Fake It to Make It Ch. 06

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Dave was constantly surprised by Sonia. In their six months together, she always kept him on his toes, and the lessons he learned from the blogs and other reading were often put to the test. Only occasionally did he have to step in and control; mostly he was satisfied letting her run with a scheme and was pleased with the outcome.

This news was in a whole different category.

“And I start Monday! I am so excited!” Sonia gushed over the news of the summer job offer she had just received.

Sitting in Sonia’s apartment, they were enjoying a celebratory glass of wine that Sonia poured.

“I’m really proud of you little one, but are you sure you want to work there?” Dave frowned as he spoke. “At Vanessa’s company? I’ve made some good connections before but never anything like this. And, it isn’t in your field.”

Just a week after Sonia and Vanessa’s lunch date and with exams then completed, Vanessa surprised Sonia with the news that the pharmaceutical company she worked for had a summer position open up, helping to cover for vacationing employees. Vanessa had already put in a good word for Sonia and the interview she had that day had been a mere formality. It was entry level, of course, but the successful applicant would be exposed to many aspects of the business. Most of the job description was “other duties as required”.

“It’s not like I really have a field yet, anyway. I am a long way from a degree. But, the exposure will be great. I don’t want to be one of those hapless nerds who have never done anything but physics or engineering or whatever,” Sonia justified without having to stretch too much.

“But…” Dave interjected, pausing and not sure what to say.

“Vanessa? You two sure have become fast friends.” This was the part that really concerned Dave. He was really fighting at this point to maintain his composure. Vanessa unexpectedly coming into the mix of their relationship was unnerving. His mind flashed through the memories of their meeting, the date they had had that very evening, and Vanessa’s demands and encouragement that he take control that night as they fucked themselves silly. It was a turning point for him, realizing that women – at least the women he liked – would want a man to just simply take charge and not shy away from having his desires met. Sonia had balanced the equation, good little budding scientist that she was, showing how the comfort that he also offered created an intoxicating mix that would release a woman to be ferociously devoted and free.

Vanessa was responsible for Dave and Sonia getting together. Dave’s fling with Vanessa was short-lived with one date followed by Vanessa letting him down, pretty damned easy, and nudging him toward Sonia. He wasn’t aware that Vanessa had soon after developed some regrets about concluding their tryst. In fact, he had not seen or heard from her since that day. It was Sonia who was now enmeshed in some kind of weird, twilight zone friendship with his former lover. Any jealousy that he would have expected was nowhere to be seen.

“She is really amazing. I can’t describe how we just, I don’t know, relate. I know you too had a little something, but I am not jealous about it anymore.”

Sonia thought better of telling Dave just yet of the stirring Vanessa and she had shared; there’s a time for everything.

“Just remember. That doesn’t give you license to be sniffing around, man-whore!” Sonia laughed as she tightly grabbed his crotch, snuggling into Dave as she finished.

Classes were now done for the summer and Dave spent the night with Sonia. In the morning, she got up to make coffee, then seeing him off as he went to the college to finish off the remaining administrative responsibilities he had left.

Sonia spent some time in the morning researching the pharmaceutical business. She connected with Vanessa on LinkedIn, made some recommended requests and joined some discussion groups there. She even found some blogs.

“People will write about anything these days!”

In the afternoon, she set to work planning Dave’s birthday; it was now only a little more than a week away. She didn’t really have a lot to do, but considering what she had in mind, she wanted it to be perfect. She planned a menu for the dinner in they would have, wrote out a shopping list, and schemed around just how to execute the plan she had in mind. That was going to be the important part of the celebration.

“Good lord, it’s fun making these plans while I’m horny!” she thought to herself.


Monday morning came and it was Dave’s turn to treat Sonia to coffee as she woke.

“Rise and shine, little one! You’ve got a big day ahead,” he greeted as she was rousing in her bed. He still didn’t know what to make of this situation, but he wasn’t going to get in her way. She was proving to him that she was becoming adept at managing her life. She managed an interesting balance of submission and confidence. With Dave, she left him in control, but outside of that she was developing torbalı escort very strongly. He really didn’t think that he could have loved a woman as much as he loved Sonia. She made sure that he knew how much she loved him, too.

After a small breakfast and Sonia’s shower, Dave sat on the bed watching Sonia dress. She was naked as she rummaged through her closet and dresser drawers. When she observed him casually stroking his cock, she played it up a bit: bending over to pick up the panties she dropped, exaggerating as she pulled pantyhose up her legs, and adjusting her tits in her bra.

