Everyday is Halloween

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Taking my little brother trick-or-treating wasn’t the ideal way I’d planned to get my birthday going, but my mom was sick and my dad was working late so I offered to pitch in. Derick was 11 and this would probably be his last year to get to do this, so I sure didn’t want him to miss out. Besides, there’d be plenty of time left after this to go out and have some fun.

We had made it through most of the neighborhood and it was only 7:30. We decided to go down one more street and see what turned up. This was a far more upscale part of town than where either Derick or I lived, so we figured we needed all the loot we could get. At the very end of the street was an older house that was decorated wonderfully, not that it needed much decoration in the first place. The huge wrought iron gate was open, welcoming the kids with huge plastic spiders. We walked up to the door and I admired the great job they did with the spiderwebs on the porch until a spider crawled out of one and I realized it wasn’t store-bought. Strange folks indeed, but I liked it. After all, I was born on Halloween.

Derick rang the doorbell and a beautiful young girl answered the door.

“TRICK OR TREAT,” my lil’ bro yelled as loud as he could, hoping to squeeze all the candy he could out of this last stop.

The girl smiled, first at him, then at me. Her hair seemed to turn a darker shade as the porch light shined on it. “For you… a treat,” she replied, holding out a bowl full of chocolates. Yeah, I’d be raiding his stash later. Derick just grinned as he reached in the bowl and grabbed a few handfuls. When he was through she turned to me.

“Sure, I’ll take some.”

“Not so fast,” she protested. “You have to say the proper phrase first.” Her green eyes glowed at me and I said “Trick or treat.”

“That’s better.” She held out a slip of paper, like a business card. “Ask for Jolene,” she said. “That’s me.” And then she disappeared back into the house before I had a chance to look up. I just shrugged at Derick and said, “Let’s get home, bro.”

The drive home was uneventful. I dropped him off, ran in to see how my mom was doing and then headed home to get ready to go out. I remembered to pull the card out of my pocket after tossing my jeans on the bed.

Party Halloween You Know Where Doors lock at Midnight

Alrighty, party plans solved. I surely wasn’t going to turn down an invitation from such a lovely girl. I looked through my closet at what was clean and decided on gothic cowboy attire for the evening: Black western shirt with silver piping, black stretch jeans, black cowboy boots with silver tips, black lockwood co izle Ronnie VanZant style cowboy hat and a touch of eyeliner and lipstick. Quick and easy to do. I was in my car headed back to the rich part of town by 10:30.

I pulled up to the house expecting to fight for a place to park but the curb was empty so I pulled up right outside the gate which was now closed. I walked up to the gate and started to push it open. With the slightest pressure it swung wide open and closed just as easily as I walked toward the house.

I rang the doorbell like Derick did earlier, only this time a tall blonde answered the door in place of Jolene. She was wearing a tight, short red dress and kitschy devil-horns. Cute, if overdone. She just looked at me, a slight grin.

“Uhh, is Jolene around?”

The blonde waved me in and told me to wait there. I could hear the party going in the back of the house as she walked up the stairs. Within a minute Jolene was bouncing down the stairs. “Hi!” she exclaimed, “I’m so glad you came.” She took me by the arm and started dragging me into the house, closer to the party. Being this close Jolene seemed even shorter than she did before, just barely coming above my chin. “So,” she smiled up at me, “what’s your name?”

I had been so taken with her that I forgot I hadn’t yet introduced myself. “My name’s Marc. Nice to meet you.” I smiled and bowed slightly. Jolene just giggled. Normally that would have annoyed me, but it wasn’t the brainless giggle of a mall girl. It was the sound of someone truly delighted. It was a sound that made my spirits soar.

Just as I looked back up from her we entered a large room that seemed to be at the very center of the house. A spotlight shone on the doorway and suddenly Jolene was illuminated. It was the first time I’d noticed what she was wearing. It was a long black gown, form fitting, that had some kind of silver sparkly threads running through it. Her green eyes glowed again. I felt eyes on me, but had no idea whose or how many. As we walked out of the beam of light my eyes adjusted and I saw a room of nearly a hundred people dancing, drinking, and just generally having a good time. Jolene dragged me out on the dance floor. Bella Morte’s “Where Shadows Lie” was playing and, though I wasn’t much of a dancer I gave it my best shot. As we danced someone came through with glasses of red wine. It didn’t take long of alternating between seeing and feeling Jolene’s voluptuous figure slither sexily across the floor before I was going out of my mind with lust. She would come close just long enough loki izle for me to get used to the feel of her body against mine and then she would pull away, making me watch her glide and shake and float and slink. She knew just how to use her body for maximum sexual effect, but it each time she looked me in the eyes that the lust exploded. The bright green of earlier turned to a darker, burning green. Finally as she danced back closer to me she threw her arms around my neck and kissed me. It was the most electric thing I’ve ever felt in my life. I felt some spiritual energy surge through her into me. I felt our tongues fight each other until they felt like they meshed. Surprisingly when we broke the kiss not much time had passed. The same song was playing. It felt like an hour had gone by. My energy levels had gone through the roof.

