Fact-Checking Derrick

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Aletta Ocean

“Knock knock, I’m here!” a guest alerted the pristine, white two-story home on the corner of the street to her arrival.

Having just strolled over to visit on a perfectly mild, early summer day, Ashley rapped at the door to her old neighbor’s house as she did fairly often during her childhood, only now she was far from a child. At the start of her summer break, she was back here in the middle of her first trip home to the state of Maryland since starting college at Boston College. Always having been popular with the boys in high school, her body had blossomed further to reflect her new status as a bright, young university student. Her golden-brown hair was longer than it used to be and her curves stuck out more from her casually chosen light blue t-shirt and jeans. Additionally, she had on a pair of sandals, a rose gold Swiss watch and a custom leather handbag as more distinct fashion statements. The slightly tan skin that was exposed on her legs and midriff reflected her mix of European and Asian ancestry. Despite all the recent changes in her life, her laid back attitude remained as much as ever. On the other hand, she was interested to see how her old friend, Derrick, had changed in the years since her last real visit.

It was a pair of headphones and a fresh watch battery that had sent her to the nearby mall so soon after returning. She certainly hadn’t expected him to be the one selling them to her when she strolled into that Best Buy, but he had opted to commute to a more local college from home rather than travel to study. After a bit of catching up with one another, he had invited her to make her first personal visit to his home in years during his next day off. Word around the neighborhood was that his family had a Jacuzzi in their backyard so it only made sense to show up with a bathing suit in her bag.

The two of them had actually spent a lot of time together in their elementary school days as neighbors on the same street with a more casual friendship during high school. Derrick was always a nice guy, but something always felt off with him. He kept to himself a lot even in social settings but was great in a conversation when he finally did open up. Much of it only made sense to her when she’d heard that he had hooked up with Aaron, another long-time acquaintance, in high school. Aaron was also a very likable kid but had come out as an open and proud homosexual a few years earlier while Derrick never said anything on the subject. Ashley had only hoped that he had grown more secure in his sexuality since then. If anything, it would be a relief to escape the usual sexual tension of these sorts of get-togethers.

“I’m coming!” Ashley heard him call from behind the door.

The door opened to greet the girl with a well shaven white male with ash brown hair just short of being shoulder length. His height was at the low end of six feet where she was around the middle of five. As always, Derrick was the most bizarre blend of masculinity and femininity that she had ever come across. He was wearing a t-shirt for his beloved Baltimore Ravens with a pair of tan cargo pants and black sneakers yet he also smelled of an apple-scented shampoo. Peering into his house, she could spot both an Xbox and a Nintendo system out in the corner of the living room behind him.

“Ravens, huh? They aren’t too fond of them where I’ve been up in Massachusetts,” she acknowledged his choice of their local NFL team.

“So, have you come to complain about my service?” he jokingly questioned her.

“No, the battery you suggested turned out to be exactly the right one.”

“That’s good to hear,” he smiled, “But I’m glad we can now have a real conversation with each other,”

“It’s good to see you again too after so long,” Ashley was in a good enough mood to give him a quick hug.

Upon actually stepping into the house, the most adorable little toy poodle that she had ever seen came running up to them, ready to run circles around the ankles of its strange visitor.

“Oh my, aren’t you the absolute cutest!” Ashley knelt down to play with the puppy.

“We just got her last month,” Derrick picked up his dog to rock in his arms, “That’s it. Who’s a good girl?”

“It would seem the year since we graduated high school has been good to you,” she noted

“More or less, it has,” he agreed,” I’ve always liked it around here. Never felt the need to go away to a big-time university like you did, not that there’s anything wrong with wanting that.”

“It has its ups and downs. I like seeing new places, but it’s tough having to meet an entirely new group of people and rebuild your social circle from scratch.”

“I can sort of relate to that. I’ve had to watch you and a lot of other people I used to get along with leave town. Of course, Aaron and I still like to chill from time to time.”

“Is that so?” she eyed him suspiciously, “How’s he doing?”

“Very well. He can’t get enough of watching Marvel movies in 4K on the new television I recently bought from work. It’s an OLED. Expensive Etlik Escort as hell and totally top of the line with great color and motion clarity.”

“That’s neat to hear. I remember your family always had nice stuff,” she remarked.

