Escape to Cyberspace

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69 Position

I was sitting in my favorite chair and tried to relax, but wished I could run away from home. I am all stressed out because his mother was here–again. She must think we have a vacancy sign in our front yard and a revolving door. She could not even respect us enough to call. Hell that would be too damn easy as she loved to stir up trouble everywhere she went. She just knocked on our door and told us she was here for a week.

She wasn’t there an hour and already driving us both crazy. Wayne had it good he could run off to work and not have to deal with her. Hypothetically thinking, I think that mother-in-laws are born with a jealousy gene–and it only become active when one of there children dated or get married.

Damn, it’s too hot and muggy to go outside or I would go for a walk and since I have no vehicle I can’t go for a drive either. I began to think of things I could do to kill the time and just make the best of things. I could read, listen to an audio book, do crossword puzzle book, or go online. I was not about to let her win and refused to let her ruffle my feathers.

I walked over and sat down at my computer to see if there was anything exciting happening. I looked at my watch, 6pm; oh hell, I’d check my emails, but I bet most of my friends were eating supper. I logged in and read the email and found nothing to get excited about as was about to login to a private chat-room, but hesitated and changed my mind. Mainly because I couldn’t really chat without his mom reading over my shoulder–oh hell yes, she is that fucking nosy.

She has always been a busy body too nosy and always jealous of someone. She always hovered over me just waiting for me to do something she can tell everyone about. She was the kind of woman who thought chatting online was not right. She was positive that all I did while chatting online was play around and make arrangements to meet and cheat.

I thought out-loud and said, “Now how in the hell did she come up with that stupid idea! Either that woman needs to get a life–or go get a good fucking. Maybe then she will leave us the hell alone.”

I logged off then sat down to watch some television, but there was nothing of interest on, so I went into our bedroom. I didn’t really feel like doing the puzzle book so I put on my headphones to listen to one of my audio book. It was relaxing the best I could and it did help kill some time.

Finally after awhile she tapped on the door and informed me that she was going to bed then said, “Goodnight.”

I looked at my watch, 11pm and grumbled, “Damn it, now none of my friends will be online to talk to, how nice. Knowing the way my luck was going that old hag will be here for another the week–ooh goody!”

I chuckled under my breath and told myself that she was in bed now and I would be able to chat online privately now. I sat down at my computer and logged in and decided to go into cyberland and have some fun. After all I could talk freely gaziantep escortları now and if I wanted too I could even cyber-fuck. A smile crossed my face and I felt her nipples harden. “Now that’s the best idea you’ve come up with all day,” I uttered.

Cyberland for me was not just a fantasy place, but a small bungalow located on a tropical island. No relatives or friend were allowed there, only the two people who were chatting and interested in cyber-sex. It was a tranquil spot where I could go and let my hair down and have some sexy fun. The weather was always warm and clean, no air-conditioning was required.

The dwelling sits near a white sand beach and was made of thick stone walls and consists of one big room. Inside the room there’s a large round bed covered with satin sheets that were covered with rose petals. In one corner of the room are a breakfast nook and a bar, both fully stocked. In the other corner are two chase lounges and a coffee table, suitable for reading or talking. In the center of the north wall was a moderate sized Jacuzzi surrounded by tropical plants and candles.

There was a telephone there with one line and it could only be used in an emergency. There was no TV or radio either just the serenade of soft romantic music from a programmable stereo system. The room had a luminescent glow due to several hidden lights. The gentle radiance made this a perfect spot for a romantic tryst.

I had emailed my friend Dave and said, “Meet me in cyberland tonight at midnight for a rendezvous of tropical delights. “

I had arrived early and had just changed into my pink silk lounging gown. It was alluring and accentuated all the right places. I looked at myself in the full length mirror winked in approval. Then walked over to the bar and fixed myself a pina colada and strolled out onto the patio.

The patio had a marvelous view and when combined with the cool tropical breeze felt like an enchanted paradise. I stood there sipping my drink and observed the rhythmic waves against the shore and watched the setting sun’s golden glow shimmering in the water. I felt my stress diminish and wondered why I have not visited this place of serenity before now.

I started to fantasize about Dave and imagined my eyes looking as his sexy figure and licked my lips in anticipation. Then I felt myself being drawn to him when I gazed into his seductive hazel eyes. I felt his arms surround me as he kissed me. I felt his fingers caress the small of my back, setting every inch of my body ablaze with desire.

Oh god, I wanted to hold him and touch him from the tip of his lips to his toes. I wanted to let go of all my inhibitions as my body became one with his. I felt my nipples hardened and my pussy become wet with desire. I closed my eyes and ran my fingers across my breasts and said, “Mmmm, this feels good, I wish these were Dave’s fingers.”

Dave walked into the room and noticed Kandie was standing on the patio and quietly walked over and stood in the doorway. He took in her beauty with his eyes and said to himself, “God she is more beautiful then I imagined. ”

His eyes widened with excitement as he watched her touch her breasts, he licked his lips and felt his cock stir. Dave coughed and said, “Hello Kandie! Oh my baby, you’re a sight for sore eyes.” He walked over to her slid his arms around her waist and kissed the back of her neck.