She kissed him as she was heading out the door, and whispered in his ear, “Whatever you do, don’t touch yourself!

“Actually, go on my computer. There’s a surprise for you there, lover.” Then she left her apartment, sashaying almost comically as she walked down the hall.

Sonia’s face filled the screen as he unlocked the laptop. The pause had left her with a goofy expression and Dave hit play. Doing her best Marilyn Monroe, Sonia sang

“Happy birthday, to you.

“Happy birthday, to you.

“Happy birthday, Mr. Pro-fessor.

“Happy birthday, to you.”

“Dave, sweetheart. master. You’ve made me a very happy girl. It’s not your birthday yet, but I want you to know that I have something very special in mind for you.”

The view zoomed back to Sonia lying on the bed, in one of his favorite outfits. She encouraged him to stroke himself as she toyed her pussy and massaged her breasts. Dave complied, and soon came all over his belly.

“Fuck, that girl drives me nuts.

“But wait. Who was operating the camera?”


“Dave is so lucky to have you, Miss Chase,” Vanessa had gushed as Sonia got dressed.

“Listen, Vanessa. I am lucky to have him. I don’t buy all this feminist shit about girls just being fabulous, blablabla, and he should worship at my altar. If I want that, I have to earn it. And frankly, I don’t want it. He gives me what I want by being stronger. I don’t know exactly why you passed on him, but I am so glad you did.”

“Can I tell you another secret?” Vanessa had become concerned about where she was going, but she was drawn into Sonia’s strength and felt a building need to reveal herself. “I had a hand in getting you two together, I think. When I saw you in his office that day, I knew you wanted him. Where do you want this camera?”

“I think right at the foot of the bed. I want to be able to zoom into just my face, but make sure it can capture the whole bed.

“Really, now,” Sonia encouraged Vanessa to continue as she pulled on her corset.

“Yes. Maybe I wasn’t quite thinking straight and since I was going to shut our little thing down anyway, I kind of used you to soften the blow. And you know what? EVERYTHING I said to him has come true. Maybe I should be buying lottery tickets!”

Sonia finished the last details and plopped herself on the bed, propped up on pillows. “How does that look?” she asked.

“Ummmm, delicious,” Vanessa leered.

“I mean in the camera, skank!”

Even on the screen of the camera, Vanessa was aroused by the form Sonia presented on the bed. The pose itself was lady-like which only heightened the sensuality of the lingerie she was wearing. And yes, those ankle cuff heels were perfect.

“Doesn’t matter, hon. You still look delicious. Are you ready?”

“Yep. Okay, start that thing. And don’t move it, only zoom. I have a story for that if he notices.” Sonia composed herself and delivered her script.

“Alright. Cut!” she declared when she was done. “How was that?”

“It made me consider a career in academia. Is that all you needed help with?” Vanessa was angling for more, anything Mistress Chase would offer.

Mistress Chase?

“Well, yes. Can I get you a glass of wine?” Sonia’s next phase of the plan was starting to bear fruit. “Stay there. I’ll be right back.”

Vanessa remained standing as Sonia went to her kitchen and poured a glass of Errazuriz Chardonnay for each of them.

Vanessa felt a hint of swooning as Sonia gracefully reappeared, still in her lingerie. She reached for the glass that Sonia offered, and raised her glass in response to the toast that Sonia offered.

“To fast friends.”

“I really hope that isn’t all it is,” Vanessa counter-toasted.

Back at the mall, Vanessa had made a conscious effort to just roll with Sonia’s control. Here in her bedroom, Vanessa was all but submitted to Sonia. It was a bittersweet revelation to her. She knew that Sonia was attracted to her, and damn, she had invited her to help with this sexy photo shoot for her boyfriend – no, make that “master” – who she also craved.

Yes, “Mistress Chase” suits me just fine.

Sonia turned up her hand and raised it to beckon Vanessa. Vanessa put her hand in Sonia’s and followed her to the bed, where they sat side by side on the edge.

“Vanessa, do you remember me saying I liked you more than I expected?”


“And urla escort do you remember me also saying I need to keep you on a short leash?”

“Yes.” Vanessa almost let “Mistress” escape. It wasn’t time for that yet.

Sonia’s free hand was on Vanessa’s back as they sat. With only the slightest pressure of her fingertips, her hand moved up under Vanessa’s hair to the back of her head.