“Yup, Dad’s accounting work pays remarkably well.”

“In particular, I recall hearing that you got a hot tub during junior year,” Ashley verified with him.

“Yup, we got one and still have it,” he confirmed.

“Really, can I go in?”

“Right now?”

“Yeah, I brought my swimsuit with me just in case.”

“O-Okay, if that’s what you want to do…” Derrick shrugged, “I figured we’d catch up with a movie or something first, but I suppose that the weather is perfect for it. Go change and I’ll be right with you.

Ashley made her way to the nearby bathroom to change into the two-piece bathing suit that she had brought in her handbag. With bright floral patterns and plenty of skin showing, it was just the sort she’d be needing in her hunt for a new boyfriend after breakups with the guys she had met at university. It was probably a tad too skimpy for a reunion with a kid she’d known since they were toddlers, but she figured that it didn’t matter since he wouldn’t be interested anyway. When she exited the room, she found him waiting in a black pair of swim trunks with a green dragon on them. His upper body wasn’t anything remarkable, but the respectable amount of work he did between his home and current job at Best Buy left him lean with even a tad bit of muscle definition and his overall skin tone showed that he got a bit more sun than someone of the typical geek reputation.

“Nice bathing suit,” she smiled at him.

“Yeah, you too,” he blushed slightly.

Derrick quietly led her out into the backyard where a roomy Jacuzzi waited for both of them. High fences surrounded the yard to minimize any potentially prying eyes from neighbors and pedestrians. The early summer air felt good on their skin as did the lush grass between their toes as they walked over to the tub. Derrick allowed Ashley to get in first while he got the water inside warm and bubbling. She noticed that he was very adept at picking a temperature that wasn’t a degree too hot or cold. Once a healthy foam had developed on the surface, she slid into it and was amazed at how her body seemed to vanish into the liquid. With everything properly set, the boy was fairly quick to come in and join her.

“My, this is fantastic,” Ashley adjusted to the heat, “Must be nice to own one of these.”

“It helps after a hard day at work. Best Buy isn’t just phones and laptops. Electronics can get pretty heavy,” Derrick revealed, “Of course, while you’re home for the summer, I’m more than fine with you coming over to use it from time to time with me if you’d be okay with it?”

“Why wouldn’t I be?”

“Didn’t think you’d feel right doing this with another guy while in a relationship yourself,” he lamented.

“Actually, I’m single at the present moment. Dating at the university hasn’t gone as well as I’d have liked.

“I’m sorry to hear that.”

“Don’t be. I’m the one that chose to cut her losses with all of those relationships. As I told you before, it’s tough building a new circle of people you can trust with nothing but total strangers.”

“I never thought of it that way. Personally, I’m more sentimental about leaving the town as a whole. Red Robin may be a chain restaurant, but the one at the mall is my Red Robin. Do you get what I mean?”

“Totally. You’re probably doing the right thing studying from home. Must be a lot easier for you and Aaron, right?” she commented, bringing a fell silence over the area.

“Um, what are you referring to with that statement?” he winced.

“Well, the fact that you two are homosexual if I’m being honest,” Ashley elaborated.

“And where in the world did you get that idea?” Derrick grew more perturbed.

“I know you’ve never told me directly, but I heard it through the social grapevine late in our senior year. Sorry if you don’t want it out there yet, but it’s nice being able to casually hang out with you like this. Even if I were in a present relationship, I fail to see what’s wrong with a girl having a gay friend and a boyfriend.”

“Hold up, hold up, hold up! Forget Aaron, what the hell is this about me being gay in the first place?” he grew a tad flustered.

“Well, people said that you and Aaron were uh… you know.”

“What? I know he’s that way, but we’re just good friends from long before that.”

“But someone had gone around the school saying that they saw you two together.”

“Maybe we were together but that doesn’t mean that I…” he appeared to be running out of answers.

“You know I’m not any kind of homophobe or anything, right? I won’t think any less of you for who you love,” Ashley tried to reason with him.”

“Of course, but it’s not… Well actually it sort of is but…”

“Come on. Tell me what happened,” Keçiören Escort Ashley watched his face turn beet red.

“Well, it was just that… he really wanted to suck my dick.”

“Sorry, but that does sound gay to me.”