I placed my arms around him and snuggled up close to him and whispered, “Oh Dave I thought you’d never get here.”

I pressed my lips tightly against his and kissed him passionately. Our lips parted and he put his tongue into my mouth and our tongues danced the lover’s serenade. I ran my fingers lightly down his back and felt him quiver. I kissed and nibbled his ear then whispered, “Dave, I love you! I need you! I want to feel you cock deep in my pussy.”

Dave kissed my lips and pulls me closer and replied, “I have waited so long to see and touch you for real. Oh my darling, I love you too! I want to feel you pussy wrapped around my cock milking it hard. I cannot wait to taste your sweet juices as my tongue works its magic. I want to take you beyond ecstasy and make love to you all night long. My sweet Kandie you’re so beautiful!”

I winked at him pointed out the Jacuzzi and told him to get out of his clothes and meet me there. I walk over and turned it on then placed the huge towels on the bench next to the tub. I glimpsed over at him and could not keep my eyes off his physique as he removed his clothes.

When he removed his shorts I gasped at the site of his hard cock and thought, “Oh just right for fucking.” When our eyes met we were in a spell powered by our sexual desires.

I kicked off my slippers and was about to slip off my outfit when I paused and blew Dave a kiss and said, “I won’t need this on for now, but I think someone should help me take it off.”

Before I could speak another work he was standing next to me removing my gown in one swift movement. Then he pulled my naked body close to his and I felt the heat that radiated between us. Our lips touched and the spark went directly from his lips to the center of my womanhood.

I felt his member brush my thigh then looked down and said, “Looks like your cock is anticipating a night of hot sexual delights too!” Dave helped me into the water and asked, “Is my Kandie as sweet as she looks? Oh honey, when I I first saw your picture and gazed into those seductive green eyes I was love struck. My cock got so hard I almost came right then and there.”

He took my breast in his hand then leaned forward and ran his tongue around the nipple and sucked it into his mouth. When he held in his teeth and flicked it with his tongue I purred and nearly came right then and there.

I exclaimed, “I love a titty man! Oh baby, bite them, yes just like that, please don’t stop! ”

I arched my back as my hands searched for his cock. I enclosed my fingers around his cock and felt every vein come alive and pulsate under my touch. I leaned over and shouted, “Ooooh lover, I want to feel you shove your hard cock deep into my wanting pussy. Take me baby, I am yours–Oh God Dave–fucks me!”

He stopped sucking my nipple and exclaimed, “Oh honey, I thought you’d never ask! But darling I want to eat you pussy and taste your sweet nectar before I slide my tool deep inside you! “

I sat on the side and spread my legs wide and pulled my labia apart showing him my drenched pussy and pulsating clit. He flared his nostrils and took a deep breath inhaling my seductive aroma. He encircled my clit with his tongue and flicked at my pussy teasingly from my clit to my ass. I ground my pussy into his face and when he slid his tongue deep inside me I moaned and nearly passed out.

He continued to tantalize me and shoved two fingers hard inside me and began finger-fucking me hard. He looked up at me and his face was glistening with my juices and said, “Oh God you taste scrumptious! Cum for me! ”

I almost lost my balance when I pulled him closer to my hot box and exclaimed, “Ooooh fuck, eat me, oh yes just like that–oooooh fuck–your going to make me cum!” I reached for my tit and sucked my nipple into my mouth then bit it hard and felt the zap of electricity go right to my clit.

I yelled, “Dave, bite my clit! Oh-my-god, harder, yesssss, that’s it! Ooooh baby, I can’t hold back a longer–aaaaaaah ooooooooh fuck–I’m cumming!”

He held onto my hips to keep me from falling in the water his mouth glued to my cunt not wanting to miss one single drop of my sweet honey. When he finished he glanced up and saw me and said, “Fuck, I love to watch a woman suck on her own nipples. Baby, keeps it up–oooooooh fuck you’re so fucking hot–my cock is so damn hard, let’s fuck now! ”

I moved my legs apart and lowered myself onto his cock until it was buried all the way into my pussy. Dave buried his face between my breasts and continued to play with my nipples as my vaginal muscles milked his cock. With a quivering voice I said, “I want to feel your cock stretching my cunt to its limits. Oh yessss, mmm, ooooooooh fuck you’re hitting bottom! Ooooooh Dave, fuck me harder and fill me with your cum! “

He grabbed my hips and increased his rhythm thrusting in time with my sweet music. He pressed his lips against mine and we kissed again then he looked into my eyes and said, “Oh my sweet Kandie, I wish this moment would never end! Baby, ooooooooooh honey, I can’t hold back any longer–ooooooooh fuck–I am there! ”

His cum exploded with such power against my g-spot it set off another earth shattering climax and cried out, “I’m cumming! ”

I held on to him with all my might as the climatic wave engulfed us wanting to prolong the moment. I kissed him softly on the cheek and uttered, “Welcome to Cyberland darling. ” We spent the rest of the night exploring each other’s erotic pleasures until we fell asleep in each others arms totally satisfied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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