” Angelique mutters in a soft whisper, too afraid to say anything else above a whisper in such a dangerous environment.

“I plan on it.” He says soothingly, the smirk growing wider as he leans forward, putting the papers strewn across is desk in a neat pile before sitting back, his hand outstretched for the leash in Nikolai’s hand.

Giving a firm tug of the leash, Nikolai pulls Angelique over to the desk with ease against her struggling feet. Handing Mikhail the leash with a soft smile on his face, Nikolai slowly walks back to the shadows of the room, leaning against the wall to watch the young woman get used by his Boss.

Looking over at Angelique, now the length of the tightly strained leash away from her, Mikhail pats the cleared area on his desk in front of him, almost like a master would his pet. “Come sit, Angelique.”

Her eyes locked onto Mikhail’s dark hazel eyes, Angelique hesitantly moves closer to him. Small footsteps carry her closer to the desk, afraid of what he may do to her once she’s near him, like this was all a trap.

“I won’t hurt you…yet.” Mikhail says softly, the last part under his breath as he looks welcomingly to Angelique.

Breathing heavily with no other choice, Angelique slowly walks forward. Creeping along in front of Mikhail seated in front of the desk, she slowly turns her body to face him, sitting her butt on top of the desk as she looks down upon his face, her legs clenched tightly together to hide the fact of her arousal. Fearful of what he could do to her, she remains motionless, breathing heavily as she watches his every subtle movement in his seat in front of her.

“That wasn’t so hard, was it?” Mikhail asks while his hand slowly runs up and down her bare legs.

Resisting all of the anger and urge to kick him in his face, Angelique is frozen in fear. Out of all of the monsters in the room, it’s was he whom she was afraid of the most. Eyes clenching shut at his soft caresses, Angelique doesn’t say a word of protest or of want, only wanting it to be over, despite what her sore, achingly empty cunt wanted.

Sitting back into his seat, Mikhail softly pulls one of Angelique’s feet into his grasp, holding it gently as his fingers work into the heel of her foot. “You see, I’m not as bad as you think I am.” He says casually, his fingers slowly massaging her feet. “I only punish bad girls when they deserve it. I can be very spoiling and nice to little girls who behave and listen to orders.”

Her body slightly trembling, barely noticeable to the untrained eye, Angelique’s eyes flutter at the feeling of his hands slowly massaging her feet. The rough pushing against her feet by his large hands felt almost heavenly at his act of kindness. In the back of her mind, Angelique can’t help but to wonder when Mikhail will turn and be cruel and dominating to her once again. ‘It’s only a matter of time…’ She thinks to herself, her eyes locked onto his as he speaks, feeling the deep rubbing of her feet in his grasp.

“And what happens if I don’t behave and follow orders?” Angelique asks, her voice shaky with fear, wondering if she should have kept her mouth shut for once.

Smiling to himself, Mikhail looks up to Angelique’s face, his grip on her foot loosened as he pushes it away from him. “You don’t want to do that. I have my ways of making you feel remorse for your actions.”

“Do you ever feel remorse for your actions?” She asks, letting her tongue get the best of her instead of her mind. “Like kidnapping women and raping them?”

Snorting with amusement at her defiant words, Mikhail wonders whether he should punish the little insolent bitch right there and then. Sitting up in his seat, Mikhail’s right hand explore Angelique’s legs and stomach as a sculptor would a work of art. His hand finding her pert and ample breasts, he slowly rubs them before pulling his hand back quickly, only to bring it crashing down hard onto her breast.

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