“Look at me,” Sonia gently commanded as she turned Vanessa’s head.

Vanessa’s eyes became soft, betraying the expectation of what was coming. She had no idea, but she could only hope.

Sonia leaned her forehead to Vanessa’s and kissed her lips, brushing them with her tongue. Leaving her hand on her head, she then sipped some more wine.

“I am going to take a big risk here and I hope I don’t find that I’ve misplaced my trust in you.”

Sonia paused for effect, letting her words sink in. Vanessa bathed in them as she listened.

“I have maybe gone a little farther with you than I should, on my own. I have an offer, but there is a catch. Or two. Shall I continue?”

Vanessa’s voice was caught in her throat as she begged, “Yes, please.”

“Nothing is going to happen between you and me…”

Sonia paused again.

“Without Mr. Hunter.”

Sometimes, Sonia impressed herself. Her formal invocation of her lover not only placed him in control over Sonia, but clearly indicated the same expectations for Vanessa. Sonia knew that she was exceeding her granted authority in what she was proposing; she was pretty sure that Mr. Hunter would be pleased, but there would be repercussions. And those repercussions would be glorious.

“And nothing will happen between you and Mr. Hunter, without me.”

Having received both messages, Vanessa was delirious at the thought of coming under the wing of these two beautiful creatures. If the proposition worked the way it was sounding, she would be able to enjoy the best of both worlds. She would wholeheartedly embrace both the proposition and conditions. She didn’t even know what they all were.

Sonia began stroking Vanessa’s hair and continued, “I am requesting that you be part of Mr. Hunter’s birthday celebration. It will be just you, me and him. Would you like that?”

Vanessa recognized Sonia’s request as sacrifice, risk, and a desire to ravish and be ravished by and with Vanessa. Sonia was showing herself as an intoxicating mix of strength and femininity; she was not cruel and that foundation had to be built by someone. Vanessa was now free to speak her volumes of emotions in two simple words.

“Yes, mistress.”

Oh. My. God. That’s what hearing that feels like.

Sonia’s pussy gushed at this new revelation from Vanessa. While she had obviously taken the lead, she hadn’t expected that kind of submission. It left her reeling and seeking to obtain and deliver validation. Still sitting upright, she embraced Vanessa, kissing her. Vanessa was completely open to Sonia’s advance and received Sonia’s tongue into her mouth. In that very moment, it was the only right thing to do for both of them. They lingered, slowly pulling apart as their tongues strained to remain united against the wills of their hosts.

“We are going to pay for that,” Sonia rebuked herself and Vanessa.

“Do I get to tell him, or do you?” came Vanessa’s playful response.

Sonia laid out the simple plan for Vanessa. Vanessa simply nodded and agreed, happy to let this woman take the burden for her pleasure.


Dave’s birthday was a Monday, so it was a very easy sell for Sonia to propose that they celebrate on the Saturday before. With Sonia now working, this would relieve her concerns about having to get up early and Dave was more than happy to oblige. They would enjoy an early dinner together at Dave’s house and at about 7:00, Dave’s friends Jim, and Jerry and his wife would be coming for drinks along with Carol and another school friend of Sonia’s, Michelle.

At 1:00, Sonia shooed Dave and Jim out of the house to go to the shooting range so she would have time to prepare everything. For his part, Jim only knew that Dave thought he was invited later. Sonia only told him that she had a special surprise for Dave that was kind of private. Jim played along, talking up to Dave just how shit-faced they were going to get that night.

Enjoying a beer at the pub after the range, the topic of discussion was determined to turn toward Sonia.

“Man, that’s one hell of a woman you got there, Davey. Where was I when a geezer like you found her?” Jim was jealous of this conquest, but despite Dave’s testimony, Jim wouldn’t put in the work to get there.

“Come on man, I am only turning thirty-eight! But hey, right place at the right time.” Dave wasn’t going to rub salt in Jim’s wounds.

Dave changed the subject to guy small talk. After two beers, they decided it was time to go. Jim ostensibly had to get ready for the party, as did Dave.

“Alright buca escort man, looking forward to pounding a few back with you tonight! You still have the Don Julio, right?” Jim was putting it on for Sonia’s benefit. He didn’t know what she had in mind, but he sure wanted his friend to be the lucky recipient. What are friends for?

“Yeah. Take care. We’ll see how you behave before the tequila comes out.”


