Extra Credit for Amber!

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It was Tuesday, Amber was headed to her psychology class. She was a freshman at the Junior College & she hated this class & it’s teacher. She was tired of all the hard work to get average grades.

Mr Ardor wasn’t a very friendly teacher, so she didn’t want to ask what else could be done for her grade.

When Amber got to the class, Mr Ardor wasn’t in yet, but neither was the rest of her class. She sat down to wait, she had decided she would wait at least 10 minutes before leaving.

While she surfed the web on her phone, she got so entranced that she didn’t notice her teacher come in & stand by her desk. When she finally felt his presence, she jumped. He apologized before telling her that class had been cancelled. He had e-mailed the class, but she must not have gotten it. He was taking the day off & had just stopped in to get next weeks lessons.

Before she could reply, he started walking away. She had to ask him about her grade. Excuse me, Mr Ardor? Yes, Amber? I wanted to talk to you about my grade. Well, I don’t talk about grades in the classroom. You can however stop by my office this evening, say about 9? Yes, sir. She replied.

That evening, Amber called her friend Meg. Meg was a wild party girl & she wanted Amber to join her. I will, bingöl escort I just have a teacher meeting to see about my psych grade first. Can I meet you around 10? Sure thing meg said, just dress hot I’ve got a few guys to introduce you to.

Amber wore a short black mini skirt & a sparkly off one shoulder top. She topped off her outfit with heels & headed to the meeting. When she got to Mr Ardor’s office, he was seated away from her, looking at his computer.

When she got closer, she could see he was looking at porn, specifically men eating out women. Women spread out & men going down on them. She coughed & then stepped toward him. He quickly shut out the windows he was using before turning to face her, slightly red faced.

He invited her to sit & got out his grade book for her class. As he showed her the grades she had received & explained why she got them, she couldn’t help but notice that his dick was hard, it was pressing against his pants. She couldn’t keep her eyes off it.

Finally, she sputtered, is there anything I could do for extra credit? She looked down red faced, but he noticed her eyes were on his cock. She didn’t know what to do now.

He smiled, well, there is one thing…but, nevermind, I couldn’t ask it of bitlis escort a student.

Mr Ardor, just ask, I’ll do anything to pass this class. My parents will kill me if I don’t pass.

Well, first off Amber, call me Andrew. And I know you noticed what I was looking at when you walked in. I don’t mean to be too forward, but I enjoyed eating pussy. When I was married, I’d go down on my wife 5 or 6 times a day. She said it was too much & she left me.

I’ve been looking for someone to help me with my problem for a while now. You’re a gorgeous girl, I’ve been watching you from afar for a long time. I’m not asking for sex, I just want to go down on you. Each time you let me, I’ll give you extra points.

Amber was stunned, she didn’t have to have sex with the man, all she had to do was spread her legs & let him get her off? Was this a dream? Nothing that fabulous could be a dream could it?

She didn’t hesitate another moment, when can I start? He grinned, are you sure? Can we start right now? The photos I was looking at have given me quite the erection. With that, he opened his pants to reveal a 9 inch cock, jutting out.

She shrugged, whenever you want. He had her sit on his desk, she hiked her skirt & spread her legs. Propping bolu escort her feet on the desk, he had a clear road to her pussy.

He leaned over her, first touching her clit, rubbing her swollen clitoris, entering 1 finger then 2 inside her vagina. He slid them in & out a few times before he went back to touching her clit, then before she knew it, he had his mouth over her clit, suckling, feeling every inch of her.

His fingers slid in & out, as his tongue flittered across her clit, he licked her top to bottom, then bottom to top, lingering over her clit, before jutting in & out of her folds.

He wrapped on hand around his schlong & pumped himself as he ate her. With a low moan, she came.

Then he started over, licking & suckling, each time she came, it seemed to make him want her pussy more. Finally after her 5th time cumming, she stopped him. Mr Ardor, let me help you.

She slid down into his lap, taking his cock deep inside her. She moved her hips back & forth, side to side. Feeling him inside her, she came again.

As she bounced in his lap, he started to tense up, she gave one last thrust, before clawing her fingers into his back.

With that, he pulled her down onto him and filled her with his cum. As she climbed off his lap, she pulled her skirt down & asked, how many points is that worth?

His grinned widened before he said, Continue with that effort & I’ll guarantee you’ll pass my class. With that, he smacked her ass & said be here Thursday at 9 for part 2.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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