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Sometimes when we go out in public I pick my girlfriends clothes. I tend to go for one of her short and loose dresses. A dress where a gust of wind can reveal more than most girls would feel comfortable with. My girl however enjoys the possibility of this happening, even more so when I don’t include panties in her outfit.

We figured men around their forties wouldn’t visit a mall without their wives or girlfriends. So when we saw a man by himself, he would most likely be single and we could tease him a little bit with a nice upskirt view of my girl.

Every time we went up a set of escalators we made sure to keep enough distance between us and the guy behind us, to make sure he had a nice angle up my girlfriend’s skirt. We noticed some guys watch and immediately look away, while some guys seemed to be oblivious and others definitely noticed and enjoyed the view.

Eventually one guy followed us up two more stairs, so I told my girl to give him a better view the 3rd time. She placed her feet a little wider to make sure to have a nice gap between her legs and pushed her ass backwards a bit. The maltepe escort stranger on the escalator was sure to get an excellent view of my girl’s ass and pussy now. I wondered if he could see the shine of the moisture that would have appeared between her lips.

I lifted her skirt a bit to give him an even better view when he looked at me. I wasn’t sure what went through his head. Maybe he hoped for a chance to get to fuck her pussy? It definitely did look like a bulge was forming in this guy’s pants. I gave him a smile and nudged my face, as to tell him to follow us. He nodded and decidedly stared at my girl’s cute little ass again.

The 5th floor of this mall was abandoned. All the shops had moved out because this floor was about to be converted into a food court, but the construction hadn’t started yet. We walked towards a corner that had a few benches. The guy followed us keeping an appropriate distance. I squeezed my girlfriends ass to make him extra aware of how lovely and well formed it is.

I leaned myself against the backrest of one of the benches and picked up my girl. She wrapped escort maltepe her legs around me which freed up my hands to lift up her skirt a little, revealing her ass again for the stranger to see. He seemed unsure what to do next, so I used my hands to tilt my girl’s pelvis and spread her cheeks a little.

She was shaking with excitement, having flashed a bunch of strangers, already turned her on. The anticipation of this guy following us to a desolated corner of the mall made it almost unbearable for her. She loved being used as a fuck toy, especially by a complete stranger.

He finally seemed to understand that he would indeed get a chance to fuck the pussy he had been following up all those escalators. He unzipped his pants and his large erect cock sprung out. I immediately knew my girl was going to enjoy being fucked by him.

He took a few steps forward and aimed his cock towards my girlfriend’s entrance. As soon as he made contact her legs clenched even more strongly around me. I looked her in the eyes and gave her a kiss so she knew I was completely comfortable with her being filled maltepe escort bayan by a strangers cock.

My girl loved the feeling of his cock sliding inside. He pushed it all the way in before pulling backwards and continued making slow and long thrusts. His cock was stretching her lips while her ass rested on my hands. The stranger and I shared complete control over her body while he invaded her.

As his cock and her pussy got used to each other he started fucking her harder. I felt his balls slap against her buttocks a couple of times and wondered if she would notice as well. It turned me on tremendously to know I was holding up my girlfriend to provide a stranger with a quick relief.

After a couple of minutes him pounding his cock inside her, his thrusts became even stronger. My girl moaned, she probably felt his cock grow harder and harder inside her as he came closer to release. He now made strokes using the full length of his cock. As his cock started throbbing deep inside my girl she knew she was receiving a large load of a strangers cum.

He made a final couple of strokes to make sure her entire pussy was filled before he pulled out his cock. My girl placed her head on my shoulder and relaxed her body as the stranger zipped up his pants and slowly walked away.

We would soon go home where I would reclaim my girl.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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