Enslaved to the Mob Ch. 07

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(Author’s Note: Sorry for the delay in getting this posted! It’s been taking me a while lately to get back into the swing of things with writing. I didn’t really know what category to put this in, so I put BDSM in just because of the Total Power Exchange between the two of them. I want to thank all of whom who have written with words of praise and support while I go through this troubling time in my life. All comments and e-mails are welcome. As with all of my stories, all characters are 18 years of age or older.)


Smiling softly in victory, Mikhail carefully helps Angelique out of the back of the limo. “You made a wise choice, Pet. Perhaps I won’t have to use the Hot Box tonight after all.” He says with an almost sadistic smirk as he intertwines his arm with hers and begins to enter the building. Entering a large elevator, Angelique speaks softly as it begins to rise.

“What is this place?” She inquires softly, looking up at him timidly.

With a smirk, Mikhail leans in close to her ear as his hand tenderly finds the small of her back. “One of the best restaurants in the world… Just remember what I said about behaving, Little One…”


Quietly the large elevator doors open to reveal the Inside the building was much more opulent and lavish than the outside. Dark polished wood floors shines from the overhead lights. A large fountain emits the sounds of trickling water under the sounds of what sounded like a piano and violin being played from some other area of the restaurant. From behind a large counter, a regal looking woman stands smiling politely at the two of them as they entered the magnificent lobby.

“Mr. Borodin…” She says in a distinct, cosmopolitan tone as she holds out her hand. “It’s a pleasure to see you back again at our establishment.”

Warmly Mikhail reached out, shaking her hand politely as he nodded his head. “Thank you for the warm welcome Mrs. Delacroix. I’d love it if I could have my personal table tonight for me and my guest.” He says, smirking over at Angelique. It takes all she has inside of her to politely smile back at him.

The lady merely nods and smiles politely. “Yes Sir, right this way.” She says, motioning towards the open hall that leads into the dining room. Tables fill the large dining room, filled with people eating and drinking to their satisfaction. Without a word, they walk along the widened walkway between the tables, passing the large center stage as the musical group plays the soft and beautiful music. The whole look of the restaurant gives off the effect of affluence at a glance, seeing all of the beautiful décor and fine white table cloths. Being led by Mikhail’s hand, Angelique’s eyes look around, basking in the sheer opulence of it all until they come to their seat.

Sitting against the wall is a large half circle booth. A small vase filled with red and white orchids sits centered atop the table with burning candles, all being quickly arranged for Mikhail’s arrival well before he arrived. Hastily a man places a second menu on the table before scurrying away back to the front. No one had known nor expected him to be bringing someone with him, let alone a woman.

“Enjoy your meal, Sir.” The hostess says as she turns to walk back to the front of the restaurant. With a soft sigh resembling fatigue, Mikhail slowly slides into the booth as he places his phone on the table beside him. A smile comes across his face at the sight of Angelique standing at the table, unsure of whether to sit with him or not. Welcomingly his hand pats the leather booth bench as he looks up at her. “Remember our little talk about behavior, Little One?”

Taking a frustrated sigh, Angelique nods her head. Just the sound of being locked up in that trunk with the summer heat makes her stomach turn over in dread. Carefully she slides into the booth beside Mikhail to his right. It’s one of the last places she wants to be, yet the only thing keeping her from causing a scene is the idea of her family being tortured and broken apart by him. The idea of her and her sister, locked and chained to a bed in some rundown building in a third world country where AIDs and other diseases rampant was almost too much for Angelique to bare.

“I knew you were a smart girl…” He says softly with a hint of affection as he flips open the menu on the table.

Eyeing the glass of ice water sitting in front of her, Angelique quickly picks it up. Her throat dry and feeling nauseous, she quietly gulps the water down in a single sip. The eager thirstiness doesn’t go unnoticed by Mikhail, who merely smiles at the sight. Slowly he extends his hand under the table to her bare thigh, gently rubbing it. “Someone is thirsty.” Mikhail says amused.

Angelique’s eyes freeze at the feeling of his strong hand holding on firmly to her thighs. As his finger tips gently rub her soft flesh, she looks over at him slightly worried. “What are you doing?”

