Enticed and Humiliated Ch. 14

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Part 14 – Debased Spring Break Frolics – Turning a Trick

I was left sitting on the seedy floor in the far corner of the booth when my black master left. I was not alone for long though. As I was sitting there lost in my thoughts, enjoying the aftertaste of his load four middle aged men, all with modest guts hanging over their belts, walked in! I was kind of nervous now but told myself that as long as they used the rubbers I would enjoy them.

One of the guys just dropped his pants and stood in front of me with his erection. Sitting there in the corner I just brought my head forward to take his knob into my mouth. It was not a large cock and it slid in and out nicely. This guy must have been on speed because he started slamming into me at a rapid pace.

Being in the corner allowed only him access to me. I pulled my head off of his cock and said,” Do you want to move to the middle of the booth so that your friend can also have access to me?” “They can have you after I’m done. That won’t be long.” He replied, shoving his cock back into my hungry mouth.

Half a minute later, I felt robbed when he pulled his cock out of my mouth and started furiously stroking it in his fist. I was afraid of being hit in the face with his fist because it was moving so fast!

Resigned, I just tilted my head back against the wall, opened my mouth up wide and stuck my tongue out. The spurts rained down on my face and into my open mouth. I swallowed what landed on my tongue and in my mouth. With my finger, I scooped up the spurts that had landed on my nose and check and fed them to myself.

“This is one cum hungry slut!” I heard one of the remaining guys say. “Hey, let’s circle jerk him!” “Dan, get the rest of the guys!”

“I would love to serve all of you but I don’t have enough condoms.” I rasped from the corner. It seemed that some of the cum was still in my throat and was affecting my voice.

“That’s ok boy. We are not going to be fucking you. I hope you like sucking dick and feeling sticky!”

I guess that Dan was the guy that had just spurted onto my now sticky face. As he left, the guy who had just spoken pulled me to the center of the booth. The three of them formed a triangle around me. I took the dick of the guy in front of me into my mouth and the other two started jacking theirs.

After a couple of minutes Dan came back with three canlı bahis more men. They too were probably in their late forties or early fifties. Except for one who looked to be about seventy! They quickly filled in the open spaces around me. It was kind of claustrophobic in that tight booth with the packed circle of dicks around my head!

I went to town on the dick in my mouth but the guy removed it before I could do too much.

“I don’t want to blow it to quick and lose out on all the rest of the fun.” He said, as everyone kind of shifted and a new cock was put to my lips. I inserted it and moaned heartily as I started working it I and out.

All of the guys were jacking their cocks with one hand and groping me with their free hand. It was quite satisfying having all of those hands on me. Some were stroking the back of my head, kneading my ass, fondling my balls through the panties; one guy even put his hand into my panties and started fingering my hole. It was decadent!

Meanwhile they had done another cock-switch and shift. This was to repeat itself. I realized that they were pulling out as soon as they came close to cumming in order to prolong the fun!

Ten minutes later my mouth was tired and I was sucking on auto pilot. They must have sensed it because the guy in front of me shouted, “Here it comes!” and he spurted all over my face! I was dismayed that I wasn’t warned because I was not able to catch any of his jizz in my mouth.

As I wiped his jizz off my face with my finger and sucked it clean I felt a splatter on my lower back! It dribbled down into the crack of my ass. By now everyone was grunting and shouting and cum was raining mostly on my face! I was catching a lot of it in my mouth. What I wasn’t catching I was wiping off my face and feeding to myself. I couldn’t believe how much cum I was getting. My face and hair were a sticky mess! Not to mention my panties that were soaked from my orgasm and the dude who came on my lower back.

I made the utmost effort to suck all the remaining beads of cum from the shrinking cockheads of all these wonderful guys. While doing so they started pulling their pants up and leaving. When the last one left I made sure to lock the door. I needed some time to compose myself. I tried wiping as much cum as I could off of myself and licking it off my fingers.