“Yeah, but he’s the gay one, not me. I just… let him do it.”

“Still sounds gay.”

“It was just a moment of weakness. He saw me changing after a hot tub session just like this and said that my dick was the biggest one he’d ever seen. Since then, he’d take the occasional chance to insinuate that I should let him suck me off, always swearing to me that it’d feel great if I let him give me a blowjob. He was never mean about it but he managed to wear me down and catch me at the right moment.”

“And what moment was that?” she kept up the pressure, “Also waiting for you to get to the part where it isn’t gay.”

“That doesn’t matter,” Derrick dodged the question, “What matters is that I kept my eyes closed.”

“Did you enjoy it? I mean… did he get you to finish?”

“…Yeah,” he confessed after a pause.

“Definitely seems more than just a bit gay.”

“Argh… I was supposed to be a one time deal and nobody was supposed to know, but I guess his secret spot isn’t so secret…” Derrick finished his explanation.

“Are you sure you wouldn’t just rather admit that you’re gay? I’d be totally okay with it.”

“But I definitely like girls.”

“I don’t remember you ever having a girlfriend.”

“Because I never found the right one. I still went on some dates, had a few kisses, but none were quite right for a long term relationship.”

“I’m fairly certain that I didn’t see you at the prom.”

“I was there. You just weren’t looking hard enough.”

“If you say so…” Ashley settled into the water.

Looking over, she could still see Derrick flushed all over, visibly more bothered by her teasing than she intended.

“Relax, relax,” she tried to correct the mood, “I’ll believe you if you insist on it. At worst, it only makes you bisexual, and that’s nothing to be ashamed of either.”

“I swear I’m not lying. It was all his idea,” he finally mustered some conviction to his words.

“So you really stand by the whole thing?” she suddenly got a sly look on her face.

“Yes…” his nerves began to leave him again.

“Then, you’re telling me your dick is so large that Aaron was begging you to suck on it.”

“That’s what I’m telling you,” he didn’t deny it.

“Seems like a roundabout way of bragging, don’t you think?”

“Those were his words, not mine.”

“Well, he’d be one of the first people I’d trust to know what qualifies as a big cock,” the story stirred up some memories of his rumored escapades for her.

“He got me curious enough to seriously measure, and it seems as though he was right.”

“Really? How much?”

“Over eight and a half, probably just short of nine inches last I checked.”

“Get the fuck out of here. That can’t be legit.”

“Hey, I just did it the way I was told you’re supposed to and that’s what I got.”

“You can’t just make claims like that without proof,” she grumbled, “Fine, so be it…”


“You have my permission to take off those trunks and hot tub nude with me, as long as you’re as big as you say.”


“Go on. Take ’em off,” she challenged him, “I hear it feels better that way. It’s fine as long as you’re really telling me the honest truth.”

“As you wish,” Derrick took up her dare with some reluctance, unsure if he was making the best or worst choice of his young life.

Even as he stood up to comply with her, Ashley took a much closer look at his trunks than she ever had before. Indeed there was something odd about how they were shaped in the front. He certainly had a bulge, but it ran so far down his thigh that she must have mentally dismissed the possibility that it was all him there when she saw it before, but now that they had come this far, it really occurred to her that the lump might really be more than just an odd fold in the fabric. She knew she’d have her answer before long, but each second felt longer than the last as he fiddled with his drawstrings.

“Just a little more,” he muttered as he loosened his bathing suit to the point where he could pull it down.

Derrick’s trunks dropped down his ankles and Ashley’s jaw dropped right along with them. The grand reveal fully lived up to the vast expectations as it had set for it as an admirable tool of six whole inches, perhaps a tad beyond, swung before her hazel eyes, still flaccid but with as much volume as any of her past boyfriends had while erect. Derrick was far from ugly but lacked anything to make him stand out from the crowd. From the waist down though, she saw what she would’ve otherwise assumed to be the makings of a porn star. Technically, he hadn’t even shown her what had been advertised but she had nary a reason to complain.

“Oh my God! What an Kızılay Escort absolutely lovely thing!” she exclaimed.

“Uh-huh, that’s roughly what Aaron had to say about it too,” Derrick remained standing while she stared.

