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“Sh, sh, sh!” She whispers harshly through a bubble of laughter. Her nerves make her giddy, they make her fingers tremble against my back as she rushes me to finish picking the lock.

I give a small smile, which she can’t see and return my attention and frustration to the task before me. My fingers would much rather be working away the buttons of her loose-fitting pink blouse. Instead they clash against cold, rusty metal.

My impatience grows with each passing second. Suddenly I feel her body press against mine. “Hurry baby,” she purrs into my ear. Heat rises over me in a rolling wave, with my hips following, and then subsides as quickly as it had come on. If I had any hopes of reigniting that fire it came at the cost of busting this lock.

“God.” I breathe out.

“Hurry Jess, I need you to touch me.”

I bite my lower lip. Fuck.

By some divine miracle, or as if my will itself has manifested, the lock pops open. Hastily I slip it from its place and push open the gate. Relief floods through me, and Abby laughs as we hurry onto the field.

The air is crisp and cool now that our body heat isn’t dancing on top of each other. My head seems clearer and I wish for that dizzying feeling that her closeness always brings.

Even though this area of the park is smaller than the rest, the field seems giant when it’s deserted. My heart starts to pound against my chest. Here we are. I take a moment to calm myself, inhaling bursa yabancı escort deeply and letting my eyes relax at the sight of stars, my shoulder length hair tickling my back as I look up.

Abby’s hand laces with mine and my heart beat quickens again. So much for calm. I dare a glance over at her. She’s smiling. Her lips are gently curved upward, her face angelic, but there’s the slightest hint of expectance in her eyes and I feel myself drawn in. Her eyes are so dilated that you can see the difference between her pupil and her dark brown irises. An almost full moon is reflected in them. Her lips part and a small cloud of her breath hangs between us. For the briefest moment everything is still. Everything is serene.

Suddenly as if all of life has snapped back into existence, I am surrounded by warmth. Her warmth. Her tongue a sharp contrast to the ice of my lips. But my body responds. Slowly I heat up. Slowly I melt. Even though every movement feels like it’s paced out by the millisecond.

Her arms link around my neck and I pull her closer by the waist. Her stomach tightens against mine as she holds her breath, and releases as she fights an exhale. My tongue is deep in her mouth, sliding along hers. My hands inch up until they twist into her long dark hair and pull gently. She gasps and kisses me harder.

When she pulls away to look at me I take the opportunity to undo the buttons, deliberately bursa sınırsız escort looking into her eyes. I kiss her neck as I remove the shirt and let it fall to the ground. Her flesh tightens from the cold and she closes the slight gap between us, making my teeth sink into her neck. She moans softly and I begin my decent down her body.

“Oh, God, Jess. Please.”

I grunt my compliance as I lick along the low cut border of her jeans. My hands glide over her soft skin, smoothing out at the small of her back, pulling her close as I bury my face beneath her navel. Carefully her hips buck foreword, urging me further down. Carefully I undo the button and pull down the zipper. My breath hitches at the sight of the triangle of her silky black panties. I trail my tongue up from the fabric to her navel, to her cleavage, to her neck, to her lips. Her nails dig into my back as my hand slips between cloth and skin. When my finger hits the tight, wet, knot of flesh between her legs, it swells into a bud and I rub rhythmically over it. She rocks her hips on my hand and I kiss her firmly. Her body tenses as she struggles to stay standing and I work harder, forcing her to collapse against me.

She buries her face into my neck, clinging to me. “Jess,” she moans. The sound of her breathing and the way she moans my name, along with the way she smells, the way she feels, makes me tremble as well. I feel myself grow görükle escort wet, and all I can think of is laying her on the grass and sliding my fingers inside her until she comes.

All of Abby’s weight is pressed against me, and I can feel her orgasm mounting. Her moans become deeper and more frequent. “Oh… Jess…” The words slam against my lips. “Jess, please.” She begs and I move faster to satisfy her unspoken demand. “Oh, God… Yes.” Her hips begin to move in contrast to my fingers slipping along her. She’s so close and all I want is for her to fall over the edge. I can feel her knees buckle and she starts to shake, and just as I’m sure she’s about to convulse against me, her hand slips into my pants. Her fingers are cold against my clit, but it doesn’t take long for them to warm up to me.

“Abby,” I breathe into her ear. A quick jerk of her hips remind my fingers to keep working at her bud, and I slip over the engorged petals. Abby’s fingers work quick and sharp, constantly bathing the tight bundle of nerves in fireworks. As our orgasms mount our moaning gets louder, threatening to shatter the cover of night. Our bodies tangle and slowly we begin to sink to the grass. We part less frequently from our kisses, focusing on the closure.

Her orgasm blooms like a flower, but is so powerful it sends us tumbling to the grass. She doesn’t stop moving her fingers over me, and it doesn’t take long for an orgasm to overtake me like an earthquake and I shake into her arms.

“I love you Jess.” She kisses the side of my head, guiding my orgasm down with her hand. I pull her head down to kiss me on the mouth.

“I love you too Abby.”

We take our time entering back into our surroundings and move as close together as we can, gazing up at the stars.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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