Before the song’s end Jolene had grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the room back toward the stairs. We made a mad dash up them and I actually outran her, reaching the top several steps ahead of her. Of course, I had no idea where to go from there, so I was left standing, feeling a little silly. She stopped as she topped the stairs and kissed me again, this time softer. “C’mon,” she urged, “just down here.” She tugged my hand and slipped into a room. I followed directly behind her and closed the door behind me. My hat had already disappeared somewhere and my hair covered her as I fell on the bed atop her. I kissed her with every ounce of passion I could muster. We rolled and tumbled across her bed, our makeup blending a bit. It was when we stopped kissing and Jolene reached to unsnap my shirt that I felt a shot of fear. I was not a one night stand kind of guy. In fact, I’d never had sex with anyone I wasn’t in a serious relationship with. I stopped her and she seemed confused.

“But, I thought you wanted me,” she pouted.

I told her I did, more than I ever wanted anyone, but explained that this wasn’t my style.

“But this is different, can’t you tell?” Her eyes glowed at me again. It felt like the room was awash in green light from them. “Can’t you feel that this is special, this is fate?”

I was frightened by that prospect, but I wasn’t sure why.

“But if this isn’t good enough for you…” her voice trailed off. My eyes were locked on hers as something happened. Jolene wasn’t there anymore. She shimmered into the tall blonde that answered the door, then into an athletic looking redhead. “Not good enough for you?” Jolene asked. “It’s okay, Marc, just relax and let me respond to you.” I didn’t know what she meant until she changed lol chi ride e fuori izle form again, taking the face and shape of my first girlfriend. The throb in my jeans proved that she was on to something. She began unfastening my jeans and smiled as she shimmered again into the form of the first girl I ever slept with. She pulled my cock out and briefly as her mouth lowered onto it she shimmered into the form of a boy I hadn’t seen in years. I shivered and looked away. When I looked back I was looking at her green eyes in the face of my own sister. I gasped for air as she slid up and down slowly and skillfully on my erection. She kept changing forms, each one someone I had fantasized about. “I can be anything you need, Marc. Just relax and let it be.” I looked directly into her eyes. They glowed and she smiled and shimmered back into her own form again. “I knew you’d come round,” she grinned as she slid back up my body, her dress falling on the floor beneath us. She kissed me again and I returned it fully, knowing and wanting what was coming. Before I could even notice we were both completely naked and she was straddling me. I gasped as my cock sank deep into the most amazing fire I’d ever known. Jolene screamed. From the moment of entry the feeling was more intense that any orgasm I’d ever felt, and I hadn’t even climaxed yet.

I felt the intensity increasing and the thrusts came more rapidly from both of us until I finally erupted inside her. As the orgasm subsided I heard the end of Jolene’s screams. We were floating above the bed, slowly falling back down. When we landed she opened her eyes. The green was glowing at me again, but not in any supernatural way. It was a glow of love, and I returned everything she gave. I was at home.

“You won’t go, will you Marc?”

“No, dear, not tonight. I’ll stay till morning.”

“No, Marc, you don’t understand. You have to decide now, do you want to stay here with me, with us or do you want to return to where you came from?”

She knew I didn’t understand so she started to explain as she stroked my hair.

“I can’t explain much. I’ve only been here 7 days. Well, that’s 7 days our time. Marc, the reason the door locks at midnight is because we only exist on Halloween. To us it’s the only day that exists. To the rest of the world we appear once a year. Each year it’s a different location. I stopped by the house 7 da… years ago in Calgary. I met a man here, he’s downstairs. I fell in love with him. I knew I had to stay. I could never go. Marc, you’re home now. Just say you’ll stay.”

We both knew my answer before I said it. I could see the room start to glow with a green light, but it wasn’t coming from Jolene this time. My own eyes had changed. I held her close to me. “No, love,” I thought, “I won’t go.”

I heard her thoughts as I drifted off to sleep, mixed with the thoughts of a hundred more, “We love you Marc, and you’ll love us.” Home…

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