“Well, it is awfully impressive, but still not quite the almost nine-inch behemoth I was told about,” she noted with a finger beneath her chin, “It gets bigger though, doesn’t it?”

“Yeah, it certainly does,” he retook his seat, disappointing her as his manhood was concealed now by the bubbling pool, “It can actually be a bit of a hassle.”

Derrick seemed blissfully unaware of the true tension of the situation as he let out a relieved sigh. Ashley never imagined being in this position when she got in the water, for her to not be the most desirable piece of flesh in the tub. Hearing that Derrick was probably gay prevented her from ever entertaining these sorts of thoughts about him before. He had always been so unassuming and friendly with her that she would’ve just as easily believed him to be asexual, but now that would’ve seemed like nothing but a waste to her. At the very least she had to probe to see if he had any interest in her.

“You were right. That does feel a lot better,” Derrick slouched down further, “I feel much looser down there.”

“I can only imagine how tight it must have been,” she exhaled before slightly changing the subject, “So why is it you haven’t been able to find a girlfriend.”

“Well, I tend to be too focused on my work and school, and you’d always have a boyfriend whenever we’d talk.”

“Before today, that is.”

“I guess so.”

“Since that happens to be the case, there’s no reason why I can’t fully enjoy myself as well,” she decided, “How about I even things up between us?”

Before he could ask what she meant, Ashley has already stood up to discard her swimsuit. She started by untying the top to free her breasts to sway hypnotically for his brown eyes while she removed the bottom piece next. Ashley wasn’t the most stacked girl in their school, that title almost definitely belonged to Sherry, but her breasts were much larger than her more modest fashion sense let on and looked much nicer on Ashley’s comparatively more slender figure. They swayed with the motion of her arms as she slipped the bikini off of her legs and bared herself before him just as he had for her. She intentionally drew out the moment to see how his eyes would go over her body before dropping back to her place in the Jacuzzi, pleasantly surprised at how better being in the nude felt for her as well.

“Wow, that really is nice,” her newly freed breasts floated with the current, “This whole thing is nice, reuniting with you like this.”

“Damn, Ashley, I… You’re getting me…” Derrick began fumbling over his words “I think I need to get out of here…”

He moved his body as if planning to get up but then leaned back as if he suddenly decided against it.

“What is it, Derrick?” Ashley cocked an eyebrow.

“…So you want to see it?” he took a deep breath.

“If you want to show it to me,” she answered.

With a sigh, Derrick rose to his feet once more, and there his manhood was, in all of its fully erect glory. It hadn’t just grown to the promised length, accompanied an equally impressive increase in girth, but it gained a fattened vein running along the top of the shaft. The head was flared up, shining beneath the sun, and bulging out in a particularly attractive shape. Ashley also took this opportunity to note how a heavy pair of testicles completed the perfectly sexy package. A twinge of guilt ran through her for never noticing Derrick in this way before seeing his dick, but it also made the situation feel even hotter to her with him still acting as the earnest childhood friend, especially with his still bashful face.

“Mmm, how I wish I had a ruler right now,” she fawned, “I guess I shouldn’t have any doubt that you’re attracted to girls anymore.”

“Me sitting behind you one day in Physics class is how Aaron got me,” Derrick solved the mystery from more, “You were in pants that worked a miracle on my ass. I could hardly contain myself in the jeans I was wearing and having to change for physical education next period was straight up out of the question. He was there and insisted he had what it took to finish me off before I even needed to be in the locker room. That much was true, but even as he did what he did, I got through it by thinking of you.”

“Oh, so you really do like me that way. Never would I have guessed that I had caused so much trouble for you.”

“You were always dating other guys and I was never upset or jealous about it, but you always were the hottest girl at school in my eyes.”

“Well, I’m not dating anyone right now, am I?” she moved over to be directly next to him, motioning for him to sit up on the side of the tub.

“Yeah, but I never seriously thought I had a chance with you,” the sight of her bare nipples and cleavage only kept him growing harder.

“Why would you think that?” Ashley surprised him by sliding over to be right in front of and between his legs, even opening them up a bit to move in closer.

“I’ve always kind of just blended into the crowd,” he reflected, “Just an average, nothing sort of guy.”

“You call this nothing?” Ashley looked straight up at her from beneath his cock.

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