Erica -The One Night Stand Pt. 02

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Part 1 can be found here

He stroked his cock a couple of times, he looked so confident and powerful above me like that, I just wanted to make him cum in that moment whatever it took. His hands grasped my waist rolling me over onto my front and pulling my ass up off the bed. I let my head rest on the bed, my legs tucking under my as he raised it up, my big tits hanging down, nipples hard against the soft bed sheets, I was ready for him.

I felt his hands slide over my ass, my soft flesh feeling the tender roughness of his hands as they moved up my sides to hold onto my waist. I sighed softly in anticipation as I felt his cock head brush against my wet pussy, sliding between my lips as a shiver ran up my spine. His cock head slide up my pussy until it found my entrance and waited. He held me in place ready to fuck me his cock teasingly hovering at my pussy entrance teasing me.

Without warning he slide his cock deep inside me. In one long slow sensual thrust he buried himself in me. I felt his cock stretch my pussy open filling me as it pushed inside his hard cock opening me up, my soft warm pussy surrendering to him. I moaned into the covers as he penetrated me his cock pushing me against the bed as he thrust inside me.

I felt him hold himself inside, his cock twitching as he held it deep in me. His hands roamed up my back reaching round and playing with my tits, tweaking my hard nipples, bringing another moan from my lips as they send a jolt of junji ito maniac japanese tales of the macabre izle pleasure through my body.

His hands took hold of my waist again pulling his cock out of me he thrust back in firmly, sending a wave through my ass.

“Fuck.” I heard him sigh as he pulled out and thrust back in again sending another wave through my ass.

“I…Love…This…Tight…Pussy.” Each word was punctuated by him sliding his cock out of me before thrusting it hard back inside.

Buried inside me he leaned forward his hand wrapping round my neck as he whispered in my ear.

“You like my cock Erica?” His cock slide out and in again. I moaned in response.

“You love the way it fills you up?” Out and in, again I moaned.

“You want me to fuck you with it…” Out and in. “You want it hard don’t you? Want me to fuck that tight little pussy hard, to plow your tight body into submission, make you cum hard for me.” I moaned louder my body felt like it was on fire for him right now, his cock sliding in and out of me with each question he asked.

He pulled out, his cock head held in my entrance my pussy empty, his hand still wrapped round my neck.

“Beg for it, beg for my cock to fuck that tight slutty pussy of yours”

“Please, fuck my slutty pussy,” I whimpered overtaken by my own lust, I needed him to fuck me. “Fuck me hard.”

“Good kaçış izle girl.” He whispered in my ear.

He rammed his cock inside me sending a wave through my body. He rammed inside me again, fuck it felt good. He let go of my neck as he started to build up a rhythm, slamming his cock inside me each time he sent ripples through my body and my mind with each impact. I felt him spank my ass, my ass rippled a stinging pain shot through me causing my pussy to tighten round his cock as he thrust in, pleasure shot through me as I felt his penetration more intensely, god I loved it when they spanked me.

My word was going hazy as he kept fucking me. My face was buried in the sheets moaning mindlessly with each time he slammed his cock into me, gripping the sheets as I hung on for the ride. I felt a hand on the back of my head, he wrapped my hair round his hand and pulled my face off the bed. His fucking became more intense as he pulled me back onto his cock. The force of his fucking sending ripples through my ass with each impact, my tits bouncing and clapping together as they hung beneath me, my head held in place as he gripped my hair. There was nothing for me to do but moan and take his fucking.

“Yes fuck me Jason.” I managed to moan almost coherently.

I felt my eyes start to roll back in my head as he continued to fuck me, my mouth hung open as I moaned. I must have looked like a real slut in that moment, but I didn’t care, in fact I loved it. I felt myself kaleidoscope izle getting close again. Y body started to tense, started to twitch as he fucked me close to the peak.

He spanked my ass again as he fucked me, his cock driving deep inside me, balls slapping against me with each thrust.

“Come for me slut, show me how much you love my hard cock in you.”

With that he spanked me one last time and thrust his cock hard inside me, burying himself to the hilt he forced me against the bed as my body was overtaken by another orgasm. The force of his final thrust and the tightness of my pussy around him after he spanked me sent me over the edge. I came hard spasming on him as he pinned me down, my screaming face buried in the sheets. I wasn’t aware of anything anymore just the fireworks in my head and the pleasure pumping through me body.

After what felt like an age I started to come down, my body still twitching as I became aware of what was happening around me again.

Jason was fucking my again, his gorgeous cock ramming I and out of my still twitching pussy, his hand holding my head down as he pounded me, fuck I was glad he had picked me tonight.

Suddenly I felt him twitch, “Fuck Erica!” he moaned, I felt him bury his cock in me and exploded deep inside me. His cock spasmed violently as thick hot cum erupted from it deep inside my pussy. I moaned in satisfaction as he held me down and filled me with his cum. My pussy twitched with each time he pumped another shot inside me.

He finished cumming his cock resting inside me, I sighed relaxing satisfied, drained. I felt him puss out, a soft whimper of disappointment escaped my lips before he spanked me again, leaving my with my ass in the air and full of his cum.

I heard water running, he must have left me for a shower as I rolled onto my side too drained and tired to move I drifted off into a deep satisfied sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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