Smirking softly at her question, Mikhail returns his attention back to the menu as porno izle he keeps his rubbing hand firmly on her thigh. “I’m doing whatever I want to do with my little Pet I bought.” He says softly in a lazy tone, as if this is nothing to him. “I think you’re going to be having a Caesar Pasta Salad with Salmon. White wine if you behave yourself.”

“Please stop.” She says politely as she places her hand on his wrist, careful not to seem forceful or demanding.

Mikhail laughs softly at her request, never leaving his hand away from her thigh. “You just don’t understand, do you? I saved your life. I own you. You belong to me. Yes, you were kidnapped or whatever, but without me, you would have already died. Those other bidders, they would have kept you around for a few days, fucked you and beaten you to a bloody pulp before they kill you or sell you off like scrap metal to some pimp who’d make a lot of money with you drugged up in a whore house. You should be kissing the fucking ground I walk on for what I did for you. Any of those other girls would have killed to be in your position, and instead you fucking sit there and test my patience with you.”

The soft and aggressive tone makes Angelique move her hand away from his wrist. Looking down at her thigh, Angelique slowly nods her head. She knows what he said is true. If it wasn’t for him, she would have already been dead or worse. Finally realizing it, she seems a little thankful for it, even if she doesn’t want to admit it. “…I’m sorry…” She says in a soft whisper.

“A million and a half dollars is a debt that I can’t easily forgive.” Mikhail says casually as he flips closed the menu. As the waiter comes with his usual bottle of wine and an ornate bucket of ice, Mikhail drops the subject for a minute until the man leaves with the orders for dinner. Unsurprisingly he orders her food for her before ordering for himself. Never once does his hand move itself from her thigh. If anything it slowly inches its way up. “As I’m sure Daphne has told you earlier, good girls get rewarded.”

Keeping her mouth shut, Angelique remains motionless. Eyes watch his hands slowly move up her thigh as his fingers rub in a soft circular motion. “Do you blame me for wanting to escape from you and all of this?” She says boldly.

Smirking softly at her question, Mikhail carefully pours her a little glass of wine before pouring himself some. “I can’t say I do, even though you had to know I wouldn’t have let you get away for long. You could have gone home to Mommy and Daddy, but that wouldn’t have stopped me from coming to kidnap you back to my arms.”

“You can’t keep me here forever…”

“You’re right, I can’t. But I’ll keep you around for as long as I want.” He says, maintaining his casual tone as his hand slips under her skirt to her bare sex. “And during that time, I’ll do whatever I want until your debt it paid.”

Body tensing, Angelique’s eyes fly up to Mikhail’s as his hand adjusts to cup her little sex. Feeling his firm middle finger gently work between her folds, she knows he can feel her slight, moist arousal building up. Immediately her hand moves to the wine glass, gulping it down in an instant at his touch. Mikhail laughs softly in almost a whisper at her nervous reaction to her touch. Leaning in closer to her, Mikhail whispers softly into her ear, speaking as if to a lover as his finger slowly rubs its way deeper between her lips. “You act as if I have never touched you before. Just relax… You’ve always gotten off from me, have you not?”

“…Yes Sir…” Angelique says quietly, which immediately draws a hearty chuckle from Mikhail.

“‘Yes Sir?’ You really are becoming a quick learner. Showing such respect for me… I’m touched… Well, actually, you’re the one being touched, aren’t you?” He asks casually with amusement dripping in his voice as his middle finger finally presses deeper into her already wet folds.

Angelique lets out a short and soft nervous laugh at his words, reaching over for his glass of wine. In a single gulp she inhales it before sitting back into her seat. “You like making me uncomfortable don’t you?” She asks as she tries to remain calm around all of the diners.

Again Mikhail lets out a sot laugh as his finger’s pace quickens. Wiggling it a little harder, his finger makes quick, wiggling motions as if he’s pulling the trigger repeatedly to a gun.

“Of course I do.” He says as his pace continues, gently bringing Angelique closer to orgasm. “I’d say you enjoy it too, judging by how wet you are. Remember you manners Pet. I don’t like rude little brats…”

It’s true. From his thick, masculine finger alone, Angelique is soaked between her thighs. The wetness gently and lightly pools under her as she nervously squirms around for a bit. It takes everything she has to keep her mouth shut as his finger incessantly wiggles within her velvety folds. Softly her hands grasp the tablecloth of the table, clutching it as her tight walls begin to tighten around Mikhail’s amatör porno finger. “May I please cum, Sir?” She asks quietly in almost a soft murmur, yet just loud enough for Mikhail’s close by ears.