As I was cleaning and eating as much bahis siteleri of the cum as I could, that was smeared all over me, I noticed a finger calling over to one of the holes. I went over to the hole and opened my mouth before it. The guy on the other side said, “I don’t want your mouth I need your ass!”

I gave him a condom and put my pantied ass up to the hole. I was surprised when I felt him insert both hands into my panties. He now grabbed each of my nuts in his hands and started pulling them apart and down through the hole. This had the effect of pulling my ass to the hole and pulling my dick downward. As my dick was pulled up and down, it would rub so sweetly against the sticky panty material. I loved it and when I felt him put his cockhead onto my shutter I knew I was in for a good time!

This unseen guy didn’t have as big a dick as the large black dude. Because he kept pulling on my nuts he could not get much more than just the head in. I didn’t care the feeling of my scrotum being stretched so, and the repeated insertion removal of his cockhead was exquisite! I was not surprised when the friction caused me to erupt into my panties again with a violent orgasm.

I moaned loudly and started to writhe in the super sensitive post orgasmic sensations. The dude behind the wall must have sensed this because he pulled back really hard on my nuts and started shoving his dick in deeper. I could feel the difference in friction as he inflated the rubber with his load!

After he pulled out, I knelt down and spoke through the hole, “If you give me the used rubber, and stick you dick back through the hole I will clean it for you.”

A hand holding the used scumbag was immediately passed through the hole. I took it and held it in my fingers. When the slimy cock reappeared, I took it in my mouth and lovingly sucked all the slime off. As it shrank, more jizz came out of the slit, so relishing!

They guy behind the wall thanked me, and pulled his now soft dick back. I did not mind because I had the used scumbag in my hand. For the second time that evening I took a used condom and emptied the contents into my mouth. Turning the scumbag inside out I sucked off all the slime. What a perfect ending to such a fun evening!

My worries now were how to ride the metro back home with all the dried cum in my hair and on my face. My panties were all sticky bahis şirketleri with cum as well and I hoped that it would not leak through my jeans. I got dressed and decided that I would wash my face and wet my hair.

Opening the door of the booth to leave I was accosted by yet another fiftyish guy. He kept trying to get me to go back into the booth with him. I told him that I was exhausted, that I needed to go home. When I tried to walk past him he said, “I’ll make it worth your while! I have to have your ass. There is a fifty in my wallet for you if you come back into the booth with me for twenty minutes.”

Being a college kid, I always needed more money so I reentered the booth. The guy walked in too and locked the door. True to his word he took out his wallet and handed me a bill with the portrait of Ulysses Grant on it. Stuffing it into my pocket I asked, “What can I do for you?”

“Well how about starting with a blow job while you look into my eyes.”

I had to ask, “But you could just stick your dick through any one of those holes and get a blowjob?”

It was then, when I kneeled down and he whipped it out that I got my answer. His dick was severely mangled. It veered off almost ninety degrees to the left and had lots of scarring on it.

“I was attacked by a dog when I was twenty four years old. It prevented me from marrying and basically made all women off bounds to me.” He divulged to me.

I felt really sorry for him and decided to give him the best blow job that I could. It was not easy getting his whole shaft in because of the bent shape a third of the distance from the head. I could also feel the scar tissue on my tongue and the roof of my mouth. It was not revolting, but his cock just didn’t fit into my mouth nicely.

“Oh, that’s so good.” He moaned deeply. “You know that you can make a lot of money hustling at Buddies.”

My jaw ached and my ass was sore. But I kept putting his cockhead into the entrance of my esophagus. Within a few minute the mangled dick erupted in my mouth and I swallowed my reward cleaning all of his jizz off the scar tissue.

“That was heavenly kid!” The owner of the dog mangled dick sighed as he put it back into his underwear. “Whenever you see me here I will have another $50 for a repeat from you.”

“Hey, tell me about Buddies.” I asked. “How would I go about Hustling there?”

“Well it is a gay bar, that has mostly older clientele.” He replied. “Anyone under 30 there is probably hustling, and if they are wearing a mesh wife beater then they are hustling for sure!”

To be continued . . .

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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