Exploring a New Thirst

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There were a lot of things I never thought I would do, let alone that would turn me on, or even drive me crazy with desire.

I guess I had seen it in some porn and realized I liked to watch it, and of course, it wasn’t long before I wanted to try it myself. I didn’t think you would ever want to, and was scared to ask, so I was delighted when somehow the conversation came up naturally.

We were lying in bed, sleepy and pleased, after you’d just cum inside me, and you said to me, “you know, sometimes I think I’m going to piss inside you. Like my dick really gets confused”.

“Really?” I said, interested in this conversation. Cautiously, I ventured, “It wouldn’t be so bad, if you did.”

“You know, I’ve been thinking about that, actually…” Now I am intrigued. “Sometimes I be wanting to”. You turn to look at me, as though you’re nervous to see my reaction.

Fuck. I was already turned on. It’s hot to me that you want this too.

“I’ve actually thought about it, too,” Kartal escort I said, shyly. “I think I would like it”.

In truth, I know I would.

We talked about it some more, but I really didn’t know if anything would come of it. I guess I would wait and see what you wanted to do to me.

A few weeks later, we’re waking up next to each other in your bed. Your dick is hard and I am horny and wet and I want you. Sleepily, we make love for some time, your cock sliding in and out of my wet pussy. I climb on top of you and slowly grind on your cock, wetness all over my thighs. I slide down and back up on your cock when you hold my hips still and you say, “Get up.”

I climb off you and stand up, uncertain of what you want but eager to do as told.

“Go into the bathroom.”

I move quickly but clumsily to the bathroom, and you follow close behind.

“Get in the tub.”

I climb into the tub and sit on my knees, and look up at you questioningly, when Kurtköy Escort I realize what is happening. Something we hadn’t even talked about and yet… here you are, and you know I want it. I am dripping with desire.

“Open your mouth,” you order, and you stand above me with your cock out. I open my mouth and look up at you.

You aim your cock towards my mouth from a distance, and unlike what I’m used to, you don’t stroke your cock – you just hold it.

I wait eagerly, tongue out. We both wait, the sexual energy between your cock and my tongue unbearable. Then, suddenly, a stream of putrid, yellow morning piss begins to flow from your cock. The stream hits my face, so you adjust, and suddenly my mouth begins to fill with the sour taste of your morning release.

I swallow each pungent drop as quickly as you fill my mouth. Some piss leaks out and drips down my neck, down my chest.

After several swallows, your flow dwindles, but you can see how thirsty Pendik Escort I am, so you step closer. You graciously allow me to suck out the last of your piss, so I lick and slurp all over the head of your cock. I milk out another spurt of sour piss down my throat, and you gasp. I clean your cock completely before I allow it out of my mouth.

I release your cock and gasp for breath. I open my mouth and look up at you, as if to ask, how did I do? or, do you have any more?

You bounce your cock on my tongue, looking down at me, and say, “Fuck!”

You remove your cock and slap me across the face.


I am still stunned when you exit the room, leaving me there dripping in your piss and extremely aroused. All day long, I cannot get the bitter taste of you out of my mouth. I brush my teeth several times and still it lingers, reminding me of your dominance over me.

We had never even discussed you pissing in my mouth before, only inside my pussy. The fact that you wanted your first release of the day to be in my mouth, and you knew I would like it and would let you do it, turned me on to no end. You knew I was a slut who wanted to drink your piss; you just knew it. And I loved you for wanting to use me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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