For a second, Mikhail basks in the power from Angelique’s body. Laughing softly at her predicament, he slowly pulls his finger out, caressing her thighs softly with her wetness before putting them to her lips. He says no command to her, knowing she would know exactly what he wants from her. When she finally relents and opens her plush, feminine lips up to him, Mikhail slowly inserts his fingers inside of her, rubbing the wetness over her lips before massaging her tongue. “No. I think I’ll let you sit and stew a little before I let you cum tonight.”

When Mikhail finished speaking and extracted his fingers from her mouth, Angelique feels slightly dejected at the result. Confusion fills her mind as she ponders for a few moments. ‘Do I actually want to cum because of him?’ She asks herself. He was the man responsible for so much heartache and multitudes of pain, and now she craves his touch again, needing the release for some reason unknown to her.

Dinner comes not long after Mikhail sits back and wipes his fingers clean on his napkin. In silence they eat while they occasionally steal soft, subtle glances over at each other as if trying to see what the other would do in such a public setting. When both were finished, and the plates cleared, Mikhail relaxes back into his seat, pouring himself a glass of white wine. His other hand close to Angelique stretches out behind her, gently rubbing and caressing the back of her neck with his fingertips.

At first, Angelique jumps and shivers slightly at his touch. She’s so used to his cruelty, expecting him to harm her in some way in the most vulnerable of areas on her body, but it never comes. Instead, his touch feels rather tender and affectionate with the undertones of possessiveness. She has to admit to herself silently that it was rather nice, feeling his fingertips lightly touch her soft, delicate flesh. ‘If being nice gets me this, then it’s going to be a whole lot easier…’ She thinks to herself, slowly settling in to her seat as she boldly moves a little closer to him.

“I think we’re going to be going home for the evening.” He says with boredom in his voice as his hand moves from her neck to her arm, gently pulling her closer to him. “I have a few friends waiting for us there.”

Hearing his words makes Angelique’s ears perk up. Slowly she moves around to look up at him in his eyes with a puzzled look. “…Friends…?” She asks curiously as a bad, ominous feeling wells up inside of her stomach.

Mikhail laughs softly at her curiosity. Never does his hand stop its soft, gentle caress of her arm. “Yes…” He says with a soft smile on his face. “I’m having a few friends over tonight for some entertainment… Don’t worry. I’m not going to harm you too badly tonight.” He jokes, the smile on his face full of actual warmth and welcome.

Slowly Angelique backs away from him at his words. Something about him makes her feel a little uneasy. By far he seems to be much more friendlier today, showing her affection she had never seen from him since she had first came into his possession. Whatever he’s up to, Angelique thinks, it’s nothing good for her.

Just seeing the apprehension makes Mikhail smile widely at her. “As long as you are with me, Little One, no one will ever lay a finger on you in a way I don’t approve of, and that include inappropriately. You’re mine, and only mine.” He says before slowly moving towards the exit of the booth. “Wait here while I use the bathroom… I wouldn’t attempt escape either. My friend over by the door was an Olympic runner.”

With that, Mikhail slowly rises from the booth and ventures down a hallway leading off from the spacious and opulent dining room to the bathrooms. Sitting alone at the table, Angelique gently picks away at the food still on the table. It was when she was taking a sip of the wine when she noticed something. Immediately her eyes widened at the sight of Mikhail’s phone, carelessly left on the table while he went to the bathroom. Nervously she looks around at the other diners in the restaurant, all lost in their own conversations or dinner. The man at the door whom Mikhail warned Angelique about was safely flirting with one of the waitresses, completely distracted from her.

Quickly she grabbed the phone up from the table. Her nervous, trembling fingers rapidly pounds at the number pad to dial home. She keeps the phone close to her head on the other side from where the Watchman flirted with the waitress.

In a mere instant, all of her thinking is washed away by the sound of a man’s voice on the phone. Her heart leaps at the sound of her father as she struggles to maintain her composure. “Hello?” The voice asks, sounding obviously distressed to no end.