Sonia had enlisted Vanessa to help get ready. It was Vanessa’s job to do some cleaning and to freshen up the bed, while Sonia finished dinner preparations and set the table for three, knowing that she would keep Dave from the dining room until it was time.

Sonia asked Dave to not be home before 5:00 because she wanted everything perfect. At 4:00, the two girls went about getting themselves prepared. Sonia showered first while Vanessa arranged both of their planned outfits. Sonia had decided on a “Mad Men” theme for the dresses, mostly because she had something that fit the bill and assumed Vanessa would too. It would be a sexy 50s housewife look, complete with pearls, push-up bras, heels and seamed stockings. Before getting dressed, Sonia laid out a suit, shirt and tie for Dave. She was melting at the thought of her own loving Christian Grey, having his way with the two of them.

Vanessa was in the guest room finishing dressing when Dave arrived home. Sonia rushed to greet him, kissing him and asking about the range. She sent him upstairs to prepare as she had arranged, but also warned him to stay away from the guest room. She was sure his curiosity was piqued, but was confident he would trust her enough to not snoop.

As Dave left his bedroom, he was struck by a strange but familiar fragrance. What was it? “Must be something new that Sonia bought.”

Dave went downstairs to the aroma of a richly seasoned roast lamb. Hearing the tink of glasses and some indiscernible whispers, he wondered who might be at the house. No one was supposed to arrive until 7:00. His footfalls on the tile announced his arrival to the kitchen and the noise stopped.

Before he reached the kitchen and before he could speak, Sonia rushed into Dave’s arms to kiss him.

“Happy Birthday, master” Sonia was setting the tone for the evening.

“Thank you, Miss Chase. I heard some noises. What’s going on?”

“Well, Mr. Hunter. You see, ummmm, well, I decided to invite another guest. Let’s call it a reunion of sorts. I hope you like.” Sonia’s response was barely held together and the stammering was only partly effected.

At that moment, Vanessa stepped into view from the corner by the pantry.

“Happy Birthday, Dave,” she greeted, with both apprehension and seduction written across her face.

“Sonia! I ask again: what’s going on?”

Sonia was determined to see this through. “You see, Mr. Hunter, I thought it would be good to share this birthday, your first birthday with me, with someone we both knew: not just bring our separate friends together.”

It may not have been the smartest thing for Sonia to do and Dave supposed he would deal with her later. Right now, he rationalized that HIS girlfriend brought HIS former lover to HIS house to celebrate HIS birthday. And damn, she was sexier than he remembered. The two of them together were amazing. Might as well enjoy the spoils of being an awesome guy!

“Vanessa, it’s so good to see you. You look incredible,” he enthused, for effect, as he moved in to hug her.

Aaaahhh, that’s the fragrance. I knew I remembered it.

“I’ve missed you, Mr. Hunter,” she whispered loudly enough for Sonia to hear as she kissed his cheek; there would soon be no secrets between the three of them and she wasn’t going to start any new ones. “And my, my, my. Don’t you look devilishly handsome.”

Yeah, that’s an erection. No guilt: it’s Sonia’s fault.

Sonia was quick to come into the reunion, more as an ongoing message to Vanessa than to Dave. “He does look delicious, doesn’t he?” Sonia was getting aroused and eager to claim her territory in front of this friendly threat. She was also escalating the frame of the evening as she lewdly kissed Dave in front of Vanessa.

“This is a weird surprise, but ladies, how about we drop the formalities, ‘kay?”

“Yes, Dave,” Sonia agreed.

For now.

Dinner was remarkably fun with Dave telling tales of ridiculous exam answers and stupid frat boys at the college. Sonia and Vanessa talked about their adventures at the pharmaceutical company. Through the course of dinner, Sonia was openly caressing and stroking Dave, and making a lot of overtly sexual innuendos. Vanessa was also flirting with him across the table.

They were nearly done their second bottle of wine when Sonia interrupted the revelry. “Vanessa, would you leave the room, please? I have something I need to talk to Dave about.” This was Vanessa’s cue for the next part of the plan.

“Of course, dear. Don’t leave me out too long though,” she winked as she got up from the table. Inside, she was fearful. This was the riskiest part of the whole plan. She climbed the stairs, making her way to the guest bedroom, to further prepare herself.

As Vanessa left the room, Sonia fell into her Miss Chase persona. “How do you like your party so far?”

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