“Dad, its Angelique!” She cries out softly, her voice like a soft whisper anal porno as she speaks to avoid drawing attention to herself. “Look, I can’t talk long… If he finds out I took his phone, I’ll be—“

“What the fuck is this?” Her father interrupts, sounding like a mixture of distress and agitation as he speaks into the phone in disbelief. “Is this some kind of sick joke? Who the hell is this?”

Angelique’s eyes water with tears at the words in her ears. “Daddy it’s me…”

Before she could say anything else, out of the corner of her eyes, she notices the familiar figure of Mikhail stopped in the hall talking to one of the customers. Before she could say anything else, she hangs up the phone and clears the number quickly before putting it back down onto the table. Softly she wipes the tears away from her eyes as she tries to act as if nothing had ever happened while he was away.

If Mikhail had seen what she had been doing, he shows no signs of it as he walks back to the table. The smile on his face is still present as he takes her hand. “Come. It’s time to go home.” He says to her, reaching across for his phone. As soon as he places his hand on it, he realizes the foolish misstep he took. Curiously he looks at it before depositing it into his pocket, believing Angelique couldn’t have noticed it sitting there, thinking that even if she did, she wouldn’t be so foolish to make an attempt to escape him.

Together, the two of them are nearly silent as they walk out of the dining room and back out to the car. For Angelique, her nervousness stunts her ability to speak, nervous about the night that was awaiting them, and also the nervousness of saying or doing something wrong to bring out his dark side. For Mikhail on the other hand, it’s a mind game with his little slave. It was better, in his mind, to let her stew and allow her nervous anxiety grow within her mind and body.

After their little trip down to the awaiting limousine, Mikhail climbs in right behind her and slams the door shut, just as the car begins to drive. Before Angelique could get away to the other side of the limo, his arm was quick to go around her shoulders to hold her beside him. Smiling in victory, Mikhail leans his head down slightly to kiss her on the ear. “Going somewhere?” He inquires gently with soft amusement.

“N-no…” Angelique says quietly, squirming a little in her seat, but it was no use. His firm, yet gentle hold on her arm holds her down in her seat, making it difficult to evade his touch without fighting him off.

His laugh reverberates in her ear. Slowly his right arm rises up to Angelique’s face, gently stroking the side of her face as it gently trails down her body. The rough, masculine pads of his fingertips gently trace and run down her neck and chest through the narrow valley between her womanly mounds. “Very good girl… I wouldn’t want to have to punish my little pet when I’m in such a good mood.” He says, slowly caressing her breasts through the silky material of her dress. “I want to reward my little girl for the good job she’s done today…”

“I suppose letting me go home as a reward would be asking too much?” Angelique asks quietly. Every second of his touch fills her with a whole mix of emotions. Part of her wants to fight him off of her and take refuge on the other side of the limo’s spacious interior, yet there’s another part of her that actually wants his touch, wanting him and needing the pleasure that he could give her so easily.

Her words clearly amuse Mikhail as he laughs softly. Ever so lightly, his hand continues to travel down her dress, slowly riding up her legs before dipping down and rubbing the interior of her soft, creamy thighs. “No no, Little One… You aren’t that lucky today.” He says almost sweetly to her while he slowly pushes his hand closer and closer to the sweet spot between her legs.

Body tensing up, Angelique’s eyes close as Mikhail’s fingers finally find her pussy once again. Slowly they insert themselves between her labia lips, caressing her velvety entrance as he works his way deeper into her. All while this happens, the strong thumb of his hand gently presses against the hard little pearl that is her clit, softly rubbing and massaging it as his fingers work themselves deeper into her. Just when she thinks that it couldn’t get much worse for her resistance to his touch, Mikhail carefully leans into her neck, softly kissing and biting the crook of her neck with a cruel tenderness.

“I don’t know why you fight it…” He says in between kisses and bites upon her neck. Gradually the soft pumping of his finger becomes more intense and powerful, matching the soft, subtle wiggling of his fingers within her tight pussy. “You know you want this… Just give in… Let go…”

Tightly her hand clench the small handles above the door. Soft cries escape her lips through clenched teeth as her thighs tremble slightly like foreshocks before an earthquake. Her orgasm builds within her like a tidal wave, building with energy and power with every second. She’s powerless to stop the welling up of pleasure within her, even if it is what her body and senses want. In the end, Angelique resigns herself to giving into what her body wants by doing what Mikhail had said: